Saturday, September 14, 2013

Date night

Special thanks to an anonymous reader who came up with the plot for this story.

Warning. Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenDannyDavid and Parker (click for pictures)

Danny closed the door behind him. His brother wasn’t home, but he was not going to take any chances. He locked the door and sat down at the kitchen table.

He inhaled deeply and dialed the number on his phone. A few seconds passed before his call was answered.

“Tonight’s the night”, Danny said in a low voice. “Usually, he takes a nap before going out. He’ll be asleep by 7 o’clock. You have one hour. I won’t be home to let you in but there’ll be a key under the doormat. I want you to make sure that he won’t enjoy his date, if you know what I mean. And he can’t know that I have anything to do with this. Make it look like a home invasion burglary. Good luck.”

Danny ended the call and leaned back, closing his eyes. His body was shaking. It was time for revenge…


At 7:05, a muscular stud wearing black sweat pants and a black hoodie took the key from under the doormat with his gloved fingers and quietly opened the door. He reached inside his sling bag and produced a black balaclava. He put it on, hid the key under the doormat again, and entered the apartment.

The apartment was dark and silent. The intruder reached for the flashlight inside the bag and turned it on.

He waited. When he heard a steady snore, he followed the noise. He tiptoed towards a door and leaned against it, listening carefully. He had found his target. Quietly, he opened the door.

The room was dark. The light fell onto the king size bed where a naked young man was sleeping. He was lying on his back on top of the duvet.

The intruder chuckled. Apparently, the guy had prepared for his date. His pubes were neatly trimmed and his sac was shaven. The guy expected some action. He wasn’t going to get any.

Quietly, the intruder put his flashlight and his bag on the ground. He cracked his knuckles, adjusted his black leather gloves and slowly walked up to the bed.

Without hesitation, he grabbed the sleeping guy’s nutsack with his right hand. His gloved fingers wrapped around the neck of his scrotum and closed around the unsuspecting young man’s precious plums. With a powerful yank, the poor guy was literally dragged out of his bed by his balls.

It was a rather rude awakening. The first thing the sleeping guy heard the ear-piercing scream that woke him up. Split-seconds later he realized that he was the one who was screaming. The sharp pain in his nuggets invaded his brain as he was pulled out of his bed and onto the ground by his tender testicles.

“What the fuck?!” David shrieked. The handsome 19 year old was dragged out of his bed like a rag doll. His sac stretched to his limits, his balls compressed in the intruder’s vise like grip, he felt dizzy and nauseous. Suddenly, his sweet dreams had turned into a very real nightmare.

The intruder grunted as he twisted David’s naked plums, making the bare-naked young man scream from the top of his lungs.

“What do you want?!” David yelled in a high-pitched voice.

The masked man didn’t answer. Instead he threw a vicious punch at David’s poor, defenseless plums while he was holding on to his sac with his other hand.

David screamed in pain.

Again, the intruder smashed his fist into David’s delicate orbs, making the black-haired boy yodel in pain.

“Do you want money? I’ll give you money!” David shrieked.

The hooded figure’s fist connected with both of David’s big, juicy plums, flattening them like pancakes and making David let out a high-pitched wail.

“Please, stop!” David whined. “I have money! I’m a famous dancer and I can pay you a lot of money!”

His pleas were answered with another powerful punch to his aching gonads.

David threw his head back, screaming from the top of his lungs.

Yet another punch to David’s fragile testicles elicited a gurgling cough from the young man’s mouth.

David whimpered. “I can give you---“

“Shut up”, the masked man hissed. “I’m not interested in your money, dumbass.”

David groaned.

The intruder grabbed David’s spuds with both of his hands now, grinding them like two lemons in a juicer.

David let out a shrill shriek.

“I’m gonna crush your little nuts”, the intruder growled. “I’m squeeze the juice out of those puny little balls!”

The voice sounded vaguely familiar. David’s thoughts were rudely interrupted as the assailant switched from squeezing to punching again.

He pounded his fist into David’s sore and rapidly swelling balls four times in rapid succession, making David let out an agonized wail.


