Monday, September 9, 2013

Painful encounter

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Personal training

“Just sign your name here and here, and your initials here”, I said, pointing to a piece of paper.

Glenn read the document and looked at me. He was 40 years old, with curly black hair and a boyish attitude. He was the father of one of our most adventurous models, lanky skaterboy Leo, and he had agreed to put his balls on the line in a nut-crunching contest between three father/son teams. He was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and heavy, black boots.

Standing next to him, Bradley scratched his head. He was one of Glenn’s opponents, the father of Logan, the newest addition to our roster. A muscular, handsome man with dark blond hair that was cut short, Bradley looked younger than his 38 years. His tight tank top and his chino shorts showed off his muscular arms and legs.

“It says here that you are not responsible if there’s any permanent damage to our nuts”, Bradley said.

“It’s a simple liability clause”, I explained. “Standard procedure.”

Bradley nodded and signed the document.

Glenn grinned and playfully nudged Bradley’s shoulder. “You’ve basically signed over your nuts, you know that?”

Bradley raised his eyebrows. “Sure I know that. As long as your boy doesn’t go crazy on my balls, I’ll be okay…”

Glenn chuckled. “Leo will mangle your nuts, buddy. There will be nothing left when he’s done with you…” He signed the document and handed it to me.

Bradley clicked his tongue. “You know, Logan is pretty skilled, too.”

Glenn grinned and adjusted his crotch. “I’ll be okay, buddy, I’ve got balls of steel…”

I nodded, managing to keep a straight face. “He’s right. It’s tattooed on his nutsack…”

Bradley smiled. “Even better. I’ll tell my son not to hold back…”

Glenn feigned a yawn. “Bring it on, buddy…”

“You sure?”

“Damn right I’m sure!”

Bradley chuckled and playfully aimed a hard backhand slap at Glenn’s bulging crotch. He didn’t connect perfectly, but it was enough to make Glenn double over and let out a groan.

Bradley laughed and looked at me. He lifted his hand and smiled, “Want a nut-tap, too?”

“No, thanks”, I said quickly and sat down behind my computer, opting to watch the two guys from a safe distance.

“That was nothing”, Glenn said in a hoarse voice and rubbed his groin.

Bradley shrugged. “You’re wearing jeans, man.”

Glenn grinned. “You want me to drop my pants?”

“If you want to show me your stuff”, Bradley said nonchalantly.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, Glenn countered.

Bradley sighed. “Man, this feels a lot like highschool. I guess I’m too old for this stuff…”

“You’re afraid I might scramble your eggs right here and now?” Glenn taunted.

“You wish”, Bradley shook his head, grinning.

Suddenly, Glenn fell to his knees and launched a powerful uppercut into Bradley’s crotch. His fist crashed into the soft, big bulge in Bradley’s chinos, lifting him off the ground and making him moan in pain.

Glenn remained on his knees and watched Bradley double over, grab his crotch and collapse on the ground, coughing and wheezing.

“Your pathetic little nuts are no match for my balls of steel”, Glenn grinned.

“Fuck you”, Bradley moaned, clutching his sack.

Glenn laughed and straightened.

“Come on”, Bradley said after a short while, grimacing in pain. He unbuttoned his chinos and let them drop to the floor, revealing his tightly packed tighty whities. He threw away his shoes and took off his tank top. The dark blond hair on his muscular chest was neatly trimmed. Apparently, Bradley was did a lot to make his body look good...

Glenn shook his head, sighed, and followed Bradley’s example, stripping off his boots, jeans and t-shirt until he was just wearing a pair of well-worn black socks and a tight-fitting pair of dark blue briefs. He absentmindedly pulled at his dark chest hair as his gaze rested on the huge bulge in Bradley’s underwear.

Bradley noticed Glenn staring at his crotch and adjusted his tighty whities. “Yeah, those pathetic nuts are not exactly little”, he chuckled.

“Wow”, Glenn said, not even trying to hide his envy.

“Mother Nature has been good to me”, Bradley shrugged, pulling the waistband of his underwear down to let Glenn get a good look at his enormous privates.

