Friday, October 3, 2008

Auditions - round 1: Omar vs. Cillian

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

The auditions were going on. We had already seen two fights: Clay, a very attractive model, had been defeated by Romani Milosh, who had managed to reduce his handsome opponent to a sobbing mess. Len, a quiet guy who seemed to lack any feelings or emotions, had won his fight against Francis.

Today, young Irishman Cillian would face Omar, a Middle Eastern guy with black hair all over his body.

Omar was 24 years old, one year older than Cillian. He was taller and had a bulkier body than his opponent. He was wearing black jeans and a green t-shirt, with a pair of shiny black leather shoes on his feet.

My cameraman Chad was standing behind the camera.

Cillian and Omar were looking at each other.

“You know each other, right?” I said.

The both nodded.

“We met when that obnoxious boy with the sunglasses was here”, Ian said with a thick Irish accent.

I smiled. “Xander.”

Cillian nodded. He had short red hair, an attractive face and a friendly smile. “Quite a show…”

Omar chuckled and adjusted his crotch in his black jeans.

Cillian was shorter than him. He wore sneakers, grey trousers and a black shirt that contrasted nicely with his red hair.

“Do you wanna fight naked?” I asked.

Cillian raised his eyebrows and looked at Omar.

Omar cleared his throat. “What about shirtless?” he suggested.

Cillian grinned and took off his shirt.

Omar followed suit and revealed his tanned, muscular chest that was covered in thick black hair.

The Irish boy’s chest was smooth and lean, with cute pink nipples.

“Okay”, Omar said, lowering his upper body and spreading his arms, facing Cillian and awaiting his attack.

Cillian grinned. “This is unreal”, he chuckled.

“Do you think so?” Omar replied.

“I mean”, Cillian said, smiling, “why don’t we just talk about it, shoot some photos, and you decide who’ll be your model?” He looked at me.

I shrugged. “It’s more fun this way…”

Cillian sighed.

“And we see right away who’ll be able to hold their own against the rest of our models”, I continued.

Cillian nodded. “Alright. So I’ll have to beat Omar, right?”

I nodded.

Omar’s eyes narrowed.

Cillian sighed again. “Alright. Let’s go.” He turned to Omar and smiled at him. “May the best man win…”

Omar cracked his knuckles and took a step to the side, eyeing his opponent.

“You shouldn’t take this too seriously”, Cillian grinned.

Omar didn’t reply. He watched Cillian who just stood there, waiting for Omar to attack.
Finally, Omar made his move.

He lunged at Cillian and tackled him to the ground.

Cillian yelped and grimaced in pain when Omar’s shoulder hit his chest.

“Feck!” Cillian screamed. He landed on the ground, Omar on top of him.

Quickly, Cillian jerked up his knee, catching Omar right between his legs.

Omar’s eyes bulged and he let out a miserable groan. Cillian’s knee had been right on target, apparently.

The Irish boy grabbed a handful of Omar’s chest hair and pulled, ripping it off and making Omar scream from the top of his lungs.

Cillian looked at the hair in his fists and grinned sheepishly. “Sorry”, he chuckled.

Omar growled something in his native language and grabbed Cillian’s chin with his left hand. His right hand scrambled with the top button of Cillian’s trousers. After he had opened it, he reached inside.

Cillian eyes widened in terror. He struggled and punched Omar’s abs hard.

Omar growled.

Then he grinned viciously. “I got you by the balls”, Omar whispered and squeezed hard.

Cillian let out a shrill scream and lifted his knee again, missing Omar’s nuts and catching him on the ass.

Omar grimaced. Then he grinned and twisted his hand inside Cillian’s trousers, making the poor boy scream from the top of his lungs.

Cillian’s eyes filled with tears and his head started to turn red. He struggled and writhed, but Omar was holding on to his chin and his balls while sitting on his thighs.

Realizing that he couldn’t get out of his position without attacking Omar, Cillian reached out and grabbed hold of Omar’s chest hair once more. With a hard pull, he ripped out another handful of Omar’s black, curly hair.

Omar shrieked and loosened his hold on Cillian’s plums.

Again, Cillian reached for Omar’s chest, this time grabbing his nipples in a vice like grip.

Omar’s eyes widened and he let go of Cillian’s chin to pull Cillian’s hands away from his delicate nips, but the Irish boy held on to them, twisting and squeezing them, and making Omar let out angry grunts and miserable moans.

Finally, Omar let go off Cillian’s balls and grabbed his wrists with both of his hands.

Cillian was holding on to Omar’s nipples as if he was trying to rip them off just like he had done with his chest hair.

Omar and Cillian were both screaming. Cillian’s cry was aggressive and angry, while Omar sounded like he was close to dying.