Parker was early. Instead of waiting in front of the house for his date, he decided to go in and knock on his door.

Truth be told, he had been looking forward to this night. He felt like he had fallen in love for the very first time.

Parker was 21 years old, and he felt a bit silly. On the other hand, this was new for him. Sure, there had been boyfriends, and there had been a couple of sexual encounters on the side. But this felt different. Butterflies were dancing inside his stomach, and he felt his face glowing with excitement.

He had worked hard to convince David of going out on a date with him. He didn’t know why he had fallen in love with the black-haired dancer. He was fully aware that David could be arrogant and cruel, cold and demeaning. And most of the time he was. But somehow Parker knew that there was more to that arrogant asshole. And he certainly knew that the thought of David fucking him made him feel all tingly inside…

And tonight was the night. He came well prepared: His flaming red hair was freshly dyed, and he was wearing a colorful vintage suit made of blue velvet. A yellow shirt and red leather dress shoes would have looked tasteless on almost anyone. But Parker could pull it off. Most people would look like clowns in this sort of getup. But Parker looked hot and very attractive. He adjusted his crotch, trying to hide his growing boner. Tonight was the night. He walked up the stairs to David’s apartment, whistling happily.


The hooded figure grabbed David’s ankles and spread his legs in a V with his gloved hands.

David’s eyes widened in horror as the intruder lifted his foot and stomped down hard. David’s tender nuggets were flattened underneath the sole of the ruthless assailant’s heavy black boots.

The handsome dancer screamed like a pig in a slaughterhouse as his poor nuts were squashed flat under the invader’s foot.

“I’m gonna squash your tiny little grapes”, the masked man growled and twisted his foot as if he was grinding out a cigarette stump.

David’s voice rose an octave or two and his pupils turned inward.

He tried desperately to pry the assaulter’s boot away from his tender testicles, but all he did was increase the pain as the boot’s heavy sole profile scraped over his swollen nuts.

Finally, the intruder lifted his foot and David grabbed his aching gonads, trying to shield them and save them from further harm.

The intruder was unimpressed. He brought his leg back and kicked at David’s crotch, connecting with his hands and driving them into his balls.

David shrieked as his nuts and his knuckles exploded with pain. He lifted his inflamed hands, giving the intruder the chance to deliver a nut-crunching kick to his now unprotected testicles.

David groaned miserably.

The intruder lifted his boot and stomped down again, this time aiming for David’s limp dick.

David gasped in horror as the heavy boot connected with his tender cock. With a vicious twist, the brutal assailant made sure to leave a lasting impression on David’s love stick. As if drawn with a red lipstick, the imprint was emblazoned on David’s poor dick.

David looked at his cock in horror, but there was little time for idle contemplation, as the assailant launched another vicious attack at his cock and balls.

He was still holding David’s ankles so that his legs formed a wide V. Then he jumped into David’s crotch, knocking the wind out of his lungs. One foot squashed David’s sore cock, the other one squished his swollen balls.

David let out an ear-piercing scream.


Parker was about to knock on the door when he heard a strange noise. He paused and held his ear to the door.

The promising thought of a night full of fucking and sucking was instantly wiped away as Parker realized what was happening.

Frantically, he looked around. He found what he was looking for under the doormat. Under normal circumstances, Parker would have been angry at David for being so careless. But right now that didn’t matter. Nervously, Parker opened the door, put the key into his pocket and rushed inside.

He saw the scene through the open door and he grasped the situation right away. The love of his life was being attacked by a masked thug.

Parker ran towards the room. The tall, muscular man was standing with his back to the door, stomping the shit out of David’s nuts.

“Look at your pathetic little nuts”, the invader growled. “I’m gonna grund them into peanut butter!”

Parker’s eyes fell on the flashlight that was sitting on the ground. Without hesitation, he grabbed the heavy instrument and swung it into the assailant’s crotch from behind. It connected with the masked intruder’s nuts with a dull thud.

There was a surprised gasp, followed by an agonized howl. The man instantly let go of David’s ankles, finally allowing the handsome dancer to curl up in a ball, clutching his sore genitalia.

