Monday, May 22, 2023

Paying His Dues written by Jimmy


Paying His Dues

by Jimmy


Jayden smiles, unable to stop himself.

“Do you really think that’s going to work?” he asks, snickering and grabbing his mouth to stifle the sounds of mirth coming from his curved lips.

Chase is staring into the mirror frowning at the cup. It’s bigger than he expected and in his shorts it’s so obvious and he turns to Jayden slightly exasperated.

“What else am I going to do? I promised the team if we won the meet that they could all get a free shot…nothing will be left of my big balls, Jayden!”

Jayden can frowns and lets out a breath. “Its not all of them…only the ones that won their race.”

“Yeah…practically all of them! Adam, Leroy, the twins, Bill, and Aldo…fucking Aldo will be the worst I just know it.” Chase folds his arms over his chest his pecs feel amazing after all the swimming that he has done over the past few weeks, bouncy and firm as rocks. Chase gives Jayden a concerned look, and Jayden comes up to him and nip him slightly on his nose before he moves down to his lips. The kiss they share makes, Chase’s cup feel uncomfortable. He’s grown uncomfortable and the reason is rather obvious.

When Jayden pulls back, his deep brown eyes radiate warmth and a similar stirring within him.

“As soon as you are done, I’ll take you back to your place and kiss them until they feel better. You are stronger than you think and…” Jayden taps the cup until Chase looks down, the slight knocking arousing him further. “There is nothing that any of those guys can do to your big balls that I won’t be able to fix with my mouth.”

Chase growls and shoves Jayden against the wall of his bedroom, knocking the curtain aside and presses Jayden hard against the window pane his mouth hungry as he suckles on Jayden’s neck. Jayden gasps and his bonner springs from between his legs smacking against the base of Chase’s cup just as Chase’s teeth bite his skin.

“Oh god…I…”

Jayden’s breathing fast and Chase ducks down kissing, licking and ferociously digging his fingers down his sides causing Jayden freeze up as desire overtakes him and he whimpers. His cock angry, and harder than steel cuts through the air as he humps the air wanting Chase, needing his touch. Jayden craves for more and he pushes Chase down toward his swollen knob, his dark eyes like small pools of endless night devoid of stars.


Chase chuckles as Jayden begs him, he’s been teasing him all night and morning and they barely will have time to run out the door to get to school on time. This is of no concern to Chase, but Jayden’s smart and needs his record perfect so he relents, finally caving in to Jayden’s desires and takes a long lick with his tongue on his ballsack which is pulled up so tight and nestled underneath. The big nuts are two huge to suck into his mouth but he tries anyway and the barely fit in the entrance as Chase bites down a bit making Jayden have to cover his mouth. He almost cries out, but lodges his knuckle deep inside smothering the aching sounds.

The older of the two, Chase has more experience and he knows exactly how to get results. He barely grabs Jayden’s aching, trembling shaft. It pulses in his left hand, and when his other grabs the tip Jayden moans into his fist, his eyes going wide like black headlights that someone forgot to flick on and he jerks in Chase’s hands. Chase bites down harder and pumps Jayden slowly, but with a strong grip his double fisted technique bringing Jayden closer and he breathes harder, and swings his hips up to meet Chase’s pace but Chase shoves him firmly against the wall. He, and he alone will get Jayden to release controlling Jayden is exactly what he wants in this moment and he wished that he was smarter and took off his jock and cup. His erection is so painful curled up inside, like a bird that can’t peck it’s was free and he longs to do so.

Picking up speed Chase can feel Jayden getting closer and moves his mouth over Jayden’s shaking erection and when he takes him in Jayden freezes and stops breathing for a beat, his heart hammering in his chest as his balls boil between Chase’s molars. Jayden finally sucks in a breath of air, smelling himself and the rawness of the moment with a tinge of musk as Chase hums taking him all the way down to the hilt, his sword shoved all the way down Chase’s throat. When Chase sucks, Jayden momentarily loses his vision as he erupts.

It feel like releasing a gyster and Jayden’s whole body shivers, as his pulsing cock sprays it’s creamy load down Chase’s willing gullet. He barely tastes his as Jayden shoots straight down to his belly. Jayden keeps cumming, the prolonged release seems endless as his orgasm overtakes him and he slumps against the wall as Chase takes everything from him and sucking out the slow tickle from his tip not allowing even a drop to remain inside of his so tender, and sensitive member.

Jayden can’t even muster the strength to tell him to stop.

Chase looks up, at the small smile playing on Jayden’s face and allows Jayden’s dick to slip between his teeth covered lips, squishing the tip down on release. Jayden whimpers, a trickle of sweat drops down his nose and Chase has to catch him, and Jayden heavily lays into him.

“I got you, J.”

Jayden’s hoarse voice answers back “I know,” he croaks. “I love you.”

Chase melts a bit and helps him to get dressed, Jayden is sleepy and barely awake as Chase ties his shoes.

Jayden is barely aware of getting into Chase’s car, or the trip to school. His balls are sore, and drained and his cock feels raw. He tries not to fall asleep.

“I’ll pick you up after school. I want you there with me…for when the team annihilates my manhood.”

Jayden nods. He thinks that he replies…but he’s uncertain.

Chase is driving away, and Jayden waves after he turns the corner and is out of view.

Licking his dry lips, he can still smell the sex in the air. It comes off of his unwashed body and he cocks a small grin thinking of their night together as the late bell rings snapping him out of his reverie.

Jayden is walking fast to not get chewed out by his homeroom teacher but his phone pings and of course he stops to read it:

            Chase: I love you more.

He swoons, and can’t wipe the smile from his face as he enters the classroom catching a break and seeing a sub at the desk.

Jayden walks on air to his seat at the back of the room, his face hot and his cock stirring a bit in his shorts. There is no AC in the school and already he starts to sweat as he sits down and he reaches down after putting his things away and touches his bruised balls and can still feel the indentations of Chase’s teeth along his nutsack.

He quickly sends a message back to Chase before settling back into listening to the morning announcements.

            Jayden: Afterschool, you are mine babe. It’s your turn.

Jayden tries to hide the desire from his eyes as images of Chase naked, and in that little closet tied up keep swimming in his vision as he tries not to get an erection again…but he’s fighting a losing battle there and he knows it.


To be continued…


Anonymous said...

So hot and steamy!
I can't wait for Chase to offer up his big balls to the swim team.
The cup is "bigger than he expected". I like that haha. Did Chase overestimate his size or was it borrowed from a bigger guy? Intriguing !

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg!

Thanks man! I knew that you would like this one. It involves Chase. I am hoping to have the conclusion done for Monday of Friday this week. And yes, I am going to enjoy writing about Chase getting his nuts handed to him by the swim team.

Chase got the biggest cup imaginable for "extra" protection. Turns out that might not have been the best idea!


I will write back to you hopefully tomorrow. I am in the crunch time at work, and keeping up with the blog has been tricky to say the least. I just published a story that I have been working on for quite sometime. I think that you will like the new one too. It features Chase.