Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top trumps: Leo, Sammy, Brandon and Cal

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonCalLeo and Sammy (click for pictures)

“What is this game about?” Sammy asked, looking confused. The 18 year old skater scratched his his head, running his hand through his red hair. The lanky boy was sitting on the ground, his skinny legs crossed, wearing nothing but plaid boxer shorts and dirty white socks.

I had turned the heating on in the studio. It was rather cold outside and I didn’t want the four guys to catch a cold.

“You never played top trumps?” Cal grinned. He adjusted his crotch in his blue boxer briefs and sat down next to Sammy. The African American boy had the perfect swimmer’s build: muscular chest and trained abs, strong arms and legs, and not an ounce of fat on his entire body. His briefs were bulging with his manhood, his large balls clearly visible below his fat, flaccid cock that pointed to the left. He massaged his bare feet and chuckled.

Sammy shook his head. “Never.”

“It’s easy”, Leo chimed in. He was sitting opposite Cal, his legs crossed just like his friend Sammy’s. “We compete in different categories. And top trumps.” Leo leaned back and grinned. He was a skater, 18 years old, and - just like Sammy - skinny and lanky. In addition to his socks and his plain white boxers, Leo wore a baseball cap on top of his curly black hair.

“Let’s start the game”, Brandon said, sitting down opposite Sammy and completing the circle. Brandon was 21 years old, one year younger than his buddy Cal. They both were on the college swim team, and Brandon’s body was almost as well-trained and defined as Cal’s. At 5’7”, the Asian American boy was the shortest of the four boys. He was wearing socks and a pair of skimpy briefs that barely contained his big balls and thick cock.

“Alright”, Sammy said. “Who wants to start?”

A bunch of cards were lying in the middle of the circle. I had prepared them, writing down different categories.

“You start”, Leo suggested. “Challenge one of us and draw a card.”

Sammy looked around. He shrugged and said, “Cal.”

Cal nodded and grinned.

Sammy reached for the deck of cards.

“Oh”, Leo said, turning his head to the camera. “Is there a prize for the winner?”

The four boys looked at me.

I was standing next to Chad who was running the camera.

I grinned. “No, but there’s a prize for the loser.”

Leo raised his eyebrows and covered his crotch protectively, smiling. “I guess there will be pain, huh?”

I chuckled. “The winners will get to kick the loser’s nuts for as many times as they won points.”

Sammy looked at me, the confused expression back on his face. “Erm, in English please?”

I thought for a moment. English isn’t my native language, sometimes it’s hard to explain simple things in simple words.

“Look”, Leo said. “You win three round. That’s three points. I lose. So you get to kick me in the nuts three times.”

I nodded.

“Got it”, Sammy said.

He pulled a card from the deck and read, “Height.”

Cal rolled his eyes. “Great.”

“Stand up, both of you”, Leo grinned.

Cal remained sitting on the floor. “Oh, hell, I’m five eleven. What are you? Six four?”

Sammy shrugged. “Six three”, he grinned. “One point for me.”

Cal grimaced.

“I like this game”, Sammy chuckled.

Cal sighed.

“My turn”, Leo said. “I challenge…” He took a moment to eye the other players. “You.” He looked at Brandon and winked.

Brandon shrugged and grinned. “Bring it on.”

Leo reached for the deck of cards and took one. “Tug-of-balls”, he read.

Sammy laughed. “Oh fuck. That sounds painful…”

Leo grimaced and turned to me. “Do you have a rope?”

“In the kitchen”, I said. “First drawer on the left.”

Leo got up and walked into the kitchen, returning a moment later with a rope that was maybe ten feet long. He threw it to the ground and took off his boxers, revealing his semi-hard cock and the pair of low-hanging testicles.

“This is gonna be fun”, Sammy grinned and leaned back, watching Brandon take off his briefs.

Smiling awkwardly, Brandon peeled down his skimpy underwear. His cock was flaccid and his large balls dangled freely below. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, making his equipment appear even more impressive than it was. His cock and balls didn’t look monstrous, but they were definitely above average size, just like Leo’s.

