Sunday, November 9, 2008

Auditions – round 2: Ian vs. Len

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Today was the final day for the second round in our Auditions. We were looking for a new model for our website. Sixteen guys had applied. Eight had been defeated in the first round. After tonight’s fight, there would be four guys left.

Ian grinned at me and adjusted his crotch in his cargo pants. “Last time was fun…”

I chuckled. “Yeah, well, it took only one kick to defeat your opponent.”

Ian grinned and nodded. “Fun.”

“And you got to fuck Xander’s boyfriend”, I smiled.

“Yeah”, Ian said dreamily. “The little blond slut…”

“Well”, I said. “I guess today will be more difficult. And probably without the sex.”

Ian raised his eyebrows.

“You know”, I continued smiling. “Your opponent tonight is quite a guy.”

My cameraman Chad walked past us and chimed in, “He has balls of steel.”

Ian seemed unimpressed.

He was a 24 year old surfer with curly blond hair, bleached by the sun, and a handsome, tanned face. He was quite tall and had massive hands and equally large feet. He looked at his sneakers and chuckled. “Balls of steel, huh? I got feet of steel. Let’s see how he deals with that…”

Chad and I chuckled.

The door opened and Len walked into the studio.

At 20 years, he was considerably younger than Ian. He was considerably shorter, too, with a lanky body, short blond hair and a pale face.

He walked in and looked at Ian.

“Hi”, Ian grinned and patted Len’s shoulder.

Len didn’t react.

It was a strange character trait, and I didn’t know what to make of it. To call him emotionless would be an understatement. I had seen him a couple of times by now, and I had never seen him smile, let alone laugh or display any other kind of social behaviour.

“You know each other, don’t you?” I said.

Ian nodded.

Len just stared at him.

“Okay”, I sighed. “Let’s get it on.”

I walked behind the camera and Chad started filming.

“Well, buddy”, Ian grinned, rubbing his crotch with his oversized hand. “They told me you have balls of steel.” He winked at Len. “You sure?”

Len’s facial expression was blank.

Ian shook his head slowly and grinned. “Let’s see if it’s true.” With that, Ian powered a thunderous kick into Len’s crotch. The instep of his sneaker collided with Len’s crotch, flattening the visible bulge in Len’s jeans and driving his testicles into his crotch.

Ian grinned and watched Len’s face, waiting for the pain to settle in.


Ian stared at him. Then he bit his lip and chuckled. “I guess I didn’t hit them, huh? They are so small that I missed the suckers, right? Let’s try again.”

He took a step back. With a running start he brought his leg up between Len’s thighs, sinking into the soft package in Len’s crotch and flattening it into his pelvis.

Len shrugged.

“Man”, Ian said. “That’s--- wait, do you wear a cup?”

Len shook his head. “No.”

Ian eyed him. “I don’t believe you, mate.”

Len shrugged again and opened the buttons of his jeans. Calmly, he took off his shoes, then his socks, his jeans and his boxers. He folded them and piled them neatly on the floor.

He was wearing just a tight-fitting white shirt, now. His skin was almost the same color.

Ian looked at his crotch and grinned. “Well, I take that back. Those suckers aren’t small.”

Len had a pair of nice, big plums that were held tight by his shaven sac. His uncut dick was above average size, too, hanging limp and heavy in front of his nuggets.

“Man”, Ian grinned. “Amazing, how those huge things can grow on a small body like yours…” He looked Len in the face and noticed him staring at Ian’s own crotch.

Ian shrugged. “Okay, you’re right”, he sighed and began taking off his clothes. “Fair is fair.” A couple of moments later, he was stark naked. He had a muscular, tanned body, but his ass and his crotch were milky white. His thick, semi-hard cock and his low-hanging nuts were about the same size as Len’s.

Ian looked at his crotch, then at Len’s, then at his own again. “Amazing”, he chuckled. He stroked his cock absent-mindedly, bringing it to full hardness. “Well, you are certainly not wearing any protection.”

He looked at Len’s crotch, focussing on the target area. He pulled his leg back and brought it massive bare foot crashing into Len’s big plums. His toes crunched Len’s nuts into his body, visibly flattening both of his delicate orbs.

“Yeah”, Ian nodded and grinned expectantly.

Len shrugged.

