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The Slammer Conclusion written by Jimmy


The Slammer:




By Jimmy





The past few hours come to Jayden Gomez in flashes in his memory:


The smile on Gino’s face and his smirk as he said “Hey bro, miss me?”


The twinkle in Chase’s blue eyes when he walks in behind Gino, and Jayden somehow himself in his boyfriend’s arms kissing him so hard that it hurt, but he didn’t care.


Being surrounded by friends, patting him on the back welcoming him back home.





Waking up, the sunlight streams into the bedroom. Jayden forgot to close the shades the night before, and soft early dawn light streaks across his face and torso making Jayden wince at the fierceness of the light. Jayden turns to his side away from the rude sunlight and places his hand to the edge of the bed. It falls on sleeping figure of his older brother and its then that he remembers the nightmare that drove him into Gino’s room and the fear that he did not want to sleep alone.

Jayden’s mouth is sticky, his tongue feels too big for his mouth as he yawns widely and closes his eyes. He’s not yet ready to face the day.




A few hours later, he awakes alone in bed.


Gino appears to have woken and left some time ago but finding a note on the pillow next to him Jayden quickly deciphers Gino’s location: Gym.


Falling back into the huddle of pillows and sheets, Jayden closes his eyes once more and is asleep.




Jayden awakes with a start clutching his chest, his eyes wide open and reaching out calling “Gino!”


Heart hammering, Jayden pulls himself up to sitting in the center of the bed disoriented and blinking. The day’s light has shifted outside, it’s afternoon but Jayden gasps drinking in handfuls of air and greedily wanting more.


The door burst opens, and Jayden almost calls out again but stops himself at the last moment.


“Jay—you alright?”


Jayden tries to say ‘Yes’ but his eyes fill and he shakes his head, blinking back tears.


In a moment, Gino has grasped him in a fierce hug. Jayden is squeezing him back even harder.


“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”


“Shhh.” Gino hushes him, in his deep resonating voice into his neck as he holds him. It’s then that Jayden notices that Gino’s wearing a tank top, the Bartlet logo on the chest and he’s wearing next to nothing in only his underpants. “I’ve got you.”


Jayden nods, and whimpers against him.


The two stay like that for a few more moments before Jayden pulls away, Gino’s eyes find his and the intense protective gaze pierces through him. Gino is still holding his shoulders “You okay now, Jayden?”

Jayden nods, color rising to his cheeks.


Smiling weakly he says “Yeah, I guess so.”


“I’m making lunch, Mom and Dad are at work. Want some?”


Jayden nods again, “Yeah. I’m starving.”


Gino tosses him one of his t-shirts and Jayden pulls it on. He feels like a little kid again for a moment as he sees it almost falls to his knees.


Gino snorts at him and Jayden rolls his eyes calling him “Bigfoot” under his breath as he two head into the kitchen.


Sitting down at the kitchen table Jayden crosses his ankles underneath his chair and watches Gino at the stove. He’s making breakfast for lunch, and the smell of the scrambled eggs being folded into ham, bacon, and salami makes Jayden’s mouth water. He takes a long drink of water and sets the table, busying himself as Gino finishes up and places a large portion of the steamy omelet on his plate.


“Thanks bro.”


Gino messes his hair, it’s getting longer now almost back to what it used to be and Gino’s fingers slide down his bothers neck until he holds on tight to Jayden’s shoulder. “You are very welcome, dig in.”


In less than five minutes, both plates are clean and Jayden is rubbing his belly happily. “That was good, I really needed that. Thanks again.”


“You can thank me by doing the dishes.”


“You got it.”


Gino turns to leave the room as Jayden turns on the faucet filling the sink, “Hey wait…Gino?”


Gino raises his left eye brow as he turns back.


“I think…things would be more normal if I…” Jayden looks down at is feet trying to gather his thoughts. Clearing his throat he says over the rushes water “Could I maybe bust you in the nuts? That would be normal and would help me get out of my funk.”


“These? The Gomez family jewels?” Gino brags his crotch, shifting his assets around and pressing his big balls out until the outline was obviously clear against his nylon shorts. Not that his package was hard to see before, but Gino holding his scrotum and pushing his two massive eggs to the forefront leaves nothing to the imagination.


Jayden shrugs, biting his lip. “Yeah…can I?”


Gino pulls his hand free, walking over to Jayden and pulling him in close by his shirt. “What kind of hit are we talking about here? Be specific.”


Swallowing hard Jayden takes his one wet hand out of the water, his fingers dripping with suds and slides it up his brother’s bare thigh. “Maybe a…little squeeze?” Jayden asks, voice hesitant and soft like a whisper in a crowded place.


