Saturday, September 1, 2012

Family Business

Warning. Can contain traces of cum

“Okay, we’re ready”, I said, after I had made sure that the camera was working and that it showed my two handsome cousins in the middle of the frame.

Gerrit was 21 years old, a handsome young man with medium-length blond hair and beautiful eyes. His brother Henk was two years younger than him. His hair was a bit shorter but it was the same shade of blond, and as far as beauty was concerned, he ranked right there at the top with his brother. Both of them had muscular bodies, and they weren’t the least bit shy about showing them off.

They were both wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs in different shades of blue that contrasted nicely with their bronzed skin. Geritt's briefs were royal blue while the color of Henk's briefs was sky blue, making his package look like oversized robin's eggs.

It had been a wonderful summer so far in Amsterdam, and my cousins looked like they had spent a considerable amount of time in the sun.

“Okay, what do we do?” Henk asked.

The two brothers had asked me to help them make a casting tape. We had talked about what I did for a living, about the time that I had spent filming naughty videos for a US website and about the TV show that I had created in Europe. I had spent a reasonable portion of my working life filming guys getting hit in the nuts – and apparently that was just the expertise that these two young hotties needed.

I wasn’t quite sure if the effort was worth it. After all, the market for guys ruining each other’s chances of fathering children was pretty small. But who was I to stop my cousins if they wanted to make a video hurting each others’ love spuds? And they were right: I had a lot of experience directing young hot studs in ballbusting videos.

“I guess we should start with a short introduction”, I suggested. “Tell us who you are, what you are going to do and why you do it.”

“Well, that’s easy”, Henk grinned and pointed at his older brother. “He’s a crazy nutcase who’s going to get his family jewels shattered because I am stronger than him…” He threw a playful kick at Gerrit’s crotch with his bare foot.

Gerrit quickly turned away, avoiding potentially painful foot-to-balls contact. “Yeah, you wish, bro”, he chuckled and grabbed the bulge in his briefs. “Wait till I get my hands on your junk. I’m gonna wring your juicy fruits until you have to visit the adoption agency if you want to make me an uncle…”

Henk shrugged and winked at the camera. “We’ll see.”

“Is the camera rolling?” Gerrit asked.

I nodded. “Yup. We’ll let it roll until we are finished, then we can edit the footage to get a nice, little tape.”

The two handsome Dutchmen smiled at the camera.

“Hey”, Gerrit started. “I’m Gerrit and I’m 21 years old. And this is my younger brother Henk.”

“Hi there”, Henk smiled.

I noticed that both of them were standing straight, their abs flexed, with their feet slightly apart. They knew how to present themselves for the camera.

“He’s 19 years old and he lives with me in Amsterdam”, Gerrit continued. “We’re two fun-loving guys. We love skating and surfing, reading books, going to the movies and watching internet porn.”

Henk chuckled. “But not together.”

Gerrit grinned. “Usually not.” He glanced at his little brother. “Do you want me to mention ‘Donkey Dong Does Den Haag’?”

“No”, Henk said sternly.

“Really?” Gerrit feigned being surprised. “But you did such a good job! What was your role again?”

“Shut up”, Henk said, turning to his brother.

“Let me think”, Gerrit scratched his head. “Ah, yes, now I remember! It was Hole Number---“

He was interrupted by a quick back-hand slap in the groin. The back of Henk’s hand sank into the prominent bulge in his brother’s briefs, visible flattening it and making Gerrit let out a surprised yelp.

“…Twenty-three”, Gerrit continued hoarsely, grabbing his groin and doubling over.

Henk grinned, his face beaming with satisfaction. “Anyway”, he smiled. “We’re here to show you that we both have some hot packages, and that we’re not afraid of using them.” He grabbed his groin and winked at the camera. “It’d be a shame not to share our special gifts with you, don’t you think?”