”Sammy?” Leo said, holding up one end of the rope. “Could you---“

“Sure”, Sammy grinned. He crawled over the floor and knelt in front of his buddy. “Ooh, this is gonna hurt”, he said cheerfully, tying the rope around Leo’s ballsac.

Leo looked down at his crotch as Sammy fastened the rope tight around the neck of his sac.

“There you go”, Sammy said, yanking down hard and making Leo gasp in pain. “Is it tight enough?”

Leo groaned and nodded.

“Great”, Sammy chuckled, giving the rope another hard tug. He turned to Brandon. “Want me to help you, too?”

“No, thanks”, Brandon said quickly. He fumbled with the rope until he tied it around his balls. Then he looked up and grimaced. “Ready.”

Leo nodded.

“Come here”, Sammy said and pointed at the deck of cards. “This is the middle line. You are not allowed to use your hands, of course.”

Brandon and Leo stood opposite each other, stepping back tentatively until rope was pulled tight and the middle of the rope was located over the deck of cards.

Cal watched them and shook his head, grinning.

Sammy chuckled. He reached for the rope and yanked the it in Brandon’s direction, causing Leo to let out a surprised yelp as his balls were pulled away from his body. He stumbled forward and frowned at Sammy.

“Just checking”, Sammy grinned. “Alright, boys. Three, two, one – go!”

Leo and Brandon started leaning backwards, very carefully at first, pulling on the ropes.

Brandon clenched his teeth, inhaling sharply as the pain started to radiate from his testicles.

Leo’s mouth opened and he let out a miserable groan.

Both boys’ sacs were pulled away from their bodies, the skin stretched, their balls pulled to the bottom of their sacs.

“Fuck!” Leo groaned, leaning against the rope and trying to pull Brandon over the middle line.

Brandon grunted, his eyes closed. Sweat started to run down his face.

The two boys struggled against each other, both of them pulling the rope with their balls, but none of them seemed to gain ground.

After a couple of minutes of pulling and tugging and moaning and whimpering, Brandon decided to change tactics. By now, his balls were red and swollen, filling out the bottom of his sac, looking ready to burst through the skin. Brandon took a step forward, causing Leo to stumble backwards. Then Brandon quickly took two steps back, pulling Leo with him.

Both boys screamed from the top of their lungs.

Cal and Sammy watched with fascination, amused at the spectacle.

“Come on Leo”, Sammy grinned, clapping his hands. “Rip his balls off…”

Leo was screaming in pain. Tears were streaming down his face as he tried to pull Brandon over the middle line without losing his balls.

Brandon did his one-step-forward-two-steps-back move again, screaming at the sudden, sharp pain that erupted from his balls.

Leo’s feet were only inches from the middle line.

“Fuck!” Brandon yelled. “Fuck!” He braced himself and took a couple of tiny steps backwards, wailing in pain.

Leo stumbled forward, crossing the middle line and collapsing on the ground immediately afterwards.

Brandon looked down at his groin.

His cock was rock hard, the tip moist and shiny.

“My balls”, he whispered in a toneless voice, tentatively grabbing hold of the two red, swollen plums. He tried to open the knots, but he inhaled sharply as soon as he touched his cherry colored sac. “Fuck, my balls…”

Leo was sobbing in pain, his hands cupping his aching testicles. They had swollen considerably, too. And the burning and tugging on his delicate goods had caused his cock to swell as well. It was leaking precum, standing proudly above his tortured nuts.

Sammy chuckled and got up. “One point for Brandon”, he grinned. “No point and a pair of aching goolies for Leo”, he added, walking to the kitchen.

Leo and Brandon both groaned in pain.

Sammy returned, holding a pair of scissors in his hand. “Snip snap”, he grinned. “Let’s get those ropes off your balls…”

Brandon looked at the skinny redhead with terror in his eyes.

