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After the Break-Up written by Jimmy


After the Break-Up

by Jimmy


Rex, still sore about his breakup with his boyfriend that was all too quick heads over to the pool 🏊 to get out his frustrations and spots his teammate Leroy already into his swim routine.

Rex notices how Leroy attacks the water with ferocity and power, cleaving into the water with aggression and remembers that he is going through a breakup too. In fact if memory severs him right Leroy was cheated on.

Rex matches him stroke for stroke after changing into his sky blue speedos and rockets up and down the pool a plan forming in his brain. As the two swimmers tire Rex says to his friend “Hey…” still slightly out of breath he pauses before going on. “I’m so mad about my breakup…and well, I gather you are too. Want to…get the aggression out…on each other?” Rex quickly thinks over what he just said. Only then does he realize it sounds more like a come-on. He retracts a bit and adds more just in case.

“What I mean is let’s give each other a few shots…imagining that we are pummeling our exes. And let’s make it interesting by only targeting the balls. Interested?” Rex asks unsurely.

Rex laughs with his boldness and readjusts himself in his speedos gazing at Leroy, the water droplets from the pool hanging in his eye lashes. He’s so close to him and he shivers a bit from standing still so long.

“Interested?” Rex repeats. “You can go first.”

Rex’s heart beats quickly in his skinny chest, his abdomen is rippled in a tight six-pack and his legs are corded with a swimmers frame. His bulge in his sky blue speedos pokes out and is just below the water’s edge as the two swimmers are in the shallow end. Rex licks his lips absentmindedly, and runs a hand through his wet hair his amber eyes blinking back a few water droplets gently rolling down his forehead. The pool air is warm, and moist and seems to hang in the air between them thick and heavy.
Rex splits his hair in tiny paths as his finger flick through his wet locks before he lowers his hand back to the water patiently waiting to see what Leroy might do next.

“Cool.” Leroy answers simply.

“Yeah?” Rex answers hopeful. He puffs out his chest and goes under the water. Rex pushes off with his feet, and pushes off coming underneath the barrier between the two and come up right next to Leroy.

Rex takes a deep breath, exhaling and grinning water rushing down him.

“You want to go first?” Rex suggests. “We could play…roshambo. Hit for hit. This is exactly what I need, man. Thank you.”

 “Sure man I am tougher than steel!”

“I’ll try not to go too hard on you haha.”

“I’m tough too!” Rex says, laughing and splashing Leroy and getting into his face. He’s shorter than Leroy by a head, so the move is almost comical but they are so close that Rex can feel the body heat coming off of the jock in front of him.

“So what’s first? Kicks? Knees…maybe a squeeze?” Rex asks one hand gliding up Leroy’s legs and resting just below Leroy’s speedo bulge one finger digit tickling the bottom of his ballsack through the tight speedos covering his impressive bulge.

“Or will you surprise me…” Rex says a cocky grin in place as he pulls back his speedos and whispers to his boys “Get ready for impact little guys.” He cautions his junk looking down into the pool.

 “Do whatever comes to that smooth brain of yours. It won’t hurt me!”

“You want me to go first?” Rex says full of surprise and giddiness as he snaps back his speedos against his toned stomach. The sun in the past spring season has given him a light bronze tan and highlights creep into his auburn hair from all the time that he spends at their captain Chase’s pool as he bites his lip considering how to start if that is what Leroy is truly offering.

“Hahah yea I’m sure you should go first because I know you’re gonna be crying when it’s my turn” Leroy says laughing hysterically.

Rex narrows his eyes, and thinks he might be right but instead of retorting back Rex reaches forward and grabs a handful of the dangling fruit in Leroy’s matching blue swimsuit giving his tightly packed gripped fist a quick testing squeeze making sure that he got both of Leroy’s nuggets and gives them a long squeeze. Rex is amazed at how much bigger Leroy is where it counts and his earlier semi-erection lowers as the mast comes down. Ignoring the larger stump Rex concentrates on squeezing his treasures but not consistently so that Leroy never really knows when it will be tighter and more pressure or a weaker squeeze. Toying with Leroy’s bass gives him the exact outlet that he needs to get over his breakup.

“How’s this?” Rex asks tauntingly. “Still feeling like you got steel, metal nuts?”

