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Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys written by Jimmy


Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys


by Jimmy


Chase walks into the karate class already dressed. Sam Hell convinced him that getting in a little more knowledge would be a good idea, to ‘protect your assets.’ He had claimed.

He’s new and this is not his favorite place to be. He spots a few familiar people as his blue eyes travel the room. The instructor tells everyone to pair up but he ignores him and stretches for a bit only to have the instructor inform him:

“You two will be a pair, you are the only ones left.”

Chase rolls his eyes, busy his cheeks burn from embarrassment. His belt is loose and he pulls it off turning to his partner and showing off his swimmer body, and well-muscled chest and abs. He’s pretty sexy, and he knows it. Tightening his belt back in place he says, “I’m Chase, looks like we are partners.”

Ryan forgets to put on his cup after being rushed to look for a partner and rushes to meet Chase.

“Hi Chase, I’m Ryan. Listen here I’m not gonna back down from this fight and I don’t think you are either. I know that we don’t know each other but that is not gonna stop me ok?”

Grinning Chase looks unimpressed at Ryan, “I see. Well, I hope you don’t mind being on the floor.”

“Haha, we’ll see about that. How about this, I’ll make a deal nothing is off limits if you agree to it as well.”

Chase scoffs “Your funeral.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Ryan catches Chase off guard and trips him into falling on the floor and holding his arms down

Chase grins, eyes scanning the room to what smuck he will inevitably face after he destroys Ryan. “I will even let you…” but his words are cut short as Ryan charges him and hits him off guard dropping to the mat below.


“Let me what?!” Ryan states as he holds down Chase’s hands and moves his foot inch-by-inch closer to Chase’s unprotected package.

The wind is knocked out of him, Chase tries to catch his breath he feels a twinge of fear as Ryan’s foot gets closer to his crotch.

Chase gulps “Careful…you are awfully close to my big balls.”

A brief shifting of Ryan’s eyes downward confirms this knowledge and he decides to do something bad. Ryan grins mischievously.

“What are you smiling about?” Chase asks rather nervously, trying to throw Ryan off of him.

Ryan opens up Chase’s legs and then stomps on his package moving it and squeezing it with my bare foot, as one might if they were trying to crush an unwelcomed insect in their house.

“Big balls? They feel like the size of grapes!” Ryan laughs, rather smugly.

“Oooof!” Chase moans “Not my Big….fucking nuts!”

Ryan’s bare foot squeezes and grabs his nuts, the big toes crushing Chase’s balls while he makes fun of him calling Chase’s “Big beautiful balls….? You mean these tiny, small little peanuts.” Ryan’s smile only widens as he intends to teach Chase a lesson that he will never forget.

Chase moves to grab Ryan, but all he manages to do is get Ryan’s foot to crush his big balls even flatter.

Chases eyes go wide and cross at his stupidity and he moans softly mouth ajar.

“Oh man…my big ones…uh, uh, uh, uh you just want to touch a big set like this!” says Chase challenging him and grabbing his foot pulling it out of his groin. The relief is brief as the full impact of the stomp and squish hits him like a frieght train and he moans.


Laughing Ryan knows and can tell how weak Chase is. Low blows are not easy for him to take but still he fights back trying to get the upper hand but he is so weak from the low blow and he is already sweating, his belt around his white karate uniform loosening and his muscles in his chest coming into view. Chases swimmers body is tight, with rounded firm pecs, and washboard abs.

Chase may be new to karate but not for athleticism.

“I’m not done…yet.”

“We’ll you will be done after I’m done with you!”

 Ryan then proceeds to grab Chase’s ‘big balls’ in hand and gives a mean testing squeeze before he really sinks his fingers in squeezing both nuts with in a double handed ball grab. Ryan twists them, for added affect before he moves around in front of Chase. Ryan’s own low hangers are right in front of Chase’s face and Ryan even bumps Chase’s forehead with them as he tells Chase “Your toast!”

 “In…your dreams…” Chase says breathing hard. “My big boys are not toys.”

His balls are wrenching with pain, Ryan separating his big balls puts him an even worse position and he tries to move back to get some space to do…something. He’s losing steam and Chase has to make a move of else Ryan is going to own him.

Chase fat throbbing testicles squish between Ryan’s fingers and Chase feels his body spasm on the mat, while Ryan continues to grope and attack his most sensitive private treasures.

Chase moans low trying to pry off Ryan’s hands that clutch and squeeze his nuts to no avail. Ryan has him by the balls, and he knows it.

