Sunday, November 2, 2008

On the job: Brandon, fry boy

Featured in this story: Brandon (click for pictures)

I walked into the restaurant. It was rather small, but a typical McDonald’s restaurant in every respect: a large room with seating for fifty or sixty people, a counter with three cash registers, and an open industrial kitchen.

There were no patrons but me, so I walked right up to the counter.

A young, skinny, bored-looking cashier with short blond hair and a freckled face was standing behind one of the registers. Above his upper lip was an amusing attempt at a moustache. I looked at his name tag. Jack. Jack looked like he was nineteen or twenty years old. He didn’t look like he had to shave every morning…

“Hi”, I smiled at him. “I’m looking for Brandon.”

Jack stared at me with a blank expression on his face.

“The Asian guy?” I said.

“Oh, Brandon”, Jack said.


“I’m looking for him”, I said, smiling.

Jack nodded.

I tried more direct approach. “Do you know where he is?”


I cleared my throat.

I was wearing blue jeans and a shirt. Inside one of the buttons was a tiny, very tiny camera.

A couple of days ago, our website had received a generous donation, and we had invested some of the money into new equipment. The hidden camera had been on the top of the list.

I have no idea how it works, but it works just fine. One of the big advantages is the fact that I don’t have to drag Chad along for everything I’d like to film.

I looked at Jack. “Maybe you could---“

Suddenly, I heard there was a noise back inside the kitchen. A dull thud and a miserable moan, followed by a couple of male voices laughing.

Jack grinned. “He’s back there.”

“Thanks”, I said, walking past him into the kitchen, and ignoring about twenty work and food health regulations.

Behind the burger pass-through, right in front of the deep fryer and the hot plate, I saw a group of four young men. All of them were wearing the standard McDonald’s uniform, pants, shirts, and hats.

One of them was Brandon. The 21 year old Asian-American was doubled over, his hands covering his crotch, grimacing in pain.

“Hey, Brandon”, I said, chuckling.

The four boys turned to me

“Hi”, Brandon craoked.

His three friends looked like they were expecting to be rebuked.

“He’s a friend”, Brandon said, growning in pain and rubbing his groin.

“Hi, I’m Alex”, I said. “I hope I didn’t interrupt something…”

The expressions of Brandon’s friends’ faces changed to friendly smiles.

“Well”, one of them, a tall, handsome guy with curly black hair said, “we’re in the middle of frying some rice balls.” He grinned and patted Brandon’s shoulder.

Brandon smiled weakly.

The second guy, a blond with jug ears and a dumb smile on his face, chimed in, “Yeah, Brandon, how are those balls feeling?“

The three guys laughed.

The third boy, a redhead with pale skin and deep blue eyes, grinned. “Just a friendly game of bag tag, right, Brandon?”

Brandon grimaced. “Yeah.” He straightened and grinned. “It’s a quiet day…” He grinned at Jug Ears and quickly backhanded his balls with a resounding smack.

Jug Ears yelped in surprise and doubled over, groaning in pain.

Brandon and his friends laughed.

“You’re it”, Brandon grinned.

Jug Ears moaned and chuckled. “That was a good one.” He quickly balled his fist and threw simultaneous punches at the redhead’s and the curly boy’s crotches. His knuckles dug into the tender bulges of the two tall boys, making them groan in unison and grab their groins.

I decided to join in on the fun and launched a playful kick at Brandon’s crotch. The instep of my sneaker-clad foot connected with Brandon’s nuts and crunched them into his pelvis.

Brandon’s eyes bulged and he doubled over.

The four boys were moaning in pain, a choir of dissonant groans that lasted for a couple of seconds before the redhead realized the absurdity of the situation and burst out laughing, while grimacing in pain.

The rest of the guys joined in.

Brandon was breathing heavily. “Fuck”, he said hoarsely. “It’s friendly game, Alex. You’re not supposed to pulverize my junk!”

The other boys laughed.

Jug Ears chuckled. “I never realized that the kitchen is such a danger zone for my manhood…”

The curly boy rubbed his crotch and smiled through the pain while his buddies were doubled over, trying to ease the pain in their nuts.

