Friday, April 11, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Chad

Featured in this story: Chad and Sammy (click for pictures)

I looked at my watch.

My cameraman Chad, cute skaterboy Sammy and I were waiting in the practice of a doctor friend of mine. We were about to film the next segment of our little series “Sammy the ball doctor” and everything was set: Chad had brought the gynaecological chair, Sammy had put on his white doctor’s coat, the camera was on the tripod and the light was good. But one thing was missing: our patient.

I had hired one of the actor friends I had met when our model Danny had brought some people to our studio for a workshop. We had talked on the phone a few times and set the date – but he wasn’t here now.

Chad was bored and annoyed and fumbled with the camera.

Sammy on the other hand was busy feeling powerful and hot in his doctor’s costume. He grinned at me and unbuttoned the coat one more time. Underneath he wore a t-shirt and baggy jeans with sneakers at his feet. A stethoscope was hanging around his neck and in the coat pockets Sammy had put a prescription pad and a pencil. When he had unbuttoned his coat he lifted his t-shirt up and put the end of the stethoscope on his smooth, lean chest. He looked at himself in a large mirror that was hanging in the hallway and grinned lasciviously at his reflection.

Chad looked up from the camera. “You have to put the earplugs into your ears, ‘doctor’”, he said grumpily.

Sammy smiled, put the eardrums into his ears, grabbed the other end of the stethoscope and licked it slowly. “Like this?” he aspirated and laughed about his own joke.

Chad looked at me and rolled his eyes.

I looked at my watch. We had waited for almost an hour now and I hadn’t reached George on his cell phone.

“Okay”, I said and Chad and Sammy looked at me. “I think we’re gonna start now.”

Chad and Sammy raised their eyebrows.

“We don’t have a patient…” Chad said slowly as if he was talking to a mentally challenged three year old.

“I know”, I said. “We are going to have to improvise.” I paused. “One of us is going to be the patient.”

Chad laughed. “Yeah, well, you can do it, Alex, but there’s no way you’ll get me to let that little devil manhandle my nuts!”

Sammy grinned.

Chad shook his head. “No way. I saw what you did to Danny, ‘doctor’! No. Way.”

“Listen, Chad, we’ll flip a coin, okay?” I said patiently.

“No way!”

“Come on”, I said impatiently. “Heads or tails?”

Chad folded his arms in front of his chest and shook his head.

I rolled my eyes and frowned at him.

Chad shook his head. I looked at my 30 year old cameraman and smiled. He had a three day stubble and – as always – looked like he felt bit under the weather. Perhaps he had been partying all night, again. He was very attractive and looked very handsome, although – or maybe because – he didn’t seem to care about his looks. He was wearing low-slung blue jeans and a simple brown shirt that matched nicely with his beautiful brown eyes and his scrubby brown hair.

“Listen”, I said, “I have a date later tonight and I wouldn’t want Sammy here to bash my junk right now…”

Chad looked at me.

“We’re gonna flip a coin, okay?” I continued. “If it’s me – okay, then I let Sammy bust my balls and ruin my night…”

Chad rolled his eyes.

I took my wallet out and held up a quarter.

Chad sighed. “Okay”, he said grumpily. “God, I don’t know why I do this… Tails.”

I tossed the coin into the air, caught it with my left hand and covered it.

When I lifted my hand, I smiled. Tails.


“Sorry”, I smiled and patted Chad’s back. “And thanks…”

“Yeah”, Chad mumbled. “You’re welcome.”

I grabbed the four envelopes that I had prepared. They contained four different ‘diagnoses’, one of which was going to be the starting point for our little skit. Chad drew one of the envelopes and opened it.

Sammy buttoned his lab coat and stood next to the gynaecological chair. “Let’s start”, he said cheerfully.

Chad read the ‘diagnosis’ and looked at me with a miserable expression on his face. “You owe me”, he whispered before he walked out the door to make his entrance.

I got behind the camera.

“Okay, go”, I shouted and switched the camera on.

