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Nut-popping jizz-fest 3 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is annoyed that the story is split up in four parts when there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be published as a whole!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. Very graphic. You've been warned...

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Ryan grinned, kneeling down next to his boyfriend. “Now you’ll get your ass fucked.”

Kevin looked up, looking strangely excited and horny even though his fat cock remained locked in the chastity cage, unable to get hard. “Oh yeah”, he moaned, rolling onto his back. “Fuck me.”

Ryan chuckled. He straddled Kevin’s neck, resting his big, juicy balls on his throat and looked down at him with a gentle smile. He tapped the fat head of his enormous cock on Kevin’s lips, leaving little drops of precum on Kevin’s lips. “Come on”, he whispered softly, open up. “I know you want to suck on it.”

“Yeah”, Kevin moaned and opened his mouth. Gently, Ryan shoved the head of his dick between Kevin’s lips, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure as they closed around his shaft.

“What about me?” Zach said impatiently, his huge, dripping dick throbbing and twitching.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked back over his shoulder. “What are you waiting for? Start fucking his ass!” He grinned. “Kevin likes it hard by the way…”

Zach cracked his knuckles, got down on his knees, swiftly lifted Kevin’t legs so that his ankles rested on his shoulders. He spat on his glistening dick and lined it up with Kevin’s hole. “Fuck yeah”, he whispered, slowly inserting his big, fat dick into Kevin.

I noticed some commotion next to me and glanced at Erik and Vince. I could hardly believe my eyes. They had both pulled their cocks out of their flies and were jerking their cocks, watching the big-dicked threesome.

“Hey”, I whispered sharply.

“What?” Erik raised his eyebrows.

“That’s not very professional”, I hissed.

Erik shrugged, continuing to stroke his dick. “I don’t care. It’s hot.”

I sighed and returned my attention to Kevin, Ryan and Zach.

Kevin was sucking Ryan’s gargantuan dick with the experience of a veteran whore, sloppily taking it into his mouth and moaning in pleasure. His own dick remained locked in chastity, pressing against the stainless steel, dying to get out. Zach was slowly sliding his monster cock in and out of Kevin’s ass.

“Fuck, that’s a tight hole”, Zach moaned.

“Hey”, Ryan turned his head. “What did I tell you? He likes it hard! Fuck him like you mean it!”

Zach beamed with excitement. “Aye, sir!” he grinned. With that, he started thrusting his thick, fat cock into Kevin like an animal in heat, fucking Kevin hard and fast, making his body quiver and shake with every thrust. Zach’s huge, swollen nuts slapped against Kevin’s body at a rapid pace. Zach was caught in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain, grimacing when his bloated ballsack banged against Kevin’s ass cheeks.

“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Ryan chuckled.

Kevin’s own swollen arbs were trapped by the chastity cage in a way that made them collateral damage to Zach’s thrusting. Every time Zach’s cock sank balls-deep into Kevin’s hole, Kevin’s oversized, aching testicles were crunched between Zach’s body and the chastity cage, making Kevin yelp and moan in both pleasure and pain.

Kevin’s moans were considerably muffled by his boyfriend’s huge, meaty dick, though. Ryan had picked up the pace, holding Kevin’s head in his hands and fucking his mouth in rapid strokes.

The sheer size of Ryan’s meat made it virtually impossible for Kevin to take all of it in his mouth without using his throat for additional stowage. Ryan looked his boyfriend deep in the eyes as he slipped the fat head of his cock past Kevin’s tonsils.

Kevin’s throat bulged with Ryan’s fat member, and Kevin’s gagging noises filled the room.

“Fuck yeah!” Ryan moaned before pulling out and shoving his cock right back into Kevin’s throat.

“Holy fuck”, Vince whispered as he watched Kevin get stuffed from both ends. He was frantically jerking his dick, obviously enjoying the sight of Zach and Ryan banging Kevin hard and raw.

“My turn”, Ryan groaned and pulled his dick out of Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin was breathing heavily, his face hot and wet and beaming with sexual excitement. “Yeah, fuck me, babe!” he moaned, tweaking his nipples.

Zach didn’t seem very eager to leave his position at Kevin’s rear end. Ryan virtually had to pull him out of his fiancĂ©’s asshole. Zach’s massive dick slipped out of Kevin’s hole, slapping moistly against Zach’s abs.

“Awww”, Zach groaned with a disappointing expression on his face.

“Take his mouth”, Ryan suggested.

Zach nodded and quickly crawled towards Kevin’s head.

“Wait”, Ryan said. He grinned at his boyfriend and playfully slapped his trapped, aching nuts, causing Kevin to yelp in pain. “Turn around, muffin.”

Kevin rubbed his nuts and grimaced. “Ouch”, he chuckled. “No need to make me, I’ll do it on my own…”

“I know”, Ryan grinned. “I just love hitting your nuts…” He balled his fist and punched Kevin’s trapped balls once again.

