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Men of the House XI written by Jimmy


Men of the House XI


by Jimmy



All weekend long Dylan and Corey have been locked in an epic battle and their story all comes down to this…


Corey’s recently drained testicle are softer, and squishier in Dylan’s fist and Corey can feel that he is losing the fight and very quickly.

However with one arm pinned if he can just….

But his balls…

“Oh…oh no!”

Corey’s body shudders and he moans, Dylan’s got him and got him good.

Corey needs to flick the devise on but he can’t concentrate on anything but his nuts…they are in his hand and he is getting overwhelmed very quickly. He grunts again and notices that his hardon is still not going down. Could he cum again and so soon after?

“E…Evan…a little…help?” Corey asks, his brown eyes pleading.

Evan starts to wake up, “What’s going on.” He sleepily says, eyes still closed.

Dylan makes another lung for the remote tugging Corey’s ball down to try and bring him closer

Slumping slight against Dylan, Corey grits his teeth and drops the remote moments before Dylan can get it. It’s by Corey left leg and he kicks it, not far but it’s next to Evan now where he was sleeping and Corey gasps “Get the…remote!”

Evan grabs the remote. Seeing this Dylan let’s go of Corey’s balls and rushes towards Evan tackling him trying to get the remote out of his hands.

They’re spinning on the floor, Corey can barely tell who’s who.

Evan yells “Get off of me!”

Dylan fires back “Give me the remote and I won’t hurt you!”

Corey rolls onto his side taking a very deep and much needed reprieve.

“Go get ‘em, Evan!” Corey cheers.

Evan using his stronger body is able to pin Dylan on the group with the remote still in his hand. He looks down and sees Dylan’s naked cock with the collar around it.

“Corey! You didn’t tell me you were gonna put the collar on Dylan. That’s too far!”

“He did it to me!” Corey says indignantly.

Outraged Corey tries to stand up to argue his point but a wave of sudden intense pain hits his testicles and he grunts falling over and grabbing himself.

“My goddamn balls….Dylan.”

As Dylan’ struggles Evan fingers slip and he turns the collar up to a four. Dylan screams out and without thinking slams his knee up with goes directly into Evans large balls. Evan falls like a brick releasing the remote. Dylan quickly picks up the remote and turns it off. Evan is now curled up in a ball shuddering.

“You’re both going to pay now.”

“Holy shit!” Corey says, mouth open wide in surprise.

His brother Dylan may be down, but he’s not out.

But Corey is still hurting, and he is not sure if he can get up yet.

Dylan runs towards Corey and tries to pin him down.

Corey sees him coming and gulps getting up in all fours, breathing hard.

“Dylan…don’t you dare!” Corey warns

He needs another minute or five to recover, Corey does not think he is going to get it.

“Evan…you need to hurry!”

Corey is slow getting to his feet, and Dylan is almost upon him but Corey’s mind is whirling as he tries to spot a way out of this a small bead of sweat rolls down his temple and he gulps.

Then he sees the opening, as Dylan moves in running to get him Corey drops to his knees as Dylan move to grab him and he swoops up with an uppercut swinging his small bicep up in his left arm between the fork in Dylan’s legs.

“Got yah!” Corey shouts as he makes contact hitting his brother hard and fast. Corey’s arm squishes Dylan’s over large eggs up in between his taint only stopping when he comes into contact with Dylan’s pelvis.

Corey winks at him crossing his arms over his chest, still on his knees as he stares at his older brother.

“I’m not done for yet!”

Dylan falls over in pain. His nuts radiating. He’s gripping the remote with everything he has. He stays down on the floor as he gathers his wits.

He then stands up boldly, his cock swinging about.

“You know what? I don’t have to play these games. What are you going to do? I have the remote now? You’re back under my control because I’m stronger than you and you have no leverage. Now start cleaning up this mess before I crack your eggs and make an omelet.”

“But games are what I do best.”

