Friday, April 4, 2008

The twins' birthday bash

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I looked around. Everything was ready for the party. The studio was decorated with balloons and paper streamers (I love to go for the cheesy, tacky look when I organize parties…) and I had bought enough beer, shots and soft drinks for a long night of heavy celebrating, so I was confident that we would not run out of beverages. On the tables and the desk I had placed various bowls with cheese crackers, crisps etc. and in one corner of the studio, next to the kitchen, I had set up a small stage for the entertainment program.

This year I had been asked to organize the birthday party for Michael and Will, two adorable – and quite limber – young athletes who are models for our website. They are identical twin brothers, both of them quite tall, blond with blue eyes and a matching set of impressive genitalia that we had put to good use in some of our videos.

For some reason they hadn’t been in the spotlight at our website for quite some time and I had been very happy that Jimmy, the twins’ older brother and a professional soccer player in England, had asked me to organize the party. I liked Will and Michael, their cheerful comradeship (especially Will’s), their good looks, and not least their ever reliable willingness to put their nuts on the line for the sake of entertainment… Will was more outgoing and open-minded than his brother Michael, but when push came to shove Michael was up for anything, too.

On their birthday it wasn’t their balls that were going to take center stage. They were the birthday boys after all, and I had planned for some nice entertainment for them.

They arrived at 9 p.m. They were wearing almost identical outfits and they looked dazzling. Their blond hair was cut a bit short than usual, and they both had on blue jeans, white shirts – no tie – and jackets. Michael’s jacket was dark blue – matching beautifully with his eyes while Will’s was grey.

“Michael, Will”, I smiled. “Happy birthday!”

The boys smiled and I gave Michael a hug.

When I hugged Will, he whispered into my ear: “Do you know what I want for my birthday?”

Before I had a chance to respond, he jerked up his knee into my crotch. My head was resting on his shoulder and my chin dug into it. He had scored a direct hit. The familiar feeling of hot, throbbing pain rushed through my nuts and my abdomen. I coughed.

“This”, Will chuckled.

He let go of me and I doubled over and grabbed my balls.

Michael grinned. “Let me have a go, too!”

Will looked at his brother. Typically, he was the more sober-minded one of the twins, trying to calm his brother down, and not taking as much delight in busting other people’s balls. Today he seemed to be in bad-boy mode…

He pried my hands away from my groin and grabbed my aching nuts through my jeans. He squeezed hard and let go again, allowing me to cup my throbbing balls once more.

Will smiled at his brother and nodded appreciatorily. “You’re in the mood for a party, right, Mikey?”

Michael grinned. “Yeah…”

I moaned and rubbed my groin. “I can assure you, you will get a lot of this tonight…”

The twins laughed.

“Great”, Will said and rubbed his hands. “That was what I was hoping…”

Two hours later the studio was brimming with chatter and laughter.

In one corner of the room curly black haired skater boy Leo and his blond buddy Tristan were talking to Jimmy, the soccer player. Leo and Tristan were wearing their standard outfits, baggy jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Jimmy, a hunky guy in his late twenties, had brought someone with him. Phil, a handsome young fellow soccer player who was playing on the junior team, was getting another beer.

Danny, a strawberry blond actor, was having a chat with Sammy, another one of Leo’s skater buddies. They both had done a nice little video called “Sammy the ball doctor” for us and Sammy had been quite good at wrecking Danny’s nuts…

The birthday boys were talking to Parker, a good friend of theirs and a fellow athlete. Parker had a kind of indie look on him. He wore skin tight green jeans and a tight top that highlighted his lean chest and his hair was shoulder-length and dyed bright red. He had a handsome face and a killer smile, and he was joking with the twins who were obviously having a good time with all their new friends there.

Kev, Ben and Colin, three cocky frat boys who had just come back from their Spring Break vacation, were standing in a circle with Jesid and Simon. Jesid was a dashingly cute Mexican boy who had spent some time in the adult industry and had a lascivious expression on his face that he didn’t seem to be able to switch off. 

