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Roshambo: Flip Fuck Part 2 of 2


Roshambo: Flip Fuck Part 2 of 2

By Jimmy


This is the story of Jayden and Chase’s first time having sex. This story has been a long time coming, I hope that you all enjoy it.



The water is on spraying the tiles below but Jayden is pressed against glass and griping the edges, with Chase behind him one hand wrapped around his stomach the other on his recently emptied ballsack.

Jayden groans as Chase’s wet and slicked up cock slaps across his ass, the whack makes him wince involuntarily but it does not hurt.

“Get ready for it.”

Chase’s words send a shiver down his spin, even though the steam coming from the shower is hot and makes him feel loose. Jayden is quite spent from topping Chase so easily allows Chase to manhandle him. The firm grip on his drained balls put him in no position to deny him.

The squeeze is suprising and Jayden gasps.

“I’m talking to you.”

“I know…!” Jayden says gulping back a groan.

“Easy on my boynuts…” Jayden says unable to hide the pleading sound of his voice or the quiet grunt when Chase increases the pressure using his thumb as the driving force pressing deep in the middle of both nuts and squishing the ends underneath. Jayden still can’t believe that his nuts now fit in Chase’s larger hand, and he knows that his boyfriend is loving this fact.

“You can take a little squeeze.”

The pressure increases, and Jayden flattens himself against the glass his lips parting as he moans harder.

The mirror shows Jayden in front of him his splayed body, the muscular pectorals, his tight clenching abdomen and Chase’s white hands on his brown skin one clenching his nutsack and the other wrapped around his waist. Jayden’s cock hangs limp against the glass and as Chase comes towards him he whispers in his ear “You’re all mine.”

A moan is pulled from him and Chase’s hand that was wrapped around his waist slinks down, and jacks off his cock that is pressed between his buttcheeks poking at the center of his butt. Jayden feels hot and a bit of pressure down below as Chase eases up the squeeze on his balls and instead toys with his bits, and distracting him from his lubed up fingers entering his asshole.

Jayden’s eyes widen, and he hisses as two digits slip inside of him.

He’s breathing heavier, the foreign objects pause for a moment waiting for Jayden to adjust and his other hand rolling his fleshy ballsack presses his nuts flat against the glass so that both testicles are visible in the mirror in front of him and Jayden and discernable in their shape. Then Chase squishes them flat into pancakes.

A cry rips from him, and Chase plunges his fingers deeper opening him up and driving them in and out of his lubed up hole while Chase’s teeth scrap along the outside of his ear.

“That’s it J…I’m warming you up.”

Jayden squeals as Chase’s flattening hand pressing on his boynuts switches to a fist and starts pounding away at his balls, punching them into the glass wall that manages to hold the pair in place.

He’s trapped in Chase’s web, and Jayden feels helpless as Chase slides his fingers in and out of him. It hurts at first, but his balls twinge and crunch under a steady rain of fists which are hell to take.

“Ch…chase….my fucking nuts…stopoh god.”

The punch hits him just right, the knuckles on Chase’s left underside fist pound into his plump ballbag make him gasp and see stars.

Jayden’s muddy brown eyes see black for a moment and when he closes his eyes tight and reopens them Chase’s fingers have been removed and instead he slowly glides his cock to his ass pressing it right into his entrance and the slicked up cock twitches and slips inside of him.

A gasp, comes not from Jayden but Chase and the pair moan as inch after inch glides inside of Jayden until Chase is all the way in.

Chase stops running his knuckles along Jayden’s left nut but re-grab the pair again and slowly squeeze the redden ballbag between his fingers. Chase holds his cock fully in Jayden’s rectum while his fully engorged member throbs. Jayden is so tight, he hardly remembers what sex with women was like but it was nothing like this. Slowly he slides his cock, getting used to the tightness and the warmth radiating from Jayden. His free hand slips up Jayden’s chest and pinches one of his nipples but he does not think the boy even notices. Jayden’s face is crumpled, and his eyes are closed so he squeezes Jayden’s nuts harder emboldened by his position behind him.

“I got your balls,” Chase teases as he rams his cock all the way back into Jayden’s butt making him whimper underneath him.


Jayden splutters against the glass, and Chase chuckles giving the nads another tightly packed squeeze.




