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Caleb and Junior: Sibling Rivalry written by Jimmy



Caleb and Junior: Sibling Rivalry

by Jimmy





Sorry this one was late coming out for Friday. Hope that you enjoy Caleb and Junior's epic return to th blog. It has been awhile since we have seen Logan's cousins. But they are back!




Walking down the hallway, Junior has to shuffle his sheets under one arm. Junior takes a whiff of the sheets and wishes that he in fact did not. 


“Gross,” he mumbles into the bunched up fabric.


Turning the corner Caleb, Junior spots his older bro! He pauses and laughter fills the hallway. 




“Shut up!” Junior yells, face red his cheeks burning with crimson heat.


“Honestly man…choke the chicken before bed. You’re going to hump your bed to death.”


Junior growls, angrier than ever as Caleb passes him. 


“God you stink!”


Dropping the load, Junior grabs Caleb and moves to shove him against the wall but Caleb’s knee comes up and out of nowhere and slams into Juniors very recently emptied testicles.


Juniors eyes bulge, and his pretty blue eyes lose focus as he falls to his knees, kneeling before Caleb. Caleb laughs in his face, “Extra sensitive, huh?” Shaking his head Caleb turns away and leaves him crumbled on the floor moaning and holding his sore, throbbing balls. 


It’s not until ten minutes later that he finally stands up, Juniors walking with a limp as he a familiar face walks up to meet him. 


“Hey Junior.”


It’s Jayden Gomez. 


“What are you doing here,” Junior says quickly putting his sheets into the machine. Hoping that Jayden didn’t notice what he was doing…or the smell.


Jayden reads the situation pretty easily and tells Junior. “You do know how everything works? Right?”


Blushing even more than earlier, Junior changes the subject but not before saying “I’m waiting for a certain person to do it with. Now what are you doing here?”


“I’m house watching.”


“My house!?”


“Heh. Yeah.”




“I think,” Jayden says taking a breath before continuing on. “That your parents thought that you and Caleb would fly off the deep end if you were ‘babysat,’ so instead I am house sitting. For the weekend.”


“That’s…cool. We can go over wrestling moves and the upcoming tryouts. A whole weekend with my captain, that’s pretty cool.”


Jayden smiles “Awe shucks.” Ruffling Junior’s blonde locks. 


“Caleb said that his boyfriend is coming over, so…”


“Finally! I want to know who he is dating!” Junior blurts out interrupting Jayden. 


“Was it a secret?” Jayden asks. 


“From me!”


“Weird. Seems hard one to make happen and be successful.”


“Caleb is weird….”


Jayden cocks an eyebrow. “You two have been at each others throats as long as I have known you.”


Junior shrugs. “Come on, let’s watch TV and talk wrestling.”


Junior agrees and the two head to the living room sharing and swapping stories. 


Junior is still in his underwear and he tells Jayden, “You are overdressed.”


Jayden laughs “You just want to me to get naked,” he kids. 


“Well, yeah.”


They laugh for a bit, until Jayden looks back an awkwardness falling between them. 


Jayden licks his lips, throat dry.


Junior moves across the couch so that he sits right next to him, placing a hand on Jayden’s bare thigh. He can feel him tensing up, but Junior does not stop as he slides his hand up his crystal clear blue eyes meeting Jayden’s dark, almost black eyes with such intensity that Jayden pushes back into the sofa his heart hammering in his chest. Junior leans forward lips parting, and says “We have all weekend…I am going to kiss you now.” Junior says a boyish grin appearing on his face. Junior leans in as his face inches now from Jayden’s comes so close that he can still smell the hint of sleep, a bit of must, and sweet tang that Jayden can’t place.


Jayden’s charcoal eyes widen, while Junior wraps a hand around the back of his neck pulling him closer their mouths a hairbreadth apart as Junior takes a deep breath and moves the rest of the distance to kiss Jayden’s lips. Jayden almost jumps at the touch, the playful kiss is both sweet and sensual as Junior presses himself fully against Jayden. Junior’s free hand slips up Jayden’s shirt and grabs his left peck, desire has fully flooded Junior’s system and he seems ravenous as he toys with Jayden’s nipple and his tongue slips into Jayden’s mouth tasting him for the very first time.


Junior moans into Jayden’s mouth and he is about to get on top of Jayden when a ball wizzes through the air slamming into his bulge at top speed, hitting his ballsack so hard that the WHUMP! drones out of his moan of abject pleasure.


Junior’s blue eyes open wide, and he freezes his body starting to take in the blow as a second ball soars through the air hitting him in the same spot again.




Junior pushes off of Jayden, and rolls onto the coach so that he is face down into the cushion screaming. The agonizing wail makes Jayden turn to him putting one hand on his back.


“You okay? Wha…?”


Laughter in the doorway makes Jayden look up, it’s Caleb tossing another ball in the air and catching it expertly.