Simon, who had done some porn, too, looked almost virginal in comparison. He was a bit of a geek, with his horn-rimmed glasses, his dark blue trousers, a light blue shirt and a dark blue slipover.

All in all, with our models and their friends, Jimmy and his companion, my cameraman Chad, and a lot of the twins’ friends whose names and phone numbers I had gotten from Jimmy and Parker, we were roughly 40 people and the studio was packed.

Occasionally I heard a roar of laughter and some cheering when Will or Michael had given someone a nice, solid nutshot. Roughly a dozen of the guests had already experienced some ball pain, either from a hard backhand slap, a well placed kick, or a good squeeze. Apparently the twins were enjoying themselves…

I looked at my watch. It was almost eleven. I got Parker, Leo, Phil and Simon and disappeared into the kitchen with them.

A few moments later I walked up to the stage and signalled Chad to turn the music down.

“Hi there”, I smiled. I said a few words of congratulations for the twins and we all sang “Happy Birthday” for them. Will and Michael were standing right in front of the stage, facing the crowd.

“Now”, I said when the applause had died down. “Now we have a few presents for you…”

I nodded at Chad who started playing “Dick in a Box”, a spoof song that Justin Timberlake had recorded for Saturday Night Live some time ago.

The crowd cheered and Will and Michael smiled. The cheering grew louder when the door to the kitchen opened and Parker, Leo, Phil and Simon made their grand entrance.

They were naked from head to toe, but their crotches were covered by colourful gift boxes that were discreetly attached to their genitalia. The boxes were all looking similar: cubes with one foot side length, wrapped in colourful monochrome wrapping paper and with a matching bow.
Parkers gift box was red, while Leo’s was blue, Phil’s was green and Simon’s was orange.
The expressions on the gift boys faces varied from totally embarrassed (Phil), to slightly uncomfortable (Leo) and a bit nervous (Simon), up to shamelessly proud (Parker).

The boys walked up onto the stage and stood next to each other. Parker wiggled his gift box by swivelling his hips, and the crowd went wild.

Jimmy walked up next to me and grinned. He was holding another eight boxes, some smaller, some larger, and he addressed his brothers. “Congratulations!” he smiled. “We have some very special gift for you.” He held out the boxes he was carrying. “This is for you, from us all.” He nodded at the boys who were standing in a line behind him. “And those guys are for you, too… Why don’t you unwrap your gifts?”

The twins laughed and walked up to us.

“Thank you so much!” Michael grinned while Jimmy gave him four of the eight gift boxes.

His brother received the rest of them and he, too, was enthusiastic.

I looked at the four boys on the stage. Then I turned to the twins. “The best way is to match each of the boxes here with one of the boxes over there. And then you can unpack them one at a time.”

Will and Michael looked at me and grinned.

“I think I know what this is boiling down to”, Will grinned.

The twins placed their boxes in front of the naked gift boys. Now each of the four boys had two boxes in front of them. They exchanged nervous glances.

“Come on”, Jimmy shouted at his brothers, “unwrap your gifts!”

The crowd cheered and Michael and Will stood in front of Leo. The skater boy with the cute black curls smiled uneasily and put his hands on his hips. He looked at the blue box that was hiding his family jewels. On the ground in front of him were the two gifts boxes, one large gift for Michael and a small one for Will.

Michael grinned at his brother. “You go first.”

“Okay…” Will stood close to Leo. He looked him in the eyes and grabbed one end of the bow that was on top of the gift box. He tugged and the bow opened.

Leo winced.

“Come on, show us what you got”, someone yelled.

“Yeah”, Will grinned, “show us…”

When the bow had opened completely, the box fell apart and landed on the ground. Leo smiled nervously. 

All the attention had made his rod stand straight up. The large meaty pole was fully hard – and I noticed he had shaved for the occasion. The sac that held his nuts was completely smooth, while the pubic hair above his cock was neatly trimmed.

The crowd clapped and cheered.

