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The List written by Jimmy


The List


by Jimmy


Rex woke up late. 


His brother tried to get him to rise from sleep but it simply was not possible. Rex was our cold. 


Rex furiously ran around his room trying to remember everything. He even forgot to pack his back-up the night before. 


He was out of the house, biking to school a pop tart in his mouth and as he chews on the gooey half-baked strawberry filled dessert he tries to remember if he actually finished his homework or not. He honestly, can’t remember. 


At a red light he goes through his bag, and sees that he grabbed the wrong notebook the one that screams: Keep Out glares up at him and it’s then on the eve of Midtown Middle School coming to an end in a few days that he remembered: The List.


Grinning Rex pulls it out and it’s like yesterday that first practice after Jayden Gomez was still the Captain and the guys had declared that if any of them by the end of Middle School managed to bust everyone in the group by the balls in one day without being tagged back would be the winner. 


Rex fondly remembers the prize, and he’s hard as the light turns green. And he’s off, ready to work on: The List and pushing the homework that was owed out of his mind. This was way more important. 


The guys that signed it were:










The rest of the swim team was too chicken to sign-up. Especially Adam, he wanted no part of this.


Only six guys. Rex could pull this off. 


The doors open for Rex, held by his friend Shane. 


“You’re here late.”


“Yeah,” Rex says shyly tucking a piece of hair behind one ear. He distinctly remembers not having showered this morning. Oh well. 


“Walking me to class, Hall monitor.”


“Yeah!” Shane declares pulling out a tardy form to write his fellow classmate up. “Just give me a chance to write you—up!”


Rex snuck around behind Shane and kicks him hard from behind. Rex feels his flip flop bounce off his foot as his bare toes slam into the squishiest bits in Shane’s pouch of his shorts. 


“Nnnnggggg!” Shane moans.


“You were saying?” Rex asks plucking the pink slip from his hand and ripping it in half before tucking the papers into Shane’s pocket on his shirt. Rex gently slaps Shane’s face watching him drop to the ground moaning.


“Ughhh….my nuts….you dick….oooh shiiit. You nailed leftie!”


Rex’s cock throbs thinking about that and he moves through Shane’s pad helping he himself to a few hall passes. 


“Gotta go, Shane. I can’t hang around here all day. See you at swim practice!” Rex chants merrily before he takes off down the hallway, whistling as he walks. 




Plopping down at his desk, Rex looks up as the bell rings. His home room teacher appears to be either absent, or late. Rex peers around the room looking for ….Aldo. The two share home room, and as his candied amber eyes pinpoint Aldo flirting with a girl leaning over her desk, and whispering in her ear Rex can’t help but think this one will be easy. 


Slowly, Rex stands up and stretches grabbing a pencil from inside his pocket and heading over to the sharpener. As he passes by Aldo, he overhears the wily rascal telling Bethany “…and then I break up with her. It’s been so hard.”


“You poor thing!” Bethany blushes and overextend her blinking as she puts a consoling hand on his arm. “You have such trouble finding love!”


“Yeah, babe. I do, mi amor,” Aldo rolls his tongue over the last word and Bethany’s eyes light up like fireworks. 


“You…want to go out with me?”


Aldo’s grin widens, and his cheeks dimple as Rex slides up to him taking careful aim as Aldo licks his lips. 


“Yeah, I do Hermosa!”


Leaning in a bit more, Aldo parts his lips a slip of pink tongue itching to escape as he moves to press himself into Bethany’s eager and very willing mouth.


Rex swings his fist up and into Aldo’s balls from below, feeling his scrotum crunch against his pelvis and Rex is slightly amazed at how hard Aldo is.


The swimmer blanches and Bethany meets him halfway, kissing him fiercely but Aldo is frozen in time, his dark eyes widening as Rex smirks, and cackles from behind him. 


Aldo pulls away grabbing his nutsack and wincing as he turns, but Rex is already in his seat.


“Mi huevos!” Aldo gaps. “Aaakkk….mi….oooooo….!” Aldo winces and leans against Bethany’s desk as the eyes around the room hear Aldo’s moans turn to look at what has befallen the popular swimmer, wrestler. 


In comes the home room teacher and telling Aldo “You look sick? Stomach cramps?”


“Something like that!” gasps Aldo stumbling out of the room, clutching his clearly aching privates. 


Rex giggles and mentally crosses off another name from his list. ‘This is almost too easy,’ Rex thinks. Putting back his arms behind his back he leans back in his seat considering how best to take out his next friend. 




Leroy and Chase are over by the water fountain, gym class was crazy today and the two are shirtless with sweat streaming down their chests. 


Chase is gulping as the liquid sprays up, and his Adam’s apple bibs in his throat as he greedily takes in mouthfuls of cool, crisp water. 