“I’m a pitcher, and I do have to say strike two, Junior! You are almost out! Want to try your luck with another hit…or take a base?”


Jayden stands up looking cross at Caleb “That was mean…he’s your brother!”


Caleb shrugs "Yeah, and?”


The doorbell chimes and Caleb is gone in a flash.


“He’s here!”


Jayden moves over to Junior who is pounding the floor with his fist, a painful grimace on his face.


“You alright?” Jayden asks. “I can get you some…ice.”


Junior shakes his head, sighing “I’ll…be alright. In few moments.” Junior manages to say his voice sounding more froglike as he croaks out the rest before closing his bright blue eyes and moaning.


Unsure what to do next, Jayden goes to sit back down but pats Junior on the back affectionately “You’re a champ, Junior.”


Then he hears a familiar voice talking with Caleb in the front hall. Jayden blinks trying to register who it is but…getting up Jayden leaves the room and heads down the hallway. That’s when the voice gets clearer and he can’t believe who it is.


Closing the distance in a few short strides Jayden enters the entryway spotting Caleb looking up at a boy, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind his ear as a grin slowly spreads over his face.


“Yeah, Jayden is here with us for the weekend…but don’t worry he won’t bother us. Right Jayden?” Caleb asks.


Jayden does not answer right away and the boy slowly turns around a wolfish grin on his face.


“Happy to hear that Jayden will stay out of the way.” A clear wink follows and Bill crosses his arms over his chest.


Jayden’s heart pounds furiously in his chest as Caleb slides up to Bill pulling on his shirt.


“Let’s go upstairs.”


“Sure thing,” Bill says, as Caleb turns and starts to pull on Bill’s hand. Bill pauses and says “I’ll be up in just a minute…I have to take off my jacket.”


“Don’t be too long!” Caleb says, bounding up the stairs.


Bill’s eyes follow Caleb as he climbs and he shrugs off his jacket, eyes now locked in on Jayden.


Jayden is fuming, his dark eyes reduced to slits as he growls “What are you doing?”


When the jacket is removed Bill is in a sleeveless shirt, the wide gapes at the side go almost all the way down. Jayden can see his nipples on both sides of his shirt from the cut. Jayden thinks it looks homemade, but knowing Bill he more than likely bought it like that.


Crossing the room, Bill puts his spring jacket on the hook by the door before he turns back to Jayden finally deciding on giving him an answer.


“I’m going to go upstairs…and have some fun. You should try it once and a while, Jayden. You look a little…stressed.”


Jayden crosses the entryway in three quick steps so that when he Bill looks at him he has to look up.


“If you hurt him…” Jayden growls not bothering to fill in the rest of the sentence, the threat he thinks should be crystal clear.


“You’ll what?” Bill says, eyebrow cocked “Beat me up? Last time that didn’t go so well for you. I’ve got big ally’s now.”


“I’m not afraid of Sam Hell or Jake,” Jayden cooly explains to Bill. “And more importantly,” Jayden grabs the front of Bill’s flimsy tank top pulling him right up to him so that the two now stand nose-to-nose “They aren’t not here to stop me.”


Bill is yanked off his feet and as he rises up Jayden cocks a grin, but its Bill who gets the last laugh as his knee hits Jayden in his boynuts hard as lightening, flattening his balls in one quick hit.


Jayden lowers Bill to the ground and moans, as his nuts churn and radiate quick pulsing pain.


“Low blow…” Jayden gasps grabbing his ballsack.


“Like you should be surprised!” Bill says laughing, before he turns and heads upstairs still chuckling as he climbs the steps.


Jayden has his hands on his knees, as his nuts throb painfully in his ballsack. The old familiar sharp pain back between his legs…so hard for him to get away from.


“Damn…” Jayden says cringing and moving to the doorway, leaning against the hardened oak frame for support. His walk to get there is a bit labored and awkward due to his limp.


“You alright, captain?” asks Junior coming to stand by him. This time it’s Junior comforting him by rubbing his shoulder.


“Bill,” growls Jayden, looking up the stairs.


“My brother is dating Bill…wow. Small balls unite!” jokes Junior.


Jayden can’t help laughing, even as he hugs the wall. Junior begins to pull Jayden over to the coach, where the two were moments before. Jayden seems to know exactly what’s on Junior’s mind as he puts a finger on Junior’s lips as he comes forward for another kiss.


“I’m with someone else, Junior.”


Junior growls against Jayden’s extended finger and takes a nibble at it.


“Ow!” Jayden says, pulling his hand back.


“I want you, Jayden.”

Junior scotches along the leather, the creaking of the couch is loud in Jayden’s ears.


“Be my first.”


Jayden’s heart is hammering in his chest, and its then that his phone rings cutting Junior off again as he climbs on top of Jayden pushing him onto his back. Junior’s hard, and poking into his belly and Junior’s eyes are dazzling blue as stares deep into Jayden’s eyes.




