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Men of the House X written by Jimmy


Men of the House X


by Jimmy



As night time approaches Dylan’s friends start coming over, all bros.

“Now listen” Dylans says coming over to Corey, his little brother and staring down at him. “My friends and I are gonna play video games tonight and play some drinking games, make some bets and what not. You’re gonna be fully dressed but I’m not taking that collar off of you. If you do anything to fuck this up I’ll shock you at a ten. I want you to be a good butler to my friends and take care of their needs. You got it?”

Dylan turns the shock collar up to 2 as a threat.

The doorbell rings cutting off Dylan from possibly abusing Corey some more.

“You gonna get or are you gonna make my friends wait?” Dylan asks, laced with the unspeakable threat as the shock collar around Corey’s balls stops sending volts into his tightly packed scrotum. “And make sure to ask if they want a drink. Mom has a ton of beers in the garage refrigerator and she won’t notice they’re gone as long as we replace them later.”

All day Corey has been forced to do manual labor and chores around the house. He’s sore and a little hot and sweaty. Dylan didn’t let him take a shower and he smells a little ripe. When Dylan turns the dial he is already on edge and freezes not that it helps as his body vibrates.

Corey looks at his brother with hatred and grimaces.

He takes a full breath before gritting his teeth and heading towards the door to open it.

Corey dressed in loose fitting black sweats and a t-shirt opens the door, trying to hide his pain; as well as the funny limp in his gate in his walk.

“Hi, come in.”

Aaron, Brad, and Evan enter. They’re all much taller than Corey and muscular. They’re wearing sweats and various jerseys. They seem cordial to Corey, unaware of the situation.

“Hey little man, where’s your big bro?” Evan asks.

“Hey, guys. Come on in.”

Corey can’t even put on a cocky grin with his legs trembling from the pulsing between his thighs. It’s not the worst pain, but it crimps his style and Dylan has been toying with him all day.

Corey waves the guys in, and offers his fist for fist bumping as he looks up at the bigger guys. He compares them to Dylan, but to him Dylan still wins.

Suddenly Corey feels the shock collar jolt to a 4 and then turn off.

Dylan comes down the stairs in gym shorts and a tank top. His dick and balls flopping with every step, as they sway mesmerizingly in the loose fitting material.

“You’re not gonna offer them a drink? This kid basically worships me, he’ll tend to whatever need we have tonight.”

He grins at his brother before punching his arm.

Corey resists reaching to grab his balls but he does take a sharp intake of breath and freezes feeling his balls throb in his scrotum and he shoots Dylan a look.


Corey grunts and heads to his father’s stash.

“Anyone want anything?” Corey’s voice is pitchy and high, and he is unable to keep the tremor from his voice as he wishes to cup his achingly sore genitals.

The clinking of bottles is heard, and Corey starts looking through the options. He does not know of a lot about alcohol.

They all shout in unison, “Beer!”

Corey nods. “Okay then.”

He starts handing the bottles and bringing over four to share.


He puts on a smile now, as he hands out the first round.

They start drinking and playing video games. Evan kicks off his shoes and starts rubbing his foot. “Man I’ve got a stupid cramp in my foot” Evan admits.

“Hey don’t worry about it” Dylan says, “Corey! Come give Evan a foot rub!”


Corey is distracted as he hands out the bottles and looks back rather incredulously at Dylan.

Corey gulps “Did you want…one?”

Corey hates himself a bit more.

“Haha if you’re offering” Evan raises his feet up in his dirty white socks. His size 13 feet floating in the air

Corey maneuvers himself to the couch taking Evans feet and gives Dylan a private look before taking them. “Socks on or off?”

Corey tickles down Evans foot with his lithe fingers trying to ignore Evan stinky feet as he pulls the pair into his lap using his thumbs to really dig into the central soles of Evans big feet.

While he toys with Evans feet, he keeps his eye on Dylan’s pocket. He knows that the key to the dog collar is in there and that’s the only way he is getting this device off of his scrotum. He has tried many ideas during the day, none of them fruitful. He has to get that key. The problem is how.

Corey wants to beat his brother and the only way he stands a chance is if he plays his cards right. Time to get them drunk.

Unsure how to turn the tide, Corey decides to play it safe until he can make his move. As the little brother, he could fade to the background and spring a trap against Dylan and he plans to do just that.

“How are you guys? Ready to party tonight?” Corey asks glancing around the room.

From the satisfied look on Evans face, and the way that he leans back into the cushions Corey can see that he is having an effect on him. Corey’s thumbs dig deep into Evans soles and he vaguely remembers hearing about getting someone off if you rub their foot the right way. Corey wonders if he could put Evan in a…uncomfortable position. He decides to try.

