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King of the Ring Part 8 (of 12) written by Jimmy and X


King of the Ring Part 8: Gino VS Leroy

By Jimmy and X (A very special guest)

This story was edited by more good friend, and long time reader X. He shares his thoughts on the blog a lot and I am so thankful that he took the time to make this story better. 


Warning: Includes ballbusting, underaged characters and traces of cum.

Twelve boys have entered the ring.

Six are going to the next round.

Two of finalists stand in the ring now.

Leroy and Gino stand in the dead center of the ring, the match is about to begin and Gino looks as if he is a kid in the toy store where all the toys are free for the next five minutes. Grinning ear-to-ear Gino takes Leroy in, his eyes lingering below the belt on Leroy’s ample package that sticks out in his skintight singlet.

“I hit the lottery,” Gino says, licking his upper lip as a wolf aiming for his prey: especially his opponent testicles. He foretastes the moment in which his fingers will grip that booty and squeeze the shit out of his boyhood, enjoying all the squirms and shouts out of his young match.

Leroy laughs once, “Ha. Maybe you won’t be saying that in a minute after I drop you to the mat...gripping your balls in pain and hoping you were born a girl”.

The boys sitting around the ring in chairs chant, “OOOOooooo,” at the jest and Leroy grins now. A bright white tooth smile makes his whole face glow while his white teeth dazzle against his rich smooth milk chocolate skin.

“I’m going to the next round Gino, I show no mercy. You saw what I did to my boy, I’m going to do worse to you. Hope you got to jack off this morning, you won’t want to touch yourself after I ring out those balls like a wet paper towel.” Leroy sings, doing a crude hand motion with his fist.

Gino’s eyes widen in surprise, and he chuckles. At the first provocation, he was all absorbed by his thoughts about how attractive the boy is, but the second one gets all his attention. Gino’s gonads tremble with contentment, looking forward to both being tortured and to torture themselves. “Can’t wait to see you try, Leroy.”

From the audience, Chase yells out “Stop standing around, let’s see some action!”

The boys nearest him laugh, included Jayden who friendly punches Chase’s upper arm.

Chase plays it off that Jayden has hurt him, giving him sad puppy dog eyes.

Jayden hushes him with a kiss, and those nearest the two groan. The kiss is feather light but Jayden’s lips cling to Chase’s and as they separate Jayden gives him a quick wink, a lustful expression appearing in his dark brown eyes.

Gino turns his full attention back to Leroy, and sees that his enemy was not distracted by Chase and his younger brother’s kiss but used the moment to get in close. Leroy grabs Gino around the middle, trapping his arms by his sides and swinging him round to the ropes. Leroy’s push forces Gino into the ropes and bounces him straight back into Leroy’s outstretched arm. It nails him in a perfect clothesline to the top of Gino’s chest and neck dropping him to the mat below.

Leroy capitalizes on his early move and drops an elbow straight into the center of Gino’s chest, while the older teen is coughing from the earlier blow to his neck. Gino gasps at the elbow hitting him hard in his sternum and he leans up, but Leroy smacks him in the forehead with his other hand palm open saying “Sit your ass back down!”

The crowd eats it up, and starts laughing as Leroy changes Gino’s positions. He grabs Gino’s arms, pulling them over his head, as he plops back down behind Gino. All of this, not before placing both feet on his shoulders and pulling. Gino’s arms stretched tight are yanked by the joints in this unconventional move. Gino bellows in pain as Leroy leans back and yanks on his arms at the joints putting him in a tight unforgiving hold.

“Arrrg!’ Gino hollers, twisting his chest and kicking his legs trying to get free and buck his way out.

Leroy, enjoying Gino’s distress, pulls harder, seeing Gino’s forehead pin pricked with sweat and him struggling to get out of the hold. A slight look of panic is pictured on Gino’s face while he quickly discovers how trapped he is by the move.