Corey is still below his brother and Corey’s eyeing the prize and he swings a punch straight and true just below the big swinging cock that he is so envious of. The punch fires like a rocket, springing from Corey’s holster hitting his big bro so hard that he hopes Dylan drops the remote.

Dylan has not removed the collar…and Corey plans on making the most out of that.

“I ain’t your bitch, bro.” Corey taunts standing up his eyes delighting in watching Dylan in pain.

Dylan bends over and he takes a get steps back. “What are you gonna do now that I’m out of range?”

Corey grits his teeth hoping that his punch may have weakened him, but maybe he did not hit well enough. Instead, Corey shrugs his shoulders and kicks up and into his pouch.

“That works too.”

“Being short has its advantages too,” Corey says smugly.

Corey is in his element, and he loves busting his big bro. Nothing makes him happier. He glanced over briefly at Evan seeing that he’s still down.

With Corey’s kick from his low vantage point, the top of his toes, go behind Dylan’s grapefruit balls and kicks them forward, stretching both the balls and the sack itself. With this blow Dylan falls forward and put his hands down to catch himself releasing the remote as it flies across the room, Dylan, holds himself with his hands and feet still on the ground, angled like a triangle, his whopping cock which has grown into a semi slams straight down as makes a flopping noise as it falls into place, his two large melons flopping down as well swinging like a pendulum, making a slapping noise as they bang against his massive cock.

“You alright, Evan?” Corey asks. “Cause it’s time to beat him up!”

Evan stays in a hurdle position. His pain is unbearable to him. It is such a torment. He can only think to bring himself closer and closer in on himself to keep himself safe and to just give into his pain. He just gives into the pain he stays there, hurdled. As he gives into this pain, he feels his blood start to pump. His balls start to tingle and his already hefty flaccid cock begins to feel a different kind of tingle as well.

Corey didn’t see where the remote went but that’s okay he prefers getting his hands or feet on top of Dylan’s junk. Corey pats Dylan on the back, “You were saying something about being bigger and stronger, right? But I kind of forget the rest.”

Corey laughs at his own joke as he comes around from behind his brother reaching around to tweak his nipples.

He doesn’t even hear what Corey says.

“Let your balls go, I want to hit them again!” Corey says laughing.

Corey rubs Dylan’s pecs, concentrating on the tips as pinches them slightly. While his knee taps Dylan’s hands protector guarding his low hangers.

“Knock, knock…whose home.”

Corey’s hard as a nail, and it’s pointing straight up like a sword in a stone, with his nuts pulled so tight up against the base that it slightly hurts. He wants to get off again, and he plans on making Dylan do it for him if he can wear him down some more.

Evan moans out, “Corey”. When Corey turns around Dylan grabs at Corey with his left hand. Meaning to grab his balls but instead grabbing Corey’s rock hard cock. He pulls down on it to pull himself up and then lifts Corey up from his pelvis. His hand fully grasping his erect dick.

“Let’s see, if I break this will that satisfy you? I’m sure you’ll still be able to get rock hard but maybe with a crimp.”

“D…Dylan!” Corey shouts, worried but also throbbing in Dylan’s tight embrace. He sometimes forgets that Dylan does not like playing as much as he does.

“Easy…” he pleads putting up his hands in surrender.

Out of the corner of his eye, Corey sees Evan not getting up. Some guys can’t take a hit…but like him or his big brother.

Corey takes Dylan’s cock in hand and says tickling the head.

“Instead why don’t we Jack each other off,” Corey suggest, rubbing his bigger mushroom tip.

Corey’s heart is wild in his chest, beating with such ferocity that he assumes that Dylan must be able to see it as he breathing becomes a little ragged, and his eyes lower a bit and he bites his bottom lip.

“Come on, bro…just this once.” He’s hopeful, but not delusional as his other hand slinks under Dylan’s bigger nuts and rolls them slowly in their silken ballsack.

“I’m sure the cum would just squeeze out of you” Dylan squeezes his grip on Corey’s cock. Causing a sweet pain that can’t help but make Corey pre-cum.