Evan says “Damn this kid knows how to rub a foot. I’m out of beer though, I’ll run to the garage and get us some more.”

Dylan yells not taking his eyes off the screen “Corey, go help Evan carry the beer.”

Corey rolls his eyes, “Come on, Evan.”

Pulling Evans toys playfully he claps him on the knees and stands up.

“Come on, this way.”

He gives Evan a coy smile as he heads to the garage, tilting his head to make sure that he is following.

Evan follows Corey, the bulge in his pants moving back and forth with each changing step

“So where the beer at?”

“Oh this way” Corey says, taking a turn and opening the garage door and ushering Evan inside. Immediately Corey spots the swaying package, the point of the erection he can’t help but grin.

Grabbing a bottle from the fridge he holds it close to the top and waiting until Evan gets closer when he does, he swings the bottle straight up and behind as if to pass it but aims low and only stopping after the business end is buried deep into the crevice between Evans thick thighs.

“Oops…my bad.” Corey says, covering his own junk in mock sympathy that he thinks might be believable but he’s not sure.

“Did I get you?”

Collecting a few more bottles, Corey straightens.

“We should get back to the others. Your good right?”

Evan bends over after the blunt object knocked into his oversized plums. His sweatpants providing no protection.

“Ugh shit man. Give me a second.”

He puts his hand down his pants to feel his balls. He decides to put a beer on his balls to ice them.

“Just give me a minute. Can’t show weakness In front of the bros.” He chuckles a bit.

That makes Corey pause and he says “Yeah…like my brother. He always likes to run the pack.”

‘Could Evan give him a partner in crime…?’ Corey thinks it’s an opportunity he can’t give up on.

“You know…” Corey says taking a breath and patting Evan on the back. “Dylan and I are in a…competition of sorts. It’s a secret one…you can’t tell him though he would hate it if I told you. But if you want to help me…it could be fun.”

Corey gives a devilish wink as he continues to rub his back and stares into the space between Evans sweatpants and his crotch eyeing the prize between the older guy’s beefy thighs.

“I think you bigger than my brother,” Corey says complimenting him and lying. Dylan is by far superior. Unless Evan is a major grower.

Evan switches out beer bottle for a new cold one. The base of his shaft showing. “What kind of competition? Wouldn’t mind showing Dylan who is the boss.”

Corey’s grin continues to widen.

“Well…we have been kinda mean to each other actually. Low blows only. If you helped to soften him up a bit, I would hugely appreciate it. He kind of is cheating and…” Corey hesitates if he should go this far as one hand gently prods at the locked shocker around his scrotum. It’s off for now but he decides to hold that secret close to the chest for now.

“Well he’s bigger than I am.” Corey rolls his eyes, “You know how it goes. Big brothers always pick on their little brothers.”

Evan stands up, his muscular chest now eye level with Corey. “I have a big bro too, I got you.” He pulls Corey in with his fireman’s arm and tussles Corey hair. His impressive bulge digs into Corey’s abs, and even if Evan is a bitter smaller than Dylan is…Corey longs to find out by how much.

Corey’s breathes whooshes out, and he smells Evan. The smell of beer, the must of a man, and a hint of sandalwood fills his nostrils. It’s intoxicating.

“Thanks Evan.”

Feeling a bit braver he confuses a little “He even tied me up last night.” The last part is said quietly. “The stakes are high, and I want to win.”

Corey’s voice is diminutive and still hugging Evan, he grips him tight and finding his eyes making sure that he sees the determination set in his gaze.

Evan looks down at Corey, “Sounds like you’ve got a plan kid. And a bit of a stiffy there haha” Evan laughs out as Corey’s pike is standing as strong as can be and making a tent up against Evans muscular leg.

Corey gulps, not even noticing his own excitement.

“Yeah, I got a bit of a woody. Happens all the time now,” Corey admits his cheeks darkening. “But I don’t think I am the only one.”

Corey pushes himself right up against Evan to feel the outline of his rod.

“But yeah, I got a plan. And if you are in…that would even the scales, Evan.”

Evan pulls down his waistband to reveal his plump and large but also flaccid cock. “Yeah it just looks like that all the time. And don’t worry, puberty may suck but it’ll grow that sucker up.” He winks and lifts his waistband back up. His dangling member blocked his balls from sight, denying the Corey the view of their splendor. “Now what’s this plan of yours kid?”

Momentarily speechless he stares at the hidden treasure and can feel himself drooling a bit, and his mouth hangs agar like a left open forgotten window. Firmly closing his mouth he looks determinedly up at Evan and says “They are all drinking. Let’s see if we can get Dylan and the others to play a little game like…” he pauses to consider and then says.