Kevin let out a wail and covered his balls with his hands. His cock was pressing painfully against the steel braces of the chastity cage.

“Stop fooling around”, Zach growled. “Get your mouth on my cock…”

Kevin chuckled and got on all fours. He grabbed Zach’s big, glistening cock by the base and ran his tongue along the shaft, making Zach moan in pleasure. “You’re pretty eager for a straight guy”, he mused before taking Zach’s whole length into his mouth and down his throat until Zach’s nutsack slapped against his chin.

Zach threw his head back, groaning softly.

Ryan grinned and grabbed Kevin’s hips. With one hard, swift motion, he sank his enormous, fat dick balls-deep into Kevin’s hole, making his boyfriend let out a muffled yelp. Then he started deep-dicking him with all the force he could muster. Ryan’s huge bull-balls slapped against Kevin’s trapped nuts, making him yelp and moan while Zach was fucking his face. Ryan’s dick slammed into Kevin’s hole at a rapid pace, going in and out of his tight hole with the force of a battering ram.

All three of them were groaning and moaning while Vince and Erik watched them excitedly, jerking their dicks.

Zach and Ryan kept pounding Kevin hard at both ends, mercilessly shoving their cocks into his mouth and asshole, making his body shake violently.

The sounds of the three studs moaning in pleasure and the slapping noise of Ryan’s ballsack banging into Kevin’s nuts filled the room. Kevin seemed to be having the time of his life, his lips stretched around Zach’s monstercock, his asshole widened by Ryan’s huge piece of meat.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach and Ryan were out of breath, panting and breathing heavily. Ryan pulled out of Kevin’s hole, leaving it gaping open, and positioned himself next to Zach.

Kevin let Zach’s dick out of his mouth and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, that’s so hot”, he whispered before grabbing Ryan’s dick and licking it with a huge grin on his face. He looked up at his boyfriend. “What do you say – want me to try and take them both?”

Zach’s eyes widened and his dick twitched excitedly.

“Whoa, muffin”, Ryan chuckled. “You sure?”

“Oh yeah”, Kevin grinned, reaching between his legs and fingering his asshole. His wrists pressed against the chastity cage and he grimaced when he grazed his swollen, trapped balls.

“Want me to take it off?” Ryan asked.

Kevin shook his head. “Not yet”, he whispered.

Ryan chuckled. He lay down on his back, his huge dick pointing to the ceiling. Kevin straddled him and slowly sat on it, taking the whole length into his hole with a deep, soft moan. Then he leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend.

Zach watched them, staring at Kevin’s stuffed hole, apparently pondering whether there was enough room for him left.

Kevin broke the kiss and turned his head. “What are you waiting for?” he grinned. “Come on in.”

Zach didn’t have to be told twice. He squatted behind Kevin, grabbed his shoulders and slowly inserted his dick until it was buried to the hilt.

The three studs moaned in unison.

“Now fuck me”, Kevin groaned.

Zach and Ryan complied. It took a bit of time before they had found their rhythm, but soon they were happily ramming their huge cocks in and out of Kevin’s eager hole, stretching it to its absolute limit and making Kevin moan and scream in ecstasy.

“Harder!” Kevin yelled. “Fuck me harder!”

Kevin’s encouragement made Zach and Ryan go even harder and faster, slamming their fat dicks into Kevin, conjuring a huge smile on his face as his body was rocked by the two horse hung studs.

Zach and Ryan fucked Kevin hard for a while, until Zach screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Quickly, Kevin descended from the two dicks and lay on his back, throwing his legs up in the air and down on the ground so that his knees were next to his ears, exposing his gaping hole, his hands spreading his cheeks apart.

Ryan got up and knelt down over Kevin’s face, holding Kevin’s ankles. “Want to chew on my nuts while your ass is filled with Zach’s spunk?” Ryan grinned.

Kevin chuckled. “Fuck yeah, give me those huge ba--- mpfgh.”

Ryan sat down on his boyfriend’s face, dropping his sack on Kevin’s mouth. Kevin slurped one of Ryan’s extralarge nuts into his mouth, moaning in pleasure.

Ryan closed his eyes, groaning in pleasure as Kevin munched on his testicle.

At the same time, Zach prepared to flood Kevin’s hole. “Oh my fucking god”, he exclaimed, aiming his dick at Kevin’s opening.

A second later, his cock erupted with a big, creamy spurt of cum that splattered all over Kevin’s ass, slowly running into his gaping hole. Jet after jet of Zach’s jizz found its way into Kevin’s asshole while Zach was panting and moaning.

“Yeah, fill him up”, Ryan moaned. He let go off Kevin’s left ankle for a moment to punch him hard in his exposed testicles, rattling the chastity cage and making Kevin let out a muffled scream and causing him to sink his teeth deep into Ryan’s balls which caused Ryan to grunt in pain and punch Kevin’s nuts again.