Parker was faces with the choice of soothing the pain of his beaten beloved or making sure the assailant was suffering the exact same amount of pain. Thinking fast, Parker opted for the latter.

He brought his leg back and sent a testicle-shattering kick between the masked intruder’s legs, putting all his anger, agitation and adrenaline into the kick. His admirable commitment was rewarded with a gurgling squeal that culminated in a high-pitched gasp before the assailant collapsed on the ground and assumed the same position as his naked victim.

“How dare you!?” Parker yelled and kicked the masked intruder in the side.

The man let out a grunt, his body writhing in pain, leaving his groin unprotected for just a short moment..

“How dare you attack my boyfriend?!” Parker insisted, slamming the flashlight into the tightly packed bulge in the masked guy’s crotch.

The guy let out a miserable groan.

Knowing that the intruder wasn’t a threat anymore, Parker squatted next to David and ran his hand through his sweaty black hair.

“David”, he whispered. “You alright?”

David opened his eyes, groaning. “Parker.”

Parker smiled. “I’m a little bit early”, he said softly. “I hope you don’t mind…”

David let out a laugh that was immediately followed by a coughing fit.

Parker planted a soft kiss on David’s forehead and caressed his cheek. His eyes wandered down to David’s crotch. Gently, Parker touched David’s hands that were cupping his massacred balls. “Let me have a look”, he said gently.

The sight of David’s mangled genitalia sent a shiver down David’s spine. “Oh God”, he said slowly.

David’s dick and balls were bruised and swollen. He let out a whimper.

Parker turned to the assailant who was rocking back and forth, covering his crotch and nursing his battered balls. “You fucking brute”, he yelled. “What did you do to my boyfriend?!”

The intruder groaned. “What the fuck do you think? I fucking massacred his fucking nuts, that’s what I did!” He let out a defiant laugh. “Have fun on your date, faggots.”

Parker stared the intruder in the face. That voice, and the brown eyes. This was not a random attack.

He reached for the assailant’s balaclava and tried to pull it off of his face.

When the intruder struggled, Parker brought his knee into the man’s crotch, ramming his nuts into his body with all the force he could muster.

The assailant groaned in pain and reached for his groin, allowing Parker to unmask him.

He recognized him right away. He had seen him a couple of times at some parties, and he had defeated him in an epic battle of Roshambo at the Olympics where he had kicked the cum out of his nuts.

“Ben?!” Parker whispered. “How dare you?!”

Ben looked at him. His plan had definitely gone off the rails. His nuts were hurting and the angry expression on Parker’s face told him that there might be more to come. But he couldn’t help but grin when he saw David lying on the ground, moaning in pain. “How dare you, how dare you”, he mimicked Parker’s indignant inflection. “Your pathetic boyfriend deserved it!”

Parker stared at him.

“What?” Ben sneered. “He’s an asshole, you know that. He’s a motherfucking asshole, and he deserved getting his nuts crushed I guess you’d like me to say that I’m sorry that I ruined your night, faggot, but I’m not. You were looking forward to that loser shoving his prick up your mancunt?” Ben shrugged. “Tough luck! Won’t happen tonight.”

David moaned.

Parker snapped out of his trance and grabbed Ben by the balls. He squeezed hard, gritting his teeth.

Ben let out an agonized grunt as his testicles were brutally ground in Parker’s vise-like grip.

“Apologize”, Parker hissed. “Apologize to him right now!”

Ben groaned in pain as Parker intensified his grip on his tender gonads. “The fuck I will!”

“Apologize!” Parker barked and twisted his wrist, making Ben let out a soprano wail.

“Fuck you!” Ben whimpered, but he sounded a lot less confident.

“Apologize right now”, Parker said slowly, “or I swear I will rip your fucking nuts off and stuff them down your throat!” He emphasized his point by brutally yanking on Ben’s tender spuds, making him shriek in pain.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry”, Ben groaned without looking at David.

“Say it like you mean it!” Parker insisted, squashing Ben’s hefty plums as hard as he could.