Gino’s eyes widen a fraction, as he smiles down at his little brother. In answer Gino spreads his legs further apart and reaching behind Jayden to turn off the water and take his other hand and putting it directly on Gino’s shorts protuberance. Jayden wet fingers feels the heat in Gino’s shorts, and the hardness creeping up his stock as his younger brother holds his delicate organs.


“You are going to need both hands for that.”


Jayden’s eyes warm up as one hand fondles the front of Gino’s shorts, while the other slips up the left shorts opening reaching up and tickling his findings with his fingers tips.


“Good thinking.”


“I’m a little bit…stiff. You’ll have to work around that.” Gino chuckles as he thrusts his hardness up against Jayden’s palm, which cups the head, his fingers closing around the hardened tip. Gino moans while smiling and pushing Jayden up against the sink, pushing his thigh between Jayden’s legs and opening him up. Gino’s hip falls above Jayden’s groin, but the closeness of Gino’s maneuver presses into Jayden’s bulge and he dry swallows as Gino gets in nice, and close.


“Looks like you aren’t…yet.”


Gino leers down, coming up to his brother’s ear. Gino’s hot breath tickles his ear as he says “I could change that. I could make you—Uuuuggggh!” Gino grunts, cutting off his own sentence as Jayden’s fingers sink into Gino’s balls, both hands clasped tightly around Gino’s scrotum.


Gripping Gino’s nuts I hand, Jayden is still overwhelmed by the sheer density and size of his older brother’s full set. The testicles are heavy, much heavier than his own and Jayden marvels at the first balls that he got to explore. Gino’s nuts feel a tad bigger, but not by much. Jayden thinks that his brother’s jewels must have stopped growing as he familiarizes himself with what Gino is backing. Between his prodding and crunching, Gino’s nuts make little odd squirts and wet squelches as Jayden’s wet soapy hands explore Gino’s genitals.


Jayden smiles saying “Thanks bro, I really needed this. This makes me feel so much better.”


“You…your…of fuck….ugh….UUUGGGHHHH… not so hard, please….are welcome, bro…. ohhh fuuuckkKKK.”


Jayden smiles and squishes the nuts a little harder, feeling the nutmeat swell under his deadly grip.


Gino grimaces and uses his knee to lift it back, “If…we are really going to give you that home feeling I should do THIS!”


Gino swings his knee upwards, but Jayden twists Gino’s nuts sideways, the taut ballsack stretched out to its limits and Gino pauses gawking. 




Jayden smiles and shoves Gino away just in case releasing his targets, which sway and bounce ricocheting against each other. Gino’s knees twist in and he reaches for his balls to protect them but Jayden gets in first with a sickening kick. Jayden’s foot struck Gino squarely in the nutsack, creating an audible ‘thwack,’ that echoes around the tiny kitchen upon impact. The intense and unexpected blow had such an impact that Gino’s dark brown eyes briefly crossed. 


Gino let out an involuntary “OooooooOoof!” and doubled over in pain, before sliding down to his knees. Jayden who underestimated his true strength, couldn’t help but giggle at Gino’s predicament and unexpected humorous reaction. The giggle turned into a full belly laugh as Gino rolled around on the floor in utter agony, gripping his balls and kicking his feet in the air. 


Strolling past his older brother Gino barely gets out “Where….are you…. Ughhh going?” he squeaks. 


When Jayden looks back he can see Gino’s mouth puffing up as he tries to control the pain between his legs. Jayden grins, “Out. Thanks again, big bro!”


“Get you…later…” Gino warns as Jayden stroll out grabbing his bike. A brief summer mist falls from the sky and briefly Jayden thinks about changing out of Gino’s shirt and into his own, but he disregards the option and kicks off. Bits of dirt spray from his back wheel as he turns past Gino’s rusty pickup truck and he smoothly sails past the corner of his street grinning like a kid on Christmas holiday. 


Summer is almost here, and Jayden can’t wait. Few things await him this summer including drafting his new teammates as the new wrestling captain. Logan will supervise as the new wrestling coach and Jayden isn’t worried about a thing. He already has some guys in mind to replace those that he will lose next year. 


He races down the street and passes Rex and Leroy out on a date, sitting by their school. He goes to wave and callout, but thinks better of it as Rex grabs Leroy’s shirt pulling him in for fearsome kiss. Jayden smiles wider at the shock on Leroy’s face but as he closes his eyes one of Rex’s hands sneaks up his shorts and the hard “Yip!” that follows only makes Jayden laugh out loud as he turns the corner. 


Logan’s cousins, and Chases neighbors are play fighting in the back yard. Junior wears his singlet, it’s not officially a Bartlet issued one to him, but on loan from Jayden. It fits him loosely, but it will have to do. Caleb is in a headlock and Junior is applying pressure to his older brother’s neck. The two blonde brothers grapple in the grass and Jayden winces as he sees what Caleb is reaching for. Junior freezes up as Caleb swings his fist into a backwards arch cruching his brother’s balls in a horrid loud squelch.