I looked at Leo’s friends. Sammy and Tristan laughed. Obviously they took great delight in seeing their buddy naked on stage…

In the meantime Michael had walked over to Simon.

“Hi”, Simon said shyly. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks”, Michael said and hastily unwrapped Simon’s package. His dick was half hard and hanging heavily above his juicy balls. Michael grinned at him. “Thanks!” he repeated.

Will had walked over to the third guy, Phil, the young soccer player.

“I don’t know you”, he said.

“I’m Phil. I’m from England. I know your brother”, Phil mumbled.

“Oh, nice to meet you, Phil”, Will smiled and pulled at the bow that was holding Phil’s box. The package fell apart and Phil blushed.

“No need to feel ashamed”, Will smiled over the cheers of the crowd and grabbed Phil’s limp dick. He tugged at it, and Phil winced. “Nice present, Phil”, he said and got down on his knees. He lifted Phil’s average sized dick and looked at his above average sized pair of balls. He raised his eyebrow and stood up again. “Very appropriate. This is king-sized gift from the UK”, he chuckled, while the colour of Phil’s face approached an unhealthy purple. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome”, Phil mumbled.

Michael stood in front of the last guy, his good friend Parker, who didn’t seem to be the least embarrassed about the situation. In fact, he looked like was enjoying the whole thing. He showed off his considerably muscled body – he was an athlete after all – and grinned at Michael. “Come on, Mikey, open it…”

Michael chuckled. With one swift movement the box was open and flying to the ground.

Parker stood fully naked and smiled proudly as he displayed his large, half-hard cock and big, dangling balls.

The crowd cheered for all of the boys and it was time for the twins to open their real presents.

Jimmy pointed at the first two boxes that were lying in front of Leo. “You get to use those on him…”

Will and Michael grinned.

“This is a fantastic birthday game”, Will grinned and started opening his present.

Michael took the other box and started unwrapping it.

“It’s a pair of new shoes!” Will was joyous. “This is so---“ He took the shoes out of the box. “Thank you so much! They are great!”

Michael got a badminton racket. “How did you know?” he said with a big smile on his face.

“Well”, I smiled at Jimmy. “Anonymous source…”

Michael grinned. “That’s fantastic! Thank you so much!”

“Don’t forget to inaugurate your presents…” I said with a nod to Leo, who was smiling nervously.

“You mean---“ Will laughed. “This is so mean…”

“It’s your birthday”, I shrugged. “We thought we’d make it as much fun as possible…”

Michael shook his head and grinned. He made some movements with the racket, swinging it through the air with whooshing sounds.

Leo gulped.

Will put on his new shoes. “What do you think?” he asked the naked skater boy.

“They look good”, Leo said.

“Yeah, they do, don’t they?” Will looked at his feet and walked back and forth in front of Leo. “They look great!” Then, without changing his pace, he turned to Leo. “Spread your legs.”

“Oh, Will, please”, Leo pleaded.

“It’s my birthday”, Will said, causing Leo to sigh and spread his legs. His large nuts were dangling between his thighs below his rock hard cock.

“Good boy”, Will smiled, took a step back and sent his right foot with the shiny new shoe in between Leo’s legs with thundering force. The skinny skater boy’s nuggets were crunched into his bony crotch and the sound of the impact echoed across the room. The three other naked guys cringed in sympathy.

“Owww”, Leo moaned and doubled over. He grabbed his nuts and let out a cough.

The crowd cheered and Will walked behind Leo.

“These shoes are perfect!” Will exclaimed and got ready to throw another kick at Leo’s sensitive parts.

“Wait”, his brother shouted and positioned himself in front of the black haired skater with his brand new badminton racket in his right hand.

“No”, Leo whispered and cupped his balls with his skinny hands, trying to save them from getting hurt once more.

Michael raised his eyebrows and Leo sighed. He let go of his balls and put his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

Michael smiled and took a swing with the racket. The metal edge of the racket crashed into Leo’s crotch, catching his lift nut and driving it into his body.

Leo shrieked.

