Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meeting Jimmy again

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It’s the twins’ birthday party on Friday and I have the honor of organizing it. I have been talking to the twins’ friend Parker about last year’s party and he told me about it. Today I’m gonna meet their brother Jimmy, who is a professional soccer player in England. He has been here in January when he and a team mate of his participated in our “Soccer balls” nutkicking competition. He lost but he took it like a man…

Jimmy is a very handsome 29 year old guy. He is blond like his brothers Michael and Will and has beard stubbles on his face. He is at the end of his – very successful – career as a pro soccer player and since January I have noticed several billboards with his face on it, promoting some kind of sexy fragrance.

He came to the studio today and he brought someone with him who I recognized from the training videos that he had sent me before the competition: a young, attractive red-haired junior soccer player called Phil.

Jimmy and Phil were standing in the door frame and grinned at me. Both of them were dressed in jeans, sneakers and t-shirts, and they both looked dashing. I thought that Phil with his red hair and his cute face could be right on his way to succeed Jimmy in the “Sexiest Man Alive (Sports)” category, once Jimmy decided to retire for good.


“Hi there”, I smiled and shook their hands. “I’m Alex”, I said to Phil.

“I’m Phil.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you in the videos”, I nodded. Then I turned to Jimmy: “I thought you’d come alone.”

Jimmy nodded. “That was the plan. But then something came up. An American soccer team wants Phil to play for them. It’s a bit of a secret and I offered Phil to take him with me. He is gonna be at the party tomorrow and on Sunday we’re gonna meet the top dogs of his new team.”

Phil punched Jimmy’s upper arm. “Potential new team. I haven’t decided, yet.”

“Ow”, Jimmy said and rubbed his arm. “I’m your mentor, not your bitch boy…”

“We’re not in England anymore, Jimmy”, Phil grinned and pretended to throw another punch at Jimmy’s arm, stopping right before impact.

Jimmy winced and Phil laughed.

The older guy raised his eyebrows. “Don’t do that!”

Phil laughed again. “Sorry.”

Jimmy looked at him suspiciously.

“I said I’m sorry. No more punches to your arm, I promise”, Phil grinned.

Jimmy’s expression didn’t change.

“Trust me”, Phil said and Jimmy shrugged.

“I don---“

Jimmy was interrupted by a quick, hard backhand slap to his nuts. He yelped and grabbed his groin.

Phil looked and me and laughed.

I grinned. “Nice to have you here!”

Jimmy moaned and rubbed his crotch. “You’re gonna pay for that, Phil.”

“Yeah”, Phil grinned. “Whatever…”

We walked over to the couch and I brought some tea, cookies, a small can of milk and a sugar bowl. Jimmy and Phil sat down on the couch next to each other while I took a chair and sat opposite them with the small table between us.

“Wow”, Phil grinned and pointed to the teapot. “You going English?”

“Trying to be a good host”, I smiled.

Jimmy was busy nursing the aching lumps in his jeans.

Phil poured us all a cup of tea. “Got you good?” he said casually while adding milk to his cup.

“You bet”, Jimmy grinned weakly.

“Thought so…” Phil added two teaspoons of sugar.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jimmy got revenge. Phil was holding the sugar bowl in his left hand and the spoon in his right so his crotch was left open for a vicious counter attack.

Jimmy grinned, clenched his fist and hammered it down into Phil’s lap with a dull thud, causing Phil to drop the spoon and the bowl onto the floor and stare at me with his eyes and his mouth wide open.

“Uchh”, Phil gurgled and his eyes lost focus. His hands were outstretched and I watched the mark that Jimmy’s fist had left on the bulge in Phil’s jeans. The fabric slowly assumed its previous shape again and I hoped that the two big balls inside were doing the same right now.

“Uchh”, Phil gurgled again.

Jimmy chuckled and shook his head. “Don’t mess with the master…”

“Sorry”, Phil coughed and grabbed his crotch with both of his hands.

“Apology accepted”, Jimmy grinned.