Corey gasps rather unwillingly, and his body trembles and he hates when Dylan sees him weaker. Corey grits his teeth and starts jacking Dylan off, but his other hand grabs Dylan’s smaller ball and gives it a warning squeeze.

“I’m right here,” Corey warns him.

His fingers itching to dig in deeper to his brothers nut bag, he may only have his hand on one ball but that could do a lot to Dylan.

Feeling Corey grab his smaller ball he quickly releases Corey‘s cock. A shot of pre-cum falling as he does and instead grabs Corey‘s balls he drags Corey’s balls to the ground as Corey becomes eye level with Dylan’s now hard cock, the sheer gravity of it making Corey feel small.

“Uuuugghhh!” grunts Corey, so easily out in his place as he lands next to Dylan his balls locked into Dylan’s closed fist.

Wincing, Corey shudders and grunts “Uh….uh….uh! Oooo….you got….oh god…uuuugh!”

Corey stares at Dylan’s raging erection, his one hand still on it but barely his fingers so threateningly moments before come off Dylan’s ball to wrap around his waist.


Back ramrod straight he peers up at Dylan, his brown eyes catching the light reflecting off the ceiling like small shimmers of dust as he groans again.

“Fuck…my nuts…”

“D…Dyl…an….” ! Corey’s eyes rolls and he closes them trying to compose himself, he can do this. He can still…win.

With his free hand he grabs his hard cock and puts it forcefully into Corey’s mouth. He starts squeezing Corey’s balls to keep him in place.

“I think it’s time I finally get off on this roshambo.”

Corey mumbles something, but his mouth is full and when he tries to talk he coughs and ends up taking more of Dylan down his throat. He has never fully appreciated Dylan’s girth until his nose is buried up against Dylan’s pubis. He takes in a brief wiff of him before the inevitable suck. Corey sucks hard and moans with Dylan in his mouth both free hands coming up and grabbing a free ball.

Corey rolls Dylan’s nuts in hand and feels the warrior testicles so much bigger than his one as he thinks about Dylan had bitten him and briefly considers doing the same but declines. He might want the same treatment of this. And sooner than later.

Dylan squeezes even tighter on Corey’s balls and starts thrusting his hip harder. Maybe he can make Corey black out if he deprives him of oxygen

Corey gags on Dylan’s big, thickly veined cock and he tries to keep up but Dylan’s handy work on his balls wears him down until finally he stops holding Dylan’s nuts but starts to tap them slowly, and methodically as he picks hip speed. Speed punching Dylan’s nuggets that hang so close to his face.

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

The punches alone are not overwhelming, but they are steady and Corey keeps going in a repetitive motion not giving in as he sucks on Dylan’s trying to control when the eruption will occur.

Dylan increases his speed and feels himself getting close

A long, slurp echoes in the room and Corey forgets about Evan and concentrates solely on his brother Dylan. He’s getting better at this, as he takes one hand holding his big brothers thick base and slowly jacks him as his head moves up and down Dylan’s lengthy, thickly coiled erection. The veins are not big, but they stand out and Corey pays extra close attention to Dylan’s flared pink, almost purple head as he sucks him down until his nose is tickled by Dylan’s hairs.

“Mmmm.” Corey moans, while his other hand toys with Dylan’s nuts jiggling them in his so much bigger sack. Corey loves them banging on his chin as he starts to pick up speed, he has noticed that Dylan is starting to get into it and he matches his pace with renewed vigor.

Corey takes Dylan back down, feeling Dylan’s cock sliding down his throat bumping against the back. Moaning, Corey feels the vibrations of his throat coursing through Dylan’s thickly trembling schlong. He gets a taste of pre-cum touching his tongue as Corey slides back to the top and sucks Dylan’s cock head being careful to avoid using his teeth.

Corey rubs the orbs in his hands, and he longs to squeeze them hard but he is waiting until Dylan is about to pop before doing that move. He intends to finish Dylan with this one move.