Chase gulps his blue worried eyes finding Ryan’s as he shakes his head.

“Easy there…Ryan…I… ohhh….uh, uh, uh, uuuuh!”

Chase seizes, gasping as Ryan does not relent and Chase is left to grind his teeth his blonde bangs, sun bleached drop across his brow as the skin crinkles his face a mask of unrelenting pain.

Ryan continues to twist and squeeze Chase’s balls even harder.

“Had enough, Chase? Just give in and we can end this match right here or you’ll end up not having kids for the future. But I doubt anyone would wanna have kids with you anyway with your grape sized balls!”

“….not….small…big…balls!” Chase gasp, his forehead creased in both pain and fear.


It’s then that he realizes that Ryan is awfully close and he has balls too.

Chase fires back his arm and shoots it straight up tossing his fist right into Ryan’s bulge. Because of the bagginess of the pants
👖 Chase is not certain on his aim and ends up only nailing one. But the follow through slams the ball hard into the mat that they sit on.

Chase tries to grin…but it’s more of a grimace.

“You dared to call my nuts small…with what you have got?” Chase asks.

“OUGHH!” Ryan yells falling to the ground and let’s go of Chases nuts immediately as Chase hit the left nut very hard.

“You...only hit….one nut…shut up!”

Chase rolls into the fetal position holding his large balls, finally able to curl up and get a bit of a reprieve.

“Your balls were too hard to find!” Chase says with a laugh. “Not my fault!”

Ryan continues to get up slowly and Chase starts to get worried that his attempt at a nutshot didn’t affect Ryan too much.

“I can handle a little pain but you couldn’t…obviously.”

“You held onto my balls forever dude” Chase says starting to climb to his feet wary of taking another ball grab. That could finish him.

Chase locks his eyes on Ryan, his ocean eyes carefully observing his every move.

“You won’t get me like that again,” Chase states and hopes that it’s true.

“Hm… you sure?”

“AHHHH!” Ryan grabs his arm dropping down to one knee as he pretends to be bleeding to make Chase help him. Ryan is hoping he is a good and caring person, the move depends on that.

“Aw you hurt?” Chase laughs. “That’s terrible.”

While Ryan is pretending to bleed Chase swoops in with a leg sweep to knock him off his feet.


Ryan thinks to himself ‘Is my plan not working?’

“Wait chase please!! I’m bleeding!!! I need help!!!”

Chase pauses this time considering.


Chase comes in a bit closer to look at Ryan.

“Right here!”

When Chase comes in closer, Ryan throws an uppercut into Chase’s whole package, dick included. The blow hits Chase so hard and unexpectedly that he falls to the floor stunned.

Ryan proceeds to get up from the ground and thinks ‘What to do while Chase is cupping himself?’

Chase can’t believe he…

Dropping to his knees Chase grabs his balls, mouth falling by open.

He feels so stupid.


Chase squirms and his head hits the mat as he lays still on the mat.

“Goddamn…my big balls. Aaawwww fuuuuck!”

Chase lightly kicks his feet, the throbbing between his nuts boom in his palms like tiny pulsing fish caught on a fisherman’s hook.


Chase looks up at Ryan scowling.


“Cheater? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Ryan is grinning at the destruction that one good solid punch can do.


Ryan thinks to himself and doesn’t know what to do to Chase before he gets up. ‘Should he quit? Or should he fight?’ Ryan’s balls are very sensitive and a few hits could ruin him especially since he has no cup on.

Chase cringes as his balls throb.

Chase takes a few deep breathes wanting to do better in the fight but he is spending a lot of time on his back or belly immobile.

Chase slowly start to rise.

“You won’t fool me again…”

Chases legs are like jelly and he feels sluggish and slow as he breathes hard.

Chase tries a different tactic and says “Fuck it.” Pulling off the white jacket and tossing it to the ground. His chest gleams with fine layer of sweat, his hairless muscular arms and plump pecs show off his manly physique as his icy blue eyes frown into a scowl.

“I’m ready now.”

Chase moves into position, putting one hand up using the ‘Come in here’ gesture.

“Did u just take off your shirt? Weirdo. Nobody wants to smell your dirty pecs and underarms.”

“You will have to,” Chase says a glint of mischief in his eyes. “Because I am putting you on the floor!”

Chase jumps forward and grabs Ryan in a classic bear grab, he’s unsure if it’s a karate move or not…but honestly he does not care. Chase squeezes Ryan’s arms to his sides.


Chase squeezes his arms and sides, giving his ribs a work over as he holds him tight.

