Monday, May 1, 2023

Check-up written by Jimmy




written by Jimmy



“You’re not sick, why do you want to go to the doctor?” Will Brady asks his son, as he pulls down the newspaper looking his son in the eyes.


“I…had some questions.”


Will Brady considers and clicks his tongue before putting down the paper and motioning for his son to sit next to him. 


Cautiously Bill heads into the living room and sitting on the couch next his Dad as he pats the sofa. 


“Do we need to go over the talk again? I don’t mind.”


“It’s not that,” Bill says in a huff, arms crossing over his chest. 


Will Brady seems to be considering this as he eyes his son thoughtfully. 


“Well if you want a check-up, I can bring you. Might as well take Sam too…”


“No!” Blurts out Bill grabbing his Dads arm. 


“Can this be…just for us?”


Will Bradley shrugs. 


“Sure, I can take Sam another time.”


Bill sits back pleased. “So when can we go?”


“I’ll call Joe, now and I’m sure that he will fit you in.”


Bill smiles with contentment.




A few days later, Bill is picked up early from class and taken to the appointment by his Dad. 


Bill fidgets in his car seat, and when his Dad goes to drop him off at the entrance Bill almost shoots out of the car but his Dad calls him back. 


As Bill turns back the belt buckle, from the car seat swings back into place in its holster but Bill steps forward just in time to be clipped hitting him right in the sweet spot. His little bulge in his shorts is flattened and Bills eyes widen, and he winces as his Dad watches on. 


“Did you just…?” Will Bradley asks.


Bill nods grabbing his crotch, and trying not to fall to the pavement. 


“Ouch son, how unlucky. I was just going to say I’ll be right in.”


“Ok…Dad,” Bill mumbles stumbling out of the car and walking funny towards the sliding in doors. 


“Careful!” Will Bradley shouts, “I want grandkids!”


Bill moans, and it’s not entirely from the sickening pain flooding his lower abdomen. 



Bill is checked in right away, and he has undressed to his underwear and wears the smock over his thin chest. His Dad is here by now sitting next to him, a newspaper that he procured in one hand he reads diligently. Bill stammers clearing his throat. 


“Dad?” Bill asks, rather nervously. 




“My questions are a little personal. Could you…wait outside?”


Bill looks down, cringing already face flushed. 


“Nonsense, son. Whatever you are going to say to Dr. Joe you can say to me.”


Bill gulps and his pleading blue eyes look at his Dad, and Will sighs. 


“I’ll take a walk when he gets in, and I’ll come in…after he’s done with the exam alright?”


“Thanks Dad.”


The eminence relief on his young sons face makes Will Brady chuckle. 


A moment later a knock at the door, bit Dad and son say “Enter.”


Will Brady stands up shaking Dr. Joe’s hand. “Thanks for fitting us in so quickly.”


“No problem, Will.”


“I’m going to…take a leak. Be right back, and Dr. Joe you will have to make it one of these days to poker. I can’t keep robbing the same people blind, I need a challenge.”


Dr. Joe laughs him off, as Will Brady claps him on the back and turns and heads out the door. 


Dr. Joe turns to face Bill, and Bill gulps nervous. 


“Your Dad told me on the phone that you have some questions for me.”




Wills throat feels dry and he tries to clear it, but before he talks again he takes a swig of water. 


“I’m going to be fifteen soon…in a few months and…well. I…I want to know if…I will…get any bigger.” Bill flushes redder than a tomato as he finishes speaking. 


“Let’s do a quick physical, and I can tell you that every boy grows more during these years son…so don’t you worry.”


Dr. Joe snaps on his gloves and tells Bill all about growing boys as he runs the typical tests, but as he moves to take off his gloves Bill almost shouts. 






“You didn’t check…my um… penis.”


Dr. Joe turns back to him and fixes him with a cool stare, “Is there something wrong with it?”


Bill nods. “And my balls…I mean testicles.”


Dr. Joe swivels back and tells Bill to lay back as he moves the hospital gown away from Bills chest to get a better view of Bills small package. 


“Let’s lower the underwear down…and then you can tell me what’s wrong.”


“Okay” Bill whispers as he raises his hips up and off the soft mat on the extended chair so Dr. Joe can pull the pair off. Bill feels exposed, as the cool air conditioning hits his privates and he swears that he feels himself shrink. 


Dr. Joe puts both hands just above the pubic mound and begins to rub, and Bill knows from looking at the internet that he is searching for lumps and or hernias. 


“I’m just checking for…”


“Lumps and hernias.”


“That’s right, Bill.” 


Dr. Joe keeps rubbing a bit, being extra thorough as his hands lower down, Bills breath catches in his throat and he momentarily closes his eyes suppressing a whimper as his body trembles. 


“I don’t see anything wrong here, Bill.” 


Dr. Joe is examine Bills penis, carefully rolling it in between his fingers and Bill feels himself hardening, he knew that he would. He even jacked off twice at school today to prevent this…but still he’s on his way to a hardon. Stupid nail.


Dr. Joe let’s the penis go, and gives it a small tap. “That seems to be in working order, and these.”


At this Dr. Joe grabs Bills testicles one in each hand and begins to roll them around his very tight nutsack. 


“Hmm…they seem to be a little swollen. Normal for a boy your age…you’ve taken a few knocks here and there?” Dr. Joe asks as he gives Bills nuts a tug. 


Bill grunts “Uhuh.”


“Well, be careful these are very sensitive organs and need to be protected.”


Bill nods; but he is not sure that Dr. Joe can see him so he says “Yes, sir.”


“I see nothing wrong, here Bill.”


“I’m small!” Bill shouts just as his Dad enters. 


Bill almost dies of embarrassment as he flips back onto the table moaning with embarrassment.


“Just let me die,” Bill whimpers softly. 