Gerrit groaned and straightened. Apparently, his brother’s attack hadn’t been too severe. “That’s right”, he said and cleared his throat. “If you’re in need of balls, we’ll be glad to give you ours.”

“Oh yeah, two pairs of grade-a eggs, big and juicy, and just the right size to make a tasty omelet”, Henk added. “And we’ll show you just how tough those suckers are…”

The two guys smiled at the camera, with Henk’s face looking a slight bit happier than Gerrit’s which still showed subtle traces of throbbing nut-pain …

Henk looked at me and opened his mouth to say something, only to be stopped by a vicious nut-punch courtesy of his brother. Gerrit’s fist flattened the mound between the 19 year old’s thighs, connecting perfectly with both of Henk’s plump testicles that were perfectly outlined in his blue briefs.

Instead of a word, Henk let out a wheezing groan. His mouth stayed open as his eyes flickered and he slowly doubled over. The groan turned into a whimper, and the whimper turned into a soft moan, as he sank to his knees, his hands finding their way into his underwear, cradling his aching gonads.

Gerrit looked at his handiwork, nodding smugly. He rubbed his hands. “Well”, he turned to me. “That’s that. Now we can start.”

Henk whimpered. “Fuck.” He looked up at his brothers. “The omelet thing was just a metaphor…”

Gerrit shrugged. “You say omelet, I scramble your eggs.”

Henk chuckled. “You did a good job, man. I won’t be able to fuck for at least a week…”

I raised my eyebrows. “Umm, guys, you know that this is just the beginning, right? If you want to join the big league, your nuts will have to take a lot more than that…”

Henk grinned weakly, rubbing his crotch. “Sure, I’m just kidding.” He straightened and adjusted his junk. “It takes a lot more than that to scramble my eggs.”

His brother chuckled. “I’ll do my very best…”

“Okay”, I said. “Why don’t you trade some kicks and we’ll see where that takes us.”

“Sounds like a plan”, Gerrit said.

His brother nodded.

They stood opposite each other, their legs spread.

“Go for it”, Gerrit said, pointing at his crotch.

Henk nodded and threw a weak kick at his brother’s babymakers. His foot barely connected, but Gerrit doubled over and screamed in pain.

“Ow”, Gerrit grimaced. “Good one! My turn.”

Henk spread his legs.

Gerrit looked his brother in the eye and delivered what could best be described as a soft nudge with his foot to Henk’s groin.

Henk cursed and grabbed his junk. “Fuck! Bastard!”

They went back and forth like this, and it was obvious that they both held back, trying not to kick each other too hard.

After a minute or two of watching this, I intervened. “Guys, this doesn’t work. You can’t go on like this, you are barely touching each other. You’ll have to go harder if you want to make an impression. This wouldn’t even get more than a dozen views on youtube!”

Henk sighed, massaging his junk. “Okay, okay, it’s just--- It hurts, you know?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Well, it’s supposed to hurt, isn’t it? And you have hurt each other’s nuts before, so where’s the problem?”

“We can’t just do it like this, you know? ‘Come on, kick me.’ It doesn’t feel natural”, Gerrit explained.

I thought for a moment. “Okay, what do we do now?

Gerrit looked at me. “Why don’t you do the kick-off?”

“Sure”, I shrugged. “Henk, you alright with this?”

Henk looked at my feet and nodded slowly. “I guess that’d work. Those sneakers look like they can get the job done quite nicely…”

“Okay, let’s try it”, I said and walked behind Henk. “Spread ‘em, buddy.” I brought my leg back, looking over Henk’s shoulder at Gerrit who was grinning from ear to ear.

“This is going to hurt so bad”, he chuckled. “Brace yourself, Henk.” He nodded at me. “Kick those balls out of the park, Alex.”

I chuckled and thrust my leg forward. My foot sailed in between Henk’s thighs from behind, catching his testicles dead on with the tip of my shoe. I felt the resistance as my foot connected with Henk’s manhood. It was a pretty good kick. It lifted Henk’s body off the ground as he screamed in pain.