Chases legs are planted shoulder length apart as he lifts Ryan off the mat to over extend the move and really give him a harder squeeze.

Chase laughs now that he has finally caught him and Ryan is powerless in his hold.

Ryan gets extremely nervous as he can’t do anything since Chase is now in control.

“Wait, what?!? What move is this?!? Now you’re the cheater!!”

“Can’t even get a ball shot in when I have you in this position!” Chase says.

Chase squeezes his ribs harder and grins.

“Honestly though…your balls felt like small acorns. Hopefully they still grow for you a bit more.”

Chase laughs at his joke, mirth spilling out of him as he parades Ryan around a bit swinging his legs this way and that as he squeezes his ribs harder and with more enthusiasm.


But Chase did it from the front, so that he can look up at the squealing faces that Ryan makes. Maybe Sam Hell was right, this practice is helping him get better.

“If you want to tap out now, because I have schooled you, feel free!” Chase says laughing as he squeezes Ryan’s ribs tightly feeling him have to expunge the air from his lungs. Chases arms bulge out, as he works over Ryan.

“AHHH!” screams Ryan as Chase’s arms crush Ryan’s ribs harder into his sides. While Chase parades Ryan around, earning a few giggles from his neighbors Ryan thinks about tapping out but he decides not to.

“I’m not gonna loose to you and your grape sized testes, little boy!!” gasps Ryan as he goes limp in Chase’s arm head falling onto his shoulder.

Chase can’t believe it…Ryan is unconscious. He slowly lowers Ryan to the mat leaning over him “Ryan…are you okay? I didn’t mean to squeeze you that hard. Man you must be weak…” Chase adds as he comes in close. Chase hovers over Ryan, legs spread wide as he comes in to listen to his breathing. Chase has to make sure that he is okay. Six months ago he would not have…but that was before he started dating Jayden Gomez. Now he cares more for others than he used to.

Chase closes his eyes to listen more carefully and puts one hand on Ryan’s chest underneath his shirt to feel his heartbeat.

“Ryan?” Chase whispers, his heart hammering as he tries to remember how to do CPR.

Ryan’s eyes flicker, and he smiles coyly, his feint has worked…again. Grabbing Chase’s shoulders, Ryan lines up his knee and hurls it up and into Chase’s package but before Chase can cover them Ryan swings his other leg up and his snatch Chase’s hanging scrotum between them. Ryan lays into a hard long squeeze, his bare feet crushing Chase’s balls in a tight embrace.

Ryan proceeds to laugh at Chase, and the second trick that he managed to pull off this evening in karate.

“Haha! You are so stupid!! You must really be dumb enough to fall for two tricks!! You had the chance to finish me in many ways but you didn’t! Looser!”

Chases mouth falls open in utter surprise.

“Ry…an…? Ooooummmph!”

Chases light blue eyes, turn inwards and grows cross at again another strike floors him and now Ryan’s squeezing his feet with his balls stuck in between.

Chase can’t believe his luck…or the dumb tricks that keep working on him!

Chase grabs Ryan’s white jacket in both hands as pain pulses and shoots between his thighs his legs numb in their kneeled position.


“Hm… I kinda do feel bad for you, Chase. Being a cocky person isn’t always the best.” Ryan lets go of Chase’s balls and then he proceeds to help Chase up from the ground.

Chase accepts the help putting one hand over Ryan’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe you tricked me twice…” Chase says gasping, he’s so weak in the knees that he heavily leans against Ryan for support.

“Fuck my balls…”

Chase shakes his head.

“You…your better than I thought.” Chase admits to Ryan giving him a slight nod of approval through his pain.

“I never imagined fighting you would involve head games.”

Chase smiles, but grimaces as another wave hits him. He leans a bit further into Ryan groaning.

“Your…not planning on a third trick are you?” Chase says worriedly his blue eyes full of concern.

“Ok calm down. Just admit that I won and we can end this.”

“Cause…that would be mean, hahaha.” Ryan laughs, his chuckles reverberating into Chase’s side. “Unless you wanna keep going? If your grapes can handle it.”

“Big balls!” Chase growls. An angry flair coming into him. His face is crimson. Ryan keeps trying to make him feel like less of a man and he sees red.

“And I am not done…I just need a few minutes to recover. I’m not wearing a cup today. I don’t put my balls on the line. Know what I mean?” Chase says winking at him.

Chase is still leaning against him and nods to the nearest bench. “That’s a good place to rest for a bit.”

