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Shakeout – task 1: The key

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Vince (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Meeting with the enemy

Chad and I arrived at the warehouse at 7 pm.

Almost one week had passed since we had been here for a meeting with Warren, owner of, a website that shamelessly copied our content and continued to steal our members. We had been jumped by Warren’s henchmen, and he had challenged us to a fight, a series of tasks that both of our teams would have to cope with. The winner was going to keep his website. The loser was going to wrap things up and go offline. Everything was on the line, our money, our future, everything.

But we had no idea what those ominous “tasks” were going to be.

Earlier, I had received a email from Warren. “Warehouse. 7 pm.”

I had been antsy all day, pondering whether we should just give up.

Finally, Chad and I had decided that we had no chance. We had to meet Warren again and hope that this wasn’t some kind of trap.

I had left a message with a good friend of mine, telling him where I was going and who I was going to meet. After our last encounter, I didn’t trust Warren at all.

Chad parked the car along the road and we got out.

On the other side of the road, a young man was loading a couple of large boxes out of a van.

“Fuck”, I said, looking at the warehouse.

We crossed the road and walked past the van.

I looked at the young man and stopped.

The face was vaguely familiar.

The young man looked at me.

He was in his early twenties, maybe younger, not very tall, with a slim build. His hair was brown, cut short, with sideburns and a goatee that looked a bit ridiculous since his growth of beard clearly wasn’t too impressive.

“Hi, Alex”, he said and smiled. “What are you doing here?”

I stared at him, trying to remember where I’d seen him.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” he said, smiling sheepishly.

“You are the guy that made that thing when we had the acting workshop at our studio, right?” Chad said.

“Vince”, the young man smiled and we shook hands.

Now I remembered. One of our models, Danny, had organized a workshop for a group of actors. Vince had been the prop guy, inventing a neat little machine that brought testicular humor and comedy to a whole new level…

“What are you doing here?” he repeated.

“We’re meeting someone”, I said, hoping not to sound too miserable.

“Me, too”, he said. “Funny.”

He looked at his watch and inhaled sharply. “I’m a bit late”, he said quickly and turned to the boxes. “Maybe you could help me? It won’t take more than a minute…”

I looked at my watch. 7:02. Fuck. We’d have to hurry. No need to make Warren angry. “Actually, we are late, too.”

Vince smiled. “Okay, I’ll manage. See you!”

He put two boxes, one on top of the other, and started walking towards the warehouse.

“Hey”, I said. “You going in there, too?”

Vince turned around. “Yeah.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Wait”, Vince said. “You are--- Oh.”

I looked at him.

He smiled sheepishly. “You are the other website that Warren has been talking about…”

“You work with Warren?” I felt a cold chill run down my spine. “That obnoxious---“

“No, no, I’m a freelancer”, Vince said quickly. “He just pays me to do a couple of things for him.” After a short pause he added, “He treats me like shit.”

I sighed. “Okay, Chad, let’s help him with the boxes.”

We walked towards the entrance of the building, each of us carrying two heavy boxes.

“Vince”, I started. “Could you---“

“I’m not allowed to talk about it”, Vince interrupted me, smiling excusatory. “Sorry.” He opened the door and we walked into the first floor. “Good luck”, he whispered.

I looked at Chad.

Chad shrugged.

Warren was standing in the middle of the room, a muscular, tall man in his early thirties with black hair and dark eyes. He was talking to two men.

The room was cold, dark and moist. A couple of windows were broken, and the building had a shabby feeling to it. On the floor, there were a couple of drain holes. A light bulb, hanging from the ceiling, was the only source of light in the room, with very little effect.

Warren looked at us. “You are late”, he said sharply.

I blinked. “I’m sorry, we---“

“Vince”, Warren said. “When can we start?”

“I need ten minutes”, Vince said quickly and started unloading the boxes.

“Next time you’ll be on time”, Warren barked. “Got me?”

Vince nodded, continuing to fumble with the boxes.

“Alright”, Warren said and motioned Chad and me over. “This is my cousin Rex. I guess you remember him, don’t you?”

Rex smirked. Of course we remembered him. He had beaten us and busted our balls. Rex was a bit younger than Warren, with a wiry body and a shaven head. He had a couple of scary looking tattoos all over his body. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of worn-out jeans and steel-toed boots. I winced, remembering those boots crunching my nuts.

“And this is Itsuki”, Warren said, pointing at a young Asian man with a serious look on his face.