Juniors blue eyes meet Jayden’s at the strike of his snug ballsack and he yodels out a loud shriek of pain as Caleb’s knuckles crash again in a second strike. 


Caleb shrugs off the headlock and says “Told you that I could get out of those.”


“Not…legal…” Junior manages to gasp before he bends at the waist staring at a spot between his feet. 


“I must have forgot” Caleb shrugs but waves at Jayden passing by. “Too many rules in that sport. You sure that you want to be a wrestler…your big nuts are so…vulnerable in that stretchy thing.”


Juniors response is only to moan. 


Shaking his head Jayden rides on hearing Caleb call out “Happy that you are back, sorry that Junior is so rude and can’t even manage to say ‘Hi!’”


Jayden laughs and pumps his fist in the air coming to a skidding stop by Chases place. 


Max is present and looking sheepish, and it’s no wonder why. Amber is with Logan splashing in the pool. She’s wearing a skimpy top and readjusting her breasts. One had just fallen out. Max is already in his swim trunks, towel around his neck and bare chested. He looks forlornly at Logan as he scoops up his girlfriend and tosses her to the other side of the pool. 


“Aren’t you going to job them?” Jayden asks jumping off his bike. 


“No…I…well. I must have got the pool invite wrong. I can’t…I’m gonna head home.”


Max turns to leave his amber eyes downcast as his auburn hair whips are and off his forehead. 


Jayden stops him with one hand and says “I’ll make sure that she won’t be here tomorrow…or you could hang out with Chase and I until she leaves. I know her cheerleading schedule. She will be gone in an hour.” 


Jayden’s warm eyes smile at Max and he excitedly says “Really?”


“Yeah…or we could just join them. I didn’t shower this morning…I could use a dip.” Jayden fake smells his arm pits and makes a grimace. Jayne pulls off his shirt, and tugs at Max’s hand. He’s laughing as they head up the stairs to Chase’s house. He barely knocks once as the door opens. 


“If you don’t mind, Jayden that would be—“ Max stops talking and stares. 


Chase is leaning against the door frame wet and in his tight speedos. They aren’t the usually Midtown Blues, but a white pair that show off everything from the bulge outline to the naked skin beneath in clear, crisp details. Chase’s ample bulge is stacked with his nuts pressing out so far that the lip of the material at the edges comes off a bit and the blonde wispy bush that ‘counts’ as the sixteen years ‘full covering’ above his cock are visible in the almost sheet material. 


“—great.” Max finishes as both he and Jayden openly gawk at the stud. Chase’s wolfish smile lights up as he grabs the two pulling them in for a hug, his cock is half-way up and he presses it between both Max and Jayden’s outer thighs as he pulls the two in very close. 


“Best surprise ever. Now ditch your granny shirt and come for a dip, Jayden in the pool. Max I see you at least came prepared,” Chase laughs grabbing Jayden’s shirt and pulling up but seizes Jayden’s wrists when they get high enough and Chase kisses him, it’s fast and their tongue and he pulls back as the material falls to the floor. 


“No sports shorts either, you can—“


“But I don’t—-“


Chase yanks them to the floor. Jayden stands naked but for his shoes, and Max and Chase are now staring at him. 


Jayden blushes and covers his privates. Jayden’s bush is coming in much more thoroughly than his boyfriends, but his boy balls are still just as bald for now. Jayden can barely contain his generous asserts and one nut slips free. 


Max grabs it and gives the tender nut a squeeze “Wouldn’t want your modesty exposed.”




The guys laugh and Max releases the ball after giving it a slight tug. Jayden tucks it back in safely behind his hands but the other nut slips out next and Chase grabs this one. 


“Tut tut Jayden, it’s like you did this on purpose.”


“I didn’t—-“ Jayden rushes to explain but Chase’s Cheshire Cat smile is on his face and he kisses him on the mouth, rolling his nut in the silken sack as their tongues touch. Jayden whimpers and tries not to get aroused. 


When Chase pulls off he takes Max’s towel and wraps it around his waist. “I’ve got plenty of spare speedos. But they won’t fit…too big for you, you know. But too big is better than too small!” Chase leads the three upstairs.


Jayden rolls his eyes, and Max tries not to laugh. Chase is very sensitive about his size. 


“Pick which ones you like…I know you’re found of red.”


“I’ll go with black instead.”


Jayden changes underneath his towel and when he pulls the towel off all of them look down assessing. 


“They fit alright—-” Jayden starts to say. 


“Perfect fit!” Max jumps in with. 


“Must have shrunk in the machine. Well at least you got something that will keep you from blushing any more. Now let’s head to the pool!”


Chase leads the boys downstairs, Max looking hesitantly at the door and is last to leave. 


“You will be fine, I’ll be there.”