“Oh you weren’t wearing a cup? We’ll I was! That’s funny! Here how about one last hug.”

Chase is taken a back.

“Could have sworn that I felt a tiny ball,” Chase smirks accepting the hug and patting Ryan on the back “When we were fighting.”

“You do have a good solid chest though…scrotum is just a little lacking.” Ryan says into Chase’s ear as he knees Chase in the balls. The move was fast, and Chase didn’t see it coming again.

Chase freezes, mirth ending quickly as his balls crunch loudly against his pelvis.


Chase slumps against Ryan.

“Knees…my kryptonite….”

Chase whimpers in Ryan’s arms his legs going out from under him while his balls throb once again hit so hard that they feel like they might be sweeping for days.

Sadly for Chase his cock responds growing hard, knee blasts always do that to him.



Chases head hits Ryan’s chest as he starts to slide down Ryan’s body not able to stay up.

“Well Chase, all I can say is that you are very dumb. You could have won this fight very easily but you didn’t. But don’t worry I’ll take you to the locker room and get those grapes fixed.”

Ryan picks Chase up, and carries him to the locker room telling people. “We just have to check on Chase’s cup…it got a moved and he needs a break. Tiny nuts he’s got. I agreed to help.”

Ryan proceeds to take off his robe just to be left in very noticeable gray silk underwear.

He laughs at Chase. He’s still on the floor cupping his nuts where Ryan put him while he starts to change.

Chase stays still in the locker room not liking his odds presently. Ryan is so wily, and apparently he is wearing a cup to boot so he can’t target his opponents groin.

No matter, Chase will have to figure out a way to get back on top.

Chase digs in deep and starts to get up on all fours he’s angry and frustrated and above all need to protect his balls much better than he has been.

Slowly getting to his feet he says “I don’t…know what you have planned but I am no finished yet.”

Ryan looks at Chase worried. Ryan’s not wearing a cup, but he still wants to fight. Unbelievable.

“What do you mean, Chase? It’s over! I won.”

Chase finally upright turns to Ryan “And after I win…I will see just how tiny your acorns really are.”

Chase pulls off his belt and tosses it at Ryan. “We may be the same belt color, but no way are you in league with me!”

Chase strives forward and fakes a punch to Ryan’s face but quickly turns around and wraps one arm around his neck pulling him in tight against him.

“Now go nightly night, Ryan.”


Ryan coughs, his face reddening under the pressure.

“Chase your actually…hurting me!!!!”

Chase grabs the top of Ryan’s forehead to really apply the pressure and to make sure that no more funny business occurs. He plants his feet far apart to hold Ryan still.

“It’s the sleeper…soon you will go night, night Ryan. I got you!”

“Ok Ok Ok!!!! I wasn’t wearing a cup and that’s I was aiming for your balls so you wouldn’t touch mine but….”

“You can’t get my balls in this position!” Chase says laughing.

Chase leans him back against his chest, so that Ryan is tilted towards him.


“And I don’t believe you about your cup! Trying to trick me again.”

“You give up to me?” Chase asks not able to stop smiling.

“I’m not!! I just don’t want you to hit my balls they’re super sensitive a few hits and I’m done for!! And…no! No I won’t give up to you grapes!!” With Ryan’s body flat up against Chase, he says “You don’t know where my balls are you do….THEY ARE small ITTY BITTY GRAPES!”

Chase angrily pushes him away. Not wanting to finish the fight that way and turns him back around and grabs his throat with one hand his other he flips him the bird.

Then pulls his white karate pants down and underwear in one pull showing Ryan his genitals.

“See! I’m way bigger than you!”

“Eww they so wet…oh never mind.”

Ryan is still scared of his balls since he is still in his soft silk underwear with no protection.

Ryan pushes Chase away and tries to run out of the room not even embarrassed to just be in underwear. When Ryan gets to the back door out of the gym he finds that it’s locked and it won’t open. Chase smirks and shakes his head as Ryan proceeds to hide in a stall and lock it the door.

“Are you…hiding?”

Chase is surprised. “I didn’t think…huh.”

He tucks himself back into his white pants, shaking his head.

“So you give up right?” Chase laughs to himself. “I guess that’s rather obvious.”

“Shut up!!!”  Slams open the door and looks Chase in the eye and yells at him “You have no right to speak grapes!!! In fact your balls are even smaller than grapes!!! And I bet your tip is the size of an eraser!!! Cause every times I hit you in the nuts it hurts!”

Chase can’t believe the words coming from him and as Chase reaches for him, Ryan slams the door to the stall shut once more and locks it.