I had seen him in one of the clips on He was a tough guy, 28 years old, with a muscular build and strong arms and legs. His black hair was cut short and he had some facial hair, a stubble that surrounded his mouth.

“Hi”, I said, trying to smile.

Itsuki smirked at me.

I cleared my throat. “What is this all about?”

Warren grinned. “You’ll see…”

He turned to Rex and Itsuki, ignoring us.

Chad and I watched them.

“Fuck”, I whispered.

Chad nodded.

I turned around and watched Vince as he set up a strange looking apparatus.

He removed the grid of one of the drain holes, wrinkling his nose as the stink of the sewage hit him. He grabbed a rusty pipe, maybe five inches in diameter, and placed it on top of the drain hole. On top of that, he fastened a specially designed bowl made out of glass or transparent plastic. The whole thing was maybe three feet high. I had no idea what he was doing.

“Finished?” Warren shouted, his voice echoing through the room.

“One moment”, Vince mumbled and fastened some screws.

A moment later, he said, “Finished.” He stepped away from the curious construction, avoiding looking anyone of us in the eyes. He reached inside one of the boxes and produced a white lab coat. He put it on and waited.

We walked over to him.

Warren grinned. “Okay, I have asked Vince to invent a couple of tasks. This is the first one. We’ll do it alternately.” He looked at me and smirked. “So bring one of your models with you next time. Or you’ll have to do it yourself…”

I bit my lower lip.

“For today”, Warren continued, “I have decided that we’ll start with it. I hope you appreciate my generosity.” He looked at me expectantly.

I cleared my throat. “Thank you”, I said quickly.

“You’re welcome, boy”, he grinned. “Itsuki is one of our best models. He is strong-willed and tough. And his balls are as good as they get.” He turned to the Japanese guy and patted his head. “Itsuki, strip!”

Itsuki looked at Warren for a moment. Then he took off his clothes, revealing his muscular body. He had a pair of big, low-hanging balls and a fat, uncut cock that was rock hard, protruding at a perfect right angle.

Warren chuckled and slapped Itsuki’s dick with the palm of his hand. It was nothing playful about that slap, it was more of a flat-handed punch, and Itsuki’s cock bounced up and down. Itsuki stood stock-still. He didn’t even blink.

I gulped.

Warren turned to Vince and barked, “What is that thing?”

“Let me show you”, Vince said quickly. “I didn’t have much time, so this isn’t very…” His voice trailed off.

“Speak up”, Warren demanded.

Vince nodded. He slipped on a pair of surgical gloves and reached into the pocket of his lab coat, producing a rusty padlock. He walked to Itsuki and got down on his knees in front on him. “Excuse me”, he said, blushing. He grabbed Itsuki’s cock and balls in one hand and fastened the padlock behind them. He had trouble closing it, and Itsuki winced in pain when he finally succeeded.

Warren grinned. “Nice idea.”

Vince pulled on the lock, making Itsuki grimace.

The Japanese looked uncomfortable. His dick stayed rock hard, of course, with the padlock act as a cock ring of sorts. But his balls looked seriously wedged, lifted up by the lock.

Vince stood and walked to his machine. He produced a remote control and cleared his throat. “This bottom of this bowl has a clock timer. Five minutes after I start it, it will open. Let me demonstrate it.” He reached into his pocket and produced an apple. He put it in the bowl. Then he pressed a button on the remote control and the bottom of the bowl opened. The apple fell down the pipe into the drain hole. A couple of seconds passed until we heard the apple fall into the underground water.

“Nobody knows where the sewage leads”, Vince said. “I made sure.” He reached into his pocket once again, this time producing a rusty key with a large key ring attached to it. He held it up and said, “This is the key to the padlock.” He placed it in the bowl.

I looked at Itsuki. He was watching Vince closely, his eyes open wide.

“You can imagine what happens if it lands in the sewage, I guess”, Vince mumbled. “You could open the padlock with a bolt-clipper, but that might be a bit risky…” He turned around and grabbed a canister, pouring its contents into the bowl until it was filled to the brim with a gel-like, milky white liquid.

Itsuki took a step forward. He stared at the liquid. The key was in there, down at the bottom.

Warren grinned. He seemed to like Vince’s twisted idea. “What is that stuff?”

Vince showed a hint of a smile. “I have mixed it. It consists of Methyl salicate, menthol and camphor and couple of other things. Basically, it’s Bengay, only stronger.”

Warren chuckled. “Okay.”