A chill runs down Leroy’s spine as he feels the impact on his nuggets “Heh. It feels like a little kid is hurting me,” he scoffs.

Biting his bottom lip, Rex takes his other hand and uses both to separate Leroy’s fat testes to really concentrate on his squeezing technique. The slippery material of the speedo glides through his fingers and it’s not until Rex uses his thumbs driving both into Leroy’s but cores that he knows he must be on to something. Otherwise…Rex is in deep trouble.

“How about now?” Rex asks, a crease between his brows as he concentrates for a few more moments before releasing his hand holds.

“That’s only my first one. It’s your turn now I guess.”

Reluctantly Rex spreads his thighs a little bit more so that Leroy will have plenty of access to his crotch. The cool water hits his chest and Rex’s amber eyes blink back looking pointedly up at Leroy.

Rex can’t help but reaching down and running one hand over his package living how it feels underneath the right speedos. Each curve and bump of his oval gonads, and his prick both excites and worries him thinking of the blow that is coming for his boys.

 “Ok I hope you’re ready.”

Leroy chuckles and rams his fist right into Rex’s nuts until he notices Rex’s stomach churns and his abdomen spasm before pulling back his fist.

The splash of water from the pool hit Rex first and he folds over Leroy’s fist still digging into his soft bulge.


The groan rips from Rex, and he slightly gags as his balls blaze hot and pound in his hands while he clings protectively to his lumps.

“Shit…” the squeak of his own voice surprises him as it rises several octaves.

“You got them both.”

Rex goes under the water falling to the bottom of the pool, as he gently prods his testes in between his finders. Then, as if he had planned it all along he shoots up like a fish one hand curled fist .The punch hits Leroy from below in a solid THUNK!

Coming up for air, Rex coughs once, one hand still holding his nads as he glances into Leroy’s dark eyes hoping that this time his strike got his friend good.

Leroy feels the fist pummeling into his chocolate nuts and crosses his eyes saying “OOOOU~ MY NUTS!”

Rex is grinning like Cheshire cat that just got its canary.

“You said I hit like kid.”

Rex wiggles his eyebrows. “Still think so?” a giggle comes from him; and he covers his laughing mouth and he tells Leroy.

“Now let’s see what you can do!”

Rex is cocky, and he knows it but his latest blow to Leroy’s orbs has given him confidence. Seeing the look of pain etched on his fellow swimmers face he can’t help but think he can withstand more blows. ‘He will be so weak… he will barely hit me!’ thinks Rex as he watches Leroy shudder and lean back against the pool watch his stomach tightening as he tries to handle the agony below the water.

Leroy then pulls down Rex’s speedo revealing his whole package and then knees Rex right in the dick avoiding the balls on purpose

“Hah! How does that feel?!” Leroy says laughing uncontrollably

“Oooof!” Rex whistles as his half-cocked rocket 🚀 bounces off of his abs and stumbles back groaning.

“Shiiit! You hit my cock…” Rex laughs, but winces. “Still hurts like a bitch though.”

Rex rubs naked penis a few times before tucking it back in carefully, its fuller and more plumper than it was before he touched it.

“Guess you wanted to see if you could beat me that way…no way!”

Rex shoots up towards Leroy, and deciding that if they were doing knees he would get in on that action and grabs the taller boys well-muscled shoulders and looking him dead in the eye before lifting his leg and clipping him in the nards with one quick thrust. The knee squelches loudly in the pool as warmed pool water squished out the sides of the speedos while Leroy’s rounded spheres get jammed between his tailbone and Rex’s unforgiving knee.

“You missed my boys, but I did not miss yours!” Rex says gleefully.

Leroy’s teeth grind as the impact hits his hairy nuts and he crosses his eyes groaning in pain.


Leroy says groaning rubbing his nuts.

Grinning Rex comes up to him, “Got you good there!”

“Give up?” Rex asks wiggling his eyebrows and pursing his lips as he looks over the cross eyed boy in front of him.

“Y-yea man I give up” Leroy says but as soon as Rex looks away Leroy sends an uppercut straight into Rex’s balls and then punches them 3 more times for good measure.

“BAM DUDE!” Leroy yells.

“Oh Shiiit!”

Rex grabs his balls and tries to go to the floor but coughs up water as he unexpectedly goes under. Rex surfaces retching and leans against the side of the pool grabbing his nuts which pound horribly in his hands and he winced as he comes into contact with them.

