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Spring Break diary 5

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

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Two weeks ago Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were having a five day Spring Break holiday at some hotel, and they kept video diary. Today Kev mailed me the last one.

One of the major activities the guys – along with other Spring Break guests – indulge in, is a game that casts a dark cloud over Ben’s ability to father children… In the four videos that I already received, Ben’s nuts were abused in various ways. They were slapped, punched, hit with a heavy object, and – in the last video – kicked twice while their owner was taking delight in having sexual intercourse with a voluptuous blonde acquaintance.

At the end of that video there was a preview foreshadowing that Ben – who has been pretty oblivious to the game, and especially to the large flip chart in his room that lists the player’s scores… - finally finds out what his buddies have been up to for the previous days…
As of the last video, Kev leads in the game with 9 points (2 of which were gained with collateral damage to Ben’s sex life), followed by Colin with 8 points, and the rest of the participants trailing behind.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 5 appears.

Then the screen shows a group of fifteen to twenty guys, all in their early twenties, sitting around in the hotel room. Most of them, including Kev, Ben and Colin, are shirtless (Mental note: Ask Kev if there is a “With shirt – no service” rule at their hotel), displaying their tanned, muscular chests and arms. Apparently they are having a party, some of the guys are holding beer bottles, while others have shot glasses in their hands.

Kev and Colin are in the middle of the group, talking an joking with the other guys, and Ben is standing next to the flip-chart. The camera is apparently placed on a tripod or a table or something.

Ben turns around and clears his throat. The guys stop talking and look at him.

“Erm”, Ben begins slowly. “I have been noticing that you have this flip chart with your names on it… And… well… My name is missing… And… well… I don’t know… Is this a kind of game or something?”

The crowd laughs and cheers.

“Yes, it’s a game”, Kev grins.

“Okay. Okay”, Ben nods. “Okay. And… well… what is this game anyway? And why don’t I get to play it?”

The guys laugh again.

“You see”, Kev chuckles, “it’s a bit difficult…” He gets up and walks toward Ben. “The object of the game…” The room is silent as Kev stands in front of his buddy. “…is this.”

With that he throws a powerful kick at Ben’s crotch, crunching his nuts into his pelvis and making Ben double over in agony.

The guys cheer and Kev walks over to the flip-chart while Ben slowly doubles over, moaning and cupping his balls.

“I just scored another point”, Kev explains as he takes a pen and brings his tally to 10. “I’m the frontrunner…”

Ben coughs. Then he nods. “I think I understand”, he groans to the cheers of his mates. He places his hands on his knees to catch his breath, “The object of the game…”

Colin jumps up and plants a fist into Ben’s crotch, connecting perfectly and bringing Ben to his knees, groaning in pain, and cupping his aching balls again.

The guys roar with laughter.

“…is this”, Colin completes Ben’s sentence and joins Kev at the flip chart where he charts a point in his column.

“Fuck”, Ben moans. „I got it.” He rubs his sore balls. Behind him a blond guy who is looking remarkably like Seann William Scott is sneaking up on him. Ben doesn’t notice. He grimaces in pain and makes another attempt: “ The object of---“

Out of nowhere, the bond guy kicks Ben in the groin from behind. Ben yelps and it looks as if his eyes cross.

The blond guy takes a bow while Ben in clutching his manhood for all his worth. He clenches his eyes shut and yells: “Fuck!”

“That’s what the object is”, the blond jock grins and signals to Kev to mark a point in his column. He is placed third now with 8 points, close behind Kev and Colin.

He looks at Ben, then at the flip chart again. “Do you want me to explain to you again?” he grins and clenches his fist.

“I got it, I got it”, Ben shouts in a shrill voice. “You hit me in the nuts. I got it. That’s why you have been hitting my balls all week! And I thought--- Man, you fuckers! My nuts are so--- Fuck! God, my nuts are killing me… ”

The rest of the guys erupt in cheers and applause at Ben’s masterful logical conclusion.

Kev looks at the flip chart and tells Ben: “According to our notes you have been hit in the nuts exactly 61 times. And that’s not counting the one nutshot today when that blonde chick from yesterday kicked you because she thought you were in on the prank… She’s disqualified.” Kev shakes his head. “God, she is such a dumb bitch… But I guess she’s a good fuck. Is she, Ben?” He looks at Ben and grins. “Oh, sorry, you wouldn’t know, would you? You were interrupted yesterday…”

Again the guys are laughing at Ben’s expense.