“You missed one”, Will observed to the cheers of the crowd. “Go again.”

Michael chuckled and, before Leo had time to cup his balls, brought the racket into his groin again, this time hitting the right ball dead on.

“Ow”, Will said with mock sympathy, before he sent a hard kick at Leo’s balls from behind, catching both balls and Leo’s hard cock dead on.

“Ick”, was the only sound that came from Leo’s lips as his eyes watered. “Ick.” He tentatively grabbed his agonized testicles with his left hand. “Ick.” The index and the middle finger of his left hand carefully touched the soft skin of his ballsack. “Ick.” He seemed to be in shock.

“I can do better than that!” Will grinned and kicked at Leo’s nuts once more. His foot flew into Leo’s agonized manhood and lifted him off the ground.

“That was a good one”, Michael grinned.

Leo was standing one the stage, surrounded by the cheers of his friends and the party guests, dizzy, with wobbly legs, and a pitiful expression on his face.

“Ow”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

The twins chuckled.

Will held out his index finger and nudged Leo’s shoulder. That was all it took to send Leo down to the floor. His legs gave and he collapsed on the ground, cupping his precious family jewels and sobbing softly.

“That was good”, Will grinned. “I didn’t know you were this good at badminton…”

Michael smiled shyly. “Thanks.”

“Go on, open your other presents”, Jimmy said, and the twins turned to their next victim.

Two boxes were lying in front of Simon. The nervous expression on his face had intensified during the torment of Leo’s nuts. The cute geek – he was naked but wearing his glasses – waited with anticipation while the twins opened their presents.

Michael went first. “It’s ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’! All five novels in a special edition!” He held up the heavy leather bound book. “Thank you so much, that’s great! I have heard so much about it but I’ve never read it!”

In the meantime Will had opened his present. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me. “Oh. A pair of… winter gloves…”

“They go with another one of the presents. You should have unpacked that first…” I said.

“Well, what is it?”

“You’ll see. But I think you’ll want to have a bit of fun with Simon over there…”

Simon smiled nervously.

The twins gave me a blank look and held up the book and the gloves.

I shrugged. “Think of something…”

Will smiled and put on the gloves. “They’re comfortable”, he said and stretched his fingers. “And they are warm.” He turned his attention to Simon. “Let’s see.” He grabbed Simon’s sac with his gloved right hand. “That’s a strange feeling”, he chuckled.

Judging from the look on Simon’s face, Will was increasing the pressure. Simon clenched his teeth and breathed heavily. Suddenly he yelped.

“Oops”, Will grinned, “I think one of those suckers slipped away…”

Simon nodded slowly, with a painful expression on his cute face.

“But I got the other one in a nice… tight… grip, right?” Will said, squeezing hard with every word

“Yep.” Simon squeezed his eyes shut.

“Is it the right one or the left one?” Will asked while he was applying more pressure.

Simon began to sweat. “Right”, he said in a high-pitched voice.

“I thought so”, Will grinned and twisted his hand around, bringing another high-pitched yelp from Simon’s mouth.

Will let go of Simon’s balls. Simon sighed with relief and grabbed his balls with his hand..

“This isn’t working with the gloves”, Will said and took them off. “I like them, but I think it’s more efficient if I squeeze those nuts with my bare hands…”

Simon looked at him with a blank expression. That expression changed when Will grabbed his balls again, clenching his hand around the precious orbs and squeezing them inside his palm.
Simon moaned.

“See, I get them both this way!” Will said cheerfully.

“Yep”, Simon blurted out.

“Much more efficient”, Will grinned as he twisted and kneaded poor Simon’s nuts in his hand until Simon couldn’t take it anymore. He screamed and Will let go.

The party guests had followed the action with silent curiosity and erupted in cheers and applause when Simon doubled over and grabbed his agonized testicles.

Michael waited until Simon had caught his breath. He had the big – more than 800 pages – book in his hands and stood next to Simon.

Simon adjusted his glasses and looked at the book. He groaned. “What do you have in mind?” he asked weakly.