“Don’t worry”, Sammy chuckled. “I’ll be careful…”

Brandon whimpered when the cold metal of the scissors touched his balls. Within seconds, Sammy had cut the rope. He looked at Brandon and shrugged. “Easy”, he said, winking at him. He slapped Brandon’s reddened balls with the handle end of the scissors, making Brandon shriek and double over.

Sammy chuckled and turned to his buddy Leo.

Leo’s eyes were wet and red.

“Fuck”, Leo whispered.

Sammy nodded and gently grabbed Leo’s sac.

Leo watched him with suspicion as he cut the rope off his nuts.

“Thanks”, he whispered when Sammy did it without hurting his aching testicles.

Sammy smiled with a hint of sympathy. Then he grabbed Leo’s balls and gave them a playful squeeze.

Leo’s eyes widened and he let out a shriek.

“No harm done”, Sammy said casually, releasing his buddies balls. He crawled to his place and looked at Brandon. “Your turn.”

The Asian American boy looked at his fellow players. His eyes settled on Cal. “I challenge you”, he said and reached for the deck of cards. “Ball size”, he said in a low voice. “Fuck.”

Cal grinned and slipped down his boxer briefs, revealing his big, semi-hard cock and the pair of pendulous balls.

“Actually”, Sammy said, looking at Brandon’s crotch. “I guess you might win that one… Let’s compare them…”

Brandon and Cal stood side by side, Sammy kneeling in front of them.

He was right. Brandon’s balls, usually quite a bit smaller than Cal’s enormous plums, were swollen and considerably bigger than usual.

Sammy grabbed Brandon’s balls in his right hand, and Cal’s nuts in his left. The tip of Brandon’s hard cock rested on Sammy’s wrist, leaving a trace of precum on his hand. Sammy chuckled. “Close call. I’d say Brandon’s are bigger right now…” He turned to Leo. “What do you think?”

Leo groaned and took a glance at the testicles in question. “Yeah, you are right.”

Sammy looked up at Cal and grinned. “Another win for Brandon. What a surprise…”

Cal sighed. “Fuck.”

“What’s the score right now?” Brandon asked.

Sammy chuckled. “Two points for you, one for me. None for Sammy or Cal.”

Brandon grinned. “I just wanted to hear it spelled out.”

“My turn”, Cal said. He sat back down again and reached for the deck of cards. “I challenge Leo”, he grinned, making the skinny skater boy grimace at the prospect of losing once again.

“Time to shoot”, Cal said, looking at the card. He looked up and smiled at Leo.

Leo groaned. He stood and started jerking his cock.

Cal chuckled and got up, watching Leo wince in pain each time Leo’s fist slammed against his red plums.

Leo had a considerable advantage, though: His cock was hard already.

Cal realized that, too, and started stroking his cock, bringing it to full hardness while moaning in pleasure.

Leo was wincing and whimpering, working his cock and moaning in pain.

“Come on”, he whispered, beating his meat and looking down at his cock.

Cal was concentrating on his own meat, his head facing down, his eyes closed.

Now, both of them were rock hard.

Brandon and Sammy were sitting on the ground, looking back and forth between Leo’s and Cal’s crotches. It looked as if they were following a tennis match.

Leo and Cal were moaning louder now, the slapping of fists against balls echoing across the room as they stroked their cocks in frenzied motions.

“I’m close!” Leo whispered, panting. “Fuck! I’m close!”

Cal looked at him, allowing himself to be distracted for a short moment. When he closed his eyes again, Leo’s cock erupted in a fountain of hot jizz that landed on the floor a couple of feet away.

Leo was moaning in pleasure, his head thrown back, his mouth hanging open, as his cock shot spurt after spurt of spunk.

Sammy grinned. “One point for you, Leo. Cal, you can stop---“

Cal moaned loudly, his hand stroking his rock hard cock. Apparently he hadn’t noticed Leo’s orgasm. He was locked inside the world of his own pleasure, working his meat with both of his hands.