“No…fair….” he huffs trying to look indignant but knowing that he is not pulling it off.

“You got me sooo good.”

Rex leans all the way back so that his back is on the pool deck, his legs dangling over the sides and his hands buried inside of his speedos clutching himself.

“Fuck me.”

“Hah! give up now?” Leroy questions.

“No…way…fucker. I just need to catch my breath.”

Rex groans looking up at the bright pool lights above and hearing the chuckling next to him makes him feel angrier. He’s not done…yet.

“Well take your time little boy” Leroy says laughing

“Grrrrr…” Rex seems to growl before a sudden flash of pain torments his insides and he closes his amber eyes blocking out the lights a voice.

“You always hit both….” Rex whispers. “Damn good luck.”

Biting his bottom lip, Rex exhales trying to take careful measured breathes to calm his sense and ease the pain from between his legs.

“I get to hit you four times,” Rex clarifies.

“Only fair, bro.”

Rex slowly lowers himself into the water, the cool pool water easing the throbbing in his testicles a bit but he can only guess at how red his nuts must be.

“Okay, Leroy.”

Rex swipes back his hair and grins.

“My turn.”

Rex reaches our scooping booth Leroy’s nuts in one hand and pushing them to one end so that Leroy’s balls puff up and look vulnerable and quavering in the bottom of his ballsack.

“Now, let’s see how you handle this!”

Rex balls his hand into a fist, pulling back his arm and slamming four quick jabs into Leroy’s bunched up testicle mound feeling the balls squish and deform under each strike.





Rex looks up at Leroy and smiles, giving the bloated balls a quick squeeze knowing that the deformed nuts in hand would be extra sensitive now.

“How are they hanging, Leroy?”

Rex admires his handy work as he reluctantly lets Leroy’s nuts fall from his hand. The two came extra early so the pool is still just the two of them and Rex hopes to show the rest of the team how victorious he is before they arrive and beat Leroy. That would be sweet.

“OOOOU~” Leroy moans loud enough to hear an echo throughout the room

Leroy then hops out the pool and pulls down his speedo checking on his nuts that are a new shade of red

Following Leroy out of the pool, Rex comes up to Leroy putting one hand comfortingly on his shoulder also peering down into Leroy's hands at the two busted up nuggets.

"Heh," says Rex. "They look pretty banged up!"

Rex rubs Leroy's shoulder affectionately, and starts growing a little stiff in his speedos. Leroy's anxiousness about his testicles has him feeling a little bit turned on. "How do they feel, Leroy?" he asks, almost as quiet as a hairbreadth.

“Just as bad as yours” Leroy says chuckling and before Res knows what’s coming Leroy’s mouth goes right into Rex’s small plump testes biting them.

Above Leroy, Rex freezes. His jaw drops open and he winces while letting out a long low groan.

“Not my balls!”

His balls squish between Leroy’s molars and he can swear that he is losing his boyness as Leroy mouths him his balls lost in Leroy’s warm mouth.

Rex’s amber eyes cross, and he sucks in a breath. The warm sensation, the drool down the sides of his speedos all do wonders to Rex’s little brain and somehow he springs a boner poking Leroy in the eye as another moan comes out of him.

“Dear….god….my balls! Oh no….stop ch…chewing!” Rex manages to say between clenched teeth as his fingers twist uselessly in the air while Leroy continues munching away below his navel. The stomach muscles clench on a hard chew, and Rex moans again desperate for the move to end.

Leroy finally releases his bite after Rex’s boner hits him in the eye and laughs saying

“Damn! dude are you hard?!”

 “No,” croaks Rex embarrassment coloring his cheeks as he feels them burning hot.

He drops to the cool tiles of the pool floor on all fours, then one hand slowly moves beneath his speedos touching his balls. The teeth marks that he finds in his mangled junk cause him to quiver on the ground and feel sick to his stomach.


He looks up at Rex “You bit…my nuts.”

Rex’s eyes are cross, his mouth is ajar and he moans low feeling the constant thumping in his balls as they throb in his hand to the beat of his heartbeat.

“Fuck dude…I…oooooh you left teeth marks….my nuts….ohhhh my nuts….you bit me like a dog,” Rex says. Rex almost finds it funny, or would if his testicles didn’t feel like they were just in a meat grinder.