“You’re just a scared little boy, now you’ve hit me in the balls a lot. The way I see it is you take your cup off and I get to do the same to you… tiny balls.”

Chase smile widens, “Now come out of that stall or I will come in after you.”

After careful consideration, Chase believes that he can still take Ryan out. He’s scared….obviously, and even with his balls still aching from the numerous blows that he has taken this evening Chase still believes that he can take Ryan down.

He has been foolish, yes and so very dumb really. Falling for so many pranks. Is this one too?

Chase is unsure, but he is dreaming of getting Ryan’s grey underwear off and taking out the cup and finishing the job he started going for his tiny marbles.

One hand reaches down feeling his own heavy balls, so full of cum…he has not released in over a week and the pair feel even weightier than usual. Chase gives his boys a little squeeze and can’t help a slight moan. All this cat and mouse play makes him a bit horny and his cock pokes out a bit. Readjusting himself, so that his half-cocked growing erection points up Chase bangs on the door again feeling it rattle. The flimsy lock
🔒is still sturdy, but barely clings on.

“Ryan…make this easy on yourself and just come out, already!”

‘Maybe if I stay quiet he won’t think I’m in here…’ thinks Ryan lamely. Turning around and looking at his surroundings Ryan notices that someone brought in an exercise bar. The outside is covered in foam, but a sturdy inner lining of plastic inform Ryan that this would not be forgotten if he could manage to get Chase one more time in the genitals he would get away.

Growling to himself, Chase comes around to the side of the stall creeping slowly and gets a goofy grin on his face. ‘That may work…’

Chase crotches down and takes a flying leap up and at the top climbing so that he hovers just above the opening at the top covering the whole thing with his body.

“I got you now, Ryan.”

Chase’s grin widens as he takes in Ryan’s surprises look as he gazes up at him.

“Last chance to give up,” Chase says as he leers down at him from above covering the light and casting Ryan in shadow.

Ryan opens the door and runs out, as Chase has found him Ryan tries to escape but the door is stuck shut Ryan tries to open the door but is struggling.

Grinning like Cheshire Cat Chase drops down behind Ryan tapping him on the shoulder and spinning him around to face him.


Chase shoved him up against the wall, one hand wrapping around his throat and giving his windpipe a squeeze.

“No more tricks now, you can’t talk.”

The other hand slips down Ryan’s chest, twirling a finger around his navel.

“The itsy bitsy spider…climbed down the water spout…”

Chases fingers tickle Ryan’s lower belly just below his navel as they reach further down and slowly penetrating Ryan’s underwear, slipping underneath.

“Let’s see whose balls are smaller now…and take away that cup.”

It’s then that Chase’s eyes widen when he touches no cup.

“You weren’t lying about wearing a cup,” Chase remarks grabbing a hold of Ryan’s dick and giving it a quick once over, before stating “I’m bigger here and let’s see about these…hmm.”

Chase grabs Ryan’s ball bag and gives the located spheres a quick harsh nut twist.

“I knew that you had littler ones than me!”

Chase leans into Ryan and whispers into his ear, with his nuts squeezing his balls slowly “Now I’ve got you by the balls.”

Chase springs a boner, his erection obvious in the cramped little cubicle as he clutches Ryan’s little berries squeezing them a little harder second-by-second. Chase’s nutclaw is applied quite tightly and his fingers sink deep into Ryan’s scrotum now that he has him where he wants him. Chase isn’t certain that he can milk a load from Ryan, but if he can’t he is pretty sure that he might coat him from his own. Chase gets in closer showing off his buff physique next to Ryan and grins “You thought that you could beat me…hahah! Jokes on you!”

Chase laughs as he adds a twist to his nutclaw, wrenching Ryan’s nuts to the left and delighting at the squeal that comes from him.

“I’m the swim team captain of my school, and I am used to winning. Looks like I mark you as a personnel victory.”

Ryan is taken by surprise and his mouth opens wide and eyes open wider tears starts falling down his face onto his chest.

Ryan groans each time Chase twists them again and again slamming his head against the door and begging Chase to stop.

“Chase stop please!!!”

“Are you crying?”

Chase mocks, a little chuckle bubbling up in his chest.

Chase gives another quarter turn to Ryan’s ballsack before telling him “All those tricks and this is how you end, Ryan.”

Ryan’s testicle squish in Chase’s hand, as he applies more pressure his fingers gripping the scrotum with such force that even he grimaces.