Leroy is explaining “In basketball, you got to be ready man.” He’s grinning in his reminiscent of the last game and he turns back as the water shuts off.


“Shower man, see you in there!”


Leroy waves him away, telling him with his hand not to wait for him. 


Chase is stripping off his shorts as Leroy closes his eyes in the pleasure of the taste of water touching the back of his throat. 


Rex is creeping up behind him and says “You done yet?”


Leroy flicks the middle finger at him, and Rex pretends to be annoyed and nut-checks him with the back of his hand against Leroy’s front feeling both balls squish against his thigh, the pair hangs so low. 


Leroy’s eyes bulge and he comes off from drinking laughing as he grabs his sore pair. 


“Ouch man…what the fuck?!”


“Just couldn’t wait anymore!” Rex takes a quick sip and winks at him. “Meet you in the showers!”


Rex skips away as Leroy leans against the fountain. “You are such a bitch!”


Rex suppresses a laugh as the steam hits him. 


Chase waves him over “Come do my back, Rex!” He drops the soap and looks down at the bar. 


“You know what they say about dropped soap,” Rex says as he takes off his own shorts, shirt, and underwear taking as extra time so that Chase turns back into the water. 


“I’m so sore from yesterday’s swim,” Chase says spitting out water and staring at the floor, his blonde hair matted to his forehead, as rivers of water pool down his face. “I could use a hand.”


“Don’t expect any freebies,” Rex tells him as he comes up and takes the offered bar, it’s wet and slick in his hand.


“I’ll get you back.”


“I meant…” Rex goes on to explain “I ain’t going to do your front. You got Jayden for that.”


Chase and Rex share a laugh, then the bar touches the center of Chases back and he closes his eyes. 


Rex is ready to bust him but…he decides to wash his back first coming closer so the stream of water hits him too. Rex is so close to Chase that he can see the fine light hairs at the back of Chase’s neck. Then Rex soaps up his hands, creating a frothy foam of suds, reminding him of mountain peaks before he grips Chase’s shoulders and begins to rub. Rex uses his hands to spread the bubbling suds getting all soapy himself in the process. He only stops when his hands are dripping with foamy bubbles then he tucks the bar between his legs and grabs Chases back and starts to rub deep in the muscles.


A quiet moan comes from his captain, and Rex’s fingers slip up and over Chase’s shoulders and back down squeezing and grabbing at the muscles groups as he works at the knots in Chases back from the long hours he spends in the pool. 


“God,” Chase moans hands grabbing the wall. “Keep going.”


Rex does, not stopping.


“Sure thing, friend,” Rex whispers, voice neutral and light as he shifts himself forward to get into a better stance as he purposely shoots the bar of soap from between his thighs across the roles of the bathroom. 


“Shit! So clumsy of me!” Rex gushes, and he hears a small sigh come from Chase as he wraps his arounds around Chases chest and gives the hardened nubs a squeeze at the tips. “Can you…get that?”


“Yeah” Chase murmurs his voice growing husky. Rex already knows that he’s hard, he does not need to check. His nipples reminded him of diamonds when he touched them. 


Chases white ass comes into view, and the hanging fruit below so ripe and pure the taking shift in his scrotum as Chase reaches for the bar on the floor. 


Salivating Rex reaches forward with soap suds dripping down his fingers as they reach for the dangling bits hanging so invitingly between Chase’s thighs. 


The bar slips from between Chase’s fingers and he curses “Slippery little slugger!”


Reaching again, Chase manages to get it as Rex grabs Chase’s ass holding onto it as he powers a knee right smack in the invitingly setup up perfect shot. Rex’s knee claps Chase’s nuts with a wet smack as each ball in Chase’s scrotum slaps his belly. Chase falls to the floor almost instantly, the soap firing across the room and bouncing into Max as he enters the room.


Max slips and his legs over extend until they go out from under him as he plops down on a perfect split the naked teen’s towel falls away as it shows the devastation of him landing perfectly on his scrotum. Max’s eyes cross and he lets out a scream. 


Rex covers his mouth and goes “That still counts!” He slaps Chase’s wet lily white ass, and smiles down at the moaning captain as he cradles his nuts protectively. “Only one left on the list!”


Rex runs out of the shower room, and spots Leroy still nursing his swollen nuts but he pauses by his brother saying “Tough luck, Max. I was not going to mail you that bad…but man you outdid yourself!”


Max’s amber eyes are glazed over as he falls out of the split whining like a dying animal. 


Rex chuckles and quickly pulls on his shorts and t-shirt, not caring that the clothes stick to him like glue. He’s only got Jayden Gomez left and then he will have won the prize as he opens the door to the locker room he finds to his utter surprise Jayden standing there looking smug. 




