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I'm Tired of Waiting written by Jimmy


I’m Tired of Waiting


written by Jimmy


Jayden was laying on the bed wearing only his swimsuit “I just wanna go swim!” He complained rolling on his stomach and buried his face into the pillow.

“We can't go! First we have to wait for your Dad” Diego answered. He was playing with his phone and didn't give Jayden’s complaints too much attention.

They were cousins, and Diego was visiting for the weekend. They were spending a weekend together at Diego’s summer house. It was Jayden’s second day there and all he wanted was spending an entire afternoon messing around at the lake where the water was cool and the air fresh. Diego and his family had been there for over a week and he had already gone swimming more than once.

“I can go and you can join me later” Jayden said. His voice was muffled by the pillow.

"You can't. My parents says its dangerous go alone. You can slip on a rock." Diego chimed in, but he didn't move his eyes from the phone.

“We can go together.”

“I don't wanna walk there, it takes way too long. Your Dad has the car with your brother, Gino. Can't you just wait? It's still early after all.” Diego closed his phone and turned his attention to his cousin. He was now sitting on the bed.

“I'll go! Even if I have to escape from here!” Jayden challenged staring at his cousin waiting for his reaction. He didn't really mean that and Diego could tell that Jayden was kidding. He was just annoying him on purpose, as younger cousins were usually known for.

“Well I suppose I have to force you stay here” Diego said approaching the bed. He jumped on top of him and pinned him down on the bed. Their usual tickle fight had just started. They used to play these kind of games all the time when they were younger. They were always been good friends since they were children and their little fight were a sort of "tradition" for them.

Their laughter filled the room and the fight went on for at least 5 minutes. Since Jayden was bare chest Diego had the upper hand in the fight and Jayden ended up defeated and put his hands up. “Ok, ok I surrender! I surrender!” He finally was able to scream between his owns bouts of laughter. For a moment Diego stared at his cousin. He was amused by his victory and the smile on his face showed it. “Can we go swim now?” Jayden tried again.

“I won and I won't let you go!” Diego forced Jayden down on the bed and he sat on him. “Now you can't escape!” He exclaimed with his hands on his hips and puffed his chest in a sign of superiority.

Jayden groaned pretending to be in discomfort and began to struggle trying to make Diego lose his balance.

“Won’t you stay still already? You are such a menace!” Diego laughed and moved his hips up a little and let his ass fall down on Jayden as if he was trying to trap his cousin down on the bed.

Suddenly Jayden tensed up all his muscles and let out an “Ouch.” He stopped struggling. By the expression on his face Diego could tell he was in pain.

He chuckled knowingly. “Is something wrong?” Diego asked.

“You got them!” Jayden said smiling pretending to be in much more pain than he was, just to show off a bit for his older cousin that he admired.

Without really think Diego began to pump up and down with his ass on Jayden’s crotch area. He just wanted to see how much pain he could give his younger cousin. Test his reactions.

Diego pumped just a few times and the majority of his weight was on Jayden’s thighs more than his balls and he knew it. But Jayden began to moan in pain with his eyes closed trying to resist the silly torture.

“I'm gonna make pudding out of your balls if you don't stay still!” Diego warned and gave Jayden one last hit.

The boy groaned out loud. He was feeling pain in his balls but not so much. He overreacted just to make Diego laugh.

“Ok ok... I won't move...”

The two cousins stared to each other eyes for a moment. Both of them had enjoyed this little moment of ball pain for fun.

“When is my Dad and bro coming home again? You talked to them earlier. I was still sleeping.” Jayden asked.

Diego relaxed a bit and looked at the clock on the wall. “Maybe one more hour...” he said annoyed.  

“You can't sit on me for one hour” Jayden pointed out. Diego turned his eyes to his cousin and stared down at him with a little smile on his face leaving Jayden wondering what the heck he was thinking about.

Diego got up and went to search for something in the closet. He picked an old scarf left there long time ago and threw it on the bed. Then he looked around the room. “What are you searching for?” Jayden asked but Diego didn't answer.

“Wait for me here” Diego ordered and left the bedroom.

Left alone Jayden thought about his cousin. He was growing up. Diego had a massive upper body from weightlifting, his chest reminding him of his older brother Gino even though Diego was only sixteen, not eighteen. Diego’s hair was curly, like his own and longer almost brushing his shoulders, but was pulled back from his forehead with gel. Diego was wearing boxers, showing off his manly pouch and to Jayden it looked like he might be as big as Gino. Jayden really wanted to know if that was true. Diego had a big ass, which had hurt his nuts a little. Jayden rubbed his balls a bit thinking of Diego on him and tried hard not to get an erection. Diego’s dark features, much like his own came into his mind with those full lips and huge dark eyes. The little beauty mark at the corner of his lip made Jayden pause and not to mention the outline of his nipples in that tank top. Jayden wished his cousin was shirtless like himself…another reason why he wanted to go the lake. It had been years since Jayden had seen his cousin and he wanted to see what Diego looked like without a shirt on.