Chase twists the nuts in Jayden’s ballsack and the boys eyes open looking back over his shoulder.

My nuts.”

The whisper is so gentle, and quiet that Chase quiets him with a kiss to the boys neck, before he nibbles and sucks at the skin and starts to move his hips in and out of Jayden’s butt now that Jayden has loosened up a bit.

Jayden closes his eyes, squeezing them shut and moaning as Chase plows into him. He’s still not hard, and Chase is not sure if it’s because he came not too long ago or he just hates bottoming. Chase eases up his ball grip and instead rolls the tender testes between his fingers. Jayden’s nuts throb in his ballsack, even Chase notices his boyfriend’s bag must be in so much pain.

Jayden’s arms go limp as Chase humps him, gaining speed and feeling in the zone. Chase is enjoying this, he’s on top of the world and he smiles after his mouth comes off of Jayden’s neck spotting his teeth marks there and moves down for another lovers bite when hands grab and separate each of his testicles and clamp on to them, squeezing hard.

Chase’s blue eyes widen in alarm and he gasps. The unexpected move surprises, and alarms him. Jayden is fighting back. Chase is just aware enough in his humping frenzy to understand this before Jayden shoves off the glass with a backwards step and before Chase knows it the pair hit the tiles wall and Chase’s cock slams so deep inside of Jayden that Chase and he gasp together both lost in the feeling.

Gulping air, Jayden takes charge and starts using his hips to move in and out controlling how Chase gets off and he uses his handholds…Chase’s big boys to keep himself steady.


It’s Jayden’s turn to smile, as Chase’s grip on his own testicles slackens. “What?” Jayden asks playing coyly as he bounces up and down on Chase’s erection. Chase gasps, and moans as Jayden gyrates his hips and squeezes his nuts.

Chase reaches up grabbing the showerhead up above, and feeling his chest tighten and his abs flex as he extends himself. Chase’s legs wobble, and his blue eyes roll back as Jayden takes over completely. His hand grips seem to intensify and Chase starts to feel sick even though his cock has never been harder.


Chase’s shout cuts through the water spraying on them.


“Promise to be good?” Jayden asks, no longer squeezing Chase’s big nuts.


“Alright then.”

Jayden lets go, and pulls off of Chase’s cock slipping it out.

A moan comes from between Chase’s lips, but Jayden turns around an instant later hands full of lotion and as he slicks back up Chase’s hardened tool.

Chase groans, again his cock throbbing and Jayden comes up to him kissing him and wrapping his arms around his neck. Chase kisses back, his tongue moving into Jayden’s mouth and the pair coo and he lifts Jayden up easily. Jayden is holding on to him, and Chase moves his hips off the wall and Jayden wraps his legs around his waist and Chase lines himself up and ends the kiss so he can look into those dark eyes as he slips back inside of Jayden.

Jayden shudders, his back arching, and together the pair start to work together as Jayden rides Chase’s cock.

“Oh shit.”

Jayden smiles, and clenches his cheeks and Chase feels the added resistance…the tightening along his shaft. Chase grins back and increases his tempo. Chase’s breathes harder now, shallower as he goes faster driving in and out of Jayden and the boy in his arms moves with him the two in sync and flexing.

“Not…too much longer.”

Chase warns.

Jayden nods, head thrown back. He’s still not hard but Chase can’t fix that he’s getting so close. The throbbing deep inside of Jayden, the trembling along his corded hardened shaft causes Chase to whimper as the bell end of his cock throbs.

“Oh fuck, Jayden…can you feel that? You feel so good.”

Jayden almost purrs, but he pushes back grinding his own hips bones and meeting Chase’s pelvis on each downward thurst. Jayden feels his balls swing and slam into Chase’s set and he chuckles as Chase winces.

“I’ve got you like a wrecking ball…” Jayden says laughing as his low swinging fruit clip Chase again in his tightened ballsack pulled so close to the bottom his shaft.

“Stop…that” Chase huffs as he pounds away into Jayden, his stomach clenching and his hands gripping tightly onto Jayden’s hips as he humps him faster. Every thrust brings Chase closer, and as his eyes bluer than the ocean lock onto Jayden’s his boyfriend slams his hips back which cause his heavy ballsack to swing and crash against his manly big one cracking them with a mean smack.