“I think a little Roshambo would do just fine. My friends and I play it. You kick each other in the nuts, and the first one to fall loses. Let’s see if we can make my brother believe that he is the strongest out of all of you. He can play to be the toughest. He won’t want to be called yellow, or a coward. If we play this right my brother will face off against each one of you. Then I challenge him and beat him in front of his friends. You game?”

Corey’s excited now and he puts a hand on his cock giving it a little squeeze. He shudders, knees trembling. That felt good.

Corey punches him in the shoulder. “Would you do that for me?”

“Wait, that means I’m gonna get hit in the balls too. I’ve got really sensitive balls”

“And you really think your balls can win against Dylan’s in roshambo?”

Evan gives Corey and gentle nut squeeze. The kind you do if you’re not truly trying to hurt. “You think you could take more that than that over and over again?”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

Corey smiles as he feels Evan touching him and heat rises again in his cheeks “I…that feels kinda nice.”

Giving his head a shake he leaves his nuts in Evans hand “I can. Plus you guys are just softening up for me. My balls may be acorns, but someday they will be walnuts. I’ll be bigger than my brother, just wait and see.”

Corey grins, and he feels his cock only growing harder. He’s surprised that Evan didn’t feel the collar maybe he does not have such a good grip. Maybe… Corey sighs again. Evans hold feels good.

“Haha okay sport, then let’s get back in there. You may want to hide that first though.”

Evan walks back to the couch, carrying half the beers.

Corey sighs, and nods to himself now that Evans back is turned and tucks himself carefully away so that his small protuberance is mostly hidden away.

“Deal. Let’s get my big bro.”

Corey skips past him, beers in hand. Time for round two, he thinks.

Entering the living room Corey glances around to see what the boys have been up to since he last saw them.

Dylan stands up and snatches a beer from Corey. The guys have been playing video games and seen glossy eyed. “You guys were gone awhile.”

Evan says “Damn looks like you guys have made it far into the game. You guys been making any bets?”

Corey jumps up and lands next to Dylan shaking the couch, and jostling his controller.


Corey starts handing them out, making sure each one has a new bottle.

“Took us a bit to find the good stuff. But we got it.”

Corey gives Evan a devilish wink and sinks into the cushions trying to spot which pocket Dylan has the hidden key in while he is busy looking for a lump in one of his pockets.

Aaron perks up at the sound of a bet “Yeah we bet whoever lost the last round had to chug a beer!”

He snatches a beer from Corey’s hand.

Aaron says “So drink up Brad.”

Brad laying lazily on the coach, waves him off “Fuck you.”
That does not stop Brad from grabbing the beer and taking a sip before chugging it. He starts to spill beer on his shirt.

Brad laughs “Fuck I’m getting tipsy we’re doing a different bet next time.”

Evan sees his opportunity and jumps at it. “How about loser gets a kick in the balls.”

“I’m not that tipsy!” Brad says with a laugh.

“Oh come on, your balls also aren’t so easy to find!” Evan retorts.

“Fine, but I’m not letting you kick me. The kid can do it,” Brad says pointing at Corey.

“Deal. Pass me a controller.”

Brad loses the next game, he still keeps drinking even though he’s tipsy. “Damn I’m gonna need this.”

Aaron jokes around and says “Don’t go easy on him kid.”

Aaron grabs Brads arms and pulls them over his head. His shirt pulls up revealing his muscular happy trail. He legs kicking around.

Evan goes up and holds brads legs apart

Grinning at the turn of event, Corey stands up next to Dylan.

“A bets a bet!” Corey says happily almost skipping over to him. “Spread ‘em.”

Corey eyes the prize between Brad’s legs and turns to look at Dylan before saying “I think this might hurt…a bit.”

Corey launches his socked foot straight up until he hears the satisfying crunch of his foot connecting. Wiggling his toes against Brad’s taint Corey says “Can’t win them all!”

Corey hopes that Dylan loses next.

Brad grunts at the impact on his decent sized balls he pushes Aaron away so he can slither back to the couch. “That kid should play soccer.”

They play again and Aaron loses.

Aaron quickly stands up and spreads his legs. “Okay I’m ready, do your worst!”

The hulking lumberjack figure looks in front of Corey waiting to take his ball shot.

Corey could get used to this.

Sizing up his neck target Corey sends his foot up, but only to touch the softest parts getting a good feel in.

“I wouldn’t want to miss.”

And he does not intend to.

Corey launches his foot up, his foot sailing up high and the
THUD that reverberates down his leg from the impact tells Corey all he needs to know: he got them both.

“How was that?” Corey asks curiously again making eye contact with his older brother Dylan, and making sure that he sees just what he is capable of.

Aaron flinches and then regains himself. “Wooo balls of steal bros.”