Chad knocked at the door.

“Come in”, Sammy said.

Chad opened the door and stepped into the practice. He was looking nervous – and I didn’t think he was playacting…

“Hi”, Sammy smiled and shook Chad’s hand. “I’m Doctor Sammy. How can I help you?”

Chad gulped. “My girlfriend is allergic to the pill and she doesn’t want to get pregnant”, he muttered in a low voice. “I wondered if you knew of a way to help me…”

“Excuse me?”

Chad rolled his eyes. “My girlfriend is allergic to the pill and she doesn’t want to get pregnant”, he repeated, louder this time.

Sammy grinned. “Oh. I see”, he said cheerfully. “Have you tried condoms?”

Chad raised his eyebrows. He looked at me behind the camera and grinned. “Gee, Doctor, I haven’t thought of that. Thanks! That’s it. We’ll try that!” He shook Sammy’s hand and turned to go.

“Oh, wait”, Sammy said looking at a piece of paper in his hand. “Sorry, it says here that condoms are out of the question because you are allergic to them.”

I grinned.

Chad turned around and looked at Sammy. With a bored tone of voice he asked: “So what do you suggest?”

Sammy pointed at Chad’s crotch and said: “First you take off your jeans and your underwear. Let me have a look at your testicles.”

Chad groaned. He unzipped his fly and dropped his jeans and his white boxer briefs so that they were hanging around his ankles. His large dick was limp and his two ripe nuts were hanging low in their sac.

Sammy bent down in front of him and looked at his crotch. He took a pencil from his coat pocket and lifted Chad’s cock up with his. With the sharp tip of another pencil Sammy pricked at Chad’s juicy left nut.

Chad yelped.

Sammy pricked Chad’s right nut with the pencil tip and Chad yelped again.

Then Sammy put the pencils in his pocket again and grabbed Chad’s low-hanging sac with his right hand, wrapping his fingers around Chad’s ample equipment, and squashing the big orbs between his fingers and his palm.

Chad’s face reddened and he clenched his teeth.

Sammy smiled and added pressure, squeezing my cameraman’s nuts in his right hand and twisting his hand around a bit.

Chad began to pant heavily.

Sammy nodded and pulled down his patient’s sac while continuing to squeeze the insides in his hand.

Chad yelped.

With a last, hard squeeze, Sammy let go of Chad’s nuts and straightened himself.

“Fuck”, Chad moaned and grabbed his agonized marbles.

Sammy wrote something down on his pad – or at least he pretended to do so – and looked at Chad who was nursing his nuts and breathing heavily.

“Chad”, Sammy said. “I think with a few hard kicks we can spare you a vasectomy. I’ll just kick your balls in. That will do the trick.”

“Fuck”, Chad moaned. “You sure?”

Sammy chuckled. “It’s worth a try…”

Chad nodded, and I zoomed in on his hands cupping his poor manhood and occasionally lightly squeezing his nuts one at a time.

He wasn’t a good actor but I admired that he stayed in character…

“Let me have another look”, Sammy said.

“Sure, Doctor”, Chad replied weakly and let go of his balls.

This time Sammy used both of his hands, each grabbing one of Chad’s large balls.

“We have to tenderize them a bit”, Sammy smiled and looked into Chad’s eyes.

“Do we?” Chad croaked as his nuts were squashed in the redhead’s hands. His eyes watered and he began to sweat.

I focused on Sammy’s hands that were doing a good job compressing those two balls. His fingernails dug into the soft flesh, creating white pressure marks on the otherwise pretty reddened sac and leaving a mark once Sammy let go.

Chad coughed and closed his eyes. His hands comforted his poor balls – and Sammy wasn’t finished yet.

“You know”, he said and looked at his patient. “It’s be best if you spread those legs and hold your penis up so I don’t damage it.”

“Thanks”, Chad said weakly and took off his shoes and the jeans and underwear that was still hanging at his ankles. Now he was naked from the waist down.

“Good”, Sammy smiled and ordered Chad to stand in the middle of the room with his legs spread.

Chad groaned and complied, his large fruitbasket dangling between his legs.

In rapid succession, Sammy kicked Chad’s nuts three times with his sneaker-clad right foot. The aim wasn’t perfect but the hard instep of the shoe managed to flatten both of Chad’s balls twice. The third kick just grazed the left nut but got the right one good, crushing it into Chad’s pelvis and causing Chad to shriek and scream and collapse on the ground.

Sammy was satisfied. He looked down at Chad who was writhing on the ground and nudged the hands that were cradling his damaged balls.

“Put your hands away, Chad, please”, Sammy smiled. “I’m not finished yet.”

Chad groaned and continued nursing his nuts with both of his hands.

“Chad?” Sammy said impatiently. “Please?”

“Fuck!” Chad turned around and was lying his back now, his legs spread slightly. He reluctantly stretched out his arms so that his hands were resting on the floor next to his hips.

Sammy smiled and nodded. “Attaboy…”

Chad groaned. His naked balls inside his reddened sac were hanging low and touching the floor.

Doctor Sammy nudged the inside of Chad’s knees so that his patient spread them further, allowing Sammy to step in between his legs. With a benevolent smile Sammy lifted his right foot so that it was hovering above Chad’s ample babymakers.

Chad groaned when he figured out what Sammy was up to.

Sammy nodded and slowly lowered his sneaker-clad foot until it was touching Chad’s tender nuts. With the hard linoleum floor below and the sole of Sammy’s shoe above they had no chance of escaping, and Chad knew it. He groaned again.

He tried to argue – and I admired his ability to stay in character… “Doctor, please, I---“

Sammy interrupted him. “Chad”, he smiled and shook his head. “We have to do this properly. You don’t want your girlfriend to get pregnant, do you?”

Chad sighed.

Sammy nodded and shifted his weight so that – slowly but inescapably – Chad’s nuts were crushed between the floor and Sammy’s shoe.

I zoomed in on the action and got a close up of Chad’s poor, meaty balls that were squashed and mashed as Sammy ground down with his foot, while Chad was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Sammy had a determined look on his face as he leaned in on his foot, crunching both of Chad’s nuts against the ground.

I panned to Chad’s face. He was bright red, sweating, and panting heavily, his teeth clenched and his eyes wide open, as Sammy stomped his balls mercilessly.

After a few minutes Sammy twisted his foot as if he was grinding a cigarette, bringing a last, loud scream from Chad’s mouth, and lifted his foot up again.

Chad curled up in a ball, grabbed his balls and moaned miserably.

Sammy smiled and took out his prescription pad. He wrote something down and told Chad: “I think this will work as a nice and easy way of short-term contraception. If we do this every week, you won’t be having any kids anytime soon…”

Chad whimpered.

Sammy chuckled. “So I’ll be expecting you on Monday for the next therapy session.” He held the prescription paper out with his hand so that it was right above Chad who was still moaning and writhing in agony. Sammy let go of the sheet and it glided down until it landed on top of Chad’s naked hip.

Sammy smiled and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I zoomed in on the sobbing mess on the floor and faded out.

“Cut”, I shouted.

Sammy walked in again and knelt down next to Chad. “You were great!” he said cheerfully. “This was so much fun!”

Chad groaned.

Sammy patted his shoulder and chuckled. “We’re a great team!”

“Yeah, perhaps you should see Doctor Sammy more often”, I suggested innocently.

“In your dreams”, Chad groaned.

I grinned. “We’ll see...”


Anonymous said...

That Breif mention of George got me thinking, he should reappear.

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! Maybe he will...

Carter said...

I kind of wonder what a stethoscope on someone's nuts would sound like.
Also, ever heard of a testicular ultrasound? Those are kind of hot. Too bad the ultrasound machines are probably hard to get a hold of.

Alex said...

Testicular ultrasound sounds pretty interesting... Maybe I'm be able to use it in a story. I'll think about it...