“Ugh!” Chase groans, not being able to stop himself from the trajectory of pleasure he is on, as he humps Jayden again, only to have him meet his thrust with his ass and rocking balls slapping against each one big balls that have nowhere to hide as they prepare to unload.

He curses under his breath “Fuck.”

But then the moment comes, he feels his body moving toward the finale and the jubilation deep in his belly as he hits Jayden’s sweet spot deep inside causes him to pause once as his cock throbs, the long shaft quivering with anticipation pulses.

A growl comes from Jayden and he stays locked in place, and Jayden spots the signs clenches his butt trying to mimic what Chase had down for him earlier on the bed. Jayden puckers himself, and feels his muscle clench and restrict the space around Chase’s shaft and his boyfriend sucks in air, his whole body trembling with effort and Jayden leans one hand down and grabs Chase’s big balls. The nutsack he finds is so swelled up against the bottom of Chase’s shaft that when he pulls Chase’s balls back a little bit Chase bites his lip shaking his head.


Chase’s pecs flex, his pink nipples hard and pointing like chipped stones poke out as his heart thuds in his chest. Jayden stares at them for a moment before he shifts leaning down and licking like left one and Chase’s dick shifts inside of him and presses somehow deeper and Chase loses all semblance of control and gasps as his cock twists and pulses releasing a torrent spasm of cum deep within Jayden’s insides.

Jayden freezes for a moment feeling Chase filling him up, and squeezes his hand involuntarily crushing Chase’s nads which are busy coursing with seed.

Chase hollers.

Jayden nips at his nipple.

And then Chase drops to his knees.

Jayden pulls him down on top of him and instinctively starts thrusts his ass in and out as Chase cums spraying him. Bits of semen seep down Chase’s shaft as his cock loses the rigidity and Chase bites Jayden’s shoulder fiercely in the aftershocks.

Chase grunts three more loud times and humps Jayden once more before he too goes still and drops like a lump on top of Jayden.

“Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuck.”

Chase moans, licking Jayden’s chest and laughing.

Jayden smiles as Chase still inside of him spasms again and spews out whatever is left in the banks of his emptying balls. Jayden squeezes once, just to make sure.

Chase’s blue eyes open and he stares at the teeth marks that he has left all over Jayden’s neck and right shoulder…he’s not sure how he will cover that up it looks like he mauled him.

“I love you, Jayden.”

Jayden turns Chase’s head so that the two make eye contact before he answers: “And I, you.”

Jayden tenderly kisses Chase their swollen lips find one another and they hold still for a long moment before Chase pulls out of him and Jayden stands up after rolling Chase off to wash his backside clean.

“Did you…like it?” Chase asks.

Jayden shrugs. “I love you, and I want you to feel that again…but naw it didn’t…” Jayden grabs his long shaft and gives it a wiggle. “Although,” he says after a moment and pauses “I was drained of everything by you first. Maybe…we will need to give it another try.”

Chase grins up at him from the floor. “That’s my boy.”

Jayden smiles down and gets down on all fours so that they are nose-to-nose.

“What will you tell the boys?”

Chase thinks for a minute before his catlike grin returns. “Not a damn thing.”

Jayden blushes, “You really do love me.”

Chase is grinning completely content up at Jayden before he tells him “You are my whole world, Jayden Gomez. You are the best part of me.”

Jayden’s eyes water, but the still hot water hides it well. He blinks back a few times, his throat growing tight.

“I’m so glad I chose you,” he says softly. “And I am going to keep picking you, over and over again.”

Chase grabs the back of his head, the hairs growing in just enough to latch onto as he pulls Jayden down to him and kisses him.





Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy. Part 1 and 2 are simply great.
I love that Chase was given his chance to dominate even thought Jayden's wrecking balls nearly put him out of action lol.
Great writing. Reg

Anonymous said...

This story was a long time coming, and both guys did great.

Dagan said...

This story is Fire!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg, Dagan, and Anonymous,

So happy that you all liked it!

Reg- Chase did get his shot here, and he certainly went made the most out of it!

Anonymous- I agree, they both got ot have their magic moment and they mostly enjoyed it ; )

Dagan- Thanks man!