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You Can't Stop Me: Aldo's Tryout written by Jimmy


You Can’t Stop Me: Aldo’s Tryout

by Jimmy


“Man I can’t wait to become a wrestler!” Aldo says glancing at the mat, his dark eyes yearning for the new sport that he wishes to sign up for.

Outside of the gym, Aldo looks over the sign-up sheet and bounces foot to foot thinking about how he would look in his singlet, and reaches down, readjusting himself with a content little sigh.

Doug looks at Malik, one eyebrow raised up.


Doug can’t believe that his friend is even interested.

“You’ve never done this before. We were singlets…you’re a newbie. They would eat you alive!” Doug laughs slapping his friend on the back.

“Yea, yea whatever you say!” Aldo gives a quick one-two punch to Doug’s big bicep.

Doug’s eyes narrow, and he gives him a push. “Hey, just trying to help you out man. You would be shark food if you tried now. They would smell fresh meat a mile away. Nawww. You must be joshing me. No way would you put on a singlet like me…afraid of what you might look like when you put it on. Everyone sees what you are packing. If you know what I mean. Better stick with swimming with Chasey… and if you need a new sport try something like…tennis! Or something lame like that. This is a real men’s sport.”

“Thanks but no thanks I don’t need anybody’s help. I got this!” Aldo says and boldly writes his name down on the sign-up sheet.

Doug’s eyebrow raises up again.

“Yeah, that’s right. Don’t take my help. Just don’t do it. You would be destroyed. To save you embarrassment I can show you how much you would lose. It won’t be pretty but at least you wouldn’t lose in front of a crowd.”

Doug grins coyly.

“Unless…you’re too chicken to face me.”

“Chicken??” Aldo turns around and shoves Doug into a walk pinning him “I can take you and ALL these guys in this building!!” Aldo says growling, and gives him a ferocious grin.

“Fine! Prove it.”

Doug marches over to his duffel bag, and pulls out a singlet and tosses it to him, and he takes his spare.

“Put that on. Let’s see if you actually have what it takes!”

“Fine!” Aldo’s cockiness gets the best of him as the two head into the locker room and Aldo quickly puts his on.

Doug takes his time, and shows off his bod to Aldo and pays special attention to his groin area rubbing himself and showing off. He loves how strong he is and as he pulls up the straps he calls out to Aldo “You are gonna be sorry real soon.”

Doug even laces up his wrestling boots, sky blue like his singlet and says. “Hope that fits. I’m a big guy. If you know what I mean. Hahah.”

Aldo puts on the singlet and he feels a slight discomfort with how tight it is as his balls make a print through it.

Doug looks pointedly down at Aldo and his jaw drops a bit. “Not bad, kid. Not bad at all. You fill that out pretty well. Ready?” Doug leads Aldo over to mats and out of the locker room, the door swinging behind them.

“Ready to get your ass kicked?”

“Whatever don’t cry when I kick your ass,” Aldo says as he get into stance opening his legs wide letting his balls droop a little bit lower, and amazed how they swing in his singlet. Maybe he should have worn underwear…

Doug’s eyes follow the progression and he grins.

“This is gonna be easy.”

Doug leaps forward and coming in like he is about to punch Aldo in the face but instead twists at the last moment and clubs him in the stomach, feeling Aldo’s tightened core give as he plows his knuckles deep into his abdomen.

As Aldo bends over he grabs both of his arms and shoves him face first to the mat, and lands on top of him elbowing him with a mean drop to his lower back.

Doug is not on the floor but a moment before he kicks back up to standing and uses his foot to roll Aldo onto his back and places his foot onto his chest.

“Pinned yeah.” The move is foolish, and one that he would never do in a tournament but he decides to make his point known.

Doug grind down at him.


“Grr!” Aldo let’s put a growl and leaps up tackling Doug pinning him trying to make him give up.

Doug is surprised by the effort and as Aldo tries to pin him, he realizes that his leg is in between Aldo’s and he grins as he slams his thigh up into the pouch hanging down defenseless between Aldo’s legs hitting his scrotum hard.


Aldo freezes in complete shock on the pain that hit his baby makers

“Oops…my bad!” Doug laughs as he rolls Aldo over and pins him. “Didn’t mean to hit those tiny balls of yours…accidents happen like that in wrestling all the time. You have to have balls to play this sport.”

He stands up, offering his hand to Aldo.

“Walk it off, best way to handle one of those.”

Aldo gets up, and as he leans over to grab his pouch he quickly sends a slap Doug’s way nailing his left nut on purpose. The little slugger was all by itself hanging extra low trapped against Doug’s thigh and Aldo could not help himself from a little retaliation.

“I ain’t the only one that needs to be careful of their huevos,” Aldo tells him.