Michael opened the book in the middle and shrugged. “I thought you could lend me your nuts as a bookmark…”

The crowd cheered.

Simon’s reaction was less enthusiastic.

Michael held out the open book at crotch level and nodded at Simon.

Simon sighed and let his – considerably swollen – balls dangle over the pages.

With a wide smile Michael slammed the book shut.

The crowd was silent.

Simon was, too. His mouth formed an “O” and his eyes crossed slightly.

His glasses slid from his nose and fell to the ground. They weren’t broken, thank God – but I wasn’t sure whether his balls were… They were flattened inside the book, his cock hanging over it half hard.

“I don’t know”, Michael said thoughtfully while Simon was frozen in pain. “I don’t think your nuts work as bookmarks.”

Simon exhaled hoarsely.

“You see”, Michael continued, “I can’t get the book to close…” He pressed from both sides against the book covers, grinding Simon’s nuts further, and squashing them in between the pages. His eyes crossed a bit more.

“Perhaps”, Michael said slowly, “I should try again…”

A wheezing sound came from Simon’s lips.

Michael opened the book and Simon’s balls popped back into their natural shape. Then, with another dull thud, Michael slammed the book shut once more, trapping Simon’s balls again and causing his eyes to cross ridiculously.

“Okay, that’s better”, Michael chuckled. He looked Simon in the eyes. “You okay?”

“Mmmm”, Simon stared cross-eyed at the blond birthday boy.

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“Mmmm”, Simon repeated.

“Erm, Mikey”, Will tapped his brother’s shoulder.


“Perhaps you should open the book again?”

Michael looked down at his hands that were holding the book with Simon’s flattened nuts inside.

“Oh, of course”, he laughed, and opened the book, allowing Simon’s balls to regain their natural look again. 
“Sorry, Simon.”

Simon coughed. “Thanks”, he aspirated and collapsed on the ground next to Leo.

“Thank you”, Michael grinned and laid the book aside.

“Two down, two to go”, Will smiled, looking at Parker and Phil.

To the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd – and the soft moaning of Simon and Leo – Will and Michael unwrapped the next two gift boxes that were lying in front of Phil.

I hadn’t been too imaginative with Michael’s present: He unwrapped a pair of shoes that was identical to the pair his brother had gotten. But he was very happy about it.

Will unwrapped a bottle of Whiskey. He grinned at Jimmy. “Thanks!”

Jimmy winked.
Will stood in front of Phil, with his back to the young, naked soccer player, and without much of a warning, he swung his arm, bringing the bottle crashing into the British boys gonads, the cold glass crunching them good and proper.

Phil yelped something that sounded like “Yikes” and doubled over.

Will put on a show, standing in front of him and pretending not to have noticed what he just did.

“What was that?” he said theatrically.

Phil moaned behind him.

With a swift motion, he brought the heel of his foot up, crunching his new sneaker into Phil’s groin and hitting the hands and the nuts of the poor 18 year old boy.

Phil yelped again.

Will chuckled and let the bottle swing back again, scoring another hit into the boys testicles.

The crowd cheered with each hit, prompting Will to repeat the heel kick and the bottle swing a few more times until Phil was panting and screaming.

I wondered why Phil wasn’t stepping away from Will to get his nuts out of the line of fire. Then I noticed the look on Jimmy’s face, and I suspected the older soccer player, Phil’s mentor, had made a deal with him. Something along the line of “Let your nuts be smashed by my brothers and I’ll give you some valuable career advice”. It seemed to be a good deal for Phil, since the boy’s balls were getting beaten up with quite some energy by Will, his heel, and the bottle of whiskey.

A few moments later Will decided he was done with Phil. The cute red haired soccer player managed a weak smile, grimaced in pain and rubbed his big, naked balls.

Then Michael stepped up to the plate, his new shoes on his feet.

He smiled at Phil who paled when he saw the look of cheerful determination on the blond twin’s face.