Turning past the flower garden and hedge the sparkling pool comes into view and Logan lazily laying on a floaty, he’s golden tanned skin and blonde hair wet to his forehead glances up at the new comers. He has a beer in hand and takes a swig. 


“Hey guys, nice to see you. Look Ashley we have company.”


“Oh goody.” Ashley is on a pool chair but comes to standing, she wears a bright white large hat and an almost sheer purple cape off of her shoulders which matches her skintight suit. She strolls up to Jayden, takes his hand and says “Welcome back.” Ashely kisses him on each cheek and he shyly looks down “We were all so worried.” Resting her manicured finger tips on his chest she trails down his abdomen swooping in  and out of each muscled ab before turning back to look at Chase. 


“He was worried sick you know. Just awful,” she touches his stomach just below Chase’s navel. He sucks in a breath and she laughs, her musical voice cutting out the birds and the insects steady buzz around the roses in full bloom. 


“Yeah… I was.”


“You and Logan came in like heroes,” Ashley coos. “Each leading your band of merry men.” Ashley drops her fingers from the Chase and Jayden as they step up to each other looking so deeply into each other’s eyes. 


“My hero.” Jayden laughs and leans up to kiss Chase. 


“Should be kissing me, I rescued your scrawny ass,” Logan says burping and putting his bottle in the holster of the floaty. “I’m gonna need a refill.”


Everyone’s distracted looks at Logan but for Ashley that closes the distance and comes right up to Max her talons gripping his balls before he gets a chance to sneak off. Ashley squeezes her fingers, nails digging deep into his fleshy bits and Max gasps quietly trying to contain himself. 


Max puts up his hands in surrender to the woman, but she just churns her fingers in and out of Max’s trapped and full scrotum leering down at him and putting one finger to her lips shushing him with a almost unheard “Shhhh.” 


Gulping Max nods, his knees turning inwards as Ashley rearranges Max’s testes, her grip intensifying as she laughs at Logan’s beer joke. 


“Max will help me get you another bottle. He’s feet are dry. It’s this way…Max.”


She pulls and Max, not able to free his nuts feels a horrid tug of his balls and quickly follows after.


Alone Ashely shoves Max up against the wall and covers his lips with her own and shutting off his scream. Max hollers into her mouth, as her tongue snakes around his own and sucks. Max feels himself getting an erection and she pulls off “Filthy boy.”


Ashely knees him once, hard and quick Max’s body rigid on her bony slender thigh. Max’s eyes cross and she shoves off where he falls into the grass next to the door. 


“I thought that I told you to stay away from my man, Max. Guess you need another lesson to get it through your thick skull.”


Ashley ducks inside bringing out a beer in each hand and bag of ice that she pours of Max’s head. “Put one of those on your tiny grapes. That should do the trick.”


Leaving him in the grass Max curls up, under taking a hand full of ice and slipping in underneath his swim trunks. She laughs as she turns the corner at the look on his face. 


Jayden was busy with Chase, and then Logan who gave him a half hug and a noogie on the top of his head. Laughing and in the pool Jayden gives him a push only then realizing that he left Max alone with….


“Max?” Jayden turns looking for him but it’s Ashley he sees coming around the corner frosty bottles in hand. Her delicate walk, stops the boys horsing around in the pool and she flicks her head ever so slightly, causing her blonde hair to flick back. The long locks wet by the water settle around her shoulders framing her face as Ashley smiles slightly at Logan and calling to him in her sweet voice.




Logan strides past Jayden and Chase going to her and taking the offering with a lazy grin “You are so beautiful.”


Ashley laughs and places one hand on his chest, her eyes dancing underneath her long dark lashes as she carelessly winks at him and brings her bottle to her lips taking a slow sip. Slowly lowering the bottle Ashley keeps her eyes firmly on Logan and touches his arm with the end of the bottle dragging the cool end across his skin. Jayden watches him growing rather thick down below, his bathing suit stretching a bit, and looking tight. No one could miss his hardon as he pulls her to him. She laughs over his shoulder, her eyes widening and mouth opening into a classic ‘Oh my.’


“Be careful, Logan…children are present.”


Logan chuckles “I don’t see no kids.”


“Maybe we should…” Jayden starts to say but Chase puts and arm around his lower body pulling him close. Up against Chase’s hard muscled torso he feels that Logan isn’t the only one with a bonner. “Chase…you’re…”


“Shhh” Chase whispers against his bare neck kissing him lightly and thrusting against his ass.


“But…they’ll see” Jayden insists.


“Maybe. But that’s kinds part of the fun.” Chase rides his cock between Jayden’s legs tickling his ballbag and scraping the top of his cock head along the inside of his thighs and the small runway to his butt. Jayden gulps, freezing in place as Chase wraps his other arm around his chest holding him even closer. Jayden is breathing faster and knows that if Chase does not stop he will be the third with a raging hardon in the group.