“Ooh,” Doug moans laughing. “Not bad…but this might leave a mark!”

Doug grabs him in a bear hug lifting Aldo right off of the mat and squeezing his stomach and lower back. He hears the familiar popping sounds and Doug grins and as he drops Aldo back to the mat. Aldo is gripping his middle, and groaning as Doug sees another opening and he extends one knee so that when Aldo falls he lands right on top of his thigh.

“As you can see the effectiveness of this move, I know what I am doing.” Doug peers into Aldo’s widening dark eyes and pushes him off of his knee, feeling Aldo’s nuts unwilling rolling underneath of his well-muscled thigh, which feels more like a tree trunk after his workout routines.  Slipping off of Doug’s thigh, Aldo falls off landing on the mat.

Aldo’s teeth clench as he’s feeling excruciating pain in his balls and back.

Looking down on the floor Doug picks up each leg and rears back his foot as if he does this every day and kicks out, punting Aldo right between his thighs hard as he can.

“See you don’t got what it takes, Aldo?”

Doug asks dropping his foot down and pressing Aldo’s ball bag to the base of his pelvis and squishing the two balls into tiny flattened mounds.

“You will lose, every time.”

Aldo’s eyes widen as he feels his nuts being flattened into pancakes. Aldo struggles to get free but in the midst of it he tears the singlet revealing his low hanging and reddening balls.

“Oooh no…you broke my singlet!”

Doug seems affronted and kicks him again before he backs away to take a drink from his water bottle. All this kicking Aldo’s ass makes him thirsty.

Aldo lies on the ground clutching his bruised eggs and moaning “Ooou mi huevos… mi huevos! Ah….ah….ah…oh no….mi huevos….oooouuuughhhhhhhh!”

“I’ll give you a minute to recover before I get right back in there to finish you off, Aldo,” Doug informs him, whipping his wet mouth from where water spilled down his chin. Doug’s mean little eyes fix on Aldo groaning on the floor broken and baring his naked balls in his protective hands.

Aldo is thinking of a way to beat Doug up without taking anymore damage to his balls…he can’t take another shot. He still has to try to get up.

 “I’m giving you one minute more Aldo, then I am coming down on the floor to meet you. You don’t want me down there. I can get you good on the floor.” Doug delights at the very prospect.

Doug is jubilant as he circles Aldo, a predator waiting for his prey to stand one last time before he locks him in his jaws. Doug’s grinning and his eyes never leave Aldo’s position below him.

Aldo is still at his feet, prone on the floor and Doug knows that he has this fight in the bag.

“You gonna get up? Or lay there all day?” Doug jokes.

Aldo hears Doug standing above him and without second thought Aldo uses everything he has left to make one last strike. His arm arches up as Aldo sends an uppercut to Doug’s ball bag hitting him as hard as he can.

Doug freezes. The intense blow hits him like a battering ram and his jaws lock shut.

“Oh fuck me…” Doug whimpers his legs locking together as he breathes hard threw his nostrils.


Inside of Doug’s small singlet pouch his balls, pulse with such intensity that Doug tries not to move. Aldo’s aim was true and he thinks that he might just collapse at any moment from the intensity of the paralyzing blow directly aimed at his hairy low hangers.

“Uh…uh….uh…. Oh dang….I ….uuugh!”

“H-how does THAT feel asshole…” Aldo says cupping his balls trying to stand, his nuts hanging bare and uncovered the gym air wafting between his thighs makes him shudder.

Doug’s eyes cross, and he knows that Aldo said something but it seems rather unimportant as he grabs his knees, spreading his thighs wide to give his boys some breathing room.

“Sh…iiiIiiit… nailed…both….ugh!”

Doug tries to shake it off, it was only one blow after all but it feels like a Mack truck hit his scrotum.

Gritting his teeth, he bares his white fangs and bounds foreword ready to put Aldo back onto the mat and comes in hard and fast slamming into his shoulders. Doug goes into a classic wrestling stance as he propels him backwards against the gym wall telling him “Lucky shot, it will be your only one.”

Shaking his head, Doug grabs both of Aldo’s shoulders forcing him to the corner. Doug plans on making Malik remember this corner for a long time.

“You are about to regret going for my balls,” Doug says.

Aldo looks down noticing Doug’s bulge and swings his foot forward slamming into Doug’s nuts.

“Oh…shit!” Doug grumbles his arms weakly grip onto Aldo’s shoulders, as again his tender nuts are the target for another wicked blow.

Doug’s legs begin to tremble and he grits his teeth, “You dick.”

Doug’s nads are feeling weak, and exposed. Sickness quells in his lower belly and he hates that Aldo got the best of him. He tries to keep his feet steady but he drops down onto his knees. Doug looks up as his arms slide down Aldo’s flanks until they land heavy and stolid on either side of him.