“Yeah!” he moaned. “Yeah, here it--- yeah!!! Ugh… ohh… ugh…”

Cal let go of his cock, his body convulsing, his cock exploding with gallons of white juice, showering his opponent and the two spectators as his balls emptied and sprayed its contents all over the place.

When he was finished, he opened his eyes, smiling in post-orgasmic bliss, looking exhausted and happy.
He looked at Leo whose body was covered in jizz.

“Whew”, Cal chuckled. “I guess I won that one…”

Leo, Sammy and Brandon stared at him. Then they burst out laughing.

Cal raised his eyebrows. “What---“

“Sorry”, Leo said, grinning sheepishly. “I beat you to it.”

Cal jaw dropped. He pointed at the jizz. “But---“

“Half of it is mine”, Leo grinned. “Well – a quarter of it, actually.”

Sammy and Brandon chuckled.

Cal groaned. “Fuck.”

“It was an impressive load, nontheless”, Sammy chuckled. “Congratulations…”

Cal looked miserable. He wiped his hand on his naked abs, smearing his own ripped body with his cum. Then he sat down. “Fuck.”

“My turn”, Sammy said. He looked at Leo and Cal. Both of them looked tired, their bodies hot, their eyes glassy. “I guess you deserve a break”, Sammy grinned and nodded at Brandon. “I challenge you.”

Brandon shrugged. “Alright.”

Sammy drew a card. “Foot race”, he read. He looked at Brandon and sighed. “I guess you have a slight advantage, huh? You run track?”

Brandon shook his head. “I’m a swimmer”, he said, adding, “running is just a hobby of mine…”

Sammy groaned. “Alright, let’s get it over with…” He looked around the room. “Why don’t we run down the stairs and up again?”

Brandon looked down his naked body. “Like this?”

Sammy shrugged. “There’s nobody there to see you…”

Brandon pointed at Sammy’s boxers. “But you---“

Sammy rolled his eyes and quickly took off his boxers, revealing his nice-sized, flaccid cock, his low-hanging balls and his red bush of pubic hair.

Brandon shrugged. “Alright.”

The two boys walked to the door.

Sammy grinned at Brandon and slapped his naked ass. “Go!”

Both of them disappeared, the door closing behind them.

Leo and Cal remained seated, looking tired, their bodies covered in drying cum.

A minute or two passed until the door burst open again.

Sammy stumbled into the room, out of breath, panting and grinning. “Yes!” he whispered, trying to catch his breath.

Brandon arrived a moment later, grimacing in pain, his right hand covering his junk. “Fuck you”, he cried. “You cheated!”

Cal and Leo chuckled.

Brandon doubled over, clutching his testicles. “Fuck you!”

“What happened?” Leo asked.

Brandon lifted his head, groaning in pain. “He pushed me on the way back and I fell to the ground! I hit my nuts on the stairs!” He glared at Sammy.

The red haired skater had an innocent look on his face.

Cal and Leo chuckled.

“He pushed me!” Brandon repeated, rubbing his balls.

“It was an accident”, Sammy said, smiling.

Cal shrugged. “Come on, Brandon.”

Brandon grimaced. “But---“

“You have two points already, don’t you?” Cal interrupted him.

Brandon shrugged.

“Come on”, Cal said, smiling.

Brandon pouted. “He pushed me”, he said in low voice before sitting down and crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest.

Sammy chuckled. “Sorry”, he said. “It was an accident.”

Brandon grunted. “Your turn”, he mumbled, looking at Leo.

Leo nodded.

“Pick me”, Cal said quickly.

Leo looked at him.

“I’m losing!” Cal said. “I haven’t won a single challenge yet.”

Sammy looked at the cards. “There are only three left.”

“Pick me”, Cal said, smiling at Leo. “Please.”

Leo chuckled. “You want me to pick you because you think I’ll lose to you?”

Cal smiled. “Please.”

Leo shook his head. “Sammy. I challenge you.”

