Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One on one: Sammy vs. Parker

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Parker and Sammy (click for pictures)

“Hey, Sammy”, Parker grinned as he entered the studio. “Nice to see you again.”

The 21 year old gymnast was wearing tight green jeans, white, well-worn sneakers and a skin-tight brown t-shirt with some orange colored abstract artwork on it. A couple of colorful patches – probably more fashion statement than repair work – were sewn on the legs of his jeans. A small white patch with blue stripes on his right thigh, a bigger one on his left knee, checkered red and white, looking like it had been cut out of a cheap napkin.

His bulging crotch sported a well-placed tear in the fabric, letting us catch a glimpse of his plain red boxer shorts that had the same bright color as his dyed red hair. Parker’s balls were outlined in his jeans, separated by the crotch seam, and his dick pointed to the right.

“Hi, Parker”, Sammy said.

Parker hugged him, making the lanky skaterboy blush.

Sammy seemed slightly uncomfortable with Parker’s overt showing of affection.

The red haired skater smiled uneasily, enduring Parker’s embrace.

Sammy was a bit taller than Parker and the red color of his short hair was natural.

“Nice to see you again”, Parker smiled, looking at Sammy.

Sammy nodded and grinned.

A couple of weeks ago, Sammy had treated Parker to a memorable treatment in his series “Sammy the ball doctor”. Parker had been a good sport, playing along with his role and letting Sammy crack his nuts again and again.

Parker looked around the studio and smiled. “Nothing changed, huh?”

“You haven’t been here for a while, right?” I said.

Parker nodded. He grinned and took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular upper body. Working as a gymnast just like his friends Michael and Will, he had a perfectly shaped body, lean and smooth, with six pack abs, defined pecs and muscular arms.

Parker flexed his biceps and winked at Sammy. “I can’t wait to start with the fight…”

Sammy looked at him and chuckled. “Think you can beat me?”

Parker adjusted his crotch and shrugged. “If you give me a chance…”

“No way”, Sammy laughed and took off his shirt. It was extra-large, hanging loosely on Sammy’s skinny body, just like his baggy jeans. Sammy looked down at his pale, naked belly and ran his hand across it.

I cleared my throat. “Okay, guys, why don’t we start?”

Sammy and Parker nodded.

My cameraman Chad was standing behind the camera.

“A short statement first?” I suggested.

“Okay”, Parker said, turning to the camera.

Chad nodded at him.

“Hi, I’m Parker. Today I’m gonna get revenge on little Sammy. He busted my balls pretty badly in his doctor’s coat. I’m sure you enjoyed it.” Parker winked at the camera. He adjusted his crotch and continued, “But today I’m gonna make him pay for it. I’m gonna crack his little skaterboy nuts and make him sing soprano.” Parker flexed the biceps of his right arm and ran his left hand over his trained abs. “I’m gonna make sure that he won’t even think of having children anytime soon… Sammy, your balls are mine!” Parker grinned and grabbed his crotch. He blew a kiss at the camera and winked again.

“Thanks”, I said.

Parker turned to Sammy and chuckled. “Your turn.”

Sammy smiled uneasily.

“Don’t worry”, Parker smiled. “I’m sure you’ll be a great soprano...”

Sammy raised his eyebrows.

“Sammy?” I said.

The lanky skaterboy turned to the camera and cleared his throat. “I’m Sammy”, he said, smiling. “As a doctor, I know how to deal with people---“
Parker laughed from off camera. “You’re not a doctor, Sammy!”

Sammy ignored him and grinned. “And as a skater I know how to take some pain---”

“We’ll see!” Parker chuckled.

“So I’m pretty sure I’ll walk out the door with my balls intact, while that phony redhead over there is cradling his balls, crying for his mommy”, Sammy grinned. “Oh, and by the way, Parker, I’m taller than you. So stop calling me ‘little’…”

Parker laughed.

“Okay”, I said, grinning. “That was great.”

Sammy walked over to Parker and playfully tweaked his nipple.

“Ow”, Parker grinned.

“More to come”, Sammy said with an impish smile.

Parker lifted both of his hands and grabbed Sammy’s small pink nips that stood out on his pale, smooth skin. He squeezed them lightly, looking Sammy in the eyes, smiling.

Sammy blushed, sensing the sexual tension. He cleared his throat. “We’re here to fight”, he said hoarsely. “Aren’t we?”

Parker shrugged. “Why not mix business with pleasure?” He continued massaging Sammy’s hard nipples between his fingers.

“I don’t want to”, Sammy said, “I’m pretty sure that you are just waiting for the right moment to bash my balls.”