“Why am I always so horny?” Jayden asked himself quietly and covered his face with a pillow.

Diego wanted to tied up his cousin! He well knew that Jayden didn’t want to escape from home but still he was excited by the idea of tying him up. He found amusing the way he hurt his manhood earlier and wanted a repeat performance.

With the silly excuse “I don’t want you to escape” he knew that Jayden would let himself be tied up. It was just a game after all and Jayden always had looked up to his older cousin.

It was hard to find something to tie up someone in the summer house. Diego was quite lucky anyways. He found a bag full of old clothes his parents stuffed in a closet long time ago. He grabbed anything he could use for his purpose and went back in his bedroom.

Diego threw all the stuff he gathered on the bed where his cousin still sat. Jayden pulled the pillow off his head and examined what Diego had found and he started to understand what he had in mind. “Are you going to tie me up?” Jayden boned up even more, and he tried to hide it by crossing his legs.

"Yep. Are you still gonna escape?”

Smirking Jayden put his arms behind his head “Yeah, of course I will!” By the tone of his voice Jayden pretended to be in control of the situation. He thought it would be a fun way to pass the time and loved the attention that Diego was giving him.

Diego knelt in front of Jayden and grabbed a pair of leggings. Then he tied Jayden’s wrists together. He tried to get free but the knot was really well done. Jayden could still move his arms around and he didn’t feel trapped until Diego warped a long scarf around his chest pinning his elbows to his body. Then Diego tied the scarf behind his back so he couldn't reach the knot.

Jayden struggled a little and Diego smiled watching his discomfort growing. Then he moved up his forearms so his hands were resting on his chest and secured them in place with another scarf warped on his chest.

Diego stepped back to watch his work. Jayden struggled until he realized it was useless. “How does that feels?” Diego asked with his arms crossed. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction in the sight of his cousin Jayden bound on his bed bare chested.

“Not too bad!” Jayden said trying to act like he was ok with it. But he wasn't. Although he trusted his cousin it was a bit frustrating not be able to get free by himself. He stood up and walked around Christina. Walking was the only freedom he still had and he was about to lose even that one.

“At least I can still walk!”

 “I see... we must do something about that” Diego searched for the most suitable pieces of clothing and proceeded to bound Jayden’s ankles together. Then he secured his knees as well. Diego walked around him making sure all the knots were tight. Once he was sure Jayden couldn't get free he pushed him on the bed making him sit down. Jayden tried to move his legs without success.

Diego was standing in front of him with his hands on his hips triumphant. He was amused by the sight of his helpless cousin. “How about a tickle fight?” He said with a grin on his face. Jayden laughed at her suggestion. “That will be a little unfair, don't you think?” Diego put his foot on Jayden’s chest and pushed him down on his back.

Then Diego startled him and set himself on his thighs. Staring him in his eyes Diego let his fingers walk slowly up his body. Suddenly Diego begun to tickle him without mercy. Jayden squirmed and laughed out loud. He tried hard to get free but his bounds were too tight. Jayden tried to slip down the bed but his cousin's weigh on his thighs was pinning him in place…her was going nowhere.

“Stop it ah hahah please … tickling me ahahah!”

Eventually Diego decided to give him a brake.

Diego moved off his cousin so he was laying with the head on the pillow and settled next to him.

“There are others ways to torture you other than tickling!” Diego said and made his index and middle fingers walk down Jayden’s chest.

Jayden looked at his fingers moving slowly on his naked skin towards his crotch area. Only now he understood what a dreadful situation he was in.

There was nothing to keep Diego from having his way with his manhood. If he wanted to see it, he just had to lower the waistband and have a look. The very idea made Jayden’s mouth go dry and he dry gulped looking at Diego with pleading eyes.

“Diego?” Jayden asked quietly.

Diego noticed the discomfort in his cousin face. He found it amusing.

When Diego’s travelling fingers touched Jayden’s swimsuit he made them jump on the bulge between his legs saying “Hop” in a playful way.

Jayden gulped at the touch. Diego chuckled and ‘hopped’ again playfully nestling his fingers in Jayden’s bulge.

“I bet these trunks don't offer much protection” he began to finger Jayden’s crotch area in search of his most sensitive spot. “You should have worn your Speedo’s…then I would really get to see where your nuts are.”