“I have to admit your fit body, in this position, make me so horny!” Leroy jokes, his half laughter rumbling through his chest. “And it looks like I left the best to the end!” Leroy whispers, while he leans down to tastes the body of the older boy, his pink tongue long and wet encircling Gino’s left pec. After tickling Gino’s nipple, his hand goes down, feeling all his abdomen muscles, and leaving his hand directly on top of his testicles. Finally, he can test his legendary nuts.

Jayden seems to be paying more attention now, sitting straight back in his chair and listening to Gino’s anguished voice as his brother yells. Chewing on his knuckle, Jayden face becomes creased with worry as he picks at the skin on his knuckle. Chase watches him, and slowly helps pull Jayden’s fist from his mouth away.

“He’s going to be fine,” Chase says, rather sympathetically, wiping away the wet mark on Jayden’s knuckles with his thumb in small circular rhythmic measures. His thumb nail slides along Jayden’s honey colored rough hand.

Jayden says nothing, but he grabs the edge of his seat as his skin around his fist turn white. He is too focused on watching the match to appreciate his boyfriend’s gentile gesture.

Junior next to Jayden says, “I figured that he would have made it through this round, guess not.”

Caleb crosses his arms over his chest and looks right at Junior, “Well some of the winners have been huge surprises. Those will be the first to be out in these finalist rounds.” Caleb says pointedly.

Junior prickles at this, and Jayden tries to ignore the squabbling brothers and focus on his own. Gino seems to be in full panic mode, despite his dick betrays a certain pleasure while Leroy’s hand gropes his goods. Fortunately, the younger isn’t squeezing, but Gino knows he has to free himself or the grip will become more and more painful. He jumps and jives in Leroy’s hold, bouncing around the ring, but still unable to get himself out until he loops one foot around the ropes.

Leroy and Gino notice it at the same time. The former tries to pull the latter away, but Leroy only pulls Gino’s shoulders harder, while Gino loops his other foot, successfully grabbing the bottom rope in the ring around both ankles. Gino seems to be gathering his strength: with an almighty holler and pull, he succeeds in throwing off Leroy to the side. Flopping unceremoniously Leroy sideways, the older unlocks his feet from Leroy’s shoulder. In a sheer power move, that shows his raw upper body strength, still there despite Leroy’s attacks, Gino demonstrates he is not done with this fight yet.

Gino is now able to pull free and hugs his chest sitting up. His sore shoulder blades buzz with intense sharp focused pain that makes his limbs feel numb. Gino’s dead arms cling to his chest, his heart racing faster than a hummingbirds flapping wings, as he takes some deep breathes while trying to center himself to get back in this.

Leroy rolls onto all fours and starts to stand up, giving himself a quick body shake as he does show and gives Gino a mischievous smirk.

Gino does the same, but his shape is a lot worse than his opponent’s one: he’s sweating hard and his face is very red. Gino is still holding himself, clearly still in pain for the previous hold.

“You are going to regret that…” Gino snarls with a low and grave voice, trying to earn back his lost bravado.

“Like that one? I witness all Aldo’s wrestling practices. I guess I have learned a few tricks,” Leroy says in amusement bouncing on the balls of his feet fully ready to continue. “Moreover, I have an unfinished business with those grapefruit between your legs” Leroy adds, licking his white teeth and grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Gino stumbles forward, anger flaring as he reaches out for Leroy to grab him in a bear hug. Leroy ducks underneath his wide outstretched arms, and before Gino can spin back around, Leroy’s foot sails up from behind, and right in between his buttock.

Jayden winces, as he hears the crunch and Gino’s grunt as Leroy’s foot connects with Gino’s plump gonads, mashing them up into his pelvis. Gino’s swinging testicles thwack hard against his tight abdomen as his jaw drops open in a comical ‘O’ shape while he tries to take in the blow.

Gino stumbles forward and catches the top rope. The pain blooms on his face as one of his hand moves south and to grab his protruding ballsack.

Leroy behind him is all smiles again and laughs, “Got you.” Laughter falls musically from Leroy as he asks “How’s that feel, tough guy? Are they both there or they settled in your throat?” in an effort to egg him on.