Ben wailed in pain. He looked at David and mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

Parker looked at David who was moaning in pain, covering his hurting genitalia. “Sorry is not good enough”, Parker said calmly. “Look at what you’ve done!”

Ben looked at David’s groin and couldn’t help but smile when he saw his boot’s imprint on his cock and balls.

“You ruined his cock!” Parker hissed, squeezing hard.

Ben groaned.

“You know, I wanted that cock tonight”, Parker whispered. “I wanted that big, juicy cock in my ass!”

David blinked as he heard Parker tell Ben about his plans. He wasn’t entirely sure he was up to that. But that didn’t matter right now, anyway…

“You should hear yourself talking”, Ben said in a strained voice. “Big, juicy cock?! More like a tiny little worm… I guess you’re better off buying a dildo if you want to feel anything…”

Parker grunted angrily and dug his fingertips into the soft meat of Ben’s beefy nuts. “You know what”, he said. “Why don’t you show that you are really sorry and kiss that cock better, huh?”

“Parker”, David croaked, not sure whether he wanted Ben to come near his junk right now. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…“

On this, David and Ben seemed to be able to agree.

“Fuck you!” Ben grunted. “I don’t suck cocks!” He sneered at David. “And that tiny little worm, that puny little excuse for a cock is no exception!”

“You think you’re better than him, huh?” Parker hissed, twisting his wrist and making Ben let out an agonized wail. “You think you’re bigger than him, huh?”

“Parker”, David said hoarsely. He had a bad feeling about were this was going.

“You really think you are bigger?” Parker said menacingly.

“Parker!” David repeated.

“Why don’t you show us?” Parker sneered. “Why don’t you show us your fantastically huge equipment and we’ll see who’s bigger!”

“Parker!” David shouted.

But Parker was already busy pulling down Ben’s pants.

Ben sneered at David. “Go ahead”, he told Parker, cooperatively lifting his ass off the ground to let Parker strip him of his boxer briefs.

“Parker, no!” David groaned.

“Let’s see who’s bigger!” Parker hissed, absolutely convinced that Ben was all talk.

David closed his eyes and sighed.

Ben’s pants and boxer briefs were down at his ankles and he proudly presented his junk to the world.

Parker stared at Ben’s groin.

Ben had a pair of nice, fat plums that hung low in their sac. On top of that, he had a big, fat cock that came very close to a perfect illustration of the word ‘juicy’.

Parker’s eyes wandered to David’s crotch.

David’s face was beet red.

Even in their swollen state, David’s well-sized nuggets and his respectable cock didn’t match the size of Ben’s genitalia, there was no denying it. They weren’t small by any means – they just were a little bit smaller than Ben’s.

“What do you say now, faggot?” Ben jeered. “This is what a big, juicy cock looks like!” He grabbed the base of his limp dick and shamelessly wiggled it. “I bet you’d like that thing up your ass, huh? That would fill you up good! You want it, I see it in your eyes, faggot! But I gotta tell you, this beauty is for girls only.”

Parker was silent.

David groaned, mortified and humiliated.

“I know it’s not easy but you’ll have to make do with that loser’s pathetic little worm”, Ben continued, grinning derisively. “Look at that stuff! Those puny boy toys are pathetic!” Slowly, Ben’s cock fattened and thickened as he seemed to get aroused by his own words.

Parker glared menacingly at Ben, but the handsome stud didn’t notice. Blissfully unaware of the danger he was putting his vulnerable genitalia in, he continued deriding David’s goods. “If you want something big and juicy up your ass you better look elsewhere”, he said with a scornful laugh. “You’ll barely notice when that tiny little dicky is inside you. And if you’re fond of cum I guess you are out of luck, too. There’s not much room in those teeny-weeny raisins… If you squeeze real hard you might be able to get a little drop out of them but---“

Ben was rudely interrupted as Parker lunged at him, grabbing his beefy nuts with one hand and his big, juicy cock with his other hand.

Ben inhaled sharply.

“Fuck you”, Parker said calmly. Then he pulled in opposite directions as hard as he could, painfully mangling Ben’s ample genitalia.