And they were truly enormous. A fat, long cock dangled in front of a couple of perfectly shaped low-hangers that rested peacefully in their sac of skin. If someone had shown me a picture of Bradley’s junk I would have complimented them on their photoshop skills...

I could tell that Glenn was impressed. Very impressed. He tried to play down his reaction by musing, “I bet you don’t get a lot of doggy style action, huh?”

Bradley shrugged. “I can’t complain.”

Glenn took a step towards Bradley and extended his hand. “May I?”

Bradley laughed. “No fucking way, man!”

Glenn blushed. “Hey, I don’t want to grope you”, he said quickly. “I just---“

“You just wanna cop a feel, huh?” Bradley grinned, his thumbs hooked in his waistband, presenting his mammoth goodie bag. “No means no, buddy.”

Glenn bit his lower lip, his eyes fixed on Bradley’s awe-inspiring valuables. “How many kids did you produce with that kind of plumbing?”

Bradely said, “Just the one who’s gonna waste your junk in the competition…”

“One kid?” Glenn sounded incredulous. “What – do shoot blanks or something?”

Bradley’s face darkened.

Glenn laughed. “With those huge sperm tanks you only made one child?!” He shook his head. “What’s in those monsters - weak sauce? Mind you, I prefer---”

Bradley let out an angry grunt and snap-kicked Glenn’s nuts as hard as he could. His own balls swung wildly and his limp dong slapped against his thighs as he brought his leg up to turn Glenn’s nuts into peanut butter.

The tip of his bare foot collided with Glenn’s precious balls that were held conveniently tight by his briefs. The two tender plums that were prominently outlined in the thin fabric of his underwear were crunched hard.

I cringed in sympathy as Glenn let out a surprised yelp, followed by some miserable sound that evoked images of a mole that had been stepped on. He cupped his balls with both of his hands and coughed.

“That was a mean kick”, Glenn said hoarsely, wobbling back and forth as he tried to keep his balance.

Bradley shrugged. “Balls of steel, huh?”

Glenn looked up at him, grimacing. He straightened, groaning, and pulled down his briefs, showing off his fat balls that hung low in their hairless sac. He gingerly grabbed his nutsack and pulled at the skin, showing Bradley his tattoo.

“That’s what it says here”, he said, smiling weakly.

Bradley smirked at him.

The two studs faced each other, each of them naked except for their underpants (and in Glenn’s case, his socks), and each of them with their junk dangling over the waistband.

They eyed each other cautiously, each of them waiting for the other to make the next move. Right when I opened my mouth to suggest that we called it a day, they lunged at each other, each of them trying to grab hold of their opposite’s ballsack.

Naturally, with his extraordinarily large equipment, Bradley was at a striking disadvantage, and Glenn seized his opportunity when Bradley’s fat dick swung his way. Like Tarzan reaching for a liana, Glenn caught hold of Bradley’s meaty cock and pulled hard.

Bradley let out an agonized moan as he felt like his dick was getting ripped off. “Dirty fucker!” he screamed and retaliated by ramming his elbow into Glenn’s neck.

Glenn grunted and intensified his grip on Bradley’s schlong, twisting it and bending it as if he was trying to pull it out by its root.

Howling in pain, Bradley sneaked his fingers between Glenn’s thighs and closed his fist around Glenn’s precious nuggets. He squeezed as hard as he could, making Glenn howl like a werewolf at midnight.

The two studs grunted and moaned, screamed and yelled as they lay havoc on each others’ genitalia with their bare hands. Seeing those two handsome guys messing with each others’ sex lives was a spectacle well worth seeing.

I leaned back and took a sip of my coffee.

By now, Glenn was lying on his back while Bradley was straddling him, facing his feet. Glenn was pulling Bradley’s massive member back between his thighs, mashing his oversized testicles in the process. Both of Bradley’s hands were busy squishing and squashing Glenn’s allegedly metallic balls.