Cal groaned.

Leo reached for the deck of cards and picked one. Reading it, he chuckled. “Thank God I didn’t pick you, Cal”, he grinned, showing him the writing on the card.

Cal looked at it and groaned miserably. “Cock thickness”, he said. “Erect.” He looked down at his crotch and sighed. “I would have won.”

Leo grinned. “Yeah, you would have. But I picked Sammy…”

Sammy grinned.

Brandon was silent, his arms crossed, staring at the ground. “He pushed me”, he mumbled.

“Oh, come on, get over it”, Cal said.

Leo looked down at his crotch. His cock had shrivelled after his winning orgasm a couple of minutes ago. “This might take a little while”, he said and started stroking his limp cock.

Sammy chuckled, rubbing his own cock to full hardness. “You are 19 years old. It shouldn’t take long… Do you want me to put on a little show for you?”

Leo grinned. “What do you have in mind?”

Sammy licked his lips and ran his fingers over his chest, pinching his nipples and moaning like a cheap whore. “Ooooh, you stud, come on, show me your big cock…”

Leo laughed, gently stroking his cock. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

Sammy shrugged and got up, his hard cock pointing to the ceiling. He turned around and bent over, arching his back, showing Leo his naked ass. “What about this, stud?” he purred, holding down his raging hardon with his left hand while pulling his right ass cheek to the side with his other hand, revealing his pink ass hole. “Wanna get your meat into my ass?”

Leo looked at Sammy and grinned sheepishly. He glanced down at his cock which rose and hardened immediately.

Sammy turned his head and spotted Leo’s erection. “Alright”, he said cheerfully, turning around. “Let’s compare…”

Leo grinned.

The two boys stood side by side, holding their cocks in their hands.

Sammy grimaced. He grabbed Leo’s fat schlong, wrapping his fingers around it. He stroked it a couple of times, looking down at it with envy.

“Okay, you win”, he said, sighing.

Leo grinned proudly. “One point for me. Your turn, Brandon.”

Brandon was pouting.

“Pick me”, Cal said, smiling at his buddy.

Brandon stared at him. “Fuck you! Sammy cheated. He pushed me down the stairs. And you defended him! A great friend you are!” He turned to Sammy. “I pick you. And this time, I’ll win, fair and square.”

Sammy grimaced. “Alright, alright. Calm down…”

Brandon picked up a card and read, “Ball toughness, punching.”

Sammy smiled nervously. “What does that mean?”

Brandon smirked at him. “What it says, stupid. We’ll trade punches. Tougher balls win.” He stood and looked down at his balls. They looked badly bruised and swollen from the tug-of-balls challenge. Brandon bit his lower lip. “Alright. This is doable. I start.”

Sammy was standing opposite him. “Why do you---“

“Because it’s me who challenged you!” Brandon snapped.

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “Calm down, buddy.”

Brandon ignored him and got down on his knees. “I’m gonna show you calm!”

Sammy blinked, looking down at the strong, muscular Asian American who clenched his fist and brought it back, looking at Sammy’s pendulous gonads that dangled vulnerably below his rock hard cock.

“Brandon”, Sammy said with a whiny voice. “Please---“

Brandon delivered a powerful uppercut that connected perfectly with both of Sammy’s nuts. The skinny redhead blinked. His eyes widened. His mouth opened. His eyebrows rose. A long, miserable, screeching sound escaped his mouth. It grew louder and louder, turning into a high-pitched shriek as the pain washed through Sammy’s body.

Brandon took a step back, admiring his work, grinning proudly and cracking his knuckles.

Sammy remained standing for almost a minute, paralyzed, wailing in pain, his hard cock twitching, his arms stretched out.

Leo and Cal watched Sammy, cringing in sympathy.

Finally, Sammy stopped screaming. His mouth formed a silent O and his eyes rolled back in his head. He fell to his knees and dropped to the floor face-first, falling right onto his stiff dick.