Dr. Joe clears his throat and still with Bills nuts in hand checking them over once more he tells him. 


“Trust me son, everyone grows at different rates and you can grow until the age of nineteen. I would not worry.”


Will Brady walks over to Bill, tucking the newspaper under on arm. 


“Are you concerned about your size?” Will asks. 


Bill nods, “Yeah, Dad.”


Will Bradley puts a comforting hand on Bills chest and rubs it a bit, “Son, I was about your size when I was your age…maybe even a little smaller.”


“Really?” Bill sits up fixing his Dad with a hopeful stare. 


“Yup, and you have seen me. I grew up, and you will too.”


Bill looks so relieved and he flings his arms around his Dad the hospital gown falling completely off as Bill bury’s his face in his Dads chest. 


“Thank god.”


Will Brady pats his sons back in gentle motions. 


“All the plumbing works right son?” Will asks.


Bill just snorts “Daaad!?”


“I mean we obviously came to the doctor to talk about your dick, so I figured I should ask,” Will says laughing. 


“Also, Dr. Joe he took a hard knock to the goolies….could you check if everything is in order?”


“Already did,” Dr. Joe says taking off his gloves. 


“If you don’t mind, I’ll just take a little look.”


Bill comes off his Dads chest as Will Brady snaps on a pair of gloves and moves in close grabbing his son by the root, non-too gently. 


“Ooooh,” Bill moans. 


“That’s the right reaction!” Will Brady says. He grabs both balls tightly in one hand, giving Bills nuts a squeeze. 


“Daaad!” Bill moans laying back on the hospital table his eyes looking worried. 


“Seems like they are okay…do you think you can still…pop up?”


“Pop…what?” Bill asks as his Dad grabs his half-cocked penis and gives it a few strokes. Will Bradley’s fingers are like magic, and within twenty seconds he’s hard as a rock and starting to leak. 


“Seems like the belt didn’t get you too bad,” Will Bradley says. “I think everything is working.” Will Bradley’s thumb runs across Bills pink tip and Bill moans his eyes falling half shut as his Dad touches him. 


Dr. Joe chuckles “This is why, I don’t come to poker night. Your Dad always beats the other guys…and not just when the chips are down.”


“Huh?” Bill asks.


“I bust their balls when they run out of poker chips son, I’m a card shark and very good at winning. Some things never change even when you get older…beating a friend in a game or…in other ways is always a damn good time.”


Bill is breathing fast but Will Bradley stops himself before he makes a mess.


“Get dressed son, I’ll wait outside.”


“But…?!” Bill sits up, eyes locked on his Dad. “I’m…you know.”


“I can fix that!”


Will Bradley smacks his son right in between the legs making him yip, and roll over into a ball. 


“Ow.” Bill says quietly. 


“That should fix my sons little soldier from being too obvious! Even a growing boy like you needs to be decent,” Will Bradley says as he ducks out of the hospital room. 


Dr. Joe shakes his head sadly, and hands Bill an ice pack. 


“For the ride home.”


Bill nods as his Dr. Joe takes his leave. 


He takes a few minutes getting dressed but as he goes to open the hospital room door he can hear a familiar voice asking a familiar question. 


“I want you to check on my dick, Dr. Joe.”


Bill opens the door and there before him is Rex, and he freezes as he finishes “And my balls, too Dad.”


They were quite alone in the hospital hallway and clearly Rex thought that the coast was clear. 


Rex gulps. 


“Secrets safe with me,” Bill says clapping Rex on the shoulder as he passes. 


Bill feels horny, but at least he knows finally that he will get bigger. 












Later on, Will Brady calls Dr. Joe. 


“Dr. Joe?”


“It’s Will.”


“Oh hi.”


“So…my son is as big as he is going to get?”


“Well you told me and Bill that…”


“I lied Joe. I was bigger than my son when I was five. So…what can we do about this little problem?”


Dr. Joe sighs “I don’t think there is anything…”


“I’m not talking about western medicine here, Joe. I am looking out of the box.”


Dr. Joe taps the phone gently before he clears his throat. “Have you ever heard of”


“No” Will Brady chuckles. “Why?”


“Their is a guy that works there…he specializes in ummm… gadgets…”





~To be continued


Anonymous said...

Incredible! I really want to know the sequel. It would be cool to see the father refuse to take his son to have his balls crushed by other people.It would be cool to see him hitting his son in the balls. Kicking him, throwing punches while holding the bag. The father swinging a baseball bat into his son's balls to make them swell. Squeezing his dick hard and twisting it. Anyway. Possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Really cute story, I loved that bit when Bill's dad purposely lied to his son just to make him feel better and I can't wait for the sequel (in which I really doubt the gadgets of bbboys could even work on little bill, hell, they might be too big for him haha), also, this story had a really cute Rex cameo, loved that he also decided to check on himself and his tiny little m&ms (maybe his fight and loss to Zach made him reconsider how he feels about the size of his little jelly beans)

Speaking of Rex, I always loved how brutal it is when Bill gets his little balls smashed back inside his body when he gets nailed hard enough, same as with Jayden on his first fact with Logan WAY back and Corey on the new Men of the house stories, so I've always wondered... Has this ever happened to Rex? Maybe we could find out on his next story with Zach or another fight he may be in, I'm just saying!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi anonyomous #1,

I have not started a sequel but I like your ideas, I will see what I can do with that! Thank you for writing in, and I am glad that you enjoyed it!



Hi Anonymous 2,

That was one of my favorite parts to write, of course he lied to Bil. How else to handle that one, lol.

Happy that you liked the Rex cameo too! That is intersting, I will have to see what I can do to add poor Rex getting put through the ringer like that. You must be a long term fan because you have a great memory of past stories! Thanks for writing in!