Gino looks up at the lights above, wincing as his fingers gingerly roll his testes around in his scrotum. Jayden can almost hear him counting ‘One…two…okay, both still there,’ as he watches his older brother fondling himself. While his older brother touches himself, Jayden cannot help but notice that his Gino’s cock gets more and more hard. ‘He really likes getting hit in the balls’ the younger brother thinks, as he smirks and finds himself aroused by the situation. It is always soooooo good to see Gino in testicular pain!

Taking a deep breath, Gino turns back around to face Leroy, one hand still holding his goody bag. Leroy pops him in stomach with a solid punch. The younger’s knuckles plunge deep into Gino’s guts and this makes him earn a rough grunt in surprise from Gino.

The older teen takes a wild swing with his free hand, but Leroy ducks again and comes back up with a knee, grabbing Gino’s shoulder and plowing his kneecap into Gino’s lower abdomen. Gino bounces against the ropes and then hits Leroy’s outstretched kneecap again in the abs, same spot as before. He drops to his knees clutching his stomach while his eyes lose their focus.

Gino groans “Ow,” as he clutches his middle and Leroy puts him in an easy head lock from behind. Luckily, Leroy’s hits spared Gino’s throbbing balls.

“Lights out, Gino!” Leroy says, as he uses his other hand to tighten the hold and restrict Gino’s breathing even further. Gino’s baby brown eyes bug out and he tries to gasp, but he can’t! Gino uses his hands to reach up and grab Leroy’s arms as he struggles to get him off his neck and get some relief and much needed air in his lungs, which are starting to burn.

Since the choke is not enough to break down every drops of Gino’s resistance, Leroy’s left hand slips between the older teen’s thighs. Again, Leroy seems not to be interested in crushing Gino’s testicles: he looks like more concerned in fondling the two orbs. Nobody can blame him! Gino is so well endowed that every passionate guy can appreciate his set of male organs. Leroy fully intends to appreciate contact with this spectacular pair as long as possible.

“Why don’t you give up? It would be a real shame if I have to destroy these magnificent balls…if you refuse to fight more, when the tournament ends, me and my boyfriend could decide to use them in a more ‘exploratory’ kind way”. Leroy whispers near Gino’s hear, while his grip on his goods starts to tighten and the testicles are crushed one against the other.

Jayden whispers, “Come on, Gino. You can beat him.”

Chase chances a look at Jayden. His boyfriend is so focused on the match that he completely misses Junior leaping out of his seat at his brother as the two crash to the floor. Those nearest them stand up in surprise.

“Logan’s cousins are going at it!” Aldo say.

“Sure are!” Shane adds not sure which match to watch.

Junior is on top of Caleb pinning his brother’s arms to the floor, and looking venomous. His blue eyes sizzle as he yells at his older brother “Take it back!”

“Make me!” Caleb counters trying to lift Junior off of his chest, his wordings biting as he snarls at his younger sibling.

Junior gets a pinched look on his face and he rearranges his legs, “Fine then.” Junior states getting into position.

Caleb’s eyes widen in alarm. “Wait!” he protests.

Clearly Junior does not.

Juniors knees click together and drop into Caleb’s wide spread thighs and his brother lets out a squeak as his balls are nailed to the floor. Caleb jerks underneath his younger brother groaning.

“Ugh!” Caleb coughs, his eyes reflecting saucers as his balls are being squished underneath his brothers kneecaps and slip away with a roll retreating.

Junior smirks, ready for a challenge, and rolls his knees around searching, sticking out his pink tongue. As he does so, a look of concentration wrinkles his forehead: his knee bones feel for their targets and he smiles when he stumbles on them again.

“Found ‘em,” Junior says.

Caleb moans, and his hips buck. Caleb tries in vain to evade, but his efforts fail and he gasps louder. Further discomfort is clearly evident as his eyes cross.

“They feel squishy when I pin you like this, and getting ‘smaller.’ Your worst nightmare right, bro?” Junior teases as his full weight shifts to his knees as he sits up. Glaring down at his brother, he keeps Caleb firmly pinned to the floor by his arms, held tight and securely on either side of his head.