After a long time of ear-shattering noise, Omar was able to pry Cillian’s hands away from his nips.

He let out an anguished grunt and hurried to get out of Cillian’s reach. He crawled to the side, letting Cillian nurse his balls, while he himself rubbed his sore nipples.

The two guys moaned in pain and licked their wounds.

Omar looked at his chest. His nipples were fiery red, looking like two lighthouses in a sea of thick, dark hair.

Cillian was holding his nuts, grimacing in pain. He looked over at Omar and chuckled.

Omar shot him an angry look.

“You started it”, Cillian said.

Omar grunted.

Slowly, Cillian got up and walked towards Omar.

Omar groaned and straightened.

Suddenly, Cillian reached out for Omar’s traumatized nipples again. He grabbed them and pulled up, making Omar cry out, bringing him to his feet and making him stand on his tip-toes.

Then he powered his knee into Omar’s big bulge.

His bony kneecap dug into the soft package, and Omar grunted in pain.

Cillian twisted his nipples, causing Omar to let out a high-pitched shriek. Then he brought up his knee again, hitting Omar’s groin and slamming his nuts into his pelvis.

Omar wailed in agony.

Again and again, Cillian’s knee slammed into Omar’s nuts while the redhead’s finger’s squeezed and twisted Omar’s nipples.

Omar was screaming from the top of his lungs. Sweat was pouring down his face and he tried to grab Cillian’s face and shove him away.

The two guys struggled, but Cillian maintained his merciless grip on Omar’s nipples, and the dark haired boy’s voice cracked.

After another hard knee to Omar’s traumatized balls, Cillian let go and Omar collapsed on the ground.

Cillian watched him, smiling.

His opponent lay on the ground, clutching his agonized nuggets and whimpering in pain.

“Give up?” Cillian said softly.

Omar grunted.

“Okay”, Cillian sighed and knelt down next to Omar.

He grabbed the belt of his jeans and opened his fly.

Omar struggled, but Cillian silenced him with a quick pinch of his left nipple.

When Cillian had pulled down Omar’s jeans and his white briefs, a massive erection greeted him. Omar’s cock was thick and fat, protruding from a bush of black pubic hair.

Cillian grinned and looked at Omar’s nuts that were resting low in their hairy sac.

Omar whimpered.

Tentatively, Cillian grabbed Omar’s sac and looked at him. “Give up?”

Omar blinked.

Then Cillian squeezed.

Omar’s eyes widened and his mouth opened in a silent scream as Cillian squished his precious balls in his hands. His cock twitched wildly.

Cillian leaned down until his lips almost touched Omar’s cock. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, brushing the head of Omar’s dick.

Omar’s moaned.

Cillian chuckled. He moved forward a bit and winked at Omar.

Suddenly, he closed his mouth, catching the sensitive head of Omar’s fat cock between his teeth.
Omar yelped.

Cillian sank his teeth into Omar’s cock, all the while twisting and squeezing his large plums.

Omar’s eyes crossed and a geyser of thick, white spunk came splashing out of his cock, landing in Cillian’s mouth and dropping down again.

Cillian coughed and let go.

Omar was screaming in pain while his thick cock was spurting jet after jet of his sticky cum, covering his hairy chest and his pubic hair.

Cillian grimaced and wiped his mouth with his arm.

Omar hadn’t even reached the end of his orgasm when Cillian was standing again. He lifted his foot and stomped down on Omar’s pulsating nuts, grinding down hard and making Omar scream from the top of his lungs, “I give up! Stop it! I give up!”

Cillian smiled and backed off.

Omar curled up in a ball, nursing his damaged testicles and whimpering in pain.

Cillian turned around and looked at me. A drop of fresh cum was hanging down his chin and he smiled.

“Congratulations”, I said.

Cillian shrugged and adjusted his crotch. “Poor Omar.”

I raised my eyebrows, trying to figure out if Cillian was joking or not.

But apparently, he meant it.

Half an hour later, the three of us were sitting on the couch.

Cillian and Omar had taken on their clothes again.

Omar was grimacing in pain and occasionally rubbing his crotch.

We drank a cup of coffee.

“You bit my cock”, Omar said in a low voice.

Cillian laughed. “Yeah. But I didn’t bite it off…”

Omar smiled weakly.

“I didn’t like the taste”, Cillian grinned.

Omar shrugged. “I guess I’m out of the game?” he looked at me.

“I’m sorry”, I said, nodding.

“Well”, Omar sighed. “Would have been nice.”

I nodded again.

“You can’t always win, I guess”, Omar said, smiling at Cillian.


Anonymous said...

Nice Alex - always love the nip twisting - and hairy chest. The cock bitig was new and hot! Cillian will fight again. Does he have red pubes?

Alex said...

Thank you! Cillian's pubes are red/brown...