His brother started laughing as Henk came crashing down again, instantly falling to his knees and doubling over, wailing like the star soprano in a Wagner opera.

“Oooohhh”, Gerrit cooed, chuckling and doubling over in sympathy. “That was bad, that was very bad.” He jumped up and down, laughing at his brother’s pain. “Great kick, Alex! Are those nuts still in their sac? It looked like you punted them right into the sky…”

Henk whimpered and coughed.

“God”, Gerrit grimaced, looking at his brother. “I bet he crunched both of them, huh? Do you feel them? Are they still there? Or is it just a pulpy mess in your underwear?”

I walked next to Gerrit and looked down at Henk, feeling pity for the poor sod. Maybe that kick had been a bit too hard.

Henk’s eyes had filled with tears and his head was beet-red. His eyes were clenched shut as he rocked back and forth, his hands inside his underwear, cradling his injured balls.

“Your turn”, I said to Gerrit.

He sighed. “Alright, let’s get it over with.” He readjusted his manhood. “Henk, have a good look. This is how you take a nutshot like that.”

Henk groaned and lifted his gaze. He was on his knees, on eye-level with his older brother’s junk that was filling his skimpy blue briefs to capacity.

I stood behind Gerrit. I took my time, making him wait for the impact. After a few seconds, I kicked his balls, but I made sure not to go too hard this time.

Gerrit winced and brought his knees together, falling to the ground.

“What?!” Henk shouted. “That’s it?”

I shrugged and walked back behind the camera. “Sorry”, I said. “I guess the first one was better.”

“The first one was better?” Henk repeated incredulously. “You kicked my nuts as though it were a soccer ball! Did you even touch Gerrit’s sac?”

Gerrit laughed. “Well, apparently I’m better at taking nut-kicks than you, weak-balls!”

“Fuck you!” Henk grunted and lunged at his brother, throwing him onto his back.

I smiled. Now we were getting somewhere.

“Whoa, little brother, what are you up to?” Gerrit laughed, trying to free himself.

Henk reached inside his brother’s briefs, and the expression on Gerrit’s face changed very, very quickly.

Once Henk’s hand had found its target, the muscles on his arm flexed as he squeezed hard.

Gerrit blinked, his eyes widened and his mouth formed an O as he let out a surprised yelp. “Fuck!” he screamed.

Henk had an evil grin on his face as he kneaded and twisted his older brother’s junk.

Gerrit’s eyes clenched shut. “Fuck!” he screamed again. “Stop it, you’re crushing my nuts!”

“Make me stop”, Henk grunted, twisting his hand and making Gerrit let out an ear-shattering wail.

Finally, Gerrit realized that he wasn’t going to get out of this position if he didn’t take matters into his own hand.

He reached between his brother’s legs, trying to grab a hold of his bulging nuts.

Henk sensed what Gerrit was up to, so he increased the pressure on his Gerrit’s nuts, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

Henk lifted his ass, trying to get his precious jewels out of harm’s way, but finally, Gerrit found what he was looking for. His hand closed around his brother’s basket and squeezed hard. Henk screeched in pain as Gerrit’s squeeze renewed the pain in his recently kicked nuggets, and he loosened the grip on Gerrit’s balls for just a moment. That moment was enough for Gerrit to pull his body back, making Henk loose the grip on his nuts and freeing them.

He let go of Henk’s babymakers, but not before applying one last, hard twist to Henk’s sore nuts and letting out a satisfied grunt as he heard Henk’s ear-shattering scream.

Henk curled up in a little ball, and Gerrit did the same. Both of them were panting heavily, clutching their gonads, writhing on the ground.

“Nice”, I said. “That’s what people want to see.”

“Fuck, my nuts”, Henk whimpered.

Gerrit moaned in agreement, cradling his own battered manhood. He lifted the waistband of his briefs and looked down at his bruised balls.