It was like a ballbusting circle chain reaction: A punch by Ryan caused a bite from Kevin. The bit from Kevin caused another punch from Ryan.

Meanwhile, Zach unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum all over Kevin’s hole, making his ass look like a huge donut with a very special frosting.

When the spurts grew less fertile, Zach slipped his fat dick into Kevin’s hole and started fucking him hard for a minute, shoving his seed deep into Kevin’s body before pulling his cock out and looking at the sticky, gaping hole with a satisfied grin.

“What a mess”, Ryan chuckled, sticking his finger into Kevin’s used hole.

“Holy fuck”, Vince whispered.

Ryan turned his head, noticing Vince and Erik who were frantically jerking their dicks. He grinned. “Boys, wanna dump your loads, too?”

Vince’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Erik didn’t hesitate for a second, almost stumbling when he hurried to stand in front of Kevin’s ass.

“Do you want those loads in your ass, muffin?” Ryan asked, playfully squeezing Kevin’s trapped nuts with his cum-covered fingers.

Kevin let Ryan’s nut out of his mouth for a second to moan, “Knock me up, boys!” Then he sucked Ryan’s other testicle into his mouth, groaning in pleasure and sinking his teeth into its tender flesh.

Ryan yelped in pain before chuckling, “Easy, easy, don’t split it in half, muffin…” Then he turned to Vince and Erik. “You heard him. Knock him up…”

Vince and Erik stood in front of Kevin, their eyes fixed on his pulsing, spermy hole while they were jerking their rock-hard dicks.

Within seconds, their cocks started spurting simultaneously, coating Kevin’s ass in creamy cum. Their aim was pretty good and they managed to hit a bull’s eye and shoot a jet of cum directly into Kevin’s hole a couple of times. There were quite a few misses, though, and when Vince and Erik were done, Kevin’s ass was dripping with spunk.

All the while, Kevin was moaning in pleasure, happily chewing on Ryan’s large testicle.

Ryan’s dick was twitching and quivering as he watched his boyfriend’s hole get filled to the brim with cum.

“Holy fuck”, seemed to be the only thing Vince was capable of saying. He repeated it over and over again as his dick shot load after load of sperm onto Kevin’s ass.

Erik was less vocal, quietly dumping his load into Kevin with a huge smile on his face.

Erik’s orgasm outlasted Vince’s, which was quite surprising since Erik was a nut short of a full set, having lost one of his testicle in what could be called an unfortunate accident at work.

Finally, the spurts coming out of Erik’s cock grew smaller and smaller. He made sure to dump every last drop of it into Kevin’s ass, shaking his hard cock violently and slapping it on Kevin’s ass cheeks, making little drops of cum fly through the air.

“My turn, muffin”, Ryan grinned and pulled his nutsack out of Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin looked almost disappointed at the sudden emptiness in his mouth.

Ryan got up and lined his dick up with Kevin’s hole. He looked down at his lover with a gentle smile.

Kevin smiled back at him.

Ryan’s eyes wandered to the chastity cage. Kevin’s dick was pressing against its constraints, dying to get out. His balls were squashed to the sides, swollen and bruised.

“What me to take the cage off?” Ryan asked.

“Not yet”, Kevin moaned.

Ryan chuckled and slammed the palm of his hand onto Kevin’s trapped nuts while sinking his huge cock into his cum-filled hole balls-deep at the same time, making Kevin scream from the top of his lungs.

Ryan started fucking his boyfriend mercilessly. His massive, oversized dick filled his hole to capacity, causing the three loads of cum in Kevin’s ass to ooze out again.

With a deep, guttural moan, Ryan thrust his dick deep into his boyfriend and filled his guts with the contents of his balls.

Kevin threw his head back, groaning and panting.

Ryan’s balls visibly contracted as he pumped his load into Kevin, watching his face with a loving smile and breathing heavily.

Finally, he pulled out of Kevin’s hole. His dick was dripping wet, and Kevin immediately got on his knees, wrapping his lips around Ryan’s thick, cum-covered cock.

“I love you”, Ryan whispered, panting.

Kevin looked up. “Wove hou, hoo”, he  replied, his mouth filled with his lover’s cock.

Ryan burst out laughing. He pulled Kevin up and the two shared a sloppy, wet kiss.

“Now it’s your turn”, Ryan smiled and reached for the key to the chastity device. He unlocked Kevin’s cock cage and freed his big dick. It took a bit of effort to get his immensely swollen testicles through the ring, and Kevin squealed and groaned with every push and squeeze.

“They’re pretty squishy”, Ryan chuckled.

Kevin looked down at his crotch. His cock looked raw and sore, and his balls were severely bruised.

“Want me to suck you off?” Ryan suggested, licking his lips.

Kevin smiled at his lover. “I want him to kick the cum out of me.” He pointed at Zach whose spent dick immediately grew hard again.


Carter said...

You weren't kidding when you said extreme.
Loving it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))