Parker smiled. “Maybe.”

“You know”, Sammy said slowly. “I don’t think I want you to. I love my balls.”

Parker shrugged. “I’m sure you do.”

“Both of them”, Sammy continued. “They are pretty precious to me.”

“I’m sure they are”, Parker grinned.

“That’s why…” Sammy’s voice trailed off as he brought his leg back and powered his knee up into Parker’s crotch.

Parker’s nuts were held in a neat package by his tight jeans, and Sammy’s bony knee connected perfectly with both of them, ramming them into Parker’s crotch.

Parker blinked. Then his hands let go of Sammy’s nipples and he croaked, “Got the message…”

Sammy grinned. “No means no…”

Parker chuckled, doubling over, rubbing his groin with his right hand. “You got them both”, he said hoarsely.

“Good”, Sammy chuckled. He had his hands on his hips. He had a black belt with a large silver belt buckle that held his baggy jeans up.

Parker looked at his crotch.

Sammy grinned.

Maybe it was because Sammy wasn’t used to being attacked. As “the ball doctor” he had complete control over his “patients”. Anyway, he was more than careless. And he was immediately punished for that as Parker’s fist shot out and connected with the shiny belt buckle, driving the hard metal into Sammy’s tender testicles with a dull thud.

Surprisingly, Parker screamed first. He shook his hand, rubbing his knuckles that had made contact with the buckle.

Sammy’s eyes twitched as the pain set in. His lips parted and he let out a miserable groan that increased in pitch and volume, turning into a high-pitched scream as he grabbed his nuts and doubled over. “Fuck”, he whimpered.

Parker grimaced.

Sammy reached inside his jeans, causing them to fall down to the floor, hanging around his ankles. “Fuck”, he whimpered again.

Parker grinned. He grabbed a handful of Sammy’s short hair and pulled him up.

Sammy was grimacing in pain.

“Let me help you, doctor”, Parker grinned.

Sammy groaned.

Parker reached inside Sammy’s boxers.

Sammy’s facial expression changed immediately. He blinked a couple of times. Then his mouth opened and he let out a silent scream.

Parker’s fingers were wrapped around Sammy’s nuggets. Judging from the movement of the muscles ins Parker’s arm, he was doing a very good job squeezing and squishing Sammy’s poor testicles.

The skinny skaterboy retched and gagged as Parker manipulated his balls between his fingers. He tried to pull Parker’s hand out of his boxers, but the muscular gymnast didn’t let go of his balls.

After a minute of gasping and squirming in silence, Sammy let out an ear-piercing scream that echoed through the studio.

Parker chuckled and pulled his hand out of Sammy’s boxers, allowing the poor boy to double over and sink to the floor.

Sammy whimpered and sobbed, cradling his crotch with his hands, his jeans around his ankles.

Parker looked down on him, grinning. He grabbed Sammy’s legs and pulled off his sneakers. Then he stripped him off his jeans.

“Fuck”, Sammy whimpered.

“Hey, doc”, Parker grinned. “Time for payback…”

Sammy stared at him in horror.

Parker grinned and grabbed Sammy’s socked feet. Spreading his legs wide, he looked down at Sammy’s boxer clad crotch.

“No”, Sammy croaked, covering his crotch with both of his hands.

Parker ignored him. He lifted his foot and stomped down on Sammy’s crotch, connecting with his hands and driving them into his groin.

Sammy let out an agonized scream.

Parker chuckled and lifted his foot again.

Sammy closed his eyes in anticipation.

But Parker didn’t stomp down again.

He brought his leg back and kicked Sammy’s nuts. The tip of his sneaker found its way under Sammy’s hands, hitting both of Sammy’s precious jewels dead on and driving them into his bony crotch.

“Fuck!” Sammy shrieked. He tried desperately to get out of his hapless position, but Parker held on to Sammy’s feet, keeping his legs spread wide.

Again and again, he kicked at Sammy’s crotch, occasionally hitting his hands, but most of the time landing vicious blows to Sammy’s tender plums.

Sammy was moaning in pain, whimpering and panting heavily. His pale body was glistening with sweat as Parker’s sneaker smashed into his nuts with relentless force.

After a while, Parker let go of Sammy’s legs, and the skaterboy curled up in a ball, sobbing in pain.

“Oh, come on”, Parker grinned, kneeling down behind Sammy. He patted Sammy’s ass and shook his head. “It can’t be that bad, can it.”

Sammy whimpered.

Parker chuckled and reached inside Sammy’s boxers from behind, digging deep until he found Sammy’s tenderized testicles inside.