“Time for some ballkicking”, Will commented when he saw Michael grab the soccer payer’s legs and position them a few feet apart. “That’s right up your alley, Phil, isn’t it?”

Phil mumbled something unintelligible and shot Jimmy an accusatory glance.

Jimmy chuckled.

Michael was standing behind the red haired boy and looked at the targets that dangled between his ass cheeks: two nice, round, red balls that were just waiting to get introduced to Michael’s new shoes.

“Go for it, Mikey”, Will shouted, and his older brother Jimmy chimed in: “Go for goal!”

Soon the whole room was clapping rhythmically. Three dozen people, including Parker, who was standing naked next to poor Phil, were yelling “Michael, Michael…”

Michael smiled and Phil’s eyes were filled with fear.

With a running start and a powerful kick that would have made any center forward proud, Michael scored. The instep of his new sneaker connected with Phil’s soft, juicy balls dead-on. A loud slapping sound and a blood-curdling scream indicated Michael’s victory.

“Yessss!” Michael struck a pose and the room went wild.

Phil doubled over and stumbled to his knees, his face as pale as ashes, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He fell down and rolled to his side, joining the ball pain club, as he lay next to Leo and Simon, all three of them nursing their poor, battered nuts.

Will chuckled. “First badminton, now football – I’m impressed, Mikey…”

Michael grinned. Normally he didn’t like Will to call him “Mikey”, but – since Will had referred to him that way all evening – apparently he didn’t mind today.

The only gift boy left standing was Parker. The indie boy with the flaming red hair smiled. His large cock that had hardened considerably in the last minutes and his ample basket was dangling low and heavy below.

There were two gift boxes lying in front of him.

The twins unwrapped their presents simultaneously.

Michael chuckled when he unwrapped a metal nutcracker.

I smiled. “This is just for today”, I said with a side glance to Parker, who was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. “But perhaps you have a use for it at home, too…”

Michael grinned, “Yeah, I’ll crack nuts with that…”

I could sense that Will had a hunch about his present from the beginning, seeing the long, slender gift box. It was a pair of skis.

Will went wild. “Wow! I mean, wow! This is--- Wow!”

He ran around in the room, hugging everyone and thanking us all for the present.

Michael wasn’t as enthusiastic about his nutcracker, but he followed his twin brother’s example and hugged each and ever guest.

It took a few minutes for them to thank everyone personally and I noticed that Parker was standing alone on the stage, looking a bit lonely next to the three boys on the floor, who were still writhing in pain and cupping their tender, hurting testicles.

I didn’t know whether they were faking it. Perhaps they feared that getting up again would earn them another round of ball pain. On the other hand, Will and Michael had been pretty relentless dealing out the pain…

Parker was staring at the three boys, absent-mindedly jerking his hard cock. The tip was glistening with precum and I chuckled when I saw Parker surreptitiously lick the moist index finger of his right hand.

His body was slender but muscular, and I noticed that I had never seen him do his thing as an aerial athlete.

The pair of skis and the small, shiny nutcracker were lying on the ground in front of Parker. He looked at them and grimaced, probably imagining what his buddies were going to do… His cock went limper and he scratched his head. I smiled.

The twins were coming back to the stage now.

“Last round”, I grinned.

Will looked at Michael who had grabbed the nutcracker, and chuckled. “Wow, Michael, you can do a lot of damage with that thing…”

Michael grinned and nodded.

Will grabbed his pair of skis and asked his twin brother: “Would you mind helping me with this before you do his nuts in for good.”

Michael smiled. “Sure.”

Parker watched the two brothers with distrust in his eyes. His cock was half hard now, and his big balls were dangling low.

Michael stood behind Parker and Will stood in front. Will laid the skis on the ground so that Parker was straddling them.

“Fuck”, Parker said in a low voice.

“Yeah”, Will laughed. He grabbed one end of the skis while Michael grabbed the other end.

“Ready?” Will asked.

Michael nodded.


They both yanked the skis up between Parkers legs and didn’t let go until there was a hard resistance, the resistance being – of course – Parker’s large, juicy gonads that were crushed into his pelvis. The skis crashed to the ground.