“How does it look?” Henk asked, cradling his own plums.

Gerrit winced. “You really squeezed the life out of them. Thank God my cock is that big. I don’t know what would’ve happened if it hadn’t been in the way…”

“Yeah, sure”, Henk chuckled. “It isn’t that big, you know…”

Gerrit shrugged. “Bigger than yours.”

“You wish!” Henk laughed. “It wasn’t you who got the part in ‘Donkey Dong’, remember?”

Gerrit grinned. “Well, you didn’t get it because of your cock, you got it because of your ass.”

Henk shot his brother an angry look.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, Gerrit had an innocent look on his face. “You didn’t get it because of your ass but because of your hole. And I’ll happily concede that your asshole is bigger than mine.”

“Fuck you”, Henk mumbled. “My cock’s still bigger than yours.”

“The last time I checked, mine was bigger”, Gerrit shrugged.

“Remember the night with the Swedish girl?” Henk asked.

“Sure”, Gerrit grinned, and it looked like his cock twitched in his briefs. “How could I ever forget it?”

“I remember that night, too”, Henk continued, “and I remember her saying, ‘Wow, Henk, your cock is so much bigger than Gerrit’s.’”

Gerrit laughed. “You sure? That’s not what I remember. I remember looking over her shoulder while I fucked her ass, and thinking, ‘Wow. Where’s she going to put that dildo?’ Remember where it went?” Gerrit looked at me. “Let’s just say that she had just watched a certain movie, and she was very keen on reenacting a certain scene with Hole Number 23…” He grinned. “So let’s see. Greta chose my cock over yours. Why would an beautiful Swedish nymphomaniac do that? Because I’m smaller!?” He let out a laugh. “No way!”

Henk started to protest.

“Guys, guys, guys!” I shouted.

My cousins looked at me.

“Why don’t we settle this the good old-fashioned way?” I suggested. “Just compare them. We don’t have to rely on secondary evidence from some Swedish bimbo.” I looked at them. “I mean, why are we talking about this in the first place? Don’t you know the size of each other’s dicks?”

The two boys were silent for a moment.

“Well”, Gerrit said. “We know that we’re both big.”

I raised my eyebrows. “You were in the same room, fucking the same girl – and you didn’t compare your cocks?”

Gerrit smiled sheepishly. “She had great boobs. They were kinda distracting…”

“Oh yeah”, Henk sighed. “They were gorgeous. And it’s not like we are gay or something.”

I decided not to comment on that. “So what about it? The guy with the bigger cock gets to bust the loser’s balls, and we’ll call it a day?”

Gerrit smiled. “Sure”, he said. “Are you up for it?”

Henk hesitated. “Bust the loser’s balls?”

“Well”, I said. “So far this video is mostly about you talking about asses.”

“Mostly yours”, Gerrit added, nudging his little brother.

Henk rolled his eyes. “Okay, let’s do it.” He thought for a moment. “Hard or soft?”

“Hard”, Gerrit said. “Soft is for pussies.” He grinned. “Oh, I’m so going to crack your nuts, man! You’ll be shooting blanks for weeks!”

Henk smiled shyly. “Greta is in town again this weekend.”

“She is?” Gerrit’s eyes lit up. “Oh, don’t worry. She isn’t interested in your little dick anyway…”

“Fuck you”, Henk said, but he didn’t look particularly convinced. “This time I’m gonna fuck her and the dildo is going in your hole!”

“I don’t think so”, Gerrit grinned. “Your balls will be black and blue, and you’ll be begging me to fuck her so you don’t have to…”

“Okay, guys, let’s see what you got”, I said, a little bit tired of the brothers’ banter.

Henk and Gerrit stripped of their briefs. They both were very well endowed, sporting two matching pairs of low-hanging sacs that were filled with plump, fat testicles. Both of their cocks were soft, and they were quite large, even at this stage, but it seemed like Gerrit had an edge over his brother. His limp noodle looked like it was a bit longer than Henk’s.