“Baa…balllsss…” Caleb gasps. “My baawllls!”

Junior laughs and does a little bounce with his knees. Caleb lets out a wordless scream as his back arches and he stares straight up a look of horror on his young face.

Jayden turns, momentarily distracted by Caleb’s anguished voice from his brother’s plight on hearing the commotion next to him. He sees Caleb in full distress with Junior seemingly doing a very good job of crunching his big brother’s balls. Sighing, Jayden stands up and moves over to Junior and scoops him up around the middle with little effort; much to the irritation from Junior.

“Hey!” Junior says indignantly as he fights to get out of Jayden’s embrace. “I had him good! Did you see?” Junior grumbles.

Caleb gasps and grabs his balls kicking his legs prone on the ground. He squeezes his eyes shut, his face scrunched up in abject in obvious excruciating agony.

Jayden plops him down next to him and tells Junior directly, “Stay here! Don’t move!”

Junior grumbles, and looks back at his brother and smirks. “You got to give it to me, I got him good.”

Jayden shakes his head, “Yeah, I saw.”

“That move, wouldn’t work on my big balls,” Chase says grabbing himself, and feeling his oats. “Too much for your little knees to handle.”

Junior turns to him and says cheekily, “We could find out, lay down on the floor and we can see.”

Chase moves to answer but the match in front of them catches their attention. Gino appears to have passed out.

Slumping in Leroy’s arms, Gino’s head falls back against Leroy’s chest rolling to one side, listless and unmoving. Leroy stares down mystified for a moment and then unceremoniously let’s Gino drop to the mat, his head rolling to the side motionless.

“Did I just…win?”

Leroy looks out at the boys, and raises both hands in victory, placing one foot on Gino’s chest shouting loud and proud “I did it, I beat Gino!”

Everyone appears just as shocked as he is, and it takes another ten seconds before the surrounding boy’s starts cheering with him.

Leroy keeps pumping his fists in the air, shouting “Wooooooooo!” His face radiant his triumph, but Jayden only has eyes for his fallen brother. He sees a flicker of movement on his face as he opens his eyes and slowly turning his head to stare up at Leroy who faces away from him.

“Looks like my only real competition is done,” Chase whispers, leaning into Jayden’s ear. “I get to face you in the end. We both knew that was how this was going to go anyways. I just figured that I would have to beat Gino to get there.”

Jayden turns toward Chase, his brown eyes alight with fire. “We still can, but you are going to have to beat Gino. He’s not done yet.”

Chase looks confused, and wrinkles his brow. “Did we watch different matches, beca…”

A hand shoots up, fingers spread out wide and grabs the bottom of Leroy’s ballsack ending his latest “Wooooo….!” as his jaw drops open in a quiet ‘O’ shape and he stares down.

Gino, not finished, stares up at him squeezing his bollocks in one hand. His big sausage like digits find their ways deep into the centers of Leroy’s scrotum, while his free hand massages his wounded and very red windpipe.

Leroy drops his arms, and steps off of Gino’s chest, trying to pry Gino’s fingers off of his balls as Gino, sweat stained and red in face, starts to climb to his feet. He is using Leroy’s ball cords like a rope to get back on his feet, careless that they have to bear all his weight.

“Noooo, I…beat you!” Leroy gasps, while his voice is choked through his neck. The muscles of his arms tense seeing Gino standing at his full height. The older tower over him as he squishes his nuts in a powerful nutclaw.

Gino rasps, his raw voice croaks “Do… I look beaten?”

Leroy shakes his head, cobwebs starting to form in his brain. He lashes out with a quick instep kick between Gino’s wide spread thighs, trying to weaken the grip on his screaming nuts.

Gino grimaces, and his legs shake, but he still maintains his nutclaw, gritting his teeth and suppressing a groan. “You will have to…do better than that!”

Leroy’s eyes widen, he is losing stamina. His balls ache, and Gino only seems to tighten the hold on his balls the longer he applies the nutclaw. Leroy knows that he has to get freed, or Gino has won.