Vince turned to Itsuki. “May I?” he said shyly and grabbed Itsuki’s hands. He tied them behind his back with wire straps, making sure that Itsuki couldn’t possibly free himself.

“Alright”, Vince said, holding the remote control in his hand. “We can start.” He turned to Itsuki. “You have five minutes to get the key out of the bowl or it will be gone forever.”

Itsuki stared at him. Then he looked down at his junk, grimacing in pain.

“Five minutes”, Vince repeated. “Starting now.” He punched a button on the remote control and looked at his watch.

“Come on”, Warren barked. “You can do it, Itsuki.”

Itsuki squinted. He stared at the bowl, filled with the gel-like liquid, his eyes open wide.

“Get your cock in there and get the key out!” Warren shouted. “What are you waiting for?”
Itsuki didn’t move.

“Your time is running up!” Warren slapped Itsuki’s naked ass. “Do you want to have than fucking lock around your fucking balls for the rest of your life?”

“Okay, boss”, Itsuki said. He had a very low voice and a strong Japanese accent.

He inhaled sharply and dipped his cock into the liquid, tentatively. The head of his hard cock disappeared in the slimy substance.

“Hurry up, you moron!” Warren shouted.

Itsuki seemed to realized that he had to act fast. He leaned over the bowl, shoving his hard cock into it, causing the bowl to overflow with white slime.

“Four minutes”, Vince announced.

Itsuki clenched his teeth and moved his hips, trying to catch the key ring with the tip of his dick.

We couldn’t see where it was, neither could Itsuki. He was fishing in the dark, quite literally so.

A few seconds later, the liquid seemed to work on Itsuki’s sensitive cock.

The Japanese inhaled sharply, continuing to move his cock around inside the bowl, trying not to lose his balance.

We watched in silence as Itsuki started panting and sweating.

A moment later, Itsuki started groaning in pain. He grimaced and panted, his dick, his balls and part of the rusty padlock buried inside the bowl filled with Vince’s aggressive invention.

“Three minutes”, Vince said calmly, looking at his watch.

Itsuki started screaming in pain as the heat increased on his precious cock and the even more sensitive skin of his nutsac. “Fuck!” he screamed. “My cock! Fuck!”

“Concentrate on the fucking key!” Warren shouted.

Itsuki’s face was bright red, sweat dripping down from his chin. “I--- Fuck!” He growled and groaned. Finally, he took a step back, pulling his cock out of the bowl. He stared down at his precious dick, hot, red, swollen and dripping with white, acid slime. “Fuck”, he whimpered hoarsely.

“You are fucked if you don’t get the key out of there!” Warren screamed. “Get your fucking cock back in!”

Itsuki whimpered, looking at his fat, twitching cock.

“Get a grip, for fuck’s sake!” Warren screamed.

Itsuki let out a miserable whine and looked at the bowl.

“Two minutes”, Vince said.

“Hurry up, you fucking loser!” Warren shouted. “I’m gonna rip your fucking nuts off if your don’t get the fucking key!”

Itsuki whimpered and buried his cock into the white slime again, screaming in pain. “I can’t find it!” he yelled. “I can’t---“ Suddenly his face lit up for a brief moment. “I think I--- Fuck!” he screamed. “It’s a---“ His face lit up again for a brief moment, but apparently he lost the key again as he screamed in pain and frustration.

“One minute”, Vince said.

“Fuck you!” Warren screamed. “Do you want us to lose?!?”

Itsuki was panting and moaning, whimpering and screaming in pain, trying to fish the key out of the bowl.

“Thirty seconds.”

Warren was screaming obscenities. Now, Rex joined in, too. Both of them screamed at Itsuki who was desperately trying to find the key inside the milky substance that was burning his cock.


“I got it!” Itsuki screamed, his eyes wide open, his face contorted with pain. “I--- Fuck!!!”


The room was filled with noise. Warren and Rex were screaming from the top of their lungs, cursing Itsuki and hurling swear-words at him.

Itsuki was screaming, too. His face was dripping with sweat, his eyes twitching, his nose running, his muscles contorting.

“Five, four, three, two---“

“I got it!” Itsuki yelled.

The bottom of the bowl opened and the liquid whooshed out.

Itsuki’s cock was looking horrible, its color an aggressive shade of red, wet with slime and twitching uncontrollably. The key ring was hanging at the very tip of his dick, dangling dangerously above the open pipe.

“Close the fucking pipe!” Itsuki screamed, his voice cracking.

Suddenly, his body convulsed and a thick spurt of cum erupted from his cock, splattering against the wall of the bowl with a loud splash.