Ashley’s laugh seems to wake him up as Logan throws her onto the chair and pounces like a tiger, beer splashing on the concrete but neither caring as he mauls her neck with tender kisses, and her legs wrap around his waist pulling him in close. Ashley arches her back staring up at the sun and puts on her sunglasses that she had tucked into her top.


“Logan you bad boy!” she swats at his back and Logan chuckles kissing just above her left breast.


“What can I say, you turned me into a horny teenager all over again with that bathing suit…the way that you walk and…I can almost see you’re…” Logan kisses her breast sucking on the outside where presumably would be her nipple. Ashely shudders and pushes him off of her just as Max turns the corner.


Max looks…well, white as a sheet as he spots Logan pinning Ashley to the chair.


Logan quickly dismounts her, and pulls her to his feet.


“Sorry…I kinda lost it there.” Logan takes a long pull of beer, finishing it and puts the bottle down. It’s then that Jayden notices a collection of bottles around the pool. He may in fact be drunk, very drunk as he comes over and gives Max a hug. Max’s body does not seem to reciprocate and Jayden thinks maybe because Logan’s hard dick is pressing into his stomach.


“We should play a game.”


Jayden turns to look at Chase but realizes after a moment that it was actually not his boyfriend suggestion, when it usually always is but rather Ashely that had said it. Chase still took the opportunity to kiss him, and with Jayden’s turned neck Chase manages to steal his breath and really dig his cock further between his cheeks. Jayden pulls away gasping and taking a step needing the distance, and the coolness of the pool to stop himself from getting too excited. Chase’s mouth still looks hungry as his bottom lip sways but he answers her with “What kind of game do you have in mind, Ashley?”


“Well with five, I would want to be the referee…and I think that water polo could be a lot of fun with the nets at either end of the pool. First to five wins.” Ashley pulls Logan into the pool, and he kind of shrugs at Max but it’s clear that Max no longer looks hurt, but angry. Max’s hazel eyes burn with intensity and as Ashley and Logan come closer towards the group Max takes a running leap and jumps over their head.


Max’s long limber arms cross as he springs out, muscles taut and glides into a dive dead center of the group spraying everyone with water.


Ashley looks particularly put out and spits water from her mouth, and looking more like a drowned rat Max smiles at Jayden and swims over to him and grabs his shoulder. “Fine, I’ll play…but I get Jayden.”


“The young verse the old” Logan laughs swimming up to Chase, he is laborish in his strokes and it’s clear that he is not going to be the fastest of swimmers. “Should be interesting.”


“And the winners….get what?” Chase says, eyes on Ashley.


Ashley runs her fingers through her hair, trying to get back a bit of the swagger that she lost earlier. “Winners choice of course…with me.”


“Ashley!” Logan says surprised, and he moves away from his friendly embrace with Chase. “What are you suggesting?”


“That we have a good time. So you better win, Logan.”


Logan sobers up or appears to as he looks at his flirtatious girlfriend. Ashley’s eyes flicker with pool water as she bats at him. “We got a deal?”

“Sure” Chase says smiling.


“Whatever, let’s just play” says Max, rolling his eyes.


“Ummm” Jayden pauses not sure what to say as Ashley swims over to him, taking her time and landing very close as she pulls up her breasts scraping up his chest as she comes out of the water and holds him in a tight embrace.


“Don’t worry so much, Jayden. It’s just for fun.”


“I’m not really into girls” he whispers so that only Ashely can hear him. Jayden looks concerned and she tweaks his nose and slips one hand under the water and gently rubs his inner thigh making Jayden stop breathing.


“We can find out together if that’s completely true.”


Ashley swims away and taking the ball that Chase got from a bucket.


Logan is busy with the nets and Max swims over to him, “Don’t worry. We will win.”


“That’s what I am afraid of” Jayden says under his breath.


Max chuckles “Winning doesn’t mean spending time with Ashley, Jayden. I don’t know if you know this but this game can get intense. Water polo is all about strategy and I want to bust some balls under the water.” Max squeezes Jayden’s shoulder, “Under the water there is no rules, and I want to make sure that Logan gets some good whacks below the belt.”


“He kinda just helped me a lot” counters Jayden thinking back to juvenile hall, and getting away from that place. “Him and Chase.”


“Don’t worry, you can score all the points, I’ll play the dirty game.”


Jayden bites his lip unsure, but Max’s enthusiasm sways him and after taking a deep breath Jayden says “If you say so, Max.”


Chase and Logan are whispering at the other end, both blonde studs out match them in size and age. Jayden’s not so sure of the teams but if they get slaughtered at least it will be over rather quickly.