Leroy rears back and throws another kick, and it swings in the air towards Gino’s big danglers. But Gino’s free hand grabs Leroy’s sailing foot from the air and yanks Leroy off his feet, dropping him to the floor and using his own momentum against him.

A yell rips through him as Leroy falls, the audience and the lights swirl as he crashes hard to the mat below.

“Ughh!” Leroy groans.

“You have a real passion for my balls! You always try to get their attention…it seems you are in love with them! But you had to take the chance manhandling them when you had the possibility! Now the nuts that will suffer are yours!”

Gino still has him by the balls, and uses his other hand to grabs and wrap around Leroy’s neck at the same time. With a grunt of exertion, and setting his feet wide apart, Gino powers Leroy in the air squeezing his balls and his neck simultaneously. Leroy is left hanging, his chest pointed up at the lights, his limbs by his sides as Gino works over his goods with his bare hand crunching and squashing his nuts in hand. The walnut shaped nuggets mush together in one blob of raw pain shooting from Leroy’s most vulnerable area: his scrotum.

“Oh Goooood, my baaaals! They hurt! You are crushing them!” Leroy shouts, his face grimacing as his balls churn painfully.

“I know!” Gino cuts the screams short, twisting his young babymakers merciless.

“Mi Leroy!” Aldo shouts, one hand clutching his chest looking worried.

Jayden is drawn to Aldo for a moment, and sympathizes with his plight. Leroy is in a world of trouble now.

Gino parades Leroy around the ring, his confidence returning as he busts his opponent in the balls, asking “Submit?”

“Ne…never!” Leroy croaks while his nuts beg him to do the opposite. Leroy tightens his fists and tries to swing his feet but he only manages glancing blows to Gino’s arms and shoulders. Briefly, Leroy wonders how much longer he can take this hold as Gino leads him over to a corner in front of his younger brother.

“You sure?” Gino asks one more time, like one last possibility to a sentenced to death.

Leroy says nothing, only grunting and breathing heavy as Gino’s fingers plunge in and out of his balls, making fresh indentations in his nutsack. Gino takes Leroy’s non-answer for a solid ‘No’ and proceeds with his plan.

“Time to end this Leroy,” Gino says as he changes his hands’ positions to squeeze Leroy around the waist, letting Leroy ample fat bloated balls a bit of relief.

Leroy sighs as his balls come back to their full shapes and he reaches for them, but Gino is moving fast now. Suddenly, Leroy understands why moments before he lands. Gino swings him down with a forceful yell, using Leroy’s spread out legs go on either side of the turnbuckle on the ring corner. Gino hammers Leroy crotch first into the corner turnbuckle.

A heavy crunch is heard as Leroy’s nads slam down and are pulverized between his pelvis and the hard padding of the top turnbuckle in one damaging power move.

Leroy freezes, his fingers twitch and his eyes widen. Blinking rapidly, Leroy’s pain sensors move to overload and he balks and shakes. His torso ramrod straight as he stares straight ahead and hollers, clear and loud.

The guys grimace, and Gino looks as if he might sympathize. But then he chuckles as Leroy peeks down at his own nuts that he is sitting on and fully crushing under his own full weight. “My…my nuts,” Leroy gaffs. “Oh god! Please…”. He is not able to say much else since all his neurons are focused on the pain that spreads from his crotch.

Leroy’s face crumples, but he does not submit. For this reason, Gino starts to climb the ropes behind him and grabs his upper back in a superflux, wrapping his arms firmly around Leroy’s stomach and yanks him off the top. Leroy hits the mat first and his back slammed against the hard mat. Gino follows and rolls to his side glancing up at Leroy who blinks. The beaten boy moans upwards as his face transforms in a mask of misery.

“Let Gino make it better,” Gino says, sitting down next to Leroy and running his hands along his torso. Leroy does not fight him: it seems as if the fight has gone out of him. He breathes hard while Gino runs his hands up and down his oblique’s. Then Gino moves to Leroy’s chest and twirls his thumbs over the nipples that gently poke out from the singlet top that his opponent wears. At a certain point, he pinches the nubs delicately between his thumbs and forefingers.