That brought a da capo of soprano wailing from his lips as he writhed on the floor, clutching his testicles.

“I guess I won”, Brandon grinned.

Leo and Cal stared at Sammy.

Then they looked at each other.

Cal shrugged. “I guess he’s right.”

Leo crawled over to Sammy and nudged his shoulder. “Sammy?”

Sammy didn’t react. He was rolling back and forth, his hand cupping his agonized gonads, moaning and groaning in pain.

“Sammy?” Leo repeated.

No reaction.

Leo turned to Brandon and shrugged. “Okay. Another point for you.”

Brandon grinned. “I have three points, now.”

Cal sighed. “I know.” He turned to Leo. “How many do you have?”

“One”, Leo said.

“And Sammy?” Cal asked.

Leo thought for a moment. “Three, I think.”

Sammy whimpered.

“Fuck”, Cal said, sighing again. “That means the best I can do now is tie with you, right?”

Leo shrugged. “I guess.”

“Fuck. Alright. I challenge you, Leo”, Cal said, reaching for the last card. He picked it up and looked at it. “Fuck!”

“What does it say?” Leo asked, grinning.

Cal closed his eyes. “Length of middle finger”, he said slowly. He opened his eyes. “What kind of category is that? Length of middle finger?”

Leo grinned and looked at his hands. “Left hand or right hand?” he asked cheerfully.

Cal groaned. “Does it make a difference?”

Leo shrugged. “I don’t think so…” He grinned. His body was skinny and lanky, and his hands were skinny, too. He looked at his long, lean fingers and gave Cal “the finger”, smirking.

Cal sighed, got up and copied the obscene gesture. He held it against Leo’s. No surprise. Leo’s middle finger was clearly longer.

“Fuck”, Cal sighed once more. “I lose.”

“Alright”, Brandon grinned, rubbing his hands. “Let’s go.” He turned to his buddy and pointed at his crotch. “Spread your legs, Cal.”

Cal groaned and did as he was told.

“Turn around”, Brandon said.

Cal rolled his eyes and complied.

“Bend over”, Brandon grinned, obviously enjoying the situation.

Cal bent over, placing his hands on his knees.

Brandon grinned and reached between Cal’s ass cheeks. He fondled Cal’s big, juicy balls and chuckled. “I’m gonna scramble your eggs, buddy”, Brandon grinned. “Arch your back.”

“Brandon”, Cal groaned. “Why don’t you just kick---“

He was interrupted by Brandon’s first kick. The instep of his socked feet connected with Cal’s oversized testicles, ramming them into his pelvis with a dull thud and flattening them like pancakes.

Cal shrieked from the top of his lungs.

Leo cringed in sympathy as Cal’s eyes opened wide and he let out a miserable moan. His knees met and he doubled over.

Sammy lifted his head and watched Cal with a dazed expression on his face.

Brandon grinned. He was standing behind his buddy and watched him squirm in pain. He looked down at his ass, spotting Cal’s big left nut that was wedged between his thighs.

Brandon didn’t hesitate for a second. He brought his foot back and sent it crashing into Cal’s poor, exposed testicle.

Cal’s mouth opened and he gasped for air as Brandon’s foot crunched his trapped ball with the tip of his foot. He stumbled forward and fell to his knees, cupping his crotch, trying to protect his large cock as well as his oversized plums with his hands. But one of his nuts or his cock kept slipping out of his grip, causing Brandon and Leo to chuckle as Cal desperately tried to comfort his aching manhood.

Sammy sat up straight, his hand clutching his balls.

“One more kick”, Brandon grinned. “Come on, Cal.”

Cal whimpered.

Brandon waited patiently until Cal was standing again, his legs spread apart, his testicles dangling between his thighs.

He brought his socked foot crashing into Cal’s meaty gonads, hitting both of Cal’s large babymakers with a perfect kick and making Cal scream from the top of his lungs.

Brandon grinned as Cal’s body hit the ground. He turned to Sammy. “Your turn”, he grinned.