“I…have to—“ Jayden stammers as Junior nuzzles his neck, warm air tickling Jayden’s collarbone as warm wet lips kiss along it until he gets to the apple treasure in the center and kisses it.


A small moan comes from Jayden, it’s soft and unsure but Junior seizes onto it kissing harder, and his teeth graze his skin and Jayden can feel that he is no longer soft in his shorts.




Jayden flicks his phone out and sees the screen, barely between his long black lashes as he blinks at the photo of Chase. His boyfriend is calling.


“I have…to take this.”


Junior growls coming off of him, “Ignore it.”


“It’s Chase…my boyfriend.”


Junior rolls his eyes and pulls back arms cross. “Well, answer it.”


Jayden does, sensing the anger rolling off of him tinged with disappointment.


“Hey Jayden, I’m outside.”


Jayden’s free hand comes up to his red wet neck, and he wonders if he has a hickey there. He can feel the indentations of teeth marks and he gulps.


“You…you are?”


“I couldn’t let you watch the little rascals alone. Come let me in.”


Jayden’s eyes flick to Junior’s and the shirtless teen is staring out the window, pointedly ignoring him.


“Okay. Be right there.”


Jayden climbs up off the couch, he reaches for Junior but stops himself from touching his bare, honeysuckled shoulder.


“I’ll…I will be right back.” Jayden says and heads to the door.


Chase’s winning smile greets him, and he looks past Jayden and seeing that they are alone comes in and kisses him. Jayden folds against him but Chase pulls back quickly.


“What’s that…smell?”


It’s then that he really looks at his boyfriend and his eyes spots the love marks along Jayden’s neck.


“Looks like I got competition! Which one of the runts is coming for you, this time?”


Jayden moves to speak but Junior in the doorway answers for him “Me. And what are you going to do about it?”


“Chase—” Jayden starts but his boyfriend grabs his butt giving it a squeeze.


“Little man,” Chase says with a grin. “I have been down this road before, and I always come out on top. The stories I could tell.”


Jayden gulps, and Junior’s eyebrows raise up. “That may be so,” Junior says, slowly walking over to the pair by the entrance, his swagger clear and evident in his home court advantage of being in his house. Not backing down an inch Junior tells him “But you have never gone up against me.”


“Actually kid, I did remember?”


“Yeah, I remember the four on one, but your friends aren’t here. It would be just you and me,” Junior explains to him, the challenge in his voice is distinct and plain. “Man enough to face me.”


Chase looks down, eyes widening. “I would annihilate you!” Chase says, flicking Junior between the eyes. “Small stuff, you wouldn’t even know what hit you.”


Junior balls his fists and Jayden quickly steps in between them, “Guys.” Jayden puts a hand on both of their chests separating the two. “We are not going to do this.”


Chase smirks “I have no problem entertaining the kiddo for a few minutes, you can pick up the pieces afterwards and put a Band-Aid on his boo-boos.”


Junior laughs “I seem to remember that you needed the help of others to win. It’s going to be my utmost pleasure to put you in your place.”


Jayden “Okay…no one is fighting anyone. No one is—what now!”




Upstairs yelling can be heard, and Jayden moves to the staircase as Bill comes bursting out of the upstairs bedroom.


“Your loss!” Bill shouts over his shoulder.


Then he ducks. A ball wizzes past his head and Caleb comes out of the room. He’s shirtless and steaming mad.




This time Caleb clocks Bill in the head with a tennis ball and Bill grabs his nose.


“Oww! You dick!”


The next ball is much lower.




A green tennis ball slams hard into Bill’s nuts, and the sound echoes on the top of the landing, and Bill’s eyes cross as he drops to his knees one hand still clutching the banister on the stairs. His fingernails digging into the wooden beam.


Bill looks up, his eyes filled with pain.


“You…oh, shit!” The pain seems to hit Bill fully and he groans.


Caleb stands in his doorway seeming justified.


“What the hell is going on?” Jayden yells up the stairs.


“Bill…he cheated on me!”


Bill groans. “We are…ugggh….ugh…fuck…not even together!”


“Hormones have devastated this house,” Jayden says under his breath. “Bill I think you better leave.”


“No shit,” Bill says moaning.


Caleb looks like he might push him down the stairs, so Jayden heads up and grabs Bill under his arm pits and pulls him up to standing.


“I’ll see him out,” Jayden says, and its as he is walking Bill down the stairs that he notices that Chase and Junior are no longer in the foyer.


“Shit,” Jayden curses under his breath.


“Hehe. You tried to warn me.”


“I told you not to hurt, Caleb and you did exactly that!” Jayden yells as he opens the door and pushes Bill out.


Bill spins around “My jacket.”


Jayden throws it at him.


