Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boy, interrupted

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Taylor Lautner leaned back in his chair and smiled. The handsome 21 year old movie star was in the middle of an interview that was going to be included in the Blue Ray Special Features.

“This is one of the best experiences of my career”, he smiled. “I mean, working with Adam Sandler and Kevin James and Chris Rock and David Spade – it’s a dream come true!  This is such a great cast, with excellent actors, and we are having a lot of fun. This movie is going to be a masterpiece, and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of that.”

The lights went off and the nerdy interviewer grinned sheepishly. “Thanks, Taylor, we---“

“Shut up, idiot”, Taylor said with a cold smile. He adjusted the collar of his light blue shirt and walked away. No need to spend any more time with these morons than absolutely necessary.

He hated this movie. Hated everything about it. How on earth had Kevin James become a movie star? Or Adam Sandler? Two ugly, painfully unfunny has-beens who couldn’t sell a joke if their lives depended on it. It took ages for them to get a scene right – and when the camera wasn’t rolling they ran around ball-tapping every young man in sight.

Taylor grunted. Ugly old men.

Chris Rock wasn’t any better. And David Spade? Taylor inhaled deeply. Better not think about that talentless dilettante.

The worst thing was that his role in this piece of shit was so small. Adam Sandler’s saggy butt had more screen time than him. His agent had talked him into this, that retarded son of a bitch.

Taylor stood in front of his trailer. He didn’t even have his own, he had to share it with Patrick Schwarzenegger and Alexander Ludwig, two insufferable imbeciles who kept joking around and talking about boring stuff when all Taylor wanted was relax and catch a break from all the werewolf jokes that were thrown at him when he was on the set.

Taylor sighed and reached for the door when he noticed something strange. The trailer was moving up and down in short, sharp, jerky movements. The squeaking of the trailer was accompanied by low moans from inside.

A devious smile appeared on his lips. Someone was having sex in the trailer. It was probably Salma Hayek, that worn out nymphomaniac. She had tried to get her hands on Patrick Schwarzenegger a couple of times. Apparently she had finally succeeded…

Taylor adjusted his crotch and entered the trailer.

“Look who we have here”, he said loudly.

Two big blue eyes looked at him with a shocked expression.

Alexander Ludwig was lying on the ground, his jeans thrown carelessly over a chair, his blue boxers around his ankles, his t-shirt pulled up so that his nipples were visible. Alexander was frozen in shock, staring at Taylor, one hand pinching his right nipple, the other hand grasping his huge erection that was pointing at the ceiling, glistening with precum.

“Let me guess, Ludwig”, Taylor sneered, closing the door behind him. “It’s not what it looks like, huh?”

Alexander blushed. “I--- I was just--- Nicole is out of town and I was just---“
Taylor grinned and leaned against the wall, patiently waiting while the blond Hollywood hunk tried to talk himself out of this embarrassing situation while his cock was throbbing and oozing precum that ran down its thick shaft.

“I--- You know, I thought that you weren’t--- And I just--- I---“

Taylor spotted a picture on the chair on top of Alexander’s jeans. It showed a pretty young girl with black hair. Taylor picked it up with his thumb and forefinger, grimacing when he noticed unmistakable stains.

“That your little girlfriend, Ludwig?” Taylor smirked.

Alexander’s handsome face had turned beet red. “I--- Erm--- Yeah---“

“Does she know what you do when she’s not around?” Taylor asked, squatting down in front of the movie star.

Alexander bit his lower lip and shook his head.

“I guess she wouldn’t approve, would she?” Taylor continued.

The naked blond was silent.

“Ludwig?!” Taylor said sharply.

“I guess not”, Alexander mumbled.

“I agree”, Taylor grinned. His eyes wandered down the handsome actor’s muscular body, and he couldn’t help but admire what he saw. Enviously, he stared at Alexander’s massive erection and the sizeable pair of overripe plums that rested peacefully inside their sac. “Now”, Taylor said slowly. “Do you want me to tell what’s-her-name about the little affair with your hand or do you want me to keep silent?”

Alexander opened his mouth but Taylor quickly lifted his hand and added, “Just to be clear, my silence comes at a price.”

Alexander gulped. “What is it?” he said in a toneless voice.

Taylor smiled. He lifted the photograph of Alexander’s girlfriend to his nose and sniffed. “Phew”, he grimaced and recoiled. “You pig! She’s covered in your spunk!”

Alexander let out an embarrassed whimper.

Taylor sneered. “Is that how you treat your woman?”

The color of Alexander’s face resembled a fire engine. “What do I have to do?” he whispered.

“You”, Taylor grinned evilly, “will do whatever I say, Ludwig.”