Sighing Leroy moans, this one soft as baby’s breath as his eyes flick to Gino. Gino grins and squeezes the nubs again, to provoke another moan through Leroy’s lips.

Gino runs his fingers down Leroy’s tight torso ending at his hips. Leroy arches his sore back and his hips comes off the mat: Gino spots a small growth occurring below. Leroy is beginning to get a stiffy and does not mind pointing out his discovery.

“We have fought enough, right?” Gino asks as he leans down close to Leroy’s engorging head and blows hot air over the rising stiffness growing in Leroy’s singlet pouch. “Besides, someone else wants to do battle, and I think he is going to win.”

Leroy shifts his head up as Gino’s mouth puckers, his lips covering Leroy’s thickening tip of penis head and sucks him through his singlet.

“Oh,” Leroy gasps and his head falls back to the mat. “Fuck.”

Chuckling, Gino sucks harder as one hand plays with Leroy’s right nipple underneath the tight fabric to grasp the tiny nub and flicks with his thumb. At the same time,his other hand gently grabs and rolls Leroy’s balls in his palm.  "It’s time to give attentions to another set of balls, don’t you agree?” Gino says while he gently squeezes the two little orbs between his fingers.

Aldo reaches down to touch himself, because his erection points straight out and tents the bottom half of his singlet. The material stretches away from him body conspicuously. “If you gotta lose…” Aldo says, and he moans as he rubs himself.

Jayden shifts his leg trying to cover his own growing member. Seeing an old flame like Leroy caressed by his brother does something to Jayden and he longs to be up there doing something with them.

“Want me to hold it,” Chase asks as he slips his hand between Jayden’s thighs for tickling his balls just below Jayden’s stiffing member.

“Chase!” Jayden says, his breath growing shallow, and cheeks reddening as he looks side-to-side if anyone else has noticed.

Chase leans in to kiss him and Jayden does not fight it as his eyes close seeing Gino bobbing now up and down on Leroy’s fully erect penis still trapped inside his singlet. Chase grabs his balls. Not quite able to hold onto both fully, he takes the one closest to him, and Jayden spreads out his thighs to give him better access. He feels him using a second hand to grab his right testicle. The match is almost a memory as Chase moves from his mouth to his neck, kissing just below his ear. He arches his back with a sudden groan wanting and pleading for more.

Putting his hands against Chase’s chest, Jayden gently pushes him back. “Not here,” Jayden says longingly, his voice edged with desire as he licks his lips tasting Chase’s familiar scent. “But, later.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Chase says giving him a wink and pulling his hands back.

That’s when Jayden realizes that a hand is still playing with his right nut. He looks over to see Junior who is smiling at him and shrugs. “He couldn’t seem to hold both, so I thought I would step in.”

Chase laughs and reaches over to high-five Junior, while Jayden rolls his eyes and removes Junior’s hand.

“I’m only letting go for now,” Junior explains. “After all, I am going to be the one that faces you in the end.”

Jayden is about to try and find the right words to answer him when a long groan from the ring brings them all back.

It’s Leroy: his pelvis is darting up and down meeting Gino’s awaiting mouth as Gino’s lips curl around the top of his erection that pulses in Gino’s wet, warm mouth. Gino sucks deeply, and Leroy cries out grabbing Gino’s hair in both hands as he plunges Gino’s head deeper into his groin needing more contact. He wants him to suck him off now.

Coming off Leroy’s rigid tool, Gino gazes down a look of pure desire on his open mouth and Leroy return it as Gino grabs Leroy’s stiff erection. Leroy groans, his eyes never leaving Gino’s. “Enough over the clothes action,” Gino says grabbing both sides of the singlet of the boy below him and pulls at the wet spot. Jayden sees a hole and a small piece of fabric between Gino’s front teeth.

Leroy’s thick straight black cock pops of with a twang. Gino eyes the snake with an insatiable appetite as his big thick tongue takes a tentative lick at the head and then slurps up a small rivulet of pre-cum down the side. Leroy lifts his pelvis up and says, “Finish me already, Gomez.”