Bill catches it with both hands, and Jayden takes the opportunity to even the score and kick Bill as hard as he can between the legs. Bill stumbles on the stoop and bends over swearing.


“Fuuuuucking hell!”


Jayden smirks, and slams the door in his face. He does not have time to watch Bill sniveling about his tiny nuts on the front steps. He has to find Junior and Chase before it’s too late.


Caleb sniffs loudly at the top of the stairs, and Jayden looks up at him.


“You tried to warn me” Caleb says, and he blinks a few times trying hard not to cry.


“I did, but it’s not your fault Caleb. Bill is…well…he’s kind of an asshole now.”


“Yeah.” Caleb agrees toeing the rug with his big toe.


“I have to go help your brother, he’s going to fight Chase…” Jayden starts to say but Caleb perks up at this and comes down the stairs.


“I want to see my little brother get beaten up, this I am looking forward to seeing.”


Rolling his eyes Jayden and Caleb head off together into the house. Caleb tells Jayden, “Outside on the grass is usually where Junior practices. He got a mat and everything to practice some moves at home.”


Jayden nods “Okay. Let’s try there first.”


It does not take them long to head to the back of the house, and in moments Jayden and Caleb are outside seeing Chase and Junior squaring off. Chase decided to match Junior in attire and is down to his underwear. Chase’s physique dwarfs Junior. Chase is taller, more muscular and the added age difference easily is noticeable between the two now that Chase has taken off most of his clothes.


“Looks like we are too late,” Caleb says, giving his fingers a quick snap in emphasis. “Oh well, we might as well enjoy the show. Hope that Junior gets his ass handed to him.”


Jayden rolls his eyes, and thinks of intervening when Chase’s words hit him that he shared with him during the wrestling tournament “Sometimes a guy likes to test his worth, and who are we to stand in their way? And some guys like to lose. Let it happen Jayden.”


Shaking his head, Jayden says “We might as well get comfortable. You got some lawn chairs or something?”


“Yeah, over hear. Kick his ass, Chase!” Caleb shouts.


Chase smiles at Caleb, before turning back to Junior. “Even your older brother knows that this is suicidal to face me, I guess you are a gluten for punishment. Don’t worry, I’ll make it fast.”


Junior frowns up at Chase, and openly laughs. “Swimmers always lose to wrestlers, Chase.”


“Yeah, maybe so…but I’m four years older than you. I’m bigger, stronger, and I am going to wreck you. There will be nothing you can do to stop me…but I look forward to seeing you try.”


“Enough talk!” Junior snaps, clearly ready to get this match going. He huffs, but he can’t stop looking at the dangly bits hanging from between Chase’s thighs. Chase’s package is huge, and his underwear is filled out so much that his scrotum easily dwarfs his own growing set. Junior reaching down to touch his own unable to stop the comparisons. He wants to get close to see, but from here Junior can tell that Chase’s nutsack is heavier, the testicles more filled out and as he gently prods at his own set Chase’s balls hang lower. Junior knows that Chase’s testicles are bigger than his own. His fall in the walnut size, but Chase’s look closer to oranges.


Chase has seen that look in guys eyes before, and as he watches Junior assess his groin, he can’t help but snicker. “Eyeing the goods?”


Junior blushes. “No…no I was not,” Junior splatters, speaking quickly. Too fast, and his words only make Chase’s grin widen as his blue eyes lock onto Junior’s fingers touching himself.


“Really? Then what else are you doing down there…counting by two’s? Making sure you didn’t lose a nut?” Chase says, chuckling.


Heat flares from Junior and he rushes Chase with a battle cry after dropping his hand away from his genitals as he rushes Chase and kicks out aiming for his pretty grin.


Chase jumps back barely getting out of the way in time, but Junior is fast like Jayden and already another kick comes in hitting Chase in the chest. Junior’s bare foot hits dead center and knocks Chase backwards. He grunts, grabbing his reddening pecs and looking at Junior with a newfound respect. But the look costs him as Junior slams a fist into his middle.


“OOOoof!” Chase moans, bending over. Junior grabs Chase’s face with both hands and drops Chase down face first onto the wrestling mat. Chase sees stars, and his head begins to swim, but he is nowhere near water.


Junior rolls Chase onto his back, he’s breathing quickly and his chest rises and falls as his heart hammers quickly. Junior has not even started up a sweat but, Chase has and he is no longer smiling. Chase looks dazed as his eyes try to clear the cobwebs of what just hit him when he feels his legs being spread apart.


Warning bells chime in Chase’s brain and as his eyes lock into the youngest Kruger fixes him with a determined stare.




But Junior is past the point of no return and drops down a knee in between Chase’s legs managing to hit Chase squarely in the nutsack with a knee drop.