Alexander grimaced. He was still holding on to his impressive erection that had lost nothing of its awe-inspiring length and girth despite the humiliating and demeaning situation he was in.

“Okay”, Alexander said in a toneless voice.

“What was that?” Taylor asked sweetly.

“Okay”, Alexander repeated, louder this time.

Taylor chuckled and threw the photograph onto Alexander’s face. “Lick it”, he said casually.

Alexander raised his eyebrows. “What do you---“

“Lick it”, Taylor repeated, smiling. “Lick your spunk off her face.”

“But I---“

“Just do it, Ludwig”, Taylor said sharply.

Alexander gulped and extended his tongue. Tentatively, he ran it over the picture, grimacing when he tasted his dried cum.

Taylor watched him with a disgusted expression on his face. He stood in front of Alexander who remained lying on the ground.

Looking down at the young blond stud, Taylor sneered, “You look pathetic, you know that, Ludwig?”

Alexander looked up at him with his baby blue eyes.

“Did I tell you to stop licking?” Taylor barked.

Alexander quickly continued running his tongue over his girlfriend’s abused picture.

“Attaboy”, Taylor chuckled. He circled the lying hunk, trying to think of ways to humiliate him. This was much more fun than giving interviews and playing Mr. Nice Guy. He stopped when he stood next to Alexander’s hip. My God, that cock was gargantuan. And those nuts looked like they were filled to the brim with spunk. No wonder that he needed relief with balls this size…

An evil grin crossed Taylor’s face and he lifted his right foot. He was wearing black leather shoes, shiny and polished.

Alexander watched him, making sure not to stop licking his girlfriend’s photograph. The taste of his cum had vanished. Now he was tasting the bitter flavor of chemicals and paper. It was difficult to decide which was worse.

Taylor’s eyes were focused on Alexander’s huge gonads. With a spiteful grin he brought his heel down onto Alexander’s tender testicles. He stomped the young movie star’s cum-filled plums into the ground as hard as he could.

Alexander’s body jerked up and his mouth opened to let out a hoarse scream. His eyes wandered down, widened in shock, as his balls were flattened like pancakes between the trailer floor and Taylor’s heel.

“I’m gonna scramble your fucking eggs, Ludwig”, Taylor sneered. “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to jerk off for weeks, let alone fuck your little girlfriend…” He twisted his heel, squishing Alexander’s tender nuts underneath it as if he was stomping out a cigarette stump.

Alexander let out a shrill shriek as his nuts were ground like grapes. “Please, Taylor, I---“

“Shut up”, Taylor said casually as he shifted his weight onto Alexander’s balls, squashing them into the ground as hard as he could. “You’re so fucking pathetic…”

Alexander screamed from the top of his lungs. While his nuts were viciously crunched by Taylor’s foot, his cock was showing no signs of surrender. The big, meaty fuckstick was throbbing and pulsing, precum running down its thick shaft.

Taylor brought his foot back, bringing a moment of relief to Alexander’s precious jewels. That moment was rather short, though, and Alexander wasn’t able to shield his genitalia from the hard, nut-smashing kick that connected with his testicles a split-second later.

The tip of Taylor’s dress shoe slammed into the pair of low-hanging danglers with deadly precision, flattening them against his body and making Alexander wail in agony.

Taylor laughed and balled his fist. “Yes!” he shouted. “Right in the double-yolker…” He looked at the blond hunk and shrugged, “I’ve heard that line in a movie sometime, and I always wanted to use it…”

Apparently, Alexander wasn’t in the mood for clever word play. He grabbed his aching gonads and curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain.

“Get up”, Taylor said.

Alexander didn’t move. He was cupping his nuts with both of his hands, groaning and moaning.

“Get up!” Taylor shouted.

Alexander winced and looked up at his tormentor.

“Don’t make me tell you again”, Taylor said slowly. “Or I’ll rip your fucking nuts off and stuff them into your mouth!”

Alexander groaned and slowly got up, his boxers hanging around his ankles.

“Spread your legs”, Taylor said, a vicious smile on his lips.

He earned a pleading look from Alexander that didn’t seem to impress him in the least.

“Do I have to tell you everything twice?” Taylor rolled his eyes.

Alexander sighed and threw away his boxers. He was completely naked from the waist down now. His t-shirt covered his pubes and was held up by his hard cock. It looked like the curtain had risen on his swollen, oversized balls.

The blond movie star spread his legs, letting his juicy lowhangers dangle invitingly between his thighs. His rock hard dick was pointing at Taylor’s face like a cocked weapon ready to blast a bullet between his eyes.

Taylor smirked. “You think you’re king of the hill with that huge dong between your legs, huh?” He took a step back.