Proving the claim printed on Glenn’s sac a blatant exaggeration, Bradley managed to sink his thumbs deep into Glenn’s sensitive tissue. At the same, Glenn tugged at Bradley’s meaty schlong with both of his hands as if he was trying to tow away a truck with his bare hands.

Both of them were screaming from the tops of their lungs, now, filling the studio with the unmistakable sound of two guys fearing for their ability to sire children.

Finally, with a desperate move, Bradley freed himself: He pushed his hips forward, increasing the strain on his extralarge cock for a short moment before eventually succeeding in ripping his dong out of Glenn’s grasp. The meaty monster snapped cracked against his ass cheeks like a whip before appearing at its rightful place at the front of Bradley’s body.

Bradley let out a jubilant yell, lifted his hand, balled his fist and sent it smashing down into Glenn’s mangled genitalia, hitting both of Glenn’s testicles dead-on and making the handsome stud wail in pain.

Glenn gathered his strength and pushed Bradley away, managing to curl up in a ball, clutching his sore gonads and moaning in agony.

Bradley was breathing heavily. He grimaced as he examined his mangled cock. Despite having served in a disgraceful tug of war, it looked okay, and Bradley sighed with relief. He lovingly caressed his humongous testicles and watched Glenn rock back and forth, groaning miserably.

Slowly, he stood and looked at me. “I guess we are done here, huh?”

I shrugged. “Yeah.” I smiled at him. “You got a little preview of what’s going to happen in the contest…”

Bradley grimaced. “I thought it would be like a little sports gathering. I didn’t know I’d be dealing with guys like him…”

Bradley was facing me, his huge package swinging freely between his legs.

“Look at this”, he said, carefully lifting up his limp cock and showing me what looked like the imprint of Glenn’s fingers.

“Ouch”, I grimaced in sympathy.

Bradley nodded, his face filled with (not entirely unreasonable) self-pity, and looked down at his cock. That perspective gave him a perfect view of Glenn’s foot crashing into his huge nuggets, making them bounce up like superballs.

Glenn had sneaked up on Bradley and managed to kick his nuts from behind, creating an awesome visual as Bradley’s face fell and turned into a painful grimace, accompanied by an even more awesome slapping sound as Glenn’s socked foot connected with his tender testicles.

The slow change of Bradley’s facial expression was truly cringe-inducing. What was even more cringe-inducing, though, was the sight of his big, meaty gonads bouncing up until they abruptly reached the limit of his spacious sac and dropped back down. It was fascinating, mind-numbingly painful and captivating at once. I felt like watching a ballet performed by two rotund and not very talented dancers.

Much to my delight, Glenn decided to throw in a little encore.

Before Bradley had a chance to grab his balls and save them from further harm, Glenn kicked him again. The tip of his sock-clad foot slammed into poor Bradley’s swaying babymakers with admirable precision.

Bradley looked like his nuts had been knocked out of their sac. His face was filled with confusion, grief, surprise and pain as his body convulsed in agony.

He let out an ear-piercing shriek and clutched his damaged nads, doubling over, his face contorted in agony.

Behind him, Glenn was torn between tending to his own battered balls and indulging in boundless joy at having crippled his amply endowed opponent.

That moment of indecisiveness didn’t last very long, though, as Bradley decided to make that decision for him. Doubled over in pain and holding his fragile eggs with his left hand, he spun around, dropped to one knee and crunched Glenn’s nuts with a powerful right handed uppercut that sent shivers down my spine.

Glenn’s face scrunched up as the renewed pain washed through his body and his eyes crossed slowly, resulting in very fitting yet extremely funny grimace. His mouth formed a small O as he slowly fell backwards, crashing to the ground.

“That’s what you get”, Bradley mumbled, and I wasn’t sure if his voice hadn’t jumped up an octave.

Both of the guys were sweaty and out of breath. Glenn was lying on his back, his knees pulled up to his chest, his hands covering his nuts. Bradley was kneeling on the ground, nursing his battered balls and rocking back and forth.

I cleared my throat. “Guys”, I said. “Now that you got to know each other I guess we should stop right here before anyone gets hurt.”