Sammy nodded and got up, cupping his balls and groaning.

“Okay”, he said softly, watching Cal squirm in pain. “Let’s go.”

He knelt down next to Cal and rolled him onto his back.

Cal whimpered. His face was contorted in pain.

Sammy gently grabbed hold of Cal’s bulging manhood.

Cal’s cock was semi-hard.

Sammy smiled and wrapped his hands around Cal’s sac.

Cal looked at Sammy with a miserable expression on his face. “Please, don’t---“

Sammy sighed and started squeezing. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of Cal’s ample balls, squishing the tender orbs, bringing Cal’s pain to a whole new level.

Cal screamed in pain.

Sammy smiled sympathetically as he squeezed the life out of Cal’s marbles, squashing his left nut between his thumb and his forefinger while twisting his right nut with the other hand.

“Hey” Leo said slowly. “You have three points. You are allowed three kicks. What does that mean if you choose squeezing?”

Sammy shrugged. He grabbed Cal’s right nut with one hand, his left nut with the other hand and looked at Leo. Winking, he counted “One”, twisting Cal’s balls in opposite directions.

Cal’s eyes turned inward as he let out an ear-piercing shriek.

“Two”, Sammy grinned, looking at Leo, as his hands turned into the other direction, twisting Cal’s balls one more.

Cal coughed. He looked like he was about to puke.

“Three”, Sammy smiled, yanking Cal’s balls down and twisting them at the same time.

Cal retched and gagged, and his eyes filled with tears.

Sammy let go of Cal’s nuts and allowed the boy to catch his breath.

“My balls”, he whimpered in a breathless voice. “My fucking balls…”

Leo chuckled. “Two kicks”, he said, smiling at Cal. “Then you are done.”

Cal whimpered, lying on his back, his hands covering his crotch.

Leo raised his eyesbrows.

Cal nodded and spread his legs.

Leo looked down at Cal’s crotch. He adjusted his baseball cap and grinned. Then he bent over and took off his socks. Dangling them over Cal’s face, he said, “Put them in your mouth and I’ll just kick your balls once.”

Cal groaned.

Leo sniffed at his socks and grimaced. “Ooh, they stink”, he said, holding them in front of Cal’s face again. “Think about it.”

Cal groaned again. He thought for a moment, then he quickly grabbed Leo’s socks and stuffed them into his mouth, grimacing at the taste and moaning.

Leo chuckled. He lifted his foot and brought it down hard, squashing Cal’s big, juicy gonads into the ground under the sole of his bare foot.

Cal let out a muffled scream, his eyes widening and his mouth filled with Leo’s dirty socks.

Leo chuckled and twisted his foot like he was stomping out a cigarette. He shifted his weight, letting all his body weight rest on Cal’s balls.

Cal whimpered and writhed. Slowly, his cock started swelling.

Leo grinned. He started leaning to the left, then to the right, crunching both of Cal’s balls beneath his foot.
Cal’s cock was rock hard now.

“Oh, look at that”, Brandon grinned, pointing at Cal’s cock. It was twitching violently, its tip glistening with precum.

Cal’s eyes were clenched shut, his mouth wide open, as he was moaning and groaning, retching and gurgling at the pain that Leo’s bare foot was inflicting to his balls.

Suddenly, his cock erupted in an explosion of sticky, white cum that sputtered out of his cock, flying through the air and landing on Cal’s body, on Leo’s foot, and on the ground. Considering that Cal had shot a load just a few minutes ago, it was a surprisingly large amount of jizz that came spurting out of his cock while Leo was standing on his balls.

Finally, when all of Cal’s cum had left his balls, Leo took a step back, allowing Cal to curl up in a ball, whimpering and moaning, his mouth filled with Leo’s socks.

Leo looked down at his cum-covered foot and grinned. He nudged Cal’s shoulder and grinned, “Come on, Cal, help me clean my foot, buddy…”

Cal groaned.

Leo shrugged and pulled his socks out of Cal’s mouth.