“See?” Gerrit chuckled, looking at his brother’s groin.

“I’m a grower, not a shower”, Henk mumbled and started stroking his cock. “Soft is for pussies, right?”

Gerrit chuckled. “You really think that worm is going to grow into a snake?” He followed his brother’s lead and leisurely stroked his impressive dick.

Henk rolled his eyes. His cock was starting to swell. Maybe he was thinking about Swedish boobs, maybe he was thinking about donkey dongs – anyway, it seemed to do the trick. The younger brother’s cock grew bigger and bigger by the second.

Gerrit watched his brother’s schlong, smiling confidently, while he was working his own cock. His dick rose slowly and steadily, transforming into a very handsome erection.

His brother seemed to be as relaxed as he was. Henk licked his lips, concentrating on his own body. His muscles flexed as more and more blood pumped into his dick, and a thin layer of sweat made his body glisten.

“Ahhh”, Gerrit finally moaned, looking down at his crotch, beaming with pride.

I was impressed. I had seen a lot of cocks. Strictly professionally, of course. This was definitely one of the most impressive exhibits. It was thick and fat, with a big, bulbous head, the tip glistening with sticky precum.

Gerrit noticed me staring at his whopper. “What do you say?” he grinned. “Nice, huh?”

I gulped. “Oh yeah, nice. Very nice.”

“Thanks”, Gerrit beamed. “So, Henk, what about you? You finished?”

Henk grimaced. He glanced at his older brother’s genitalia and bit his lower lip. “Oh, maybe, this is gonna be a close one…”

 “You think?” Gerrit laughed, wiggling his cock at his brother. “You’re gonna come short, little brother…” He watched his brother stroke his dick. “Are you finished?”

By now, Henk’s cock had almost reached the size of Gerrit’s dick.

“Just a sec”, Henk replied, gritting his teeth.

Gerrit looked at his brother’s groin and blinked. Apparently, he started to realize that maybe, just maybe, his decisive win wouldn’t be all that decisive…

“Just a sec”, Henk repeated.

After what seemed like an eternity, Henk was finished. He let go of his cock, showing us the full size of it.

“Huh”, Henk said. “Look at that.”

Gerrit’s face whitened.

“Now, that’s a surprise, huh?” Henk said, an innocent expression on his face. “The little brother isn’t all that ‘little’, huh?”

He stood next to his brother so that their hips touched.

“In fact”, Henk said slowly, “apparently, I’m--- Well, what do you say, Gerrit?”

Gerrit gulped.

It was obvious. Very obvious. Now that we saw both cocks side by side, it wasn’t a difficult call. In fact, now that the result was in plain view, I wondered how Gerrit could have believed for just one second that he could beat Henk. Maybe he should have paid more attention to his brother.

It was a monster. Henk’s dick surpassed Gerrit’s in every way. It was longer than Gerrit’s cock, it was thicker than Gerrit’s cock, and even the head was fatter. It looked like a battering ram, and it was constantly leaking precum.

“You win”, Gerrit whispered.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you”, Henk said, raising his hand to his ear. “What was that?”

“You win”, Gerrit repeated.

“Any idea why you got to fuck Greta?” Henk asked.

Gerrit bit his lower lip.

“Because she was afraid she couldn’t handle it”, Henk said, smiling. “She chose you because you are smaller. You aren’t exactly tiny, okay, but you just can’t beat this.” He grabbed his monster and slapped Gerrit’s dick with it, leaving a trail of sticky transparent fluid that connected the two. “But this time, I’m gonna give it to her. And you better lube up your hole, because I know she has brought her dildo…”

Gerrit gulped again. “Fuck.”

“But first”, Henk smiled gently, “I’m gonna make sure that you won’t even think of competing with me for her pussy or her ass.”

Gerrit blinked.