I looked at my watch. “I don’t want to rush things but I’m rather busy at the moment and I thought we could talk about the party now…”

“Yes”, Phil said in a toneless voice.

Jimmy nodded.

“Okay”, I said. “I was thinking of a little combined present for Michael and Will.”

I told the two soccer players about my plans. They listened and nodded, although I suspect that Phil’s thoughts were with his family jewels more than with my party plans…

“So we’ll need four guys for this”, I concluded my monologue. “What do you think?”

Jimmy grinned. “Sounds great. I’m sure that Michael and Will will both love it.”

“Good”, I grinned and walked to my desk. I reached into a drawer and took out a couple of photographs.

“These are our models. Who do you think will be best?” I said to Jimmy and Phil and laid the photos out on the table.

Jimmy looked at them for a couple of moments.

Phil was still occupied with the throbbing pain in his young, juicy nuts. “God”, he moaned. “Jimmy, that was so unproportional…”

Jimmy looked up and grinned at him. “Yeah”, he nodded at turned his attention to the photographs again.

“I think they’ll like this one.” He pointed at Leo’s picture.

“Okay”, I nodded. “That’s Number One.”

“And what about… this one?” His finger was pointing at Parker who was standing next Danny on one of the photos.

“Oh, that’s Parker. No, he’s not one of our models”, I said quickly.

Jimmy looked at me. “But he’s gonna be at the party, right?”

“Yeah, he is one of your brother’s friends”, I nodded.

Jimmy shrugged. “Then ask him.”

I thought about that. “Okay. Parker is Number Two.”

“The geek here”, Jimmy pointed to Simon who was wearing his glasses, his shirt and a slipover, but nothing below the waist so his big member and ripe balls were on full display. “He looks like he is up to it…”

“Yeah”, I grinned, “Simon is Number Three. Now we’ll need a Number Four and we’re done.”

Jimmy grinned and turned to Phil.

The 18 year old soccer player was rubbing his crotch with his right hand and stopped rubbing when Jimmy patted his shoulder.

“No”, he shook his head.

Jimmy grinned. “Come on, it’s a birthday present for my brothers. I’ve done so much for you in the last two years. Don’t you think it’s time you did something for me?”

Phil groaned. “Jimmy---“

“Phil, please?”

“Okay.” Phil sighed. “Okay. I’ll do it. But you know what?”


“I get to have a penalty shot for that nut punch you gave me.” Phil squeezed his bulging package.

Jimmy smiled. “Okay, boy. Whenever you---“

“Now!” Phil interrupted him.

Jimmy gulped. “Alright.”

“Stand up”, Phil said walked over to the middle of the studio. Jimmy followed him.

“Spread your legs”, Phil ordered and walked behind Jimmy. The older guy complied and spread his legs so they were shoulder width apart. Phil smiled. “Good.”

Then, with a quick running start, the 18 year old soccer player drove his powerful leg up between Jimmy’s. The tip of his sneaker connected with Jimmy’s bulge and shoved the bulky pendant up against his crotch. Jimmy was lifted up by the force of the kick and wasn’t able to stay on his feet when he came down again. He collapsed on the ground and yowled.

Phil rubbed his hands, smiled, and looked down at his mentor who was writhing on the ground and cupping his aching balls.

Phil sat down on the couch again and poured himself another cup of tea.

I looked at him in amazement. “That was world class soccer”, I said.

Phil grinned and took a sip from his cup. “I know. I’ll be a star center forward…”

Jimmy was panting and rolling back and forth on the ground. “With that kick you’ll be a star center forward”, he moaned.

“I know.” Phil grinned at me and I chuckled.

A few moments later Jimmy – while obviously still being in severe pain – managed to get up and joined us on the couch.

He was cupping his sore balls and smiled weakly. “Anything for my brothers, right?”

“It’s gonna be a great party”, I smiled.


Carter said...

Definitely coming back to me, loving this story. I think I kind of like Jimmy, even if he is a bit of a jerk for trying to cheat.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! Your re-reading of the old stories and commenting on them draws my attention to stuff I had almost forgotten about... Thank you for that!