Rex’s forehead touches the wet slick tiles and his closes his eyes, grimacing as another wave of pain makes him bite back a retch.

“Fucking… uh, uh, oooooouhh hell.”

Rex rolls onto his back his limbs sprawling out underneath Leroy and that’s when he notices that one leg is beneath him. He can’t let this opportunity go by and he slides a bit further until he grabs both of Leroy’s ankles and shoved up both feet digging in his wet toes into Leroy’s bulging pouch from underneath. Leroy’s junk easily caves in under the pressure of both feet pressing hard as he shoots them straight up, straightening his legs so that he shoves Leroy’s nads deep into Leroy’s pelvis loving the sickening squeal he hears and as his foot connect with Leroy’s wet bulge.

Rex grins through his own pain and gyrates his feet so that they pulse and press up and down, in and out of Leroy’s crotch. The constant pressure, and continuous smooshing from below to the sensitive undersides of Leroy’s testicles must be hell to take.

Rex says “This must SUCK!”

Now the laughter spills out of him as he toys with Leroy’s rounded spheres above, squishing them beneath his toes.

His hardon has not gone down, and after this Rex finds that he starts leaking in his speedos as his cock presses obscenely straight out. No hiding his popped willy.

While in this position, Rex decides to investigate and slides up part of his foot and feeling for Leroy’s Johnson with his toes checking to see if he is hard. It’s not hard to find Leroy’s curved cock and as his big toe slides down the shaft to the spongy tip he tickles the bell end, but the other foot keeps up the crushing pressure and crunching of Leroy’s nads.

“I was just wondering if you were hard,” Rex explains as his big toe flicks Leroy’s cockhead.

“How’s your nuts by-the-way?” Rex asks, as his feet pull back watching Leroy’s junk swing before they shoot back up slamming home into his ballsack again feeling the tender testes squish against his taint.

“Squished?” Rex suggests with a laugh.

Leroy feels Rex’s foot smooshing his nuts while Rex’s other foot is on his hard throbbing cock

Leroy doesn’t know if he’s feeling pain or pleasure by how hard and turned on he is so he lets out a loud moan both in pain and pleasure

Rex hears it and his grin widens, Leroy is hardening under his toes and Rex forgets that he is supposed to be done with his turn and instead focuses his efforts or tickling Leroy’s cock with his toes, feeling the sponges head throbbing underneath his constant pressure of his foot. The other foot does not stop jabbing in and out, but slowing down now so that he more toys with Leroy’s balls but it still must be hellish to take as Rex allows Leroy’s balls to squish out from underfoot to only pin the pair back underfoot moments later.

Rex’s amber eyes never leave Leroy’s face as his toes jackoff his engorged cock. The outline is clearly defined in the light blue material appearing sheer as Leroy dribbles out pre-cum on the material.

“I think you’re hard. Stiff as a board!” Rex says pointing out the obvious. “I think that you like this…right?” asks Rex squeezing Leroy’s cockhead feeling a bit of warmth seeping between his toes.

“D-dude!! stop we’re gonna get caught!!” Leroy stutters. “The…guys they will see…”

“Stop what?” Rex asks lowering his own speedos and grabbing his own raging erection and starts pleasuring himself his nakedness in the empty pool room glaring as he rubs his hardened steel spike.

Rex moans but shifts his feet so that both sets of his toes grab Leroy’s cock and move in and out pleasuring and rubbing Leroy’s stiffy. Below his toes the balls of his feet, the hardest part of his foot clamp on Leroy’s balls smothering them between his heels. Rex feels Leroy’s balls smashing together and flattening underneath his wrinkled soles.

“Stop what?” Rex asks, smiling coyly.

He’s breathing hard as he speeds up his masturbation watching Leroy above and moving his hand at the same speed as his feet.

Rex is getting into the groove and wonders if he can make Leroy make a little mess in his speedos. The bulge of Leroy’s cock is obscene and the speedos are stretched so far up that his cockhead almost pokes out the top. But Rex’s heels continually squish his nads below and even if he gets closer with the pressure so constantly pressing against Leroy’s spuds he’s not sure if Leroy could cum even if he was on the edge.