He looked around the kitchen until his eyes fell onto a greasy metal spatula. He grabbed it and grinned, jabbing it in Jug Ear’s direction, aiming for his crotch.

Jug Ears winced and took a step back before the spatula made contact with his balls.

The curly boy laughed.

“Hey”, the redhead suddenly said. “Why don’t we make a ball burger?”

His three buddies stared at him.

The redhead chuckled and reached for a bread bun. “So whose balls are gonna be the meat in the burger?”

The curly boy shook his head emphatically. “I was the hot dog last week!”

Jug Ears grinned, apparently remembering the situation. “Ouch.”

“So it’s you or Brandon”, the redhead grinned.

Jug Ears’ smile vanished and he looked at Brandon.

Brandon was rubbing his crotch, grimacing at the thought.

“Hey”, Jug Ears said, turning to the redhead. “What about you?”

The redhead smiled. “It was my idea…”

Jug Ears frowned at him. “Your balls are big and meaty. I bet they’d make a good burger…”

The redhead laughed. “Maybe next week…”

Jug Ears shrugged and looked at Brandon. “You or me, buddy.”

Brandon sighed.

“Why don’t you settle it by playing a round of Roshambo?” the curly boy suggested, grinning.

“Yeah”, the redhead chimed in. “The first one to fall to the ground loses.”

“Alright”, Jug Ears said, standing in front of Brandon with his legs spread. He lifted his trousers with his fingers, causing his ample bulge to be clearly visible. “You go first.”

Brandon raised his eyebrows. Then he shrugged and aimed a powerful kick at Jug Ears’ testicles. His leather shoe slammed into the soft bulge and flattened it, knocking the wind out of the boy’s lungs and causing him to groan in pain.

“Fuck”, Jug Ears coughed.

The redhead and the curly boy cringed in pain.

“Oooooh”, the redhead grinned.

“My turn”, Jug Ears whispered hoarsely.

“Bring it on”, Brandon grinned. He grabbed his crotch and adjusted the healthy package with his fingers. “They are right here…”

Jug Ears bit his lower lip and focussed on the big bulge in Brandon’s pants.

Contrary to the common cliché about Asians, Brandon was very well endowed, with a nice, fat cock and a pair of big, low hanging danglers.

Now, those big, low hanging danglers were crushed by a powerful kick that landed right on target, smashing Brandon’s bits against his pelvis.

“Yay!” the redhead laughed.

Brandon coughed. He grimaced in pain and doubled over.

“Go on!” the curly boy shouted.

Brandon moaned. He grabbed his balls and whimpered in pain.

Jug Ears was waiting for his kick. He was standing with his legs spread wide, offering up his balls.

It took a moment for Brandon to regain composure. Then he brought his leg back and sent it crashing into Jug Ears’ crotch. The tip of his foot flattened Jug Ears’ balls, bringing an ear-piercing scream from his lips. He grabbed his balls and whimpered.

“Nasty”, the redhead commented, chuckling.

Jug Ears’ face was bright red and was panting heavily, grimacing and moaning and rubbing his crotch.

Brandon watched him, doubled over himself, clutching his crotch.

Jug Ears grunted something unintelligible. Then he took a couple of steps back. “Spread ‘em”, he said.

Brandon gulped and did as he was told, looking at Jug Ears with fear in his eyes.

With a running start, Jug Ears powered his foot into Brandon’s crotch, crunching his nuts with an audible thud.

Brandon shrieked in pain and fell to his knees, clutching his aching gonads.

His three buddies clapped and cheered as Brandon rolled to the side and curled up in a ball.

“Cigarette break”, the redhead grinned. “When we come back, we’ll make a ball burger…”

Jug Ears and the curly boy laughed.

Five minutes later, Brandon was leaning against the deep fryer.

“Come on, get them out”, Jug Ears grinned, fondling his crotch. He did surprisingly well, considering that he had been kicked hard into the groin just a few minutes ago.