Jayden’s heart was racing. He didn't know what kind of torture Diego was about to perform…but he had an idea. Diego never really busted his balls before. All that seemed to be changing real fast.

“There they are! Uh uh so squishy!” Diego exclaimed when the tip of her index finger moved on Jayden’s balls nestling between the fold between the orbs, and slipping down the sides.

Without saying anything Diego flicked his cousin’s nuts. Jayden jolted but didn't complain. Diego flicked them again looking at his face to see the reaction.

“Does it hurt?” He asked while keep on hitting his balls again and again with little flicks of his fingers.

“You…you know it does!” Jayden blurted.

Jayden felt the rush of pain rising with every causal strike of Diego’s fingertip. Jayden’s reaction got more and more noticeable. Eventually after only a few more hits Jayden began to groan and begged “Diego…man…you got to stop!”

Jayden’s older cousin couldn’t help but laugh. He went oh hitting his helpless cousin although his pleas for Diego to stop continued.

"Ahahah do you still wanna go to swim?" he asked his prisoner flicking his balls with every words.

“Please stop!!... No I don’t... Ouuuhhh” Jayden’s eyes widened on the last flick his left nut.

Satisfied by the answer he stopped with the torture.

“Well, I'm glad I managed to change your mind!”

There was a moment of silence then Diego closed his hand and placed his fist above Jayden’s balls.

“One last to remind you who’s in charge!! Diego said and waited for an answer. Diego kept his hand like a hammer ready to smash.

“No, no... It hurts you can't understand... Please...” Jayden begs, not knowing how hard Diego was about to strike.

“Just one last hit,” Diego said. “Then I will be done. Promise.”

“No, no, no... They hurt... No…my boynuts.”

Diego smiled widely at his word choice and said “One more... Slowly. Just one. Not hard…you only have boynuts after all…so you can take it. Not like you have manballs…like my huevos.”

Jayden shook his head and kept on begging Diego to not to do it but his older cousin had his mind set and didn't listen to him. He began a dreadful count down.

“Three, two, one...”

“Oooooohh” Jayden squirmed in pain making loud gasping sounds as Diego’s fist landed directly on top of his balls. As promised the hit wasn’t hard but his balls were already in so much in pain that the blow magnified from the previous hits.

Diego was surprised to see how easily it was to hurt cousin’s balls and wondered how it would be to hit full force. Diego never really experience hitting another guy down there or receive his own low blow before and did not really understand what he was doing to Jayden.

While Jayden was recovering from the torture, Diego sat on the desk chair to check his phone.

The pain in Jayden’s balls slowly began to fade away. Jayden’s balls was still aching enough to remind him how weak there were but it was bearable.

Since they still had to wait a bit longer Diego and Jayden begun to chat about school, swimming, and wrestling…some of Jayden’s favorite topics.

Jayden almost forgotten that he was tied up as he was getting use to his bounds. Although the knots were tight the clothes bounding him were soft on his skin. Diego found it funny and a bit exciting having a boy all tied up at his mercy. Diego begun to fantasize about tying him up again and all the fun stuffs he could do to him. Especially to his most sensitive area.

He sat on the bed and bended over staring Jayden in his eyes. “It looks like you don't mind be all tied up, man!” Diego teased.

From his point of view Jayden had a great sight of Diego’s chest and was trying to look down his tank top and see his nipples, he craned his neck and almost spotted them and then Jayden got lucky. He could now see inside Diego’s shirt and it was hard for him not stare at Diego’s dark pointy nipples. Diego was aware of the sight he was giving his cousin but did nothing to hide himself. He found it funny making him aroused in his awkward situation.

“It’s not that bad when you're used to it” Jayden said turning his face to avoid the view of his cousin’s chest. Then almost as an afterthought Jayden added “As long as my boynuts are not your primary target!” Jayden turned his head back to him.

“Why don't we do it more often then?” Diego asked crossing his arms around his chest making his chest swell and look bigger.

Jayden swallowed hard. “I don't know...” Jayden’s erection was so hard and as Diego’s ass slipped up and along his crotch both of the cousins could tell just how hard he was. Diego smiled knowingly and pressed his hips down and it took everything in Jayden not to moan out loud.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted their chat. “Looks like your Dad and brother are here. Time to go swim! I let you the time to think about it!” Diego said and untied his cousin. Jayden was more than happy to be saved by the doorbell! His cousin was giving him a hard time. It was going to be a long weekend for Jayden if this continued.




Anonymous said...

Awesome story!

I do have to wonder if Chase will come to Jayden’s rescue next time he gets tied up!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg!

Jayden would have appreciated the rescue for sure! To bad for him that Chase did not intervene!