Rex’s own hand begins to fly faster and he grunts, feeling pre-cum squeezing out the top of his hard stuff stump. His other hand gently rolls his balls in his tight walnut ballsack as his eyes slowly close feeling the pleasures coursing in his body.

“Oooooo,” Rex moans. “Yeah…this feels so good.”

Rex speeds up on his cock, his hand sliding back and forth across his hardened length as he feels his scrotum tightened against the base of his rigid tool.

A moan comes out of him then. Long and aching with lust as Rex blinks up at Leroy while his feet
👣 toy with Leroy’s cock and balls. He knows that he has Leroy right where he wants him and he squeezes his the big dickhead between his tongues the ridges of the sponges head are so flared out and he feels a bit more pre-cum sprouting out at the tip of his almost purple tip. Rex does not make it easy for him though, as his heels click together crushing his man nuggets. Rex delights in the squeezing of Leroy’s nads, as they squish between the hard flat surfaces of the bottom of his feet: perfect for making pancakes.

Leroy let’s put more moans as he’s close to cumming but then Leroy sees Rex’s hard cock and well defined bruised eggs and plants his fist now on Rex’s low hangers

The long reach of Leroy’s arm gives him an advantage as he swings back and in hitting Rex’s ballsack with expert precision and strength. Rex’s balls squeal h under the direct hit and Rex screams silently as his mouth falls open but his feet seem to squeeze both Leroy’s cock and balls harder as the pain in his own busy balls sets in.

Rex holds his cock, not pumping but trembling. The pain hits him like a freight train leaving the track and hitting the wall at full speed.

“Ohhh fuuuck!”

Leroy feels the impact squeezing both his cock and balls and he crosses his eyes in pain.

Rex leans his head back, gasping trying to maintain his control. He’s almost got Leroy…if he can finish him off.

Flexing his feet Rex leans in, his leg muscles pressing Leroy’s plump nuggets even further into each other as he squeezes his feet closed the cock still throbbing between his toes as he rubs the head.

The more pressure Leroy feels on his cock and balls the harder he pushes his fist down onto Rex’s bruised berries.

Leroy fighting back now and using his fist that is lodged deep into Rex’s groin to shove it even further down nailing Rex’s small walnuts to the floor.

“Let go of my n-nuts or I’ll flatten yours to MUSH!!” Leroy yells out.

“Not if I….do that to yours first!” Rex warns him and squeezes his feet hard as his toes go right into testing by the limit of how much stimulation that his balls can take before he cums.

Rex is so close, so he pumps his own rigid dick faster even though Leroy’s fist is buried deep into his nuts. He just hopes that he can still ejaculate when the time comes.

Rex’s cock flairs and his eyes roll back into his head as his body starts to spasm and his legs lock tightly, more so than before on Leroy’s cock and balls. The later crushing Leroy’s black orbs so hard that they squish down to flying saucers. The other his toes dances over the top of Leroy’s dick rubbing the hardened Hellen’s of his cock so hard that he feels a tremor running down his erection.

“O-oh shit!! I’m gonna cum” Leroy exclaims while pressing down harder on Rex’s smooth balls.

Rex can’t believe that he is pulling this off as home loses his mind and fires. Rex’s cum shoots straight up just as he whimpers under Leroy’s fist.

“Oh my god!!!!”


Rex’s back arches a bit and his hips come off of the floor, but only so high as Leroy’s fist holds him purposely down nailing his tiny nuggets to the tiles.

Rex’s feet hit harder than ever and Rex shoots up to sitting as he is cums staring straight at Leroy’s groin and launches his own fist hitting the balls right between his feet and connecting with Leroy’s well stretched spuds.

The sound reverberates through the pool as Rex falls back, still pumping away at his cock that pulses under his fingers.

“F….fucking hell.”

Leroy’s cock slips free from his speedos and Leroy grabs his thickened too and aim’s it at Rex and starts spewing his load. Leroy cums all over Rex’s chest while feeling the pressure on his low hairy bruised nuts from Rex’s unrelenting feet.

Grinning up at Leroy, Rex slowly comes to standing just as Leroy finishes. He’s weak in the knees as he gasps out “That was…fun.” Rex rubs his cock for a few more tugs before he tucks his willy back into his speedos, patting the tiny bulge.

“We should go shower…or at least I need to…before the rest of the swim team gets here.”