The younger Gomez brother grabs his scrotum, defined by his mostly wet shorts clinging to his small outline from the shower. 


“Sorry Rex, but no one wants you to win the bet. Maybe next year!”


Jayden squeezes hard as Rex’s nuts get lost in his right fist. 


“Who…told…?” Rex squeaks out. 


“Aldo” explains Jayden. “He mentioned that you ruined his night plans, and I asked how. I had been texting with Shane earlier and he also said that you got him. It’s almost the last day of school. Didn’t take a genius to figure out your plan. Looks like you got close,” Jayden says looking over at Leroy on the benches, his still buried between his thighs and the outline of his brother rolling around on the shower room floor entrance the wet tiles offer some relief for the poor boy. 


Rex gulps “You…have…no idea!”


Jayden smiles and gives a little twist to Rex’s marble bag before he shoves his tumble deep inside penetrating and skewing Rex’s nuts like one would a piece of meat. 


Rex groans, starting to hop on each foot in dismay as Jayden crushes his balls. Jayden grins and squeezes one last time before he lets go. 


Rex backs up and sits down on the bench holding himself, and feeling retched.


Smiling, Jayden starts to disrobe and heads to the shower room “Since I am here, I might as well get a swim in but before that I might need to go check on my boyfriend’s big balls. Did you mail him in the pool or the shower?” Jayden guesses. 


“Sh…shower,” Rex squeaks. 


Jayden chuckles, walking naked to the shower room. 


Rex curses under his breath…he was so close. ‘Next year,’ he grumbles. ‘Next year he will win,’ he thinks as he watches Jayden slip past his brother and touching his hair with his fingertips as he moves past him. 


Leroy looks up from his seated position and says “Not bad, Rex. You almost had us.”


“Heh…next time.”


Leroy grins at him, “God I hope not. My testicles will be even more sensitive in a year.”


Rex smiles through his grimace. “One can hope for that,” he says mostly kiddingly as Rex’s amber eyes imagines himself getting the prize. He knows just who he would want it from. 


“Let’s go to the pool,” Leroy says pulling on his speedos, and tucking himself inside. The blue material barely contains the bulbous head of his cock and Leroy works it back down. 


“Okay,” Rex says sighing. “Meet you out there.”


“Naw…I’ll wait with you.”


Rex looks at Leroy curiously as he takes off his clothes, and turns away to hide his little soldier but Leroy turns him back around. “You don’t need to hide from me,” he says as his hand rests on Rex’s shoulder. 


Rex gulps and Leroy steps up handing Rex his speedos that he grabs from his backpack. 


“I’ll help you put them on.”


Leroy bends down so that he is at eye level with his crotch. Rex tries to remember to breathe as Leroy guides each foot inside of the speedos and slips them up his wet thighs. The material clings, but Leroy works at it gently his face so close to Rex’s dingleberry’s that his hot breath hits his groin stirring his ‘little soldier,’ as Leroy called it. 


“There,” Leroy says patting the center of Rex’s bulge gently. Rex’s hardened nail sticks straight out. “You are ready to go.”


Rex can only nod, as Leroy stands up grinning down at him. 






Leroy grins, and grabs at the small head of his cockles giving it a squeeze. “Yeah, you are.” Leroy winks and gives Rex a small tug, and he follows willingly. 


Rex is remembering the pool battle between them not too long ago, and he is not sure what this means but he grabs Leroy’s hand and holds it tight as they walk together towards the pool. Leroy’s smile only widens as he opens the pool room door. 


Rex does not even look at the shower room and what might be happening inside all he wants to do is kiss Leroy, right here and right now but Leroy drops his hand and says “I’ll race you.”


“You’re on!”


The two get into position and Leroy winks at him as he counts down the pairs time “3, 2, 1…go!”


Rex leaps off the diving board jumping into the pool, he cuts through the water like a sword and it sting’s beautifully against his skin, and he knows his erection is slow king him a bit, but he does not care as he kicks with his feet. His arms, swipe through the water and he comes up for air just as Leroy does and the share the briefest of looks through watery eyes before they both go back under. 


Today Rex did not finish the list, but something else is happening instead and he feels like he just might have won anyways. Butterflies are in his stomach he comes up just short of Leroy who waits there for him. 


“You won,” Rex admits, breathing hard. 


“Yeah…rematch?” Leroy asks pushing back Rex’s bangs with a swipe of his hand. 


“You’re on.”







Русский Парень said...

Hi Jimmy, I want my character to participate in your stories

Anonymous said...

Really fun story Jimmy. Rex was solo close ! Reg

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Pyccknn,

Which character would you like to see added?



Hi Reg,

Rex was super close...too bad Jayden ruined everything! Maybe next year!