“I’m going to wreck your balls, man”, Henk said. “I’m gonna wreck them.”

Gerrit looked at me for support.

I just shrugged. “You know what the deal was…”

Gerrit sighed. “Fuck. Okay. Go ahead.”

Henk pointed at his brother’s dick that was slowly but surely going down. “Umm. Could you?” He made a wanking gesture.

Gerrit rolled his eyes. “You want a clean shot, huh?”

Henk grinned. “Oh yeah.”

Gerrit mumbled something unintelligible and stroked his dick a couple of times until it was pointing restored to all its glory, standing tall and pointing at the ceiling.

“Great, thanks”, Henk smiled. He stood in front of Gerrit and raised his leg, lifting his brother’s bulging sac with his toes.

Gerrit looked mortified. “Do it already.”

Henk chuckled. “You want me to bust your balls?”

Gerrit gritted his teeth. “Let’s get it over with.”

Henk wiggled his toes, causing Gerrit’s testicles to bounce happily.

Gerrit grimaced. “Come on, Henk, don’t be like that.”

“This is fun”, Henk shrugged. “But if you asked me nicely I’d maybe speed up a bit.”

Gerrit rolled his eyes. “This is ridiculous.”

Henk wiggled his toes again. “Just ask for it.”

Gerrit bit his lower lip. “Okay. Please trash my junk.”

Henk smiled brightly. “If you insist…” He brought his leg back and sent it crashing in between Gerrit’s thighs, catching both of Gerrit’s tender spuds dead on and ramming them into his pelvis.

Gerrit let out an agonized scream and his knees buckled.

Chuckling, Henk threw another hard kick at Gerrit’s poor babymakers, flattening them like pancakes and causing Gerrit to wail in pain. He doubled over, his hands on his knees, panting heavily.

“Fuck”, Gerrit groaned hoarsely. “That was a good shot…”

“Thanks”, Henk said cheerfully and planted another well-placed kick that connected perfectly with his brother’s plump nuggets. The sound of Henk’s bare foot slamming into Gerrit’s poor manhood echoed across the room, making both Henk and me shudder in sympathy as Gerrit screamed from the top of his lungs, collapsing on the floor and writhing in agony.

Henk looked down at his brother and waited patiently until the writhing had slowed down, his hands on his hips. With his commanding scepter fully erect he looked like a king waiting to knight a deserving subject.

Gerrit whimpered. “This is enough, right?”

The king was not in the mood for mercy. “I’m sorry, bro, but I’ll have to pound the cum out of your balls. If Greta gets to choose the dick she wants, she’ll always go for yours and I’ll be stuck with the dildo…” He sighed. “Sorry.”

Gerrit groaned miserably. “What if I promise you that I won’t do it?”

Henk shook his head, smiling apologetically. “I trust you, Gerrit. But I don’t trust your cock. It will be up and ready for action as soon as Greta wiggles her tits.” He looked down at his brother. “Isn’t that right.”

Gerrit closed his eyes and nodded. He slowly got up, cupping his swollen balls. “Alright”, he said softly. “Finish the job.”

Henk nodded and dropped to his knees. He grabbed his brother’s hard cock and started gently stroking it with his left hand. Gerrit’s dick was pulsing and he was leaking precum.

Gerrit moaned.

Henk smiled up at his brother. Then, out of nowhere, he slapped the full, swinging sac with his right hand.

Gerrit’s eyes crossed and he let out a hoarse grunt as his pendulous scrotum swung back and forth between his thighs.

Henk followed up with a devastating uppercut that made Gerrit’s body convulse. His eyes watered and his mouth opened in a silent scream.

Henk continued stroking Gerrit’s dick. “Nearly there”, he mumbled. “Nearly there.”

He fired another uppercut into his brother’s ballsack, making him gurgle in pain.

Gerrit’s cock started twitching violently.

“Ahh”, Henk said, smiling with satisfaction. “Here we are.” He grabbed his brother’s babymakers in a vice-like grip and squeezed down hard, continuing to jerk his cock.