Ben let out a blood-curdling scream as his nutsack and his cock were viciously stretched to their absolute limits.

Parker made sure to twist and bend Ben’s poor belongings to generate maximum pain. He gritted his teeth, watching with satisfaction as Ben squirmed and grimaced in agony. His fingernails dug deep into the soft tissue of Ben’s testicles, making Ben wail from the top of his lungs. At the same time, Parker bent Ben’s cock in a very unnatural shape. Fortunately for the hapless muscle stud, his cock hadn’t reached full hardness yet, or Parker might have broken it. But even in its semi-hard state, Parker’s audacious maneuvers were extremely painful. Ben’s face was a mask of pain and he wailed in agony.

Parker grunted with effort as he pulled Ben’s testicles as far away from his cock as possible, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Ben’s mouth, making him gurgle and retch, scream and yell, moan and groan.

“Now”, Parker said finally, maintaining his vise-like grip on Ben’s meat and two veg, “now you’ll kiss David’s dick.”

Ben was screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Now!” Parker barked, giving point to his words by sharply twisting Ben’s testicles.

Ben let out a high-pitched shriek. A disgusted expression on his face, he bent over and puckered his lips. He hesitated, but when Parker yanked on his cock, he quickly planted a quick kiss on David’s bruised cock.

“Kiss it like you mean it”, Parker growled.

David looked at Parker, their eyes met, and Parker felt a tingle in his stomach. David smiled at him.

Ben whimpered.

Never breaking eye-contact with Parker, David grabbed Ben’s head and shoved him down until his nose was buried in his pubes.

Ben planted a sloppy kiss on David’s cock. Against expectation and despite all the violence David’s junk had gone through, David’s dick responded very favorably to Ben’s touch. It thickened slowly, making Ben squirm and struggle, but Parker maintained his grip on Ben’s genitalia.

David and Parker smiled at each other, and Parker nodded.

David lifted Ben’s head by his hair. His cock was rock hard now, begging entrance to Ben’s mouth. The tip was wet with precum that moistened Ben’s lips.

Ben let out a disgusted groan.

“Suck on it”, Parker said harshly, continuously kneading and twisting Ben’s agonized gonads.

It took a little bit of nimble-fingered persuasion until Ben’s mouth opened and David slid his big cock all the way into Ben’s mouth, making him gag and retch.

“Mind your teeth”, David said.

Parker licked his lips.

David moaned in pleasure as his cock slipped in an out of Ben’s mouth.

Parker pressed his thumb into Ben’s right testicle and twisted Ben’s cock with his other hand.

Ben was groaning and moaning as he slurped noisily on David’s hard cock.

David’s pace quickened, and soon he was skull-fucking Ben in quick, fluent movements, ramming his cock all the way into Ben’s throat and pulling it out again.

The two lovebirds were looking at each other. It was very intense, as if they were fucking each other by proxy.

David started panting and moaning in pleasure, and Parker watched him, making sure to keep twisting and squeezing Ben’s genitals.

A blissful expression appeared on David’s face as he was panting heavily. Suddenly he whispered to Parker, “Is it okay if I…?

Parker smiled. “Go on.”

David moaned. “Don’t worry, I’ve got another load for you.”

Parker chuckled. “Give him a big, juicy load with your big, juicy cock…”

That drove David over the edge. His body tensed and his pumped a huge load of spunk into Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s cheeks puffed and he coughed, spitting David’s precious jizz all over the floor.

“Swallow!” Parker commanded and yanked on Ben’s dick and balls.

Ben whimpered and tried his best at gulping down David’s massive load of cum. It was too much, though, and it ran out of the corners of his mouth, trickling to the ground.

Finally, David let go of Ben’s head and the muscular stud rolled to the side, groaning in pain and humiliation.

Parker gave Ben’s nuts a parting slap before allowing Ben to curl up and clutch his battered balls.

David smiled at Parker, his dick still rock hard and glistening with Ben’s spit and his own cum.

Parker ran his finger through the puddle of cum in front of him and brought it to his mouth, smiling seductively.