Pain, overwhelming pain flares between Chase’s legs and leaves him gasping as Junior twists his kneecap for added emphasis. Junior presses down on his knee, fully lodged in Chase’s groin and squishes down Chase’s testicles to flattened spheres causing Chase to howl and shove Junior off as hard as he can to get him off his nuts.


Chase grabs his balls just as the pair plump back-up in his cupped hands and he can’t help but gag, and cough feeling the roots of his manhood deformed.


“Oooooo goog god…my big balls….ughhhhhhhhhhhhh noooo…. Not my big balls….not… uuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh!”


Chase’s words are music to his ears, as Junior delights in Chase’s reaction as he rolls over to his side into the fetal position.


The guys behind Junior wince, and Junior knows that he may have went a bit too hard. Chase is prone to knees like superman is to kryptonite and that knee clearly wrecked him. Chase is moaning low barely speaking but tiny curses words flutter from his parted pink lips as Junior thinks on how to make the guy really sing. More importantly, Junior wishes to win Jayden’s heart with how much of a young warrior he really is. Once Jayden sees that, Junior knows that Jayden will not be able to fall for his clever charms.


Admiring his handiwork, Junior stands up, turns and winks back at his brother Caleb, and Jayden over one shoulder.


Caleb scoffs, muttering “Showoff,” under his breath.


Jayden agrees but then Juniors focus goes back to his crippled boyfriend on the mat. Chase seems zoned out as he clutches his sack rather protectively, both hands firmly tucked between his legs tighter than Fort Knox. He’s hurting on the ground, the knee struck him so hard that his big balls flattened like Junior’s knee was a waffle iron. The indents of Junior’s round edge of his knee is still indented in his genitals.


Chase moans “OOoooouuughhhhhhhHHh!” as a sharp white hot pain strikes him and he sees stars for a moment as Junior pulls Chase to a sit-up position and slaps him gently on the cheek a few times.


“You done already?” Junior asks, not unkindly. “Cause I wouldn’t mind beating on you for a few more rounds.  “Come on…get up!”


“You hit my big balls!” Chase says, almost spitting the words out as Junior firmly keeps his torso held so he does not fall back into the fetal position. “You wouldn’t know about man balls like mine…you still have the training wheel set.”


Junior almost laughs “I’m not Caleb, I’m Junior buddy…you are thinking of the wrong Kruger brother.”


“Hey!” yells Caleb indignantly, and crossing his legs trying to cover his mediocre small bulge.


“Bull shit!” Chase curses. “Yours is just as small!”


Junior getting annoyed now, huffs out a sigh and gets down on his knees so that his crotch is almost at eye level with Chase face.


“See?” Junior states.


“That’s your bunchy underwear…it’s hiding your teeny, tiny, little…”


Junior yanks down his drawers so that his cock and balls flop out almost hitting Chase in the nose.


“There, happy! I am not—Uuuuk!”


Chase grabs Junior’s bare balls in one hand, his other protecting his big balls as he climbs to his knees to face Junior. “Yeah, I see,” Chase says grinning. “You fell right into my trap.”


Junior gulps as Chase tightens his hand, firmly applying his nutclaw and crushing Junior’s nuts completely sealing them inside his tight fist.


“Shit…uh, uh….fell for that one…”


“That you did. And your right, your balls aren’t so small after all.”


It’s Junior’s turn to moan as Chase pushes him down on the mat, pinning his legs with his own and grabbing both of Junior’s wrists, holding them down overhead as he gets into position. Junior’s underwear is around his thighs, his balls stuck in Chase’s fist but his willy rests just so on his belly and bare pubis but it’s starting to fatten a bit as Chase rolls his balls inside the smooth ballsack in his hand.


Moaning Junior looks up into Chase’s eyes, both blue eyed boys are locked in as they gaze at one another. Chase’s fingers are plunging in and out, rather rapidly into Junior’s firm scrotum as his digits descend deeper and deeper into Junior’s nuts heading towards the cores of Junior’s boyhood.


A rough breathe leaks from between Junior’s teeth as he begins to struggle more underneath Chase’ body pressing him down.


“You ain’t getting up,” Chase informs him, his breath hot as he speaks into Junior’s left ear. Chase’s bare chest touches his and the contact against his boy cock makes Junior lift his hips into Chase needing more. “Or maybe…you don’t want me to stop.”


“He’s been humping his bed, and having nocturnal emissions all week long…he could use a little release,” Caleb reveals, spilling his brothers secrets.


“Have…not!” gasps Junior trying to control himself.


Chase chuckles, and looks back over at Jayden. “I think he needs to clean out the pipes, if you know what I mean.”


Jayden gulps “I…don’t know, Chase. He’s been kinda saving up for…”


Chase turns back to Junior as he stops squeezing the kid’s nuts for a moment. “That true, bud. You want someone special?”


Junior goes redder than a fire engine as he stares up at Chase and Chase goes to say something else, but Junior head butts him hard between the eyes and knocks Chase off of him.