“Fuck!” Itsuki screamed as his body was rocked by his orgasm while he was trying to balance the key ring on the tip of his twitching cock.

“Close the fucking pipe!” Warren yelled.

Itsuki was screaming from the top of his lungs, his cock shooting jet after jet of thick, white cum that hit the wall of the bowl and oozed down through the bottom opening into the pipe. The key was swinging back and forth.

Finally, Vince hit a button on the remote control and the bottom closed shut.

“Fuck”, Itsuki whimpered.

The key fell down, landing safely in the bowl.

Itsuki stumbled backwards and collapsed on the ground, whimpering and writhing in pain, his hands tied behind his back.

“You fucking moron!” Warren screamed and threw a vicious kick at Itsuki’s red, swollen balls. His boot connected with the two tender orbs and drove them into the metal padlock.

Itsuki shrieked in pain and rolled around on the floor.

“We almost lost!” Warren kicked Itsuki’s nuts again with all the force he could muster, making Itsuki retch and gag.

Warren straightened and cracked his knuckles. He spat at Itsuki and turned to Vince. “Give me the key”, he barked.

Vince nodded. He reached inside the bowl with his glove-clad hands. Carefully, he cleaned the key and handed it to Warren.

Warren grabbed it and let it dangle in front of Itsuki’s pain-contorted face. “Moron”, he grunted and put the key in his pocket. He looked down at Itsuki’s genitals, fiery red, swollen and covered in white slime and cum.

“My hands”, Itsuki whimpered. “Please, let me---“

“Shut up!” Warren interrupted him. “I’ll deal with you later.” He turned to Vince. “Good work”, he said.

Vince nodded in silence.

Warren looked at me and Chad. “That’s one point for us”, he smirked, regaining his confidence. “Next week, it’s your turn. I’m sure Vince will think of something good...”

Chad and I stared at him.

“Out!” Warren barked.

We nodded and walked out the room. I turned my head and looked at Vince.

“I’ll have to clean up. Don’t wait for me”, Vince whispered.

I nodded and left.

We walked to the car and drove to the studio in silence.

“I’m gonna call Ben”, I said, sitting down at the desk. “He’s gonna have to come with us next week.”


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Alex said...

Thanks, JP, I'm glad you like it... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Heyyy, that was a pretty inventive idea right there. I prefer body parts doing the busting, but none can fault the brilliant writing and brilliant set-up for this one. Itsuki seems fun, although slightly abused... I seriously hope you get your chance with that Warren guy, Alex, even if you don't use your feet, just pounding him into oblivion is enough!

Ahhh, excellent series! ^^

Alex said...

Thanks, Chris! I hope you'll like the upcoming parts, too!

Anonymous said...

loved it, and the rest of the series seems like it will just get better, but it would be cool if the "tasks" were done my both people, you know, like not necerarly one on one, but just both people competeing in the same story, gives it a better competitive feel.

Anonymous said...

I agree with FireCrotchRox. Also I would still love to see a one-on-one fight sometime in this series with the best model from each site competing. Maybe this just doesn't fit your storyline...if so, then OK.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll see if I can rearrange a couple of tasks to include more than one "contestant"...

@ anonymous:
I like your idea. I don't think it will be a part of the original Shakeout story, though... But maybe I'll think of a way to arrange some fights after "Shakeout" is finished. Like a transition from the losing team to the winning team. The defeated website's models compete with the winner's models to gain a place on the winning team in a series of one-on-one fights. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Another series of one-on-one (like auditions) would be great. You may even consider ditching a couple of your current models and replacing them or you'll be flooded with models (not good for the accounts :-) Maybe there could even be a poll...who should leave and who should join.

Anonymous said...

For the one-on-one idea, by the end of Shakeout you should also have your new model from Auditions ! Good for you if it's Logan, he has all the attributes for a one-on-one champion !
Another idea for one of the models that is desperate to join your site. You offer him a place if he can take 5 open kicks to the balls without falling. No big deal for an arrogant tough guy ! So he agrees, then you choose the kicker...Phil! Will Phil score a 10 or even several and can the tough guy really take it in the nuts ?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! Great ideas! I'm sure I'll use them in a post-Shakeout story!

Carter said...

I'm so straight up busting that I'm surprised and overjoyed to see bengay (or something like it) in action.
I occasionally like to rub a little on my sack, but it can't handle it very long. Five minutes would be torture for me.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, Vince's traps are pretty brutal... :-))