Ian’s jaw dropped and he stared at Len for a couple of seconds. “What---“ He shook his head, jerking his cock a couple of times. “Wait, are they real?”

Len raised one of his eyebrows. “Yes.”

Ian knelt down in front of him. He lifited Len’s flaccid dick to get a close look at his dangling eggs. Tentatively, he nudged one of the two bulging globes. Then he held Len’s large left nut between his fingers and squeezed. He looked up at Len who didn’t react at all.

“They are real”, Ian mumbled, squeezing harder and harder.

“Ian?” Len suddenly said.

Ian looked up in surprise, letting go of Len’s nuggets. “Yeah?”

“When do I get to kick your nuts?” Len asked calmly.

Ian chuckled. “Well, okay, let’s kick alternately. I’ll find out how to break your fucking balls.”

Len shrugged.

“Okay”, Ian said. “I go first.”

Len spread his legs, allowing Ian perfect access to his naked testicles.

“You won’t survive this”, Ian said as if trying to persuade himself of his power. His cock was rock hard, its tip glistening with precum, a little bit of it dropping down onto Ian’s large, bare foot.

Ian took a step back and kicked Len’s balls. His instep connected perfectly. The two large, plump orbs were squashed between Ian’s foot and Len’s body, causing a loud slapping sound to echo in the room.

“Ouch”, Ian chuckled. “I bet they are mush now…”

Len shrugged.

“Fuck!” Ian exclaimed. “This can’t--- you can’t--- Fuck!”

Len shrugged again. He brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into the blond surfer’s crotch. It caught both of Ian’s big, dangling nuts dead-on, crunching them hard and making Ian yelp in pain.

He doubled over and grabbed his crotch while Len was watching him dispassionately.

“Fuck”, Ian groaned. He rubbed his balls and looked up at Len.

The pale, lanky boy was waiting for Ian’s kick, his legs spread, his balls bulging inside their hairless sac.

“Fuck”, Ian whispered. He straightened and took a couple of steps back. With a very impressive running start, he kicked Len’s balls, screaming “Yes! That’s it” when his bare foot made contact with the tender flesh of Len’s nuts.

Not very surprisingly, Len was unimpressed.

Ian groaned and grabbed his balls, tenderly fondling his aching nuggets. His cock was pointing to the sky, as powerful and awe-inspiring as Ian hoped to be.

It didn’t make much of an impression to Len as he brought his leg back and sent a powerful kick between Ian’s legs.

Ian’s balls were brutally flattened, crunched between foot and pelvis. His cock twitched violently as Ian screamed and doubled over.

Len took a step back, politely allowing Ian to sink to his knees.

Wailing and cursing, Ian collapsed, cupping his balls with both of his hands, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open.

It took more than a minute until Ian was able to stand on his feet.

Len was waiting for him, his legs spread.

Ian eyed him, grimacing in pain and fondling his testicles. He walked up to him and lifted his knee, bringing it up right between Len’s thighs, catching both of Len’s nuts and squishing them into his body.

Len’s body was lifted off the ground by the force of the hit, but his face didn’t change. He didn’t blush, he didn’t squint, he didn’t even blink.

“Fuck!” Ian screamed.

Quickly, Len lifted his own knee, with devastating results. It hit Ian’s reddened testicles dead-on, causing the curly surfer to let out a high-pitched wail and collapse on the ground once again.

While Ian was writhing in pain, Len looked at the fingernails on his right hand, watching them intensely, as if he saw them for the first time.

After a while, Ian was able to breathe normally. He groaned and got up, watching his opponent, his eyes twitching, his face red and sweaty.

Grunting, he brought his leg back and aimed a kick at Len’s groin. It wasn’t as powerful as the other kicks, and Len didn’t seem remotely affected.

“Fuck!” Ian cried, sensing, probably, that his tactic wasn’t working as well as it should.

Len reacted by planting a vicious kick of his own into Ian’s crotch with a dull thud.

Ian’s eyes widened and he let out a cough. His cock twitched as his nuts were crunched by the lanky boy’s bony foot.

He was paralyzed for a split-second before he let out a strangled sound and collapsed on the floor, writhing in pain just as he done a moment ago.

Len watched the fingernails on his left hand until Ian was able to get up again, panting and sweating, cupping his aching balls.