Hastily Junior pulls up his underwear, his eyes narrowing in on Chase as he fumes at the swim captain.


“He’s in trouble now,” Caleb says slapping Jayden’s arm rather excitedly his blue eyes shining bright as he watches the match his laser focus only on the action.


Jayden smiles, and looks over at him “Want your brother to win now?”


Caleb licks his lips “I wouldn’t go that far…but I can’t wait to see what he does next.”


Fuming, and ridiculed Junior rises up his hair a mess and sticking every which way, as if he put a finger in an electoral outlet. Breathing hard, Jayden narrows his intense blue eyes to slits as Chase grabs his nose moaning a little. “You take…that back!” Junior fires, anger and adrenaline settling his skin on fire.


Chase gives his head a quick shake and tells him “I think I speak the truth…besides,” he says pointing “Someone is very happy to see me. What’s a little tug between, bros right?” Chase teasingly tells him, his winning smile managing to show all of his bright white teeth.


Junior betrays nothing as he moves toward him, determined and set on what to do. The ferocity held in his unrelenting gaze could melt the coldest icecap as he swings out a leg at Chase’s ankles. Chase leaps back but comes in quick shoving Junior in the chest and sending him sprawling to the mats below. He lands hard, and goes to move but Chase is on top of him pinning him and holding his hands in his. Chase’s smile never wavers as his thigh on top of Junior’s groin slowly presses down. A wiggle of his eyebrows makes Junior cringe.


A slow chuckle comes from deep in Chase’s chest. “Knees are my kryptonite…are they yours?” he asks bouncing his leg. Juniors nuts squelch in his tight sack pulled up at the bottom of his still achingly hardened erection and he cusses a quick swear that makes Chase laugh even more. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Chase lays his weight into his thigh and feels the familiar squishing of testicles beneath him. Junior bucks and struggles, but Chase holds his wrists tight and presses his stomach flat against the hardness and Junior’s eyes widen, and Chase can feel him tremble. He’s close…and both of them know it.


“Lay still, and let…it out!” Chase growls in his ear as he thumps his thigh up and down, the crashing sensation building in momentum and pull deep into Junior’s fork in his spread thighs.


Junior gasps, and goes rigged his body electrically charged underneath Chase. His lips part, and he frees, toes curling and scraping against Chase’s legs as a breath escapes him and Junior plunges his cock into Chase’s abdomen releasing an urge that he can no longer fight.


“That’s it.”


Chase’s encouraging words make Junior’s eyes roll back as he humps him further, his cock pushing in and out and he leaks now into his thin…almost threadbare shorts and this takes Junior by surprise, he has never allowed himself to go this far before. He has always pulled back, and he wishes so desperately to do so now, but Chase is too heavy, and desire floods him and he bites his lip as Chase’s laughter rings in his ears.


“I want to feel you spunk, Junior.”


Recognition swims in Junior’s crystal clear blue eyes, the swelling deep in his loins, the pulsing sensation overwhelms him. Then Chase thumps him again, and Junior yowls long and low, his voice cracking at the end and Chase chuckles.


“Felt that one, huh? Let yourself go…it will get better than.”


Junior is jerking, his cock on edge ready to splurt his load and he can’t seem to think straight. He takes a breath, trying desperately to continue fighting the losing battle even as his erection trembles… the Earthquake threatening to go off at any moment. Junior shudders, his whole body is tingling and yet, he still refuses to let himself go.


A cry rolls through Junior and his body grows taut and still as his blue eyes cross, like they are trying to look down his nose at a butterfly landing on the edge. Junior grits his teeth as a moan rocks through him, and he starts seething his breathing growing quicker, and shallower as his whole body alight with feelings goes almost over the edge.


“That’s it, Junior” encourages Chase, the wise alike pesters him. “You know that you can’t stop yourself…now now.”


Chase holds Junior’s balls captive in his hand, squishing the tender sore orbs with delight bringing Junior closer, his fingers tenderizing Junior’s gonads like one would if they were preparing meatballs. The nutmeat squishes between Chase’s fingers, and he loves that Junior’s balls are so warped in his hands that the pair are almost unrecognizable as a pair of young testicles in his mean closed fist.


Moving in close Chase can smell him, the fear of finally cumming, the desire and sweat on Junior is a sweet recipe that Chase’s senses takes the utmost pleasure in. Chase’s nose almost touches Junior, as he humps Chase unable to stop himself, his enraged cock sliding in and out of Chase’s tight fist.


“Do it.”


Junior blinks and sees Chase, he was unaware that he had gotten so close and Junior rolls his eyes back on the edge but uses everything he has left in him to swing his forehead down and slam the crown of his head straight at Chase’s nose knocking him back and off of him.


Chase sucks in air, and feels his nose squish against his face and before he knows what has happened he is sprawled on the mat, his hands clutching his face and moaning.