He sack taps Leroy on the way by, hitting his knuckles into Leroy’s fat low hangers saying over one shoulder. “Thanks, I really needed that Leroy!”

Leroy drops to one knee moaning “Asshole.”

Rex smiles as he heads to the showers grabbing his towel on the way by and feeling better than he has in ages.

‘Screw Bill,’ Rex thinks as he pushes the door of the boys locker room open. ‘I still have the rest of the swim team to try out before I even think of having another boyfriend.’

Rex grins at his reflection as he passes it by and tosses the white towel on a hook by the group showers. The water turns on hitting him in the chest and Rex watches as the shared cum on him slips down the drain.

Closing his amber eyes, Rex imagines the session that he just had moments before and smiles imagining who he should challenge to Roshambo next.






Anonymous said...

Hot. Rex could challenge Chase or Aldo next?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I just finished another story featuring Rex, this time versus's his brother Max. All of this who is the best brother buisness intrigued me to write a story featuring the two of them.

However Rex versus Aldo or Chase could be a lot of fun! I think Chase would wipe the floor with him, unless he gets Chase with a good knee. Chase hates knees afterall.

Thanks for writing in!


Anonymous said...

Damn, I really thought this was going to be the start of a relationship between Rex and Leroy... Really thought they were both going to head to the showers together, but I guess not, poor Leroy, although I gotta say, he put up a good fight, my favorite move of his was DEFINITELY the part where he bite Rex's tiny peanuts! That was so brutal! I loved it, I don't know how Rex didn't lose inmediately (both the game and his nuts), God I loved how brutal Leroy got to be in this story, we haven't really seen him in action since the tournament arc, so I was so glad to see him dominate Rex (even if it technically ended in a draw) and hope we see more of his buster side... As well as him getting those chocolate eggs cracked (It's almost Easter, I don't know why Rex didn't wanna try bitting Leroy's eggs too)

I'm excited to see the twins facing each other again, I feel like Max always goes easy on Rex, maybe because he feels like the bigger brother (for their size difference in where it counts) so I hope that in this fight, he DOESN'T hold back, he's gotta bring the same energy he had when he face Logan! Those tiny little grapes have to be turned into juice!

I know it may sound like I'm team Max, but really, I'm STILL Rex team ALL THE WAY! (I just really lo e seeing his balls getting busted, especially after how much of a bully he's been to Max through all these years)

And as to who I would wanna Rex facing next... It has to be Junior! I wanna see a rematch between those too! Both my favorite Jaydenverse characters! And, of course, my long await Rex vs Zach rematch, but I'm sure you already know I've been waiting for that story for a long while, either way, I cannot wait to read more of Rex's adventures!

Yours truly, Anon1!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,

Thanks for writing in!

Yes, we have not seen Leroy since the break-up story in which he and Aldo break-up. This story follows a few weeks after that so the break-up is still a little raw to him, hence him being so brutal to Rex and his genitals.

Max does usually go a bit easier on his brother, he reminds me a lot of Jayden in that regard especially after he and Jayden became friends Max almost sees Jayden as a mentor (and love interest...he still has that crush). Max might suprise you in the new story coming up, hope that you like it! Also, I do have a sequel coming out from Rex VS Zach story. We are close to finishing it up. I will let you know as soon as I get something on the books!

Junior VS Rex could be interesting, a rematch would indeed be a fun one. I will tuck that idea away and see what I can do!

Hope you are doing well my friend,


Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with the other guys, Rex is probably my favorite ballbuster! I really enjoy it when he's busting boys with bigger balls than his own tiny peanuts, haha! I can't wait for the rematch story between him and Zach, I've been hoping for a follow-up since the last one was published...

And I would love it if you could include Zach in your stories more often! He's the perfect bustee with his massive set of testicles and Adonis body, and he usually enjoys to join in on the action as well. I think there are a few characters inside your Jaydenverse that would love to meet him, especially Junior. That could be a fun encounter, I think... Keep up the good work, Jimmy!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi X,

So happy to hear from you!

Rex is your favorite too?! Wow, he might actually be the favorite twin (I am still so suprised!)

The Zach VS Rex story is getting a follow-up, and I hope to have time to work on it soon!

Zach is pretty great, if I find a way to include him in more stories I certainly can try! He pairs with Logan really well, but I can see what I can do! Junior VS Zach would be fun, and we all know Junior would play to win. Maybe he could meet him when he goes to visit his friend Logan and the cousins just happen to be there...