Alexander smiled sheepishly.

 Taylor raised his eyebrows. “Let me wipe that smile off your face, Ludwig”, he said coldly.

Alexander blinked.

Taylor’s kick was right on target. His heavy black dress shoe collided with the poor blond’s nuts and smashed them into his body.

Alexander’s cock swung up against his t-shirt with a dull thud sending a shower of tiny beads of precum through the air. He screamed from the top of his lungs as the pain erupted from his battered balls.

Taylor let out a laugh and followed up with another sharp kick that lifted Alexander up into the air, his eyes crossing and his mouth forming a little O.

A fine thread of sticky fluid oozed out of the tip of Alexander’s massive erection, making its way down to the floor in slow motion.

Taylor didn’t wait until it reached the ground, though. He sent another hard, nut-crunching kick into Alexander’s crotch, making his cock swing wildly as his balls were flattened against his body.

Alexander wailed in agony. Beads of sweat were running down his pain-contorted face.

“You are dying to shoot your load, huh?” Taylor chuckled. He thought for a moment. “Turn around.”

“Please, don’t”, Alexander pleaded, looked at Taylor with tears in his eyes.

Taylor chuckled. “You’re pathetic, Ludwig. Turn around!”

Alexander complied, facing the window, his legs trembling, his cock oozing precum.

“Let’s see if I can kick the spunk out of your pathetic balls”, Taylor grinned.

Alexander whimpered, his eyes closed, waiting for Taylor to kick his nuts into oblivion. His low-hanging balls swung between his thighs invitingly.

Taylor rubbed his hands and cracked his knuckles. He took a couple of steps back. Then, with all the force he could muster, he launched a devastating kick into Alexander’s nuts from behind. The tip of his foot connected with Alexander’s tender gonads, ramming them into his body and making Alexander yodel in pain.

Another hard kick found its way into Alexander’s crotch, flattening his cum-filled nuggets into his body. Alexander’s eyes clenched shut and he let out an ear-piercing scream.

Kick after testicle-shattering kick pummeled the movie star’s rapidly swelling plums as Alexander shrieked like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Finally, the pressure on his balls was too much, and his cock exploded with a huge spurt of sticky jizz that splattered against the window and slowly ran down. Another jet of spunk landed right next to the first one. Spurt after spurt of Alexander’s protein-heavy load splashed against the window, coating the glass with a thin layer of creamy juice.

Alexander was screaming from the top of his lungs as Taylor was laughing his ass off.

The orgasm rocked Alexander’s body as his cock let go of countless jets of spunky juice. His swollen, aching balls were contracting, pumping more of his pent-up sperm up into his oversized dong.

With a vicious grin, Taylor kicked Alexander’s busy balls once again, making the blond Hollywood star yodel in pain.

His cock looked like a firehose gone wild, sputtering cum all over the trailer.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“Look who we have here”, a loud voice said.

Alexander collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball, wailing in pain.

Taylor turned to the door, his eyebrows raised.

Apparently, this wasn’t what Patrick Schwarzenegger had expected. The handsome stud stared at Taylor, then at Alexander, then at Taylor again.

“I--- I thought that Xander was jerking off again”, Patrick stammered.

“Close the door”, Taylor said.

Patrick spotted the cum-stained window and his eyes widened. “What the fuck?!”

“Close the door”, Taylor repeated.

Patrick stared at him.

Taylor rolled his eyes and planted a solid kick into the big bulge in Patrick’s jeans clad crotch.

Patrick let out a wheezing groan and doubled over, clutching his manhood.

Taylor grinned. “I’ll leave you two love birds alone”, he said and stepped out of the trailer. He turned around and winked at Patrick. “I bet you know a way to nurse him back to health.” He made a blow job gesture with his mouth, sticking his tongue against his cheek from the inside.

Patrick groaned.

Taylor laughed and closed the door behind him.

Patrick stared at Alexander who was rocking back and forth, whimpering in pain. He slowly shook his head and carefully touched Alexander’s shoulder.

“Leave me alone”, the blond actor whispered.

Patrick glanced at Alexander’s spent cock and his battered balls and grimaced as he saw the bruising.

“We’re gonna get back at him”, he said in a low voice. “Trust me, we’ll find a way to make him pay…”


Erik said...

I loved The arrogance of Taylor ... The story made me instantly horny! Loved it... Hope The busted can get their revenge :)

Alex said...

Thanks, Erik! I'm pretty sure that Taylor will get his comeuppance soon... ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is absolutely amazing! Your blog just keeps getting hotter and hotter.


Alex said...

Thank you, Ibtisam! I'm glad you like my stories!