“You….bitch!” Chase roars, feeling the wetness between his fingers. It’s not a lot but Junior had given him a nosebleed.


Junior is holding his spasming cock, his thunderstick quakes in his hands as he tries to steady his breathing. He is so close that the slightest wrong move will push him over the edge. He knows that he is about to have the worst blue balls in history but he refuses to allow himself release. Not here…not by Chase.


Anger flows through him and he spies that the two of them have their legs tangled, and Chase’s thighs are wide open and accessible. Junior rears back, knowing full well how much this is going to suck for the swim team captain and shoots both legs like bolted arrows in a quiver straight down and true to their intended targets. When Junior’s legs straighten completely they have pierced and crushed Chase’s nuts flat against his pelvis, heels first.


Chase yelps, and rolls to the side yelling “My big balls! OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD!” His voice bellows throughout their backyard as he curves into himself in a tight ball and Junior stands up wobbling on his two legs as he stumbles away.


Junior can barely walk, his legs feel like Jello and he cringes as he brother openly laughs pointing at his obvious erection between his fingers.


“Look at that thingy! Ha ha ha!” Caleb has his arms wrapped around his stomach as he laughs with ferocious glee.


Jayden stands up and looks unsure of what to do, but Junior does not wait as he stumbles away the back door and screen banging open against the wall as he manages to get inside.


The doors don’t slam close, and Junior glances over his shoulder and spots Jayden as he turns the corner. He’s following him.


Junior says nothing as he makes his way to his bedroom, the door is open and moves to close it but Jayden puts his foot in the way and his attempt fails.


Jayden looks at him meaningfully and Junior, whose heart slaps inside of his chest says “What? What do you…want! I…I’m…” he’s lost for words but Jayden still unsure crosses the distance and puts a hand on his bare shoulder, his grip is feather light but weighs heavily upon him and without words he guides Junior back to his bed and pushes him slightly until his ass hits the mattress.


“You said…” Junior starts again, but Jayden takes Junior’s hands away from his obvious hardon and still staring into Junior’s eyes shushes him.


“Are you going to…?”


Jayden nods, and Junior has to stop himself from cumming again. Jayden has not even touched him yet, but he’s so close.


“This is not…how I imagined it. I’m so hard.”


Junior can’t shut up, he’s blushing but Jayden gets onto his knees in front of him and Junior finally loses the ability or desire to talk. No more words are needed.


Jayden moves Junior’s thighs further apart and a little squeak comes from Junior and Jayden smiles as he moves closer between his spread-out thighs. Jayden comes in close and smells him, making it obvious and Junior moans low as his heartbeat picks up.


“Don’t tease me.”


Jayden chuckles, and smiles up at him as he grips the lips of his underwear and begins to slide them down, when his erection pops up it hits his taut belly and points straight up. He’s covered in wet pre-cum, his tip is red and still quivering and Junior gulps as Jayden tosses his underwear to the slide.


“Close the door.”


Jayden does and Junior in the interim has slid himself all the way onto the bed laying flat his cock still hard and sticking up waiting for him.


Jayden slides his own shirt off, and flexes for Junior and his eyes grow wide and he pants not able to stop himself, he’s like a dog in heat and all he wants is Jayden, who he has been lusting over since he first met him.




The request is quiet, and his full blue eyes are on Jayden as he grips the mattress wanting to be touched. This is how he imagined it.

Jayden says nothing as he crawls across the bed on his hands and knees and slides up Junior’s naked body using his body to press the boys cock down flat against him. Junior trembles, and winces as he balls accidently get knocked together. But by then, Jayden has pressed his lips against his and Junior can’t think anymore.


When Jayden pulls off of him, Junior is practically purring and he tucks him hands behind his head giving Jayden the cue of exactly what he wants, and just in case he thrusts up into him, his hardened steel rod digging into his skin.


“Alrighty then,” Jayden says and starts licking his ways down the center of Junior’s chest ignoring his hardened nipples, but pauses to lick and suck at Junior’s navel. Junior gasps, and his eyes roll back as he moans in pleasure.


Jayden does not stay there long, and already his tongue slides down Junior’s bare pubis, and licks all way around his cock and balls ignoring them completely. Junior almost screams with unfettered desire. It’s when Jayden’s sucks his sore balls into mouth that Junior does cry out, but Jayden reaches up and covers the boys mouth.


Ignoring the pinging coming from his phone, Jayden is sure that he knows just who is messaging him he sucks at Junior’s tight nutsack, slurping at the twins in his mouth.


Junior is kicking his legs on both sides of Jayden and no longer lays still but is jabbing the air with his erection feeling more goo leak down the side of his cockhead.


He goes to open his mouth to plead again, but Jayden has let Junior’s nuts slide free and instead has taken just the head into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it, licking it like a lollipop.