“Penalty points will be determined by me…and I give my own punishments to those that I think deserve it” Ashley’s statement comes as a surprise to Jayden and he looks at her perplexed. The pair of them have always got along well, and they eat together at lunch with the rest of the wrestling team and the cheerleaders. Logan always casually told him about their sexual exploits from time-to-time and how she could be a little…rough. Looks like he might witness that today. Jayden plans on playing a nice and fair game, and he is fine with the other’s taking some ball abuse…he does not plan on being one of her victims. Not if he can help it.


“Babe” Logan says smiling, “Go easy on my boys.”


“These boys?” Ashley asks one hand darting under the water and grabbing something precious. Logan gasps and yelps.


“Both!” he yells.


Everyone chuckles but Ashley releases him quite quickly.


“Everyone get into positions. It’s time to play” says Ashley.


Logan floats back to the goal, one hand holding onto his manly assets.


Jayden moves forward swimming up to meet Chase. Chase is grinning, and it’s that unmistakable look in his boyfriends blue eyes that make him snap his legs together protectively.


Chase notices and smiles wider “Afraid?”


“You wish.”


Ashely holds the ball saying “Ready?”


They nod in unison and Ashley ready to get the game going hurtles the ball into the air. Chase and Jayden jump for it, splashing Ashely as they reach. Chase is taller and it’s that height difference that gives him the edge and he sends the ball back towards Logan who grabs it easily enough and coming forward the ball under one arm.


Chase winks at Jayden and dashes away towards his goal. Max is there, but Jayden goes on the defensive and swims over to Logan to try and steal the ball.


Logan towers over Jayden, and easily puts on hand on his head pressing him deep under the water. Above the surface Jayden can still hear Logan chanting “Gotcha, Gomez!” Logan cranks back his arm aiming for the next but Jayden smacks him between the legs, his fingertips brushing his inner thighs as he knocks Logan’s testicles up and against his pubic bone with a splash of water lapping up at his belly in the process.


The laugh dies in Logan’s throat and he takes a step back reaching down and grabbing his balls. When Jayden pops up he easily takes the ball and smiles “You were saying?” and shoots it easily into Logan and Chase’s net at the other end of the pool.


“That’s a foul” Ashley calls out coming up to Jayden, and he forgets that he was not supposed to cheat…especially to get caught.


Shyly Jayden smiles saying “Logan started it…” his nervousness taking over and his teeth chatter like tiny mints in their tin.


“I saw everything.”


“Babe, he busted my—BALLS!”


Logan’s blue eyes, darker than the pool water but only just widens in alarm. Ashley’s knee is firmly wedged between his thighs, and his feet leave the pool floor as she powers her slender leg upwards. Logan glides upward, the water helping to lift him up and past Ashley who tilts her head upwards to watch him bob on the end of her slender smooth thigh.


“No cheating in this pool.”


Taking the ball from the other end, she hands it back to Jayden, as Logan keels over grabbing himself. Logan’s shoulders fold in curving to the front as he groans “Ash…fuck…don’t you want to fuck later?”


“I’m leaving my options open” Ashley says coyly and flashes a wink at Jayden that makes him blush.


Jayden is dumbfounder as he is passed the ball, and he freezes up under her magnetic blue eyed gaze.


“Ay caramba” Jayden whispers to himself as Ashley passes one hand under the turbulent water her fingertips brushing by the undersized of his stiffening member. Jayden’s throat closes up, and he tries to gulp as she squeezes lightly at the bulbous end, one fingernail trailing along the sensitive underside of his delicate frenulum.


Ashley turns away, giving Jayden one last solid pull that makes him both wince and moan under his breath.


“Let’s play ball!”


Jayden frozen to the spot, and Logan still hunched over pause in the middle of the pool. The players seem unable to move.

“Do something!” Max shouts to his teammate, causing Jayden to stir from his stopper and wade through the waters, diving down underneath and swimming full throttle to Chase at the other end defending his goal.


Jayden pops up before Chase and shoots the ball, but not before his boyfriend comes in quick kneeing him between the legs. Jayden’s shot goes wide and bounces out of the pool, but Chase is still holding tight to his boyfriend’s frame smiling wickedly and grinding Jayden’s nuts beneath the surface of the water. Jayden stands their stunned and knocked dumb by the blow. He whimpers and gushes out “Chase—my boynuts!”


“Yeah, they got in my way—oh well!” Chase laughs and pulls his knee back and jumps out of the water to go after the ball. It’s rolled underneath a chair and he hurls it overhead watching as it soars back to Logan before jumping into the pool and splashing water all over Jayden.


Jayden coughs and splutters leaning against the pool wall, gasping for air as Chase pats his back.


“Sorry Jayden, you left yourself so…open!”


Jayden groans, one hand inside of his bathing suit, rolling his balls around in his hand. His scrotum is hot to the touch and smarting, and Jayden can’t help but flash Chase a look of anger and grit his teeth before turning away to help Max at the other end of the pool. Moving to swim under water, Jayden dives down and is about to kick away but Chase has one of his feet and pulls him backwards towards the goal. Jayden comes up out of the water breathless and panting, water dripping down his face and chest and Chase pulls him in for a tight embrace.