“Alright, alright.” Ben smiles weakly and rubs his groin. Then he looks at Kev with a serious expression on his face. “Kev, why don’t I get to play?”

Suddenly the guys are silent.

“What do you mean?” Colin asks.

“Well”, Ben slowly gets up, groans and rubs his groin. “Kev’s the frontrunner, right?. He has 10 point, right? I hit myself in the nuts eleven times I can still win, right?” He grins weakly.

Kev raises his eyebrows and smiles. “I guess so.”

“Okay”, Ben grins. “I’m a winner…”

The guys cheer and laugh but Kev interrupts them. “Wait a minute. You mean---“

Ben grimaces with pain but manages to put on a smile. “I like playing games. And I mean – this game is all about me, right?”

“Well”, Kev mutters, “it’s about your nuts…”

“Anyway. I want to play.”

Kev shrugs. “Okay.”

The rest of the guys stare at Ben as he gathers himself. He breathes in and out slowly with his eyes closed and concentrates. Then he opens his eyes and clenches his fist. He holds it above his head and forcefully smashes his fist into his own groin.

“Oooooo”, some of the guys moan in sympathy as Ben coughs and whispers: “One.” He squeezes his package lightly. Then he holds his fist up again.

“Wait a minute”, Kev interrupts him. “That doesn’t work. We don’t see if you really hit them…”

“I do, believe me”, Ben groans weakly and rubs his crotch.

Kev shakes his head. “Get those suckers out of your pants!”

The guys cheer and Ben sighs.

Reluctantly he drops his pants. He is not wearing any underwear, causing his buddies to cheer and clap louder. His slightly reddened – and apparently a bit bruised – gonads hang low in their sac. All of the guys look at the two nicely swollen, big orbs that hang below Ben’s meaty dick.
Ben sighs. He grabs his sac with his left hand and holds it tight so that the two nuts are pressed against the sac skin. They look shiny and even bigger that way.

Ben looks at Kev. Kev nods and Ben lifts his right fist up again. With a loud smacking sound his knuckles dig into the soft orbs, flattening them against the fingers of his left hand.

“One!” the crowd shouts in unison.

Ben moans and lifts his fist again.

“Two!… Three!… Four!… Five!…”

“Oh, that was a bad one”, Colin chuckles as Ben doubles over after the fifth direct blow to his poor, precious jewels.

But Ben doesn’t give up. He coughs and shakes his head in determination. Then he continues.

“Six!… Seven!… Eight!… Nine!…”

Kev chuckles. “Ben, you sure are determined…”

“I know”, Ben croaks as his eyes begin to water. “Fuck, they hurt…”


“Just one more and you’ll be the winner”, Kev says.


With the last blow to his poor, agonized testicles, Ben sinks to the ground.

The guys cheer and clap and Ben manages a teary-eyed smile while he massages his badly beaten nuts. He is breathing heavily and sweat runs down his body.

The blond Seann-William-Scott-guy and Colin help him up and he stands in the middle of the room, his left hand cupping his naked balls and his right hand up in the air showing the victory sign.

When the cheering dies down, he looks at Colin and whispers with a hoarse voice. “So what do I get for my victory?”

“A kick in the nuts”, Kev shouts from behind him and before Ben can react he unleashes a deadly accurate kick into Ben’s heavily tenderized plums. Bull’s eye. The toes of his sneaker crush his nuts from behind and grind them into his hands, flattening them like pancakes and making Ben retch and gag. He crosses his eyes again and collapses on the floor while the rest of the guys stares at him and Kev as if the were not sure whether to laugh at Ben or be appalled at Kev’s ruthless action.

Ben is lying on the ground, sobbing softly and cupping his hurting balls.

Kev shrugs and grins: “Did you think I’d pass up a chance like this?”

Some guys laugh nervously and cup their own groins as if they thought Kev was in the mood for a killing spree.

Kev gets on one knee and pats Ben’s shoulder. “This way we’re both winners, right?”
Ben moans and the screen fades to black.

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