Junior freezes, eyes wide at the intense feeling between his legs and is not sure what to do as his head falls back and he stares up at his ceiling.




Jayden starts to slide down his harden shaft and Junior thrusts himself further in, helping Jayden to take him down.




Junior’s head hits the back of his throat and he moans, sending chills and vibrations down Junior’s aching erection.


“I…oh god…”


Junior moans, and when Jayden starts to bob his head up and down Junior cries out again, unable to stop himself and thrashes wildly on the bed, pulling up his fitted sheets and knocking his pillows to the floor. Junior is punching and banging his fists as he loses himself completely in the throes of his upcoming orgasm and opens his mouth to scream again but finds himself unable to utter even a sound.


His body grows still, and trembles as his he shoves his dick down Jayden’s gullet and Junior’s eyes roll back in his skull as he starts to pulse. The earthquake which was on the edge of earlier is back in full force and Junior’s eyes start to leak water, as fireworks bloom in the pit of his stomach and his balls churn. He is going to cum. He is going to…he is finally…


“I am…I….I….oh shit…I…!”


Junior can’t finish a sentence. Let alone a single thought as he goes over the edge and his cock bursts down Jayden’s throat. Just as he starts to cum, Jayden grabs his balls and squeezes hard, and restricts his throat and sucking each spurt of semen that comes from Junior down his throat.


Junior keeps humping, as he cums his ass coming up and off the mattress until he gets to the end of his orgasm and it hangs locked in the air, his ass harder than steel and he thinks he might black out. Jayden sucks out the dredges, his mouth hovering the boys erection until he falls back spent and exhausted against the mattress.


Juniors eyes flutter, and he finds that he can barely keep them open, but a little smile plays on his face even as Jayden squeezes his now empty nads.


Jayden slides Junior’s still half-hard dick from his mouth, and stops squishing the tender testes. He’s panting a bit, but Jayden smiles up at Junior and the kid smiles back as his eyes closed.


“I need to rest my eyes.”


A moment later, Junior is snoring slightly. Little hiccupping breaths coming from between his pink lips. Jayden’s smile goes awry and he thinks that Junior won’t have a wet dream tonight. He climbs off of him, the bed is a mess. Still Jayden takes a sheet from the floor and covers Junior, kissing him on the cheek before he turns and heads out of the bedroom, pulling on his shirt as he leaves.


Chase is standing there, arms crossed over his chest.


“How’s the little rascal?”


“Asleep. You mad?”


“No. I just wanted to be the one who made him pop.”


Jayden covers his grinning mouth, and trying to quiet is chuckling.


“I will have to settle for doing it to you.”


Jayden’s eyebrows go up, “Okay.”


Caleb turns the corner and calls down “Did he finally cum?”


The swimmers turn back, about to kiss but pause.


“Yes, Caleb.”


“Good. He was using all the soap and was such a grump. He should be better to live with now,” Caleb says turning on his heel and walking away.


Jayden could say something to this affect, or to the grumpy status but he does not. Chase is already kissing him, tasting the leftovers from Junior’s afternoon on his mouth and he does not care to stop the moment.


“My place,” Chase growls. “Let’s go. Now.”


Jayden does not argue as the two head out, the weekend has barely started and it looks like after this afternoon things will finally calm down. The storm is over, and Jayden the house sitter is ready for quiet weekend…after he and Chase play rock the bed.


“Fine, but I’m top this time.”


“No way, you were topped last time!” Chase says indignantly.


“You lost to Junior, you need to pay a price for that.”


Chase is growling, and about to respond but Jayden grabs one of his big balls and holds it hostage.


“You know what happens when one of us lose a fight. We agreed.”


Chase grumbles, “Fine…but you better lose a fight with someone soon.”


Jayden tries not to smile, but the twinkle in his deep brown eyes give him away and Chase already regrets to that deal.







BBfan said...


Junior is back and wow. I am speechless. This was awesome. I loved this story so much. A day late is worth it for this one! We have not seen Junior in sooo long. It's been months. But this story is fire! I want to see Junior and Oli together. We have not seen the two since October. It is time! Please!


Русский Парень said...

Привет Джимми, я хочу опубликовать свою историю7

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear BBfan,

I am so happy that you enjoyed Junior's return! More of Junior and Oli are coming, they are in the pile of future stories and I am working on and have been since last summer an epic wrestling tale about making the new Bartlet team led by Jayden as the next captain and the two star in that one. It's coming, BBfan.



Dear Pccknn,

Yes, I would love to post another one of your stories! I will message you!


Уважаемый Pcknn,

Да, я хотел бы опубликовать еще одну из ваших историй! Я сообщу вам!

Anonymous said...

Great story. I really enjoyed seeing Chase getting humbled by Junior. Still I hope he kicks Junior's skinny was next time.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Junior did have his moments against Chase, but so did the swim team captain. Junior did not make it out of there unscathed!