Gerrit eyes twitched as his cock let go of the first spurt of thick white spunk.

“Et voilĂ ”, Henk chuckled as Gerrit’s precious sauce splattered up against Gerrit’s chin. Henk increased the pressure, effectively milking a huge load of spunk out of Gerrit’s big, bloated testicles.

Spurt after spurt of hot, creamy jizz shot out of Gerrit’s big cock, coating his sweaty body in a glistening glaze of salty spunk.

“Oops”, Henk said as one unruly dash of semen hit his forehead. He kneaded Gerrit’s poor testicles with his hand, hellbent on milking his brother completely dry.

Gerrit was screaming in pain as the final portion of his seed oozed out of his cock, running down his glistening shaft.

Finally, Henk let go of Gerrit’s testicles and grabbed his brother’s cock with both hands, squeezing it from the root to the tip as if he was pressing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

Gerrit sank down to his knees, whimpering in pain, curling up in a ball in a puddle of his own cum. He was moaning softly, his eyes closed.

“Phew”, Henk sighed. “That was hard work…”

Gerrit opened his eyes and saw a huge splash of his jizz on the floor, right in front of his eyes. “What a waste”, he whispered.

Henk nodded. “I bet Greta would have loved to have that inside of her.” He shrugged and smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve heard that some dudes can cum from having their ass played with…”

Gerrit closed his eyes again. “You are sure she’ll bring her dildo?”

Henk smiled. “If she doesn’t we’ll just use that eggplant in the fridge.”

Gerrit let out a soft laugh. “Yeah, sure…”

Henk turned to me. “You have it all on camera?”

I nodded. “This will make one hell of an audition tape…”

My cousins grinned at me.

“It will open all sorts of doors for you”, I said, smiling.

“Thank you for doing this”, Gerrit.

“Oh, you’re welcome”, I replied. “I’m always happy to help. We’re family, right?”

A few hours later the two brothers left for their date with the hot Swede, taking the eggplant with them just in case…

I noticed Gerrit walking very gingerly, and when I heard a shrill scream from the staircase after they had closed the door behind them I couldn’t help but imagine what a wild night lay before them. I was pretty sure that Henk was going to land a little blow or two on his brother’s balls during their Dutch-Swedish sandwich…

I sank down in front of the television, a bag of chips in my lap. There was nothing like watching an episode of some silly game show after a day of hard work…


bbmal said...

I want cousins like these! Ugh, some guys get all the luck! What an awesome pair! And the brothers are great too! LOL! I REALLY hope we get to see these boys come back in future stories. Great job Alex!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Alex said...

Thank you, guys! I'm glad you like the story...

As for future appearances of the cousins: Right now, I have no plans for them to feature in another story - but you never know... :-))

Erik said...

As usual the story made me instantly hard! Nice work, and i hope she brought the dildo cause an aggplant has a wide ending ;)

JP said...

Great story Alex! Loved it!

Alex said...

Thank you, Erik and JP! I appreciate your feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it... :-))

Oh, and I agree with you on the eggplant, JP. Let's hope Greta brought her toys... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Any plans to bring this back?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Man, I almost forgot about these characters. Frankly, they haven't been on my mind for a while. I don't think they'll come back. On the other hand you just put them on my radar again, so maybe......... :-))

Anonymous said...

here's hoping because this is my favorite story of all time! not going to bore you but it actually made me curious into bb

Alex said...

Ooooh! That sounds very interesting, and not at all boring! I'd love to hear more. Send me an email ( so we can talk. I'd love to hear about your experience, and maybe it inspires me to write another story featuring Henk and Gerrit... :-))

Anonymous said...

Nothing much. I was just searching for stories about hung guys, found this and discovered your blog. I've been cumming to this story for almost a decade now.

Alex said...

Thank you! Your comment made my day! :-))