Cal coughed.

Leo stuffed his toes into Cal’s mouth, closing his eyes and smiling at the gentle tongue massage that his toes were getting.

Five minutes later, Leo’s foot was clean. Cal had slurped up all of his jizz, whimpering and groaning in pain as Sammy and Brandon watched him with fascination.

Leo leaned over Cal and kissed him on his mouth. “Thanks”, he whispered. “That was great…”

Cal groaned and curled up in a ball, clutching his aching testicles.

“We should do this again”, Leo grinned, patting Cal’s naked ass. “Soon…”


Anonymous said...

Good series ! Not my favourite characters in this round. I can't wait for round 3.

Chris said...


Honestly, I do... he's gotta be the most foot-based model EVAR! I seem to love any and every story he's in, and I can't wait to see if his mean foot streak continues! Ahhhh~ XD

Another brilliant story Alex, excellently written! ^^

Anonymous said...

best one yet...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! If you have any ideas for categories for the next part, just let me know!

Chris said...

Oooo, how about 'Ability to seduce'?

It could be, like, based on the model's abilites to make one of the other guy's in the game hard/cum? They could use any tactic they wanted to make their chosen 'victim' hard/cum, and if cumming is chosen, then they could choose any part of their body to use (hehehehehehehehehe... toes can be as good as fingers, right? XDD)

If it's just to make them hard, then it may not last as long, but it could be cool XDD, they could, like, play footsie with the guy, or pose for him, or play with his nipples, or his ass... and they guy couldn't stop 'em! Ahhh~ it would be fun...

Alex said...

That's agreat idea! I've added it to the list. I've rearranged the next group, too. Game 3 will be played by Ben, Tristan, David and Danny. Do you have any favourite constellation for your suggestion?

My inital thought was this: Danny and David should be comepeting against each other. David chooses Ben, and Danny chooses Tristan as the seduce-o-meter? What do you think?

Chris said...

Aha! A brilliant idea~ It'll be like... well, I have nothing to allude it to, but it'll be pretty darn hot! I'd love to see how David does with seduction, since he normally only busts guys... and Danny... well, I'm not sure how he'll do, but he'll probably be desprate to beat David, huh? Ahhh! So cool! I love the idea!

Alex said...

Great! I'll see what I can do with it...

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this sounds like a super hot idea. Not gonna lie, getting hard just thinking about it.

David is one of my favorite characters and the thing between him and Ben is really hot, I know this is just going to be amazing. Danny and Tristan are both hot as hell to so Im sure they'll be great to. :)

Cant wait.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'll try to publish the story in December...

Anonymous said...

Another thought: I think some categories add nothing to the story like height, weight, hand size, hair length etc.
I think you should focus on the ones related to balls, busting and hotness. Top Trumps is a fun way of sorting the men from the boys.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of "men and boys", what a wimp Sammy is ! Only one punch and he's crying like a baby.
In the next round, can you modify the penalty system? Can the contestants count the number of games that they lose, then they each get that same number of kicks at the end. Would be cool to see more than one guy get busted !

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next round ! The combo of Ben/Danny/David is great with Tristan as the "dark horse" in the group.
In genital size we know Ben beats David who beats Danny, but how about Tristan ? And ball toughness David/Ben or David/Danny ?...can we see the glass plate again and some mocking and taunting between the contestants.
And David getting a set of bruised nuts but leaving with most of his honour intact :-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (1):
The "Top trumps" stories tend to run very long, so I like to insert some pretty lame categories so that I don't have to write basically 8 bb stories rolled in one... :-))
But I'll see what I can doo in the next part... :-)

@ anonymous (2):
Well, Sammy isn't used to very much ball pain. On top of that the punch was very, very good... :-)
I'll think about modifying the penalty system. Your idea sounds good...

@ anonymous (3):
Okay, I'l include the glass plates again. And I'm pretty sure that - with Ben and David being in the game - there will be plenty of mocking and taunting...