Both Glenn and Bradley let out bitter laughs.

I smiled. “Okay?”

They both nodded.

I fetched their clothes and watched as they dressed.

“You are a mean fighter”, Bradley mumbled, slipping into his tank top.

Glenn shrugged as he pulled up his jeans. “Same as you, I guess.” He stretched his arms and carefully tucked his swollen package into his jeans. He winced as he buttoned up. He looked at Bradley and mused, “I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have your equipment.”

Bradley stared at him, absentmindedly fumbling with his crammed tighty wighties. “What do you mean?” he said slowly, apparently sensing a backhanded compliment that would surely be followed by an insult.

Glenn chuckled. “I’d be having trouble stuffing all that junk into my jeans.”

Bradley’s face lightened up. “Ah, yeah, well, you’re right.” He grinned. “You know, actually that is a serious problem.” He carefully buttoned his chinos, making sure to touch his battered genitalia as gently as possible. “That’s why I’m wearing chinos.”

Glenn nodded. “I see.”

“You probably noticed that I’m wearing tighty whities”, Bradley continued, leaning casually against the wall and smiling at Glenn. “Not my first choice of underwear under normal circumstances…”

“Talk about sexy”, Glenn grinned and put on his t-shirt.

Bradley nodded. “But I’ve gone through boxers and briefs, and everything in between, I even tried tangas – but tighty whities are the only ones that don’t make me sit on myself or grind them like grapes.”

Glenn grimaced in sympathy. “Ew.”

“Exactly”, Bradley smiled weakly. “That’s just one of many things you have to consider. Like riding a bike?” He grimaced. “Not good… Feels like I’m running my nuts through a meat grinder.”

Glenn laughed as he tightened the shoe laces on his black boots. “Seriously?”

Bradley nodded and sighed. “Believe me, I’ve been there… Or can you imagine trying to teach your son to play baseball?”

Glenn inhaled sharply. “Ouch.”

Bradley shuddered when he remembered the situation. “Logan hit a home-run more than just once”, he said in a toneless voice. “And don’t talk to me about junior high soccer league.” He gulped. “Or that incident with the flat iron…” Bradley shuddered.

Glenn raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t ask”, Bradley closed his eyes and exhaled audibly.

Glenn let out a laugh. “Sounds like your son is quite an expert at crunching nuts…”

Bradley grinned sheepishly. “I guess you could say that…” His grin widened. “Which means that you might be in trouble when he goes for your balls.”

Glenn shrugged. “Probably. On the other hand: My son Leo is a pretty experienced ballbuster himself. So it’ll probably be an even field. I don’t know about the third team, though.” He looked at me.

“Lester”, I said. “He’s a bit older than you.”

“And his son?” Glenn asked.

“Sons”, I corrected him. “They are twins.”

Glenn raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t that skew the competition?”

Bradley nodded. “They could each take a nut and pound away…”

Glenn gulped.

“Don’t worry”, I smiled. “I won’t allow them to tag team your nuts.”

Glenn and Bradley looked relieved.

“Okay”, I said. “See you on the day.”

Bradley and Glenn walked towards the door.

“Let’s hope our sons make us proud”, Bradley grinned.

Glenn chuckled. “Well, let’s hope that we’ll make our sons proud…”

The two guys laughed and shook hands.

“It’s gonna be painful”, Bradley chuckled, adjusting his crotch and wincing as he touched his swollen testicles.

Glenn held the door open and motioned for Bradley to step out.

“Oh, one more thing”, Glenn said suddenly.

Bradley raised his eyebrows and turned to face Glenn.

With a mischievous grin, Glenn brought his foot up between Bradley’s thighs. The heavy boot smashed into the huge bulge in Bradley’s crotch, flattening it like a perforated balloon.

Bradley gagged and doubled over, tentatively reaching for the center of his misery. His face paled and he looked like he was going to throw up any second. He sank to his knees, dry-heaving and clutching his sore genitalia.

“You’re right, it’s gonna be painful”, Glenn said casually. He walked out the door, a huge grin on his face. “See you on the day!”


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