Sammy froze.

Parker grinned and squeezed hard, causing Sammy to yelp in pain.

“Look at that”, Parker grinned, continuing to squeeze the life out of Sammy’s nuts. The gymnast was bent over Sammy’s body, looking at his crotch.

Sammy’s boxers were tented by a massive erection.

“Oooh”, Parker cooed, smirking. “Let’s see if we can get it down with some additional therapy…”

“Please”, Sammy croaked. “I give up.”

Parker shook his head. “I don’t think so.” He pulled his hand out of Sammy’s boxers and turned him onto his back.

Holding Sammy’s hands with his free hand, he started pounding the skinny skaterboy’s nuts with his fist.

Sammy howled in pain as Parker’s knuckles dug into the soft flesh of his delicate plums.

Parker’s eyes were fixed on the raging boner that was hidden by Sammy’s boxers.

On the fourth blow by Parker’s fist, Sammy’s dick twitched visibly.

“Yeah”, Parker chuckled. He held his fist over his head and winked at Sammy.

Sammy’s eyes were glassy. He stared at Parker in horror. “No”, he whispered.

Parker’s fist came crashing down into Sammy’s crotch, hitting his erect cock and his nuts in one swift blow.

“Fuck!” Sammy screamed from the top of his lungs.

Inside Sammy’s boxers, his dick started spurting. It looked as if some animal was in there, wanting to get out, as jet after jet of creamy jizz sputtered against the fabric, soaking it until his boxers were completely damp and wet.

Sammy was screaming in pain, struggling against Parker, his cock shooting thick spurts of thick, white cum.

Parker let go of Sammy’s hands, grinning as the skater curled up in a little ball, clutching his manhood, wailing in pain.

Parker stood and turned around. He adjusted his crotch and winked at the camera. “Mission accomplished”, he grinned and walked out of frame.

Chad focused on Sammy, getting a good close-up of Sammy’s agonized face and his wet, sticky boxers as he was rocking back and forth, whimpering in pain.

“Keep filming him for a little while”, I said and walked up to Parker.

Chad nodded.

“Good job”, I said, shaking Parker’s hand.

Parker grinned and shrugged. “I didn’t have to do very much. He left himself open.”

I nodded. “Do you wanna leave right away?”

Parker looked at Sammy. Then he turned to me again. “I’m gonna wait and see if he’s okay. Maybe he wants to see a movie with me.”

I raised my eyebrows and looked at the whimpering, sobbing boy. “I don’t think he’s in the mood tonight…”

“Well”, Parker chuckled. “I could kiss and make him feel better…”

“You plan on becoming a doctor?” I grinned.

“Maybe”, Parker chuckled.

An hour later, Sammy was alright. He didn’t look Parker in the eye as he put on his clothes, embarrassed at shooting his load inside his boxers.

Chad and I walked into the kitchen, giving them some privacy.

When we came back, they had left.

“I thought Parker was straight”, Chad said.

I nodded. “I think he is. Usually.”

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Anonymous said...

Nice story. I didn't like Parker in the early stories because his only distinguishing feature was dyed red hair. Now he is becoming a more developped character.
I like the way Parker seems to really enjoy these matches and never becomes angry or aggressive. It's great when he compliments his opponent after being busted !
Against Sammy was easy, but when he faces a tough challenger his nuts can take some serious abuse.
Will he feature in the Shakeup series...I think he's a good representative for your more friendly site.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the development of Parker's character.
In the Shakeout story, we'll have five guys representing our site, unfortunately Parker is not one of them: Ben, Zach, Brandon and the twins...
Are there any other ideas that you have for Parker?

Anonymous said...

I really want to see Parker face and defeat a guy that is his opposite in character. A mean, bad tempered bully with a huge ego that gets really mad when his nuts are hurt.
This has to be a one-on-one fight, but which opponent would fit...
David (great, but I don't want him to lose),
Nestor (perfect in every way, but will he stay in the site),
OR a guy from the other site. Maybe they have a bad guy waiting to be humbled by a playful guy with shocking hair and a surprisingly robust package!

Anonymous said...

^ Xander could also fit the bill~ I think...

Nice story, it was certainly a good one, and I liked both characters who were featured~

Anonymous said...

^^ god, I don't want to see anymore of David or Xander unless there getting the crap beat out of them.

Alex said...

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions! There is a match between Parker and David scheduled in the "One on one" wishlist. (David will win that one.) I've added another one: Parker vs. Xander. And I'm pretty sure that Parker will beat the hell out of Xander's nuts...