They play again and Aaron loses again

He stands back up, this time taunting Corey. Swinging his bulge back and forth back and forth. “Let’s go little man, I’ve got some bros to bea.t”

Corey admits to himself he is rather impressed.

“Balls of steel? Alright then let’s test that title out.”

The second kick to Aaron’s balls is deadly. His toes nail Aaron’s slightly bloated balls straight into the pubic bone and the audible crunch echoes around the room. Aaron’s proud bulge squishes against his toes and Corey leaves his foot digging into Aaron’s testicles and tilts his head “They don’t feel like metal,” Corey points out.

Corey pulls back quick and manages to scrap his big toe down Aaron’s left ball and giving it a flick a disinterested flick as he disengages.

Aaron feels the firmness of his balls soften as Corey’s toe digs into his ball and wins. Aaron takes a step back before falling down in the fetal position. He rolls around for a bit before getting back up.

All the bros heckle and tease, “Come on balls of steel! Take another one!”

Brad yells over the noise saying “Shut up. Good kick kid. Let’s play another game.”

Evan agrees. “Okay I’m coming for you this time Dylan. I won’t be the last to fall.”

Corey delights at Evans words as he focuses in on the game his toes tingling from the last kick. It was a good one but he wants the main event in front of him and soon.

“You took two of my kicks that was impressive Aaron. Maybe not balls of steel worthy but still impressive.”

They play again and this time Evan loses.

“Okay guys, I’ll chug three beers, just not a kick in the balls.”

“I took two you can take one,” Aaron grumbles.

“I’ll take a beer I’m not sure if I can…” Evan starts to say before Aaron tackles him to the floor pinning him.

“Nn…no stop!” Evan yells.

Evan thrashes his legs on the floor and Aaron pins down his chest. Brad jumps up.

“I’ll get his legs.” Brad says. Brad tries to pin down Evans legs but his muscular legs are thrashing too hard.

“Stop kicking!”

Yelling back Evan says “Stop going for my legs. I’m not kidding you guys just give me a beer!”

In his thrashing Evan foot swings into Brads soft pouch and snaps at his left ball.

“Ohhhh fuck you man! You’re getting it now.”

Brad pulls down Evans sweatpants only to reveal he’s commando. His flaccid cock hangs plump and to the left, revealing his perky balls bigger than golf balls. Brad uses Evans pulled down pants to spread his legs apart.

Evan shouts “You fucker! Let me go!”

Turning back to Corey, Brad says “All yours tiger!”

Corey could not look away “Evan man…I think that I have to kick you. Sorry my guy.”

Corey remembers that Evan was wary of taking a kick. He thinks maybe he can fake it…if he times it right.

Letting out a loud yell, Corey rushes up and punts hit foot in between Evans legs and strikes Evan right on his inner thigh just above his balls but he manages to jostle them enough to maybe fool the others and says boldly after “I got you good! Your balls must be mush!”

When he meets Evans eyes he winks so only he sees it.

Evan tries to pretend that he’s hurt, but he still can’t move. His inability to move means he has to sell it with his vocals.

“Ooooooh man. Ah fuck you’ve got me! Now let me go!”

“See that wasn’t so bad,” Aaron laughs with a shrug.

The guys let Evan up and he winks back at Corey before they resume playing video games again.

This time Dylan loses.

Corey almost screams with joy, but he looks over at his brother and says “Guess it’s your time, Dylan.”

Corey does not trust himself to say more. He still can’t tell what pocket the controller or key to the devise is in but he plans to watch him carefully as he stands up.

“Stand up so I can get you.”

The taunt seems harmless but it’s anything but. He plans on really getting Dylan…bad.

“I guess I’ve got to like everyone else.”

Dylan’s stands up and spreads his legs.

He’s got the controller in his pocket and he plans to turn up the controller to 10 right as Corey lifts up his foot.

Corey tries not to grin but he can’t help himself. A self-satisfied smile slowly spreads over his face. He also spots the pocket with the controller in it and makes a mental note of that as he lifts his foot up slowly bringing it up to Dylan’s ball bag feeling his brother’s nuts.

“There they are…no underwear?” Corey asks gently prodding his brother’s bulge with his bare toes.

“Too bad.”

Corey tears his foot back his foot careening behind him as he lifts his foot and shoots it straight up and out watching as his toes fly up. Corey is ready to finally start to even the scale and his eyes narrow in on the swishing nutsack that he just recently poked.

“Here it comes!” Corey yells hit foot soaring.

And then…

A warning to tingle, bright and horrible pulses in his scrotum and the pain ending torrent pulsing jolt floods his system and Corey lands on the floor. The thud of his body landing flat on his back takes the wind out of him, and with no air in his lungs he focuses on the nerve wracking sensation of his nuts blazing with white flashing pain.