It took Ian a long time to get up again. His curly blond hair was wet with sweat and his eyes were glassy. He was grimacing in pain, covering his aching nuts with both of his hands.

Len looked at him, standing comfortably, his legs spread apart, his naked balls dangling between his thighs.

“Fuck”, Ian whimpered. He fondled his reddened nutsac and stroked his hard cock absentmindedly, looking at Len with a miserable expression on his face.

“Your turn”, Len said calmy.

“Fuck”, Ian repeated in whiny voice. He looked at Len’s face, then at his balls, then at his face again. “Fuck”, he whispered.

He inhaled deeply and focussed on Len’s crotch.

After a couple of deep breaths, he powered his foot into Len’s groin. Ian’s tanned instep collided with Len’s juicy gonads, smashing it into his pelvis and lifting Len off the ground once again.

Len shrugged and motioned for Ian to spread his legs.

Ian was on the verge of crying from frustration and pain. He looked at Len with tears in his eyes.

If Len was happy, gleeful or satisfied, you couldn’t tell. His face was blank.

Ian whimpered and spread his legs, letting his abused testicles swing freely between his thighs. Despite the pain that he was feeling, his cock was rock hard, fiery red and glistening at the tip.

Without much ado, Len kicked Ian’s nuts. His instep connected with the two red orbs and crunched them into Ian’s crotch.

Ian’s face contorted and he let out a silent scream.

A second later, his cock exploded with a fountain of white jizz that flew through the air, landing on the floor in audible splashes.

Len made to walk out of the line of fire, stepping to the side, narrowly avoiding getting sprayed with Ian’s cum.

Ian’s cock was shooting jet after jet of creamy spunk.

His mouth was wide open, his eyes clenched shut as his cock twitched, spitting and sputtering his cum all over the floor.

Finally, Ian found his voice.

He let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the floor while the last spurts of cum came flying out of his cock.

Len watched him, straight-faced and calm, waiting for Ian to recover. He got into position, spreading his legs and waiting.

A couple of moments passed.

Ian was screaming and coughing, whimpering an moaning. Finally he noticed Len’s position.

“Fuck”, Ian cried. “No. No more. No. I give up.”

Len stared at him.

Ian whimpered and curled up in a ball, cupping his aching testicles and crying in pain.

Len shrugged and put on his clothes.

“Okay”, I said. “Cut.”

Chad nodded.

I walked over to Len, glancing at his balls of steel. “Congratulations”, I said. “That was an impressive win.”

Len looked at me and shrugged. “I quit. The job’s not for me.” He turned around and walked to the door.

My jaw dropped.

“What do you mean?” I shouted, following him down the stairs. “Hey, Len, what do you mean?”
At the bottom of the stairs, Len waited for me. He looked me in the eyes and shrugged. “It’s boring. I’m sorry.” He turned around and left.

I thought for a moment. Then I returned to the studio.

Chad looked at me, his eyebrows raised.

Ian was busy comforting his bruised, swollen testicles.

“Len doesn’t want the job”, I said slowly.

Chad chuckled. “What?”

“He says… it’s too boring.”

Chad laughed. “Is it?”

I sat down on the couch and looked at Ian who was writhing on the floor, whimpering in pain. “Ian?” I said.

The curly surfer lifted his head. Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

“You win”, I said slowly.

“No”, Ian whispered.

“Yes”, I said. “Len quit.”

Ian stared at me for a moment, then he curled up again and continued nursing his nuts, sobbing in pain.

I looked at him, grimacing in sympathy. “Congratulations.”


Anonymous said...

AWSOME SYORY! super hot, shame about Len leaving though....

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, Len is too difficult a character for me to write. The premise of him having balls of steel makes it very hard to write an interesting story... That's why I decided not to keep him as a regular...

Anonymous said...

I liked all the kicking, and the fact that Ian was so sure of his feet's powah! Very sexy... ^^

Len seemed cool-ish, but to see someone so not into whats going on was quite... weird... I'm kinda glad he's leaving, since I'm sure had he not he would've been the uncontested winner.

Overall, nice story! ^^

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Chris, I always like to hear your feedback! I'm glad you liked the story!

Toothpick said...

Nice to see Len going on his own terms. I like him as a character, though I understand why he'd be hard to write.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Toothpick!