Parker screamed, grabbing his nuts and doubled over, while the rest of the guys in the room had the time of their lives.

Will looked at Parker and grinned. “I think that’s enough. Your turn, Michael.”

Michael grabbed the silver nutcracker and stood in front of Parker. He waited, smiling, until

Parker had calmed down.

Parker watched him suspiciously.

After a few seconds of silence, Parker cleared his throat. “Erm, Michael, happy birthday”, Parker said nervously.

“Thanks”, Michael replied and applied the instrument to Parker’s meaty balls, putting his smaller right nut into the furrowed gripper. “One at a time, okay? Let’s start with the smaller one…”

Parker raised his eyebrows. “Do I have a choice?”

“No.” Michael grinned and slowly closed the grip on the nutcracker.

Parker held his breath. The room was silent.

The tongs closed around Parkers nut and the metal dug into the soft ballflesh.

Parker started moaning, softly at first, then louder and louder, as Michael slowly but firmly closed the nutcracker on his nut. His poor left ball was squeezed and started to change its shape – from a healthy oval to a pretty unhealthy oval – until the tongs were completely closed and Parker was screaming at the top of his voice.

Michael grinned and twisted the nutcracker that held his buddy’s ball captive.

Parker shrieked and pleaded for Michael to let go.

Michael shrugged and pulled down hard, causing Parker to shriek even louder. Then he let go.

The party guests were having a great time, they were cheering and clapping.

Parker was panting. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou…” he moaned and fondled his torture right testicle with his fingers.

“There’s one nut left to crack”, Michael said with an apologetic tone.

Parker moaned. “Oh, please, Michael.”

Michael shrugged.

“Fuck, Michael, can’t you just stop now”, Parker pleaded.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Michael grinned and positioned Parker’s bigger left nut in the nutcracker.

Parker whined.

“And I haven’t even cracked it, yet”, Michael smiled.

The crowd began shouting “Crack it, crack it…” while Parker looked positively miserable.

Then, with a swift, quick motion, Michael closed his hand, closing the nutcracker in the process, and trapping Parker fleshy left nut with the hard metal.

Parker screamed and screamed, and Michael grinned and let go.

He stepped to the side and watched Parker dance around in pain. “Wow…”

Parker jumped up and down, cupping his nuts with his hands and screaming at the top of his lungs.

“Wow”, Michael repeated.

“I think it worked”, Will smiled.

“I think so, too”, Michael said.

Will took a step forward and shouted Parker’s name. When Parker turned around and faced Will, the blond twin kicked at Parker’s exposed testicles, catching both of the tenderized meatballs and causing Parker to stop screaming, double over and cough.

Then he fell do the ground, lying next to the three other boys, and joining them in their choir of moaning and groaning.

Will and Michael turned to the crowd.

“Thank you so much!” Michael smiled.

“Thank you”, Will chimed in. “That was such a nice idea!”

“And now we’re gonna party!” Michael shouted.

The crowd cheered and I nodded at Chad to turn some music on.

The party lasted until the morning hours. It took more than half an hour before Leo, Simon, Phil and Parker were able to put their clothes back on, but eventually the all had a great time.

Michael and will put their new sneakers to good use, using every opportunity to kick some guest’s nuts. 

They got me twice, both of them…

At around 3 a.m. Simon fell asleep on the couch and Michael thought it was a good idea to have another try at the bookmark thing. Simon didn’t think so when he woke up, drunk, angry, and in a lot of pain.

All in all it was a great party.


Anonymous said...

That was soo HOT. How I would love to be one of the guys getting there balls busted. I would have let him kick me in the balls to cum dripped down my leg.

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the story!

Anonymous said...

one word, OUCH!, but god that was hot

Carter said...

Tried to review yesterday but I had problems with my phone. I hope I'm on the right page, if not I'm about to embarass myself.

Anyway loved the game element. It really left me in suspense wondering what was in each box.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the story!