Corey screams, his arms wrapping around his stomach as his balls pulse with electricity.


Corey’s eyes widen and he sucks in air between his teeth not daring to touch his balls, gut instinct reminding him how he shocked his fingers earlier and he just seizes in the floor his body vibrating with sickening pain.

Dylan grins watching his little bro on the floor. “Corey, I think you were gonna get us more beers. Right?”

He can hardly think as Corey kicks his feet, his stomach clenching tight as a ball in knots.

Corey grunts and hollers again “Ughhhhhhhhh….. uh… uh….uh….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!”

He’s unintelligible and can hardly think straight. Corey is unsure if everyone is laughing or staring but he vaguely knows that everyone is at that very least staring at him.

Corey thought that he knew what pain was before absolutely nothing could have prepared him for this. He seethes and seizes on the floor curling into a ball still not daring to touch his electrifying nuggets. The electricity is so loud in his ears that Corey feels like he hears the steady strum of the vibrating current stream pulsing in and out of his small testicles.

“Make-it-stop!” Corey blurts out, each word and syllable morphing together as he yanks his shorts and underwear down and staring at his bright red scrotum. He swears that he can see the pulsing in his sack as he glances up at Dylan, hatred boiling over as he rolls onto his back grabbing hair and trying not to scream again his privates along with the shock collar on full display.

Dylan turns off the shock collar.

Evan scoops up Corey.

“I’ll help him get the beers.”

Evan puts his arm under Corey and helps into the garage

“You okay, we had him? Why are you screaming.”

The guys seem confused and look at each other weirdly as Dylan sips his beer.

Corey’s body is trembling in Evans arms and he tries to pull up his pants but he can’t. He’s so…weak. Breathing hard he tries to compose himself but his grunts, his underwear and shorts around mid thighs as he gently cups his testicles. His nuts pulse with energy and Corey moans.

“My balls…oh god…my….uhhhhhh. My….ooooo ah, ah, ahhh!”

“What’s wrong with you?” You’re shaking. Did your little friend come up again?

Rolling over in Evans arms Corey slowly pulls his hands away so he can see.

“Dyl…an did this,” Corey whimpers allowing Evan to see what his brother has put on him.

“And he just…sent a jolt through me earlier…it hurt… so bad. He stopped me from….uggggh kicking him.”

Closing his bright brown eyes, and he tries to breath steady after exposing himself and the earth shattering pain he just experienced moments before.

“What the hell, can you take it off?”


Corey finally able to tell someone the truth feels relief mixed with the pain.

“Dylan has the key.”

“I…need your help.”

Corey is pulling up his underwear and shorts now tucking goods back into his pouch.

“I need to get this off. It’s the only way I can beat him. Will you help me do it?”

“Where is he keeping the key? You sure we can’t just rip it off?”

Evans starts pulling at the collar over Corey’s clothes tugging his nuts down and stretching his ball sack

Corey let’s out a moan.

“Car…eful…those are a…ttached!”

“He keeps the remote in his left pocket. I’m not sure about the key…it might be one and the same. I’m not sure.”

Corey pulls back his shorts and underwear so that Evan can get a better look.

“See? It’s on pretty tight,” Corey informs him.

Corey himself tries to wiggle it down, but it’s on so tight and barely moves.

Sighing Corey looks up at Evan “See? My brother cheats. We get this off it will be a different ball game.”

Corey plumps up a little and he rolls his eyes, he’s always getting hard these days.

He reached his fingers down cupping his balls. Corey notices that his skin is pulled a little tighter smoothing out the wrinkles and outlining each testicle. His nuts are nowhere the same size as Dylan or even Evan but he’s getting there. Feeling his tested with his gentle, but probing fingers weigh his set and Corey thinks that his have grown.

Corey almost forgets Evan is there. Watching. He bites his bottom lip and wondering if he can cum again. Does his testicles have another creamy batch…he wants to find out. But he gives his head a shake his brown hair falling into his eyes as he glances up and meets Evans gaze.

“See what I mean? No way to have any relief.”

Evan sees Corey’s grapes strapped against an electric collar and gasps. He almost faints at the idea of imagining his sensitive jewels getting shocked.

“What if we dunked your junk in water? You think that maybe that would short circuit this baby?”

“Ummmm….that sounds like it could go very badly.” Corey shudders at the very thought.

He takes a deep breath “But I have to do something…”

Corey spontaneously grabs Evan in a surprise hug, pulling him in close and hurrying his head in Evans armpit.

“Thank you, for trying but for this to come off I need that key.”