Brandon moaned and unzipped his fly. He reached inside his boxers and let his thick cock and his fat testicles dangle over the waistband.

His skin of his shaven sac was reddened, and his big balls looked a bit swollen, hanging very low in his sac.

“Hmm”, the redhead chuckled. “This is gonna be a prime burger.”

Jug Ears and the curly boy laughed.

“Maybe we should pan-fry them first”, the redhead added, smiling.

Brandon’s eyes widened and he stared at him.

“Just joking”, the redhead laughed, patting Brandon’s shoulder. “Just joking, buddy.”

Brandon smiled sheepishly.

Jug Ears walked away and came back with a tray.

He held it in front of Brandon’s thighs, letting his danglers rest on the sheet of paper.

“Here”, the curly boy grinned, putting one half of a bun and a leaf of lettuce on the tray. “The meat, please…” He looked at Brandon. “Just the balls, not the cock.”

Brandon groaned . He closed the top button of his trousers, stuffed his cock into them and put his testicles on the lettuce.

The redhead grinned and poked his finger into Brandon’s tender meatballs, making Brandon wince.

“Ketchup?” the curly boy grinned.

The redhead handed him a bottle.

The curly boy poured some on Brandon’s balls.

Brandon looked down at his nuts with a miserable expression on his face.


The redhead chuckled, produced another bottle and covered the messy affair with a thick layer of mayonnaise. “Looks tasty”, he grinned.

He put a slice of cheese and another leaf of lettuce on top and finished the burger with the top half of the bun.

“Take the tray”, Jug Ears grinned.

Brandon grabbed it, grinning weakly.

“I’ll take a picture”, Jug Ears said, producing a cell phone.

Brandon looked down at the burger.

One of his meaty nuts was bulging out the side.

Jug Ears turned to me and grinned. He handed me the camera and the three boys stood next to Brandon.

The redhead put his arm around Brandon’s shoulder.

The other two boys pointed at the burger and smiled at the camera.

I took a picture.

“Thanks”, Jug Ears grinned.

The redhead turned to Brandon and chuckled, “Why don’t you offer Jack a bite? He hasn’t had his lunch break, yet…”

Brandon gulped. “Alright”, he said in a low voice.

We followed him as he walked to the around the pass-through, holding the tray in his hands, presenting his ball burger.

Jack was standing at his cash register. There was no patron in sight.

Brandon cleared his throat.

Jack turned to him and looked at the tray with a blank expression.

“Hey, Jack”, Brandon said, smiling nervously. “Want a ball burger?”

Jack stared at his crotch.

“It’s a McNuts”, the redhead chuckled, causing his buddies to laugh.

“Yeah”, Jug Ears chimed in. “McNuts with extra meat…”

Jack grinned at Brandon.

Without saying a word, he balled his fist, lifted it above his head and sent it crashing down onto the burger, flattening it and crunching Brandon’s tender, swollen nuts.

Brandon screamed from the top of his lungs.

He let go of the tray, sending it crashing to the ground.

The burger disintegrated, the cheese, the lettuce and the buns falling to the floor, revealing Brandon’s nuts that were smeared with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Behind him, the redhead brought his leg back and kicked Brandon’s poor nuts hard.

The tip of his shoe connected with the two big, round orbs with a wet slap.

Brandon’s eyes bulged and he coughed hoarsely.

He whimpered in pain and sank to his knees.

Suddenly, the door to the restaurant opened and a young couple came in, heading for the counter.

Quickly, Jug Ears, the redhead and the curly boy walked back into the kitchen.

I walked into the restaurant and walked past the couple.

Jack talked to the couple. They were completely oblivious to the softly moaning boy who was lying behind the counter.

I grinned and walked out of the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

very hot story.
(something about Brandon in a fast food outfit, thoose overalls and that cap, make him seem so sexy, wich is weird, because I never thought anything like that would be so hot)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story. I really enjoyed writing it... :-))

Andy said...

Yeah, hot story! :D
I must have missed this one. It's a shame the boys didn't actually each take a bite of the burger, though. That would've been even funnier XD

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Andy! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))