Chase spreads his legs a bit, before he grabs Ryan by the throat taking his air away but more importantly stopping him from listening to the cries bubbling up and breaking his mood.

Once Chase has Ryan by the throat, his other hands continues to plunder his opponents treasures. Chase squeezes and squashes Ryan’s nuts, his nimble fingers sinking deeper, and deeper into Ryan’s nut bag feeling the little squish of Ryan’s small balls.

“I should have known that you would be bolstering that your nuts as bigger. Mine are almost three times the size of these tiny olives.”

Chase grins, flicking back a blonde lock with a tilt of his head. His blue eyes are dazzling as he pulverized Ryan’s nuggets. Every so often his nut grab gets worse with fingers sinking even further towards Ryan’s central cores.

Chase is hard a rock now in his underwear and he presses his erection which is leaking against Ryan’s thigh the slightest touch makes him groan. He needs to cum, and soon. Maybe he might jackoff all over Ryan when he’s done playing with his small balls…

“Feel that?” Chase asks. “That’s what a real man’s cock feels like. Your twig and berries remind me of a prepubescent boy.” Snickering Chase bites his bottom lip coming in close to Ryan’s ear feeling his cock throb, wetting the tip of his underwear where his head presses into Ryan’s thigh.

“I’m gonna nut on you soon,” Chase informs him.

Chase can’t help it now as he gently rocks his hips, humping Ryan’s thigh as he crushes his small balls.

“You are so fucked, kid.”

Ryan’s eyes glaze over, and Chase is unsurprised to find that he is still soft, his limp noodle not even fattening to Chase’s rough squeezes. Alas, he must be straight. Chase rarely seems to run into many boys that are not affected by his charms but he can still get off and that is the most important part.

Chase humps Ryan’s thigh a few more times, before he gets another idea and let’s go of Ryan’s nuts and slams Ryan’s hands overhead. Ryan stares at Chase, he’s no longer talking smack just awaiting Chase’s finishing move and it comes in as he shakes his white karate pants down and starts to thrust up and into Ryan between his spread legs. Chase moans as his hard cock hits Ryan in his scrotum and his large head knocks the testicles up and into Ryan’s tight ass cheeks.

Ryan grunts, and shakes his head.

“No…you fucker!”

Chase smiles and thrusts up again, and again until he is spasming and loses himself to the feeling as his eyes open wider and he grunts “I’m cuuuuuuuuming!”

Ryan closes his eyes, “No…don’t you….ugggh!”

Chase finishes him by coating his in his spunk, as jet after jet splurt up and over his tiny dick and small balls.

Finally Chase is breathing hard and seeing that his cock is done nails Ryan to the wall with a heavy THUD of his knee, which sloshes his own juices as the top of his thigh slams home in Ryan’s balls.

Ryan balks, gags and looks green.

Chase thinks he might be sick and lets him fall down to the bottom of the stall.

He grabs his dong, and rings out another drop of semen which falls onto Ryan’s bag.

Ryan moans low grabbing and clutching at his bare balls, his fingers poking between his buttcheeks.

Chase gives his head a shake and turns out of the stall and leaves him there.

Dressing quickly, Chase leaves through the front entrance of the locker room, swearing that he will not be coming back.

“Screw this, Hell,” Chase says under his breath. “Not worth it.”

He’s back in his car, and as his headlights turn one he spots Ryan who finally managed to open the back down.

Ryan flicks him the bird as Chase speeds past him, hitting a puddle just right and splashing Ryan head to foot in muddy rain water leaving him spluttering and yelling after Chase.

“You fucker!”

Chase smiles, and puts on the music.

Maybe this was exactly what he needed after all. Chase contemplates the notion as he heads toward home.





Anonymous said...

Really fun story, Jimmy.
I love how Ryan is such a joker...completely full of sh*t about everything and totally unimpressed by Chase's posing and bragging. Also I loved how he dared to mock Chase's "little grapes". Haha.
I was kinda worried for Chase that Ryan might be packing something downstairs. Phew!
Very nice play on Chase's ego.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign off last comment :-) Reg

Anonymous said...

Really wished we could've gotten a better description of Ryan

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Ryan is such a joker, that's a great term for him! I figured that you would like this one as it stars one of your favs: Chase. Chase did pull out on top, but he got his ass handed to him a lot, lol. Thanks for writing in my friend!



Hi Anonymous,

I will try to do that next time, and thank you for pointing that out!



Alexandr said...

Wow, a wonderful story!

I love stories where the first beats the second, and then the second beats the first. THE AUTHOR IS GREAT!!!