Pulling out of Evans arms, Corey looks across to the other side basement and spots a blue unopened bottle of dish soap among his mother’s supplies of extras just in case she runs out and the gears in Corey’s mind starts to spin.

“We could…?”

“Could we…?”

Then a memory hits him of putting a ring onto his thumb that was meant for a ring finger and hit it stuck. It was his mother’s diamond ring and he panicked. He remembers trying everything to get the band off, but the golden loop refused to budge past his knuckle. Finally defeated he walked into his mother’s room and showed her.

She frowned and brought him over to the sink and used dish soap to lubricate his skin and off came the ring. It was instant and painless. The sigh of relief he felt in that moment and…just maybe, it could work here.

Corey rushes over to the shelf pulling off top of the bottle and looking back at Evan. “I have an idea.”

Corey wiggles his eyebrows as the top spins off from between his fingers clicking across the floor as he tips the blue bottle upside down and pours the blue liquid onto his tightly compacted scrotum.

“All I need from you…is to pull.” Corey tries to explain. “Maybe jab a finger into one ball to get it through the other side. Then the other…this could work!”

Corey runs his hand along his tight wound-up nutsack and grins at Evan, thinking of himself as so clever. Then he can get even with his brother Dylan, once and for all.

“Will you help me? You just got to squeeze my balls through. Try the smaller one first,” Corey suggests.

“Sure, we’ve got try.”

Evan starts tugging at the collar. The soapy balls start to wiggle but the collar doesn’t come off.

“I think we’ll have to add a few drops of water to get it soapy”

Cringing a bit Corey says “Not that way…jab at my littler ball! Use your thumb!”

Evan starts digging his thumb into the collar, pressing on Corey’s balls. Seeing the struggle Evan spits on Corey’s balls and rubs them with his thumb until the soap begins to bubble and poof. The collar slings off and Corey’s balls are free.

Corey can’t believe it.

He’s staring at his bare ballsack and nothing is holding his pair hostage anymore.

Moving his grub up, he mouths “Thank you.” It’s barely a whisper he can’t believe that this trick worked.

His nuts are a little sore after being prodded with Evans thumb and he gingerly checks them over saying “I think they are okay…right?”

Corey holds himself out to Evan jutting out his hips for inspection, his ding dong bouncing a bit as he does so. All that stimulation is getting him going…again. Absolutely anything makes him hard these days.

 “Yeah, they look good. Are they always that small?” Evan asks wonderingly before he switches topics. “I’m not sure what we do now though, he’s clearly expecting this.”

“I’m not small!” Corey say rather indignantly.

Corey looks contrite as he tells Evan, “They look even better when you hold them.”

He seems a bit deflated. Thankful, for the save but still unhappy about Evans reflection.

He frowns.

“Anyways” Corey clears his throat. “We should move on to the plan, bust Dylan until he begs for me to stop!”

Evan starts bouncing Corey’s balls in his hand, “They be small but mighty. They can sure take a lot.”

“I guess we try again knowing this time he can’t shock you. Should we go back out there?”

Corey perks up.

“See? They are pretty sturdy.”

Corey smile widens as he watches Evan toying with him.

Corey nods, trying to clear his head.

“Yes, and I can fake it if he tries to zap me again.”

“Okay. How did I do faking the stomp? I was sweating bullets.”

Evan is still bouncing Corey’s balls. Corey’s cock bouncing as well

“Sorry, I got distracted”

“I am…too.”

Corey feels himself hardening as he watches Evan, and he gets more turned on by the minute. Soon his cock, is rigid and straining against his belly. His cockhead is slowly exposing bf itself and Corey breathes harder as Evan fondles him.

“You…you were great.” Corey says truthfully.

He wraps one hand around his waist, and is trying not to reach down and touch himself. He’s so horny and wants to perform for Evan but…he’s not sure if Evan would be interested.

Evan stands up. His height dominating over Corey. “Well let’s get back in there then.”

Corey sighs, not bothering to hide his disappointment.

“Okay, let’s get him.”

‘Dylan is going down,’ Corey thinks.

They head back in and see the guys are setting up beer pong.

Evan says “You guys got bored of video games?”

Aaron shrugs “Yeah, plus we had to get a lot drunker.”

Corey grins.

“That stuff is gross.”

He shakes his head and plops down on the couch by Dylan, eyeing him carefully trying to gauge how drunk he is.

Dylan says “Corey you’re gonna be on refill duty and moving regular cups.”

Putting his hands behind his head he relaxes a bit, into the couch. He sighs, just as he was getting comfy.


He gets up with an exaggerated huff and starts picking up the empties, but as he passes by his brother again he ‘accidently’ swings the business end back and forth and straight between Dylan’s thigh’s clipping him across the top of his package.

“Oops! Sorry about that.”