He licked the excess spunk from his finger and moaned. Then he moved towards David until his face was only inches from David’s.

It was just a short moment but it felt like an eternity to the two boys before their lips met and they kissed passionately.

Alarmed by the slurping and smacking, Ben looked up and grimaced at the sight of the two guys making out in front of him.

Parker ran his hand over David’s hairless chest. He caressed his nipples and moved further south. He gently cupped David’s bruised and battered balls in his hand.

David inhaled sharply.

Parker chuckled and weighed David’s nuts in his hand. “You think there’s another load in it for me?”

David smiled.

The romantic togetherness was disturbed by a disgusted grunt from Ben.

Parker and David looked at him.

“I’ll throw him out”, Parker said casually. He walked up to Ben, grabbed him by his bruised balls and pulled him up, making Ben groan miserably.

“Shut up”, Parker said sharply walking out the room and dragging Ben with him by his nuts.

Ben struggled to keep up with him, his pants and boxer briefs dangling around his ankles.

Without a word, Parker opened the door and threw Ben onto the ground where he curled up, clutching his sore nuts.

A pair of girls walked by. They glanced at Ben.

“We’re role-playing”, Parker explained, smiling at the girls. “He enjoys public humiliation. Sorry if we’ve disturbed you…”

The girls blushed and quickly made their way down the stairs.

Parker turned on his heels and closed the door behind him. He returned to David’s room.

The black-haired dancer had climbed into his bed. He was lying naked on his back, a vacant look on his face.

Parker sat down next to him and ran his hand through his hair.

“You saved me”, David mumbled.

Parker smiled. “Sure. You’d do the same for me, right?”

David stared at the wall in front of him. It took a few seconds, then he nodded.

Parker’s smile widened.

“That was the first time I kissed a guy”, David confessed.

Parker grinned. “Did you like it?”

David turned his head and looked at Parker with an impish grin on his face. “It tasted good.”

Parker laughed. “You like the taste of cum, huh?”

David blushed. “I guess I could get used to it”, he muttered.

“Now”, Parker said, lying down next to David on his side, “about that load you promised me…”

David looked down at his bruised, sore cock and bit his lower lip. “I guess we could try…” Despite having just shot a big load inside Ben’s mouth, David’s dick rose and fattened.

Parker smiled. “I guess we could…” His eyes fell on Ben’s flashlight that was lying on the ground. “And if you need a little encouragement: Ben left something for us and I know a place to put it…”

David gulped.

Parker burst out laughing. “Don’t worry, I’m joking…”

David chuckled.

Parker winked at him. “We’ll save that for our second date…”


Danny looked at his watch. He was sitting in a café, enjoying an appletini. He was nervous. Ben should have called by now.

When the phone rang, he quickly answered it. “Yes?”

“Your asshole brother and his fucking boyfriend jumped me”, Ben growled.

Danny’s heart sank. A million thoughts spun in his head.

“They busted my balls and made me--- Well, they busted my balls”, Ben said feebly.

“Oh god”, Danny whispered. “Did they--- Do they know that I put you up to this?”


“Is that all you care about?!” Ben grunted. “Fuck you! I need some ice.”

He hung up.

Danny stared at his appletini. He grabbed it and downed it in one go.


Anonymous said...

Incredible story, Alex ! I planted the seeds for the plot in an earlier comment but the way you delivered is outstanding. Great job in making this into such a concise story...there's a lot going on but you managed to avoid the boring details and keep it fast and furious. You should feel proud, hope the other readers will like and comment.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! And thanks again for your idea. I'm very glad that you like the way it turned out. I had a great time writing this story! :-))

So if you have any suggestions for a sequel please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Love the way Ben mocks David's manhood in front of his lover, and then finds himself choking when the ballet dancer's big meatstick is thrust down his throat.
It's like humiliation tennis :-) David, Ben, Parker...what a cast !

Alex said...

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, David and Parker are a great pair! We need to see a little more of the two of them alone though, figure out their weirdo relationship.

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! Do you have an idea what the two love birds are up to when they are alone together?