Dylan’s grip on his own sack is tight and he wished to curl into the fetal position but he has to hang on a bit longer. Corey starts bobbing faster, hearing Dylan moan above him. It won’t be long now he thinks. He’s going to get Dylan. The end is coming.

Rearing back Dylan opens his mouth, his hips are pumping in and out of Corey’s mouth, his fucking little brother is so good at this. Dylan’s brow crinkles as his nuts throb with growing desperation and he leans back his eyes closing as he groans his cock trembling in Corey’s hot gullet.

“Fuck bro…alright…just don’t stop now!”

The willingness in Dylan’s voice, almost makes Corey swoon and he picks up tempo and swallows hard trying to suck it right out of him. Dylan moans low, a small smile tugging at his lips as Corey pleasures him.

Dylan is already so far gone that he allows Corey to continue and he moves with such grace, bobbing along on his dong with little bits of drool leaking from his mouth as he noisily slurps him in and out of his eager mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” Corey mumbles and the tiny vibrations along his thick tool push Dylan just the bit further that he needed. Dylan roars out as his cock pulses deep down Corey’s throat and he starts to empty his balls yet again the weekend coming to an end.

Corey pulls up for air, his mouth is red and wet and he smiles at Dylan as he comes down from his high.

“My turn?”

Dylan shakes his head.

“Not tonight.”

Corey frown, and Dylan smirks.

“Alright buddy, not even I could deny you now.”

Corey immediately perks up standing up and lowering his shorts. Dylan moves in, lowering himself before Corey and Corey swears that any moment he will come from the look alone on his brother’s face.

“Ready?” Dylan asks.

Corey can only nod, his heart thumping wildly as his brother opens his mouth, a gust of hot air hits Corey and he tries not to scream.

Then just as Dylan’s tongue tastes him, a key slips into the lock on the front door and the brothers freeze.

“Mom!” they shout in unison, desperately pulling up and on their clothes as their mother opens the front door.

The lights come on and the sight before her makes her mouth fall open as she steps inside eyes finding Dylan and Corey mostly dressed each trying to hide bottles of beer.

“Oh fuck,” Corey whispers.

“What is going on? Who are these people?!” she points to the sleeping bodies of Dylan’s new friends, that she never even met before.

“I can explain,” Dylan says stepping forward, then notices the bottles as they clink in hand and puts them back down on the table.

Evan wanders in and looks sheepish, “Hullo.”

“Out!” she yells. Like fire alarm the boys start jumping up, and seeing Dylan and Corey’s mom make a quick exit, Evan apologizing profusely as they take their leave.

“I want this place spotless before you go to bed Dylan, and Corey go to bed now! You are grounded for a month the pair of you. You should know better, you are the big brother!” She jams her pointer finger into Dylan’s chest and he winces as if he was poked by a fire poker.

“But Mom, he didn’t---!”

“Not another word young man, I don’t want to hear it! Bed Corey, now!”

Corey gives one long last plea to Dylan, before he hightails it upstairs and closing his door. The screaming following him as he slumps down against the floor.

“Shit,” he curses and closes his eyes trying to think of a way out of this mess.

Nothing comes to him.

When he hears his mother’s footsteps coming up the stairs he quickly takes off his shirt and jumps into bed pulling up the covers.

She pauses by the door and speaks softly.

“I want a full report on what your brother has done at the breakfast table tomorrow morning…now go to sleep.”

She does not wait for an answer as she leaves his door and heads towards her bedroom.

Corey won’t do that and he takes out his phone to text Dylan but he already has beat him to the punch.

            Dylan: Still want me to finish you?

            Corey: Yes.

            Dylan: Be up later…don’t forget the ropes.


Corey smiles and starts to tie his wrists himself, he’s hard again and he can’t wait until Dylan finishes up.

He falls asleep before Dylan comes in, and when Dylan sees him he cracks a shit eating grin and plans on giving him a very wet dream.




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