Corey heads into the kitchen to deposit the trash and recyclables.

Coming back into the room, Corey peeks in seeing how good he got Dylan.

 “You good, bro?”

Corey giggles a bit “My bad.”

Dylan is arched over a bit but trying to hide it. They play a few rounds of beer pong.

Corey walks over to him patting him on the back.

“Your fine, tough family jewels you got. Runs in the family.”

They keep playing and continue to get drunk.

Eventually all the guys get blasted and start to pass out on the couch.

Dylan is drunker than he planned.

Dylan turns to his little brother and says “Okay Corey. We’re gonna pass out. You clean up this mess and then go to bed. No funny business.”

Corey knows that it’s his time now…especially while Dylan is in this kind of condition.

“Sure man.”

Corey ball taps Dylan on the way by to pick up a cup after getting the directions.

The knuckles hit Dylan sweetly bouncing his balls into his thighs with squirming soft crunch.

“Unless you want to help me take out the trash?”

Picking up an empty bottle and a bag he starts scoping up cups and bottles tossing them into bottom of the bag.

“I have to be more careful!” Corey says, trying to act shocked that he ball tagged Dylan again.

“Maybe bro…you should wear a cup or something, hahaha.”

Dylan and the rest of the bros pass out on the couch and floor. Evans body is sprawled out on the floor. His abs showing and his bulge clearly showing.

Corey can’t believe that Dylan just passed out on him after he nailed him. He must be drunk.

Corey searches Dylan’s pockets looking for the devise.

Maybe two can play at the dog collar game.

Corey finds the remote in his pocket

Taking it, he toys with it and heads to the basement to grab the collar, heading back to his brother to apply the devise.

“It’s time for revenge, Dylan.” Corey’s words are nothing but a whisper.

Corey slowly lowers Dylan’s pants, and holding his breath as he spits his brothers thin treasure trail.

He still gets excited on seeing his brothers big cock and balls. Dylan is just so manly.

Corey feels Dylan up a bit before widening the dog shock collar before putting it around Dylan’s nuts and tightening the strap before locking the end. The satisfying click makes him grin.

“Now it’s my turn, bro.”

Corey takes the rope from the garage and starts to bind Dylan’s left wrist to couch peg at the base. This time, Dylan is not going to get freed.

Before tying the other one, he heads over to Evan and puts a hand gently on his bare stomach and giving him a shake.

“Evan…I got him. Come on wake up!”

Corey feels his ribbed abdomen and his fingers glide along the ridges of his abs feeling the gentle snores coming from his brothers sleeping friend.

“Evan? You up?”

Evan tosses and turns.

The bulge in his pants starts to grow.

Corey keeps rubbing a bit and then…he decides to lower his other hand running it along Evans thigh.

“Evan?” Corey asks spotting the bulge as he caresses him.

“Should I….continue?” Corey asks in a whisper. Tracing along Evans belly button he gently fingering the hole.

“Maybe he needs a hand…” Corey says thinking out loud as he gasps Evans plumped up cockhead and giving it a squeeze.

Evans whole cock shakes as it stiffens.

Evans cock strains against his sweatpants and forms angled tent. His dick unable to get fully hard at this angle.

“Oh wow…I think he likes it.”

Corey spots the challenge and easily helps him out by pulling back the sweat pants and hearing the thump as Evans stiffy slaps his belly.

“You bigger than Dylan?” Corey wonders as he peels back the sweats until they are around his knees.

Gazing down Corey takes in all of Evan for the first time.

Corey nods affirmatively, “Ugh too bad, Evan.”

Grabbing Evan by the base he puts Evans cock in his mouth and taking him halfway down his throat on his first go. The pleasure of having him in his mouth makes full and he moans as he constricts his mouth and sucks.

Tasting Evan he does not notice the controller slipping out his pocket or his knee flicking it on as he starts to Bob up and down on Evan taking him all the way down to the base and sucking hard.

The buzzing is in his ears and Corey wonders briefly if it’s his phone as he runs his tongue along his tip.

Evans nine inch cock springs forward and with a gob of pre cum flinging in the air.
With full space the breathe it starts to thicken. A whole inch bigger than Dylan’s cock and just as thick.

Evan starts smiling, feeling the warm tight gift around his soon the be throbbing cock

Corey keeps going moving with diligence as he plunges up and down Evans mighty rod, the trembling cock pulses in his throat and he moans again as he knee knocks the device accidentally up another notch. Dylan’s nuts must be feeling it by now.

Jerking Evan with his other hand he rides Evans hardened tool his hot mouth slurping as he does so.

Corey can’t believe how lucky he is and he starts humping Evans leg as he goes while his other hand reaches up under Evans shirt and finds a nipple and gives it a squeeze.