“Let’s wait here shall we…Logan verse Max. Should be interesting.”


“Ch…Chase!” Jayden splutters trying to evade Chase’s grip but Chase’s other hand snakes around his middle pinning him to him.




Jayden growls and tries to pull back but Logan, followed by Ashley catches his attention as his wrestling coach and previous captain of the Bartlet team shoves Max away from trying to snatch the ball.


“Too short, little buddy.”


Logan dunks the ball as Max just manages to break the surface coughing and looking mutinous.


“All tied up now.”


“Illegal move to the goalie,” Ashley states swinging her fist up between Logan’s thighs and catching him in his bulge whish rests just at the surface. Logan’s nuts smack his abdomen, his balls crushed up against his pelvis, his nuts smooshing underneath Ashley’s knuckled punch.


“Oh fuuuuck! Ash…not…AGAIN!” Logan hollers, and Max smiles at the look on his face and takes the ball throwing it overhead to Jayden. Jayden can’t get to it, as floats by him but Ashley grabs a handful of Max’s goods and squeezes.


“Oh….oh no! Gods…d…don’t!”


“We were in a penalty, you can’t start the game yet until I say so!”


The game may be tied…but no one seems to care anymore.


Logan limps from the pool holding his privates and falls into a lounge chair to cradle himself, while Ashley squeezes poor Max’s nuts until he yelps.


Looking pleased with herself Ashley let’s go and he collapses against the pool wall.  Max’s shoulders heave and he lifts himself from the pool rolling over to turn in the fetal position facing away from the group, but Jayden has the distinct feeling as he watches Max’s body shake that he might be crying from the pain.


Ashley happily swims over and yells out “Another penalty, this one from you Chase!”


Chase loses all color in his face and decides to high tail it from the pool running toward the house, Ashley is in full pursuit.


Jayden swims over to Max, finally freed to touch his bare shoulder. “You…okay?”


Max only whimpers in response.


Climbing out from the pool, Jayden lowers himself next to Max and brushes a few wet locks from his forehead. Max is squeezing his eyes shut, and his wincing.


“Hey…I think that the game is over. Want me to help you home?”


Max nods after a moment.


Jayden grabs a towel from the pile and wraps one around his waist, and another over Max’s shoulders gently helping him to his feet. Most of Max’s weight is against Jayden, and the pair hobble to a chair near Logan.


“Rest here for a minute until you’re able to walk, and then I can take you home.”


“I can’t imagine a bike ride home would be fun…I’ll drive you once my balls stop hurting like a son-of-a-bitch,” Logan says through a grimace.


“Thanks Logan, I—”


“No!” Max cuts in, face red.


“It’s not problem Max, just give me a second to recover—”


Max is standing now, and looking livid. He is trembling with raw rage and spits out “I can’t do this anymore, Logan! I don’t want…” Max’s hazel eyes cloud with water and tears fall from his cheeks. Max takes a gulp of air as Logan sits up, one hand still cupping his nutsack, and Jayden twists his hands looking rather uncomfortable.


“…you. Not like this! It’s either her or me, and I know who you choose, Logan.” Max tosses his towel to the floor standing up, raw rage pouring off of him as he sweeps past Jayden and comes right up to Logan pointing one finger into his chest.


“I’m not going to be your dirty little secret anymore.” Max’s words leave the pool area silent, and he steps back eyes blinking as a fresh wave of tears drip down his cheeks, Max scrubs his face with the back of his left hand and starts to walk away.


Jayden gives one pleading look at Max and hurries after him. Max is storming to the door, and Jayden leaves with him.


Max looks at his bike in disgust, pulling on his sneakers and speaking to himself, “I’ll get it later.”


Jayden trails after him not sure what to say, but grabs his shoulder anyways. “Jayden, don’t—”


But Jayden is hugging him. Hard. Max cradled in Jayden’s shoulder shudders, and loses himself. He’s crying hard now, and Jayden just holds him, giving him the reassurance of his presence as he cradles Max against his chest and he lets out a volley of pent up anguish.


Inside the house Chase tries to lock his bedroom, but Ashley gets there first and manages to open the door before it closes.

Ashley’s blonde hair falls around her shoulders in wet rivulets and she shoves Chase forward towards his bed. He trips over the sheet falling prone and Ashely is on top of him, her pelvis grinding into Chase’s. Chase’s eyes widen in alarm, and a look of sharp desire. “Ashley, we can’t.”


Ashley grinds her hips into his, feeling him squirm beneath her, as he hardens. Ashley smiles and lowers her chest, her breasts soft against his bare chest. Her lips are on his before he can utter another word. Chase moans against her mouth, and one arm wraps around her before he pushes her off his mouth. Ashley’s lips are parted and she looks hungry.