He feels queasy in his stomach and Aldo standing there in the corner, smug and laughing grates on him. Doug rains a punch up and sinks it deep into Aldo’s stomach, not quite what Doug intended to hit but it works. Doug’s fist sinks deep into Aldo’s abdomen feeling the abs crunch under his tightly packed fist.

Doug’s breathing hard and he wants to tap out, but he won’t give up. Not to Aldo.

“I’m still in this.” Doug grunts, and he’s not positive if he says this to Malik or to himself.

Aldo feels the sharp pain in his stomach and clenches his teeth

Doug attempts to climb to his feet, but he’s still weak and he plops back down breathing hard. He takes a few deep swallows.

“More of that to come,” Doug growls.

 “Oh yeah?!” Aldo shouts

“Yeah, so fuck you!” Doug spats, he’s more green in the face after the last few blows to his rugged testicles and it takes him another minute before he can stand up but Aldo seems to be waiting on him, maybe he’s feeling sluggish as well.

Doug grabs Aldo by the chin and warns him “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Backing up the two face each other, bot wary as exhaustion hits them but adrenaline and teenage spunk keeps them from cradling their respective groins after all the blows that they have dealt. Going low Doug comes in like a rocket spearheading Aldo in the middle and stealing the wind from his guts as he works over the spot where he had just punched. Doug’s cranium is hard, and as he bounces off he comes in for another hit slamming full force again to Aldo’s middle.

Aldo’s eyes lose focus and he drops to one knee, clutching as his abs unable to take in a full breath as pain shoots through his middle. Doug sees that look, and knows it well this is his moment. He reaches down between Aldo’s thighs and grab Aldo’s bare and unprotected nutsack and gives him a testing squeeze.

The boy shakes his head “Mi—huevos!” Aldo gasps as Doug latches on and drags him to his feet, forcing him to his tippy toes and ready to end the match.

“What do we have here?” the low drawl of a growl behind the boys makes Doug pause, and he hooks one arm around Aldo’s neck pulling him in close against his body. Aldo moans, as Doug’s fingers meanly plunge in and out of his ballbag playing with his testicles like an angry child given two stress balls.

Sam Hell prowls into the gym, his red eyes flashing as he crumples the tryout list and tosses it to the ground at Doug’s feet.

“Who are you?”

Sam Hell smiles, his red eyes blazing as he answers “Your new champion…who is the weakling?”

“Him?” Doug asks giving the nutbag in hand another long squeeze before he twists the brown sack in his hand. “This is Aldo…he thought he could make the team.”

Doug shrugs. “He does not have what it takes.”

“I don’t know” Sam Hell approaches the captive boy, and runs one finger down his sky blue torso. “I see possibilities…but I imagine that he’s had enough, right?”

“N…no!” gasps Aldo. “I…not….a quitter!”

Sam Hell delights in his response and he looks at Doug, clapping him on the back. “Anyone that can take a hold like that…and still want this gets on the team.”

“This is my team, and who the hell are you anyways?”

“Funny that you should ask like that. My name is Sam, Sam Hell. I am going to be taking over as the new captain and Aldo…still with me?”

“Uh….huh!” Aldo gasps as Doug keeps the strangled hold on his balls.

“You’ve made the team.”

Doug blows out some air, and huffs.  Sulkily Doug says “Fine…but you need to get better boy. This ain’t no swimming pool.”

Aldo manages a nod, trying to hold in his pain.

Doug shoves him away, kind of disgusted. Aldo can’t stand on his weakened legs, his groin pulses, and his knees buckle and he sinks to the ground.

Sam Hell pats him on his head “He needs a new singlet, and so do I.”

“I don’t know why you took that sign-up sheet off the wall, Hell. We need to fill four spots.”

Sam Hell tells him “I already did.”

From the door a hulking massive brut walks in. Sam Hell’s right hand man, Jake towers over Aldo and Sam Hell respectively and his large shadow falls on Aldo covering all of him.

Behind him comes in Kim, who Doug could not see.

“But you’re on Bartlet!”

“I was,” Kim informs him. “But I want us to get the drop on Logan and his team. I can help. I know the team inside and out and I want to kick their asses.”

A smile slowly creeps over Doug’s face. “Now this I can work with.”




This story is a prelude to two-part story:

Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 1) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

 Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)


Anonymous said...

Loved this story, Jimmy!
Doug and Aldio are like polar opposites, except that they are both quite self confident. I loved seeing Doug almost getting owned by the newbie...and his mention of Aldo's "tiny balls" was really pushing his luck haha.
Really fun story!

Y1ddo said...

Wonderful story, Jimmy!
I really like Aldo, he's such a fun character in your stories. I love his confidence, and matching him up against Doug made for such an exciting story!