Take care, friend!


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting to hear, Jimmy!

Rex is seemingly becoming a little fan favorite, indeed! Everyone loves an underdog, and Rex is clearly on the smaller side (sorry Rex!)... Anyways, he makes up for it with his ball busting talent and vicious "death grip"!

A story between Junior and Zach would undoubtedly be a funny and interesting match-up, and (like Rex) Junior has a talent for busting bigger boys' nuts! Luckily Zach and Logan hang out all the time, so a random encounter between the muscular frat boy and the cousins wouldn't seem too unlikely...

Another possible way to include Zach in more stories, could be if Logan decided to bring his big buddy with him to practice / to the high school. This has happened before in Alex' stories, when Logan made Zach volunteer in his sexual education lessons. Maybe Logan could bring Zach in as a volunteer again, to demonstrate different holds or something?



Anonymous said...


I've been waiting for this rematch for a looooong time, and it's so exciting to see it finally happening, I cannot wait! Zach is my absolute favorite ballbusting boy and Rex is my favorite Jaydenverse character (Or maybe Junior if we are counting BBBoys characters that finally play an important role in the series after the jaydenverse) I can already tell this is gonna be one of my favorite stories of the year, and also, I gotta add, yes, I fucking adore seeing Rex busting some bigger balls than his own, and I bet he's gonna have some real BIG fun cracking those big dino eggs Zach has between his legs wide open and making an omelette out of them, but Rex is also my favorite for seeing his tiny little peanuts turned INTO PEANUT BUTTER (but considering the size of his little peanuts, it's probably just a spoonful of peanut butter), my favorite part of the original story was finally seeing Zach fight back, most of his stories were about him getting his big balls busted and him not being able to use his big dick on a date, so it's pretty cool to see a subversion of that trope and seeing him fight back, specially when it's against a bully like Rex, because I love that brat and his brattyness and goddamn is it good when he gets what he deserves, God I cannot wait to see these two crack each other's nuts! Biggest balls vs tiniest balls on BBBoys, I cannot wait!!! (Hopefully it ends with the two of them in a tie, similar to his match with Leroy, if you know what I'm saying)

And of course, that story with Zach and Junior sounds super exciting too! As a way to get them to interact, maybe Logan is in charge of looking after the twins but something comes up (Maybe Ashley or something else) and he asks Zach to look after the twins while he's gone, then bam, Junior meets Zach and his humongous dino eggs, one of my favorite parts about having Zach be part of a story is seeing the reaction of a character that's first exposed to his massive package, can't wait to see their reaction!

I'm super excited for these future stories Jimmy, and I'm sure you'll knock 'em out of the park like these recent stories, and real happy about the plans for Zach

Yours truly, anon1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear X,

Yes, and I had no idea that Rex had such a fan base! As you pointed out, sometimes the underdog is a team a lot of people can get behind.

Thise ideas sound fun, and I can see what I can do after I finish Rex VS Zach's latest story, X!

Happy to see you posting.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon1,

A spoon full of peanut cruel, lol. Y1ddo and I have some really great stuff going in this story, and I think that it will make you happy to finally get it!

Thank you for your confidence in me friend, I will certainly try my best!


Y1ddo said...

Wow! It really seems like Rex has made a big name for himself. He has regularly been a star in the stories he's featured in, and he's gradually developing into an experienced ball buster! His infamous "death grip" can take down the even the biggest of studs (just ask Zach...).

It's lovely to read all the love on here for Zach as well! He is probably my favorite character from Alex' wonderful universe, and his inclusion always makes for a fun story. I have really big expectations for the follow-up story between Rex and Zach, and you'll have to wait and see if the young swimmer manages to crack his nemesis' huge eggs wide open, or if his own peanuts gets turned into peanut butter (or maybe both?). One should think that Zach has learned from their last encounter, and that he's better prepared this time around. The muscular frat boy has a tendency to leave himself open though, and Rex would undoubtedly not hesitate to seize such an opportunity with both hands, if presented to him...

I love the suggestions for more stories including our beloved big-balled jock, and I expect that there are several characters inside the Jaydenverse who would enjoy meeting him and his famous "dino nuts"!

Sincerely, Y1ddo