Gino smiles, “You got it, Leroy.”

Gino grabs Leroy at the root of his cock, holding the tender testes in a one-handed grip. Leroy winces as Gino chuckles, squeezing his balls hard and bending over Leroy’s trembling erection. He takes him all the way in his jaws until he buries his nose in Leroy’s sparse coarse curly black pubes.

Leroy grabs Gino’s head again and encourages him to “Fucking suck me!”

Jayden and Chase laugh, along with everyone else as Gino starts to bob his head in earnest now, no longer restricted by the singlet. Leroy thrusts his hips in rhythm along with holding Gino’s head steady as he slurps away.

“Wow,” Junior says leaning on the edge of his seat. His eyes bug out of his head as he watches on, a bit of drool forming at the corner of his bottom lip. “So cool.”

“Gino does give good head,” Jayden admits and then his cheeks redden fully recognizing what he just eluded to.

Junior smirks, and not taking his eyes of Gino and says “You know that from personal experience, huh?”

Jayden gulps. “Errr…”

“Just messing with you, lighten up!” Junior says giving him a punch on the upper arm.

Leroy sits straight up from the mat and his eyes go wide. “I’m cumming!” he announces loudly, and everyone cheers. He grits his teeth and starts grunting quickly until he fully lurches up, his whole body trembling and gasps.

Leroy seems unable to draw in breath and one hand hits him in the chest, and Gino pushes him down to the mat to finish the job.

A few tense moments later, Gino pops Leroy’s cock out of his mouth and continues to jack him off looking over his shoulder his wet sweat black hair dripping onto his bare shoulder. “I made the finals.”

Leroy laughs underneath him. “Almost beat you.”

“Yeah, you made a good effort.” Gino concedes.

The two share a look and Gino bends down, his mouth open and presses his lips against Leroy. Leroy’s eyes widen and he takes in his own cum as Gino spits a wad in his mouth.

Leroy takes it in, swallows his own man juice. Gino pulls off of him and he says, “Wanted you to see how good you taste, like it?”

“I’ve had it before, but Aldo’s is better than mine.” Leroy gets a thoughtful expression as he clarifies “He’s tangier.”

Gino stands up “If your proposal to use my balls in a kinky kind of way with your boyfriend…. I’m interested.” He holds out a hand, and Leroy stands up, a little purple, and tries to tuck in his limp noodle. Unfortunately, Gino made a really big hole so the older wrestler spots the problem and says, “Just let it all hang out.”

“Hah! Not in this crowd, I’ll go change into a spare one.” Leroy’s cheeks redden as he grasps his loose dong in embarrassment.

“Suit yourself,” Gino says as the pair exit the ring.

Chase moves to stand up, “My turn, finally.”

Jayden smiles, “You got this.”

Chase starts to head towards the ring and Adam beats him to the punch already climbing inside, a reside look on his face.


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BBfan said...

He's back!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back Jimmy. I was getting scared you would leave us hanging from a cliff. Nice story as usual. I loved the finish.
Want to read more about Junior. I trust he will fare well in the tournament...

Anonymous said...

I really hope Adam wins the next round. I think that would be a genuine “upset”.

Anonymous said...

Adam winning would be an interesting upset. But Chase vs Gino in the semifinal would be better!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

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Dear BBfan,
Yes, I am. Can’t keep me away forever.


Dear Anonymous,

Naw, I would never leave. I needed to take a bit of break. End of a school year of teaching has an effect on me for sure. Stay tuned, next one is back tomorrow. My friend Harry could not wait until Friday so I published this one early.
Dear Anonymous,

No one has ever asked for Adam to win anything! I didn’t think we had any Adam fans in the GinoJayden Universe! Yes, Adam winning would be a huge upset and Chase WOULD not take that well at all. Find out what happens tomorrow.
Dear Anonymous 2,

Chase vs Gino would be an interesting match… let’s see if Chase can pull it off. Being published tomorrow!