“Chase I want you to fuck me.”


The words hit Chase and he can’t help but thrust up against her, and Ashely’s blue eyes so alike his own soften and she moans pressing herself firmly against his leaking appendage and reaching backwards to cup his balls, and gives them a tiny squeeze. Her fingertips are light and graceful and the move does not exactly hurt, but teasing as she gently holds his balls in her hand. She barely manages to grab onto his nuts in his wet suit as she holds them hostage.


“Take me, Chase. Fuck me.”


Chase moans, arms splayed out as she rides him, his body reacting to the stimulation as Ashley rolls his balls steadily giving more access.


“I…can’t. Ashely…Logan and Jayden…they are downstairs…”


Ashely leans back down and brushes his lips with her own and squeezes him harder. A mixture of pleasure and pain takeover Chase’s sense and he moans against her mouth, not kissing it as she breathes against it pressing her lips into a small ‘O’ and breathing against him. Chase feels his eyes roll back and he closes them for a moment as he loses himself and throbs against her warm groin, as she presses and grinds herself against him. Chase’s cock throbs and he can feel himself getting closer.




“Your no sounds like a yes” Ashely teases, and squishes Chase’s nuts into a mound hard and swift, and he freezes up eyes opening.


“You…my big—ugh!”


Ashley laughs “I always love it when I get a man to this point.” Ashley leans down and sucks at Chase’s Adam’s apple, nibbling his flesh as her fingers sink even deeper into his nuts seeking out his twin cores.


“St…stop…my nuts!”


Ashely is wilding grinding against Chase now, her hips rising and falling in rhythm to his throbbing erection. The steadiness as she rides his cock, as it slips free from his Speedo prison and up against her bathing suit the only thin material separating their organs from connecting. Chase feels the difference in both the heat of Ashely, and the moistness stemming from her. Chase shakes his heading trying to say no again, but she locks onto his mouth and with her free hand grasps his erection and bringing it closer to her. Chase tries to push her off, but Ashley squeezes him rougher, and twists his sack in her hand as she slips his cock inside of her bathing suit and presses him against her entrance.


Chase stops resisting for one moment as she guides him inside of her and manages to push her off enough to say “Ashley…I don’t want…”


“You sure as fuck do, you are so fucking hard Chase!”


Chase’s stiffy plunges deep inside of her, and he can’t help but hold back a scream.


“I’m going to make you scream my name, Chase!” Ashley says, as her hips rise and fall onto him and she squeezes harder. Chase can barely resist her any longer, his strength draining from her as she uses Chase’s cock to fuck herself.


“Fuck this feels so…good!” Ashley throws her head back just as the bedroom door opens.


Ashley let’s out a little yell of pleasure as Chase pleads with her. “You…stop…Ashely…I don’t want to…”


Ashley is in another world as she approaches her orgasm and squeezes Chase’s nads, making him gasp and shudder “Fuck…stop squeezing…stop….noooo!”


Logan grips her waist and pulls.


Ashley is on the floor in an instant and Chase is gasping and grabbing his groin as Logan whirls on her.


“What the fuck!?” Logan screams.


Ashely jumps to her feet, and adjusts her swimsuit and yells back “I wasn’t done, yet!”


“The fuck you are!” Logan roars back and shoves her towards the door.


Ashely stumbles backwards, grabbing the door handle.


“Get out.” Logan’s voice is low, and full of warning. “Now.”


Ashley laughs, a sickly little smile on her face. “Not as much fun is it Logan, when it’s me cheating on you instead of the other way around.”


Chase has pulled up his Speedos and put on a bathrobe saying to Logan “I didn’t mean to Logan—please believe me!”


Ashley shrugs and opens the door, her eyes dangerous “Sure you didn’t.” Stepping through she quietly heads down the stairs leaving Logan and Chase staring at one another as she leaves the house, leaving behind a wave of destruction.


Chase stares at Logan and whispers “I’m sorry.”


Logan doesn’t answer for a long, cold moment before he moves in and grabs him in a hug. “You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” Logan trembles against Chase and says “This is all my fault…I’m so sorry Chase.”


Chase’s cock is wilting, and he nods against him. “What…what do we do now?”


“I don’t know,” Logan answers honestly. “I don’t know how to move forward from here. But I promise you this Chase, Ashley is never coming over to this house…ever again.”






Anonymous said...

So now you're writing about child rape that freely?

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! More storied please

owen said...

great story as ever! keep them coming bro.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi guys,

Glad that most of you liked it! And thanks so much Owen. I was happy to start posting again!


Anonymous said...

Great story, so hot...I hope it's not the last time we see Ashley tho. She does quite know how to make a mess with all those boys, gay bi or hetero...