Dylan’s balls had been getting shocked, but his deep drunken state kept him from waking. Until the shock went up. Suddenly Dylan popped up, his nuts feeling a deep pain from the torment.

He sees his brother sucking off his bros impressively huge dick that he had never seen rock hard before.

He lungs towards the remote on the floor.

Corey feels a shadow fall over him, and glance up as Dylan staggers towards him and he comes off of Evan nervously. The look in his brother’s eyes warns him to be careful and sends up his foot like a rocket to knock Dylan back. The strike hits Dylan squarely in his bread basket knocking him backwards. Before Dylan can recover, Corey kicks him again this time lower…much lower.

Corey’s foot slams into Dylan’s nuts which blasts against his taint as he kicks hard from below.

Smiling. Corey puts his hands on the floor and finds the remote, and puts it in his pocket.

“My turn, Dylan.”

Reaching behind him Corey grabs Evans penis and rubs it a bit saying “I’ll be back to finish you…after I finish Dylan. Get on your knees,” Corey commands flicking the remote from a steady three to a five in his pocket.

Dylan lungs for the remote but with a quick kick he falls back. He can barely catch his stance he’s so drunk. Suddenly he feels his already tender balls get a sharp hit he curls up. His drunk ass can’t handle this.

He suddenly hears and order. He curls in deeper trying to ride out the pain. He resigns, hardly making noise because of how drunk he is and gets on his knees. In his drunk sedated state he’s accepted his fate

Corey marvels at what is taking place, and he knows that it’s now or never. It’s time to get that blow job.

“Suck it, bro!”

Corey takes out his rigid dick, he really is always hard and puts it in front of his brother’s face.

“Make me cum and I will turn this off!”

Corey turns down the throbbing to a gentler one just so Dylan knows who is in charge. He wants this bad. He’s waited all day to get Dylan onto his knees and he plans on making the most out of it.

Dylan starts sucking on his little bros cock. Part of him can’t believe it and the other part knows he’s drunk and can make this virgin cum his brains out.

He started swirling Corey’s cock with hand and uses his lips to suck on the tip. Bringing Corey close to climax.

Corey moans and it feels just so good, he’s been on and off again hard for hours now and finally having his older brother doing the deed. He moans, his cock pulsing in his brothers throat. His brother’s mouth is warm, and so impossibly hot. He starts to hump Dylan’s face grabbing his head as he does so. Instinct rather that knowledge takes over and shit he can already feel his balls curling against the base of his erection.

Dang. He ain’t gonna last long. He hopes maybe for five minutes, but he will be lucky to see three.

“So good bro…suck it…oohhh. Yeah…come on…take me in…yes…please. Keep go…ing….ugh!”

Corey grunts and keeps hammering himself in and out of Dylan’s lip tightening embrace.

Dylan presses his thumb on Corey’s head to drive him crazy. He’s ready to finish off. He pulls Corey’s cock out of his mouth and points it towards Corey’s chest, shooting three quick streams of cum out.

At that moment Dylan grabs both Corey’s balls with one hand and tries to grab the remote of Corey’s hand

Corey’s grunts and spasms, his eyes rolling back and just as he is about to shoot inside of his brothers velvety mouth Dylan pulls off and points his erection upwards and three mostly clear shoots shoot up towards his chest and while his balls churn producing his semen Dylan grabs his bare ballsack clamping his hand tightly around it.

“No!” Corey gasps trying to throw himself back but he only succeeds in moving his arm away from Dylan as he tries to get to his hand.

“Ughh!” Corey grunts again as a fourth shot squirts straight out hitting Dylan in the thigh as his unwieldy cock starts to spurt a few more tiny streams down onto his own leg as Corey grabs Dylan’s free arm with both of his.

“Bro…you got my…nuts!”

Corey is not done fighting, but he tells Dylan in almost a whisper. “That was so good…but my nuts…hurts so much more…now. After I just…had my…cum…my balls!”

Corey fights Dylan’s one arm to his side, not sure how to get the other one away from his groin as Dylan has him by his nutsack that is locked in his fist.

His heart rate races, and he suddenly has a thought…he loves fighting his older brother but Corey plans on coming out on top this time. He’s feeling lighter, and still reeling from cumming and Corey knows that if his brother keeps needling his recently drained balls he’s going down.

‘How did I get into this position?’ Corey pounders but even as he traps one of Dylan’s arms to his side, the other more threatening one still has a nutclaw clearly on his most vulnerable equipment. Corey gulps, succeeding in getting one of Dylan’s arms pinned but not the most important one.



To be concluded...


Anonymous said...

The best story!! Parts with socks- are really sexy!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Glad that you liked it and thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts!