Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Auditions – round 1: Ian vs. Stan

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Placing the ad

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Xander (click for pictures)

Today was the fourth fight in our search for a new model.

Ian, the 24 year old surfer with the curly, sun bleached hair, was wearing cargo shorts and a colorful shirt. He scratched his crotch and grinned. “Who am I gonna fight against?”

I smiled. “His name is Stan.”

Ian nodded. “Stan.”

“You don’t know him”, I said. “He was in the second meeting.”

Ian nodded again, grinning. “Cool.” He looked around the studio and sat down on the couch.

The door opened.

A young, blond guy was standing in the door, wearing sunglasses. He was wearing white shoes, white trousers, a white jacket and a blue shirt.

“Stan?” Ian grinned and stood.

The blond guy smirked at him. “No.”

He walked towards me and said, “Mind if I watch?” Before I had the chance to answer, he walked to the couch and sat down.

Ian stood next to him, staring at him.

“Ian, meet Xander”, I sighed.

Ian smiled. “Hi.”

Xander nodded at him.

“Where’s your entourage?” I said.

Xander chuckled. “Shorty is parking the car. He’ll be here any minute.”

At that moment, Shorty appeared in the door. The last time I had seen him, he had punched my balls after he had been face-fucked by Xander. He had platinum blond hair and a cute face. His body was skinny, and he was wearing blue short shorts and a white top with bare midriff. His skin was pale and he ran his hand over his naked belly.

“Hi, Shorty”, I said.

Xander had told me why Shorty had gotten his nickname. It had something to do with the fact that Shorty seemed challenged in the manhood department. I didn’t know his real name. Xander hadn’t told me. And even Shorty’s sister called him by that name.

Shorty frowned at me and walked over to Xander, sitting down on his lap.

Xander grinned and ran his hand over Shorty’s flat belly.

Shorty giggled and purred.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at Ian.

Ian grinned.

Shorty moved his head to kiss Xander, but Xander interrupted him by grabbing his package and squeezing hard.

Shorty yelped.

“What have I told you?” Xander grinned, twisting Shorty’s nuts.

Shorty moaned and nodded.

“Alright”, Xander said and let of Shorty’s balls.

Shorty whimpered and grabbed his crotch.

Xander chuckled.

Suddenly, someone cleared his throat. I turned around and saw Stan. I hadn’t noticed him coming in.

Stan had a very average look about him. He was 27 years old, with brown hair. He was neither tall nor short, neither very attractive nor the opposite. There was nothing remarkable about him.

“Stan”, I said.

Ian walked over and smiled. He held out his hand. It seemed huge in comparison with Stan’s. “I’m Ian. We’re gonna fight against each other.”

Stan nodded. “I’m Stan. Nice to meet you.”

Ian grinned.

Stan turned to me and pointed at Xander and Shorty. “Why are they here?”

I shrugged. “They want to watch.”

Stan raised his eyebrows.

“There’s nothing on TV today”, Xander grinned and pinched Shorty’s cheek.

Shorty grimaced.

Xander chuckled and punched him again. “When are you gonna start?”

Ian and Stan looked at each other.

“We can start right now”, Ian said.

“Perfect”, Xander said and pushed Shorty off his lap. “You know what? The winner is gonna get a blowjob from Shorty here. Just to make things a bit more interesting.” He slapped his hand on Shorty’s ass.

Shorty stared at Xander, but he didn’t protest.

Ian licked his lips. “Alright.”

A couple of minutes later, Ian and Stan were naked, circling each other.

On the couch, Xander had pulled his massive cock out of his pants and slapped it onto Shorty’s lips. Shorty moaned. Then he started sucking on Xander’s fat cock, making purring noises, while Xander had his hand on the back of Shorty’s head, pushing him down until his cock was buried all the way inside Shorty’s mouth. Xander moaned in pleasure and looked at Ian and Stan.

Ian’s body was tanned all over, except for his ass and his crotch which were milky white. He had a thick, long cock that was rock hard, and a nice pair of low-hanging balls. His feet as well as his hands were massive.

Stan’s dick wasn’t as big as Ian’s, but he sported an erection as well. His balls were smaller, two, but they still were above average size.

Ian smiled at him and ran his hand over his muscular abs.

Then, suddenly, without warning, he kicked Stan’s naked nuts hard. His big foot slammed into Stan’s naked balls and crunched them into his pelvis.

Stan’s eyes bulged and he let out a miserable moan. Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the floor.

Ian stared at him.

Xander started laughing. “That’s it?”

Shorty’s head was bobbing up and down on his dick. He tried to lift his head to see what was going on.

“Don’t stop”, Xander said sharply and pushed him back down on his cock so that Shorty’s nose was buried in Xander’s pubic hair.

Shorty moaned and continued sucking Xander’s cock.

Xander grinned and patted his head. The he turned to me. “I was counting on an entertaining evening”, he said harshly.

I shrugged and looked at Stan who was writhing on the floor, whimpering in pain and nursing his nuts.

“One kick?!” Xander said and shook his head.

Ian had his eyes on Shorty and stroked his cock, watching the blond boy suck Xander’s dick with slurping noises.

“I guess that’s it for today”, I said.

“Wait”, Xander said and looked at Ian. “Why don’t you go on?”

Ian looked at him. “But Stan’s on the ground.” He turned to the fallen boy. “Do you want to go on, Stan?”

Stan whimpered. “I give up”, he said, barely audible.

Ian turned to Xander again. “See?”

Xander snorted and shook his head. He pushed Shorty’s head all the way down on his cock, making the blond boy gag and lift his hands in protest.

Xander ignored him and looked at Ian. His gaze shifted down to Ian’s massive feet. Xander grinned. “What about this: You treat that little loser to a couple of nice, hard stomps to his pathetic nuts – and I’ll let you have your way with Shorty.”

Ian raised his eyebrows. “But I already get the blowjob. That’s what you said.”

Xander grinned. He leaned forward and ran his hand over Shorty’s ass. His middle finger snuck into the leg opening of the shorts and Shorty whimpered when he inserted it into his hole.

“I think he wants you to fuck him”, Xander grinned.

Ian’s dick twitched. He scratched his head and ran his hand through his curly blond hair. He looked at Stan, then at Xander again. Then he shrugged. “Alright.”

Stan was too busy coping with the pain that was radiating from his balls to notice that he was in for some more pain.

“What do you want me to do?” Ian said.

“Gas-pedal him”, Xander said.

Ian hesitated for a second.

Xander grinned and moved his finger inside Shorty’s hole, making the poor boy give another muffled whimper.

Ian’s cock twitched again.

“Okay”, he said quickly and sat down on the ground, grabbing Stan’s ankles and spreading his legs apart.

Stan protested, but apparently all the strength had lost his body.

Ian planted his large foot between Stan’s thighs and applied pressure.

Stan screamed in pain as his nuts were crunched into his pelvis. He grabbed Ian’s toes and tried to pull his foot away from his crotch, but Ian pulled on his ankles, grinding his heel into Stan’s precious nuts and making Stan’s voice rise an octave.

Xander chuckled. “Yeah”, he moaned and grabbed Shorty’s ears. He moved Shorty’s head up and down, slamming his cock into his mouth again and again, using him like a blow-up doll.

In the meantime, Ian was torturing Stan’s nuts under the sole of his massive foot.

Despite the pain that Stan was in, his cock was rock hard, its head glistening with pre-cum. His eyes were filled with tears and his body was wet with sweat.

“Yeah”, Xander moaned again. “Stomp the cum out of his nuts.”

Ian moved his foot, stomping Stan’s nuts like he was grinding out a cigarette.

Stan let out a blood-curdling scream.

Then his cock shot a massive load of sticky semen up into the air. It landed on his abs and his chest, on Ian’s shin and his foot, coating his toes with the creamy spunk.

“Yeah”, Xander moaned, fucking Shorty’s face faster and faster.

When Stan’s orgasm had subsided, Xander grinned and pulled Shorty’s head off of his cock.

Shorty’s mouth was open, spit was drooling from his lip and he looked at Xander with a longing expression on his face.

Xander pushed him to the ground. “Go over there”, he ordered.

Shorty crawled over to Ian.

“Lick his feet clean”, Xander said, grinning.

He was standing right behind Shorty, stroking his glistening cock.

Shorty complied, giving Ian a generous footbath with his tongue, licking his toes and the sole of his foot, and gulping down Stan’s spunk eagerly.

Stan was lying on the ground, curled up in a ball, exhausted, spent, and sobbing.

Xander bent down and grabbed Shorty’s shorts. He pulled them down, revealing the skinny boy’s pale bubble butt.

Ian glanced at it and grinned.

“For your pleasure”, Xander grinned and slapped Shorty’s naked ass.

Ian nodded and got behind Shorty who was on all fours.

He slapped his massive erection on Shorty’s hole, making the skinny boy moan in anticipation.

“Do you mind if I fuck his face while you fuck his ass?” Xander asked, walking around the two.
Ian quickly shook his head, breathing heavily and looking down on his cock.

“Great”, Xander grinned and shoved his cock all the way into Shorty’s mouth at the same time as Ian pushed his fat cock into Shorty’s asshole.

Xander, Shorty and Ian moaned in unison while Stan was whimpering in pain, writhing on the ground a couple of feet away.

Ian grabbed Shorty’s bony hips and started fucking the skinny boy at a steady pace, while Xander met Ian’s thrusts with slamming his cock into Shorty’s mouth.

Shorty was giving muffled moans while he was being stuffed at both ends.

Two or three minutes passed, while Ian and Xander mercilessly pushed their cocks in and out of Shorty’s mouth and ass.

Then, suddenly, Ian moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Wait!” Xander shouted.

Ian stared at him, his tanned body glistening with sweat.

“Let’s change sides”, Xander grinned.

Ian’s eyes widened, and he smiled.

They pulled their cocks out of Shorty’s body.

The skinny blond gasped for air.

Xander pushed his body around so that his mouth was facing Ian’s glistening cock and his gaping hole was right in front of Xander’s meaty dick.

Xander grinned. “I’ll count to ten.”

Shorty blinked.

“One… Two… Three…”

Both guys slammed their cocks into Shorty and began fucking him in their new positions.

Ian’s cock was disappearing in Shorty’s mouth while Xander’s fat dick slammed into his hole.

Xander watched Ian’s face, grinning as the curly skater was grimacing in pleasure.

It didn’t take long for Ian to repeat his warning. “I’m cumming”, he whispered.

Xander chuckled and quickly pulled his cock out of Shorty’s hole while Ian did the same on the other side.

Ian grabbed Shorty’s hair and aimed his canon at his open mouth, stroking it faster and faster.

Xander stood and took a step back, eyeing Shorty’s naked ass, his gaping hole, and his pendulous sac that was swinging wildly between his legs.

Shorty’s cock might be quite small, his balls were a different matter. They were two heavy plums, hanging low in their shaven sac.

Xander stroked his cock and watched Ian.

Announcing the climax with a loud grunt, Ian fired jets and jets of thick, white cream into Shorty’s mouth and onto his tongue.

Xander chose exactly this moment to kick Shorty’s nuts in from behind, slamming his white leather shoe into Shorty’s hapless balls and crunching them with a resounding smack.

Shorty screamed in pain while his mouth filled with Ian’s spunk. He gurgled and tried to cover his crotch with his hands.

But Xander was too quick for him. He slammed his foot into Shorty’s nuts once more, making the skinny boy’s eyes lose focus.

Ian was busy filling Shorty’s mouth with his jizz. He didn’t care about Shorty’s screams.

Xander chuckled and stroked his cock.

“Yeah”, he moaned when a shower of sticky spunk came down onto Shorty’s body, coating his back and his naked ass with his juice.

Finally, Ian and Xander were done.

Ian let go of Shorty’s hair and the boy curled up next to Stan, whimpering in pain. His face ans his ass were covered in cum, and his eyes were red.

“Wow”, Ian grinned, stroking his softening dick. He turned to Xander.

“Great hole, huh?” Xander smiled, jerking his own dick.

“We could do this more often”, Ian grinned.

Xander raised his eyebrows and smirked at him. “I don’t think so”, he said casually and planted a vicious knee into Ian’s naked, spent balls.

Ian blinked. Then the pain hit him and he groaned and doubled over.

Xander chuckled.

“Shorty!” he shouted, closing his zipper after he had stuffed his dick back in.

The blond boy lifted his head.

“We’re leaving”, Xander said and headed for the door. “See you”, he said to me, winking.

Quickly, Shorty pulled up his shorts. He wiped his face with his arm and followed Xander, stumbling out the door.

I looked at Ian and Stan.

Ian was standing doubled over, his hands covering his crotch, while Stan was still writhing on the ground.

Stan was out, Ian was in the next round. And I was looking forward to seeing Xander fight…


Anonymous said...

What can I say? Alex, you've done it again. It wasn't focusing on feet an amazing amount, and I think that really worked. Like you said, it isn't your forte - ballbusting and sex sooooooooooo are! I shant be asking for anything else foot-based, but if you could place a little foot-fetish shout out in, like, one out of ten stories, be it in the form of a mean toe-job, foot smelling, or even the comments made by a character about another's feet, then I shall be happy, XD.

This story... so sexy... I love Ian's attitude... he's innocent at times, but seems to turn into a sex-crazed young man willing to do anything... verrrrry nice, and easily manipulated. ^^

Anonymous said...

Ian and Stan both seem very static and unimportant, and I don't really care for Xander since he's such a Douche. the Sex didn't really mix well with me, although im not into feet i loved the gas pedal. It would be nice if people got busted and bsuted more while they were still in underwear or clothed before getting naked. Other than that, good show, can't wait to see the others. I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ Chris:
I'm glad you like the story and the character of Ian! And thanks for your suggestions!

@ anonymous:
I hope that the other characters work better for you. You are right about the naked/clothed thing. I'll think of your suggestion when I write the next stories...