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Dues Paid written by Jimmy


Dues Paid

by Jimmy



Jayden arrives at Midtown Middle School and the party already seems underway.

Yesterday, Chase told Jayden that he had made a bet with his swim team and if they won the finals, he would allow each member on his team that won to hit him in the balls. There were eight champions on the list: Shane, Adam, Leroy, Aldo, Rex, Max, and Bill; not including himself.

Chase and the others are down to their respectable sky blue speedos, the air is hot when Jayden enters the space and immediately he starts to sweat. One bulge stands out bigger than all the rest of the team, and it’s easily one of the reasons why Chase is their captain. He is the alpha male, and he parades around his junk to make sure that everyone remembers who has the biggest assets on the team. Although today, he might have wished for small balls…maybe they would hurt less after being pummeled by almost every member of the swim team.

“Hi Jayden!” the boys chorus when Jayden walks in, the door swinging shut behind him.

Jayden waves and says “Hello” back to the group smiling.

Everyone is smiling.

There is only one exception.

Chase clears his throat as the seven boys on unison start to circle him, like sharks spotting a wounded animal.

“So…” Chase says, a quiet chuckle coming from him, but Jayden can plainly see that he is nervous. “Who’s first?”

“That would be me,” says Adam from behind Chase, his foot swinging forward and slamming hard into the Chase’s soft speedo pouch hitting the bulge full force. Adam holds nothing back from his kick, and his mean little eyes linger briefly on Chase for a moment as he moves to collapse but hands reach out everyone steadying him.

One hand grabs his nuts from the front, and Bill delights that he gets to be next as each hand explores the studs manly orbs, so different from his own rather immature and smaller scale set.

“I’m second!” Bill delights in informing the team as he locks his fingers around Chase’s big balls, as best as his small hands can and squeezes the findings and locking them into his fists.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” Chase curses, and sways trying to pull free but no one adheres to that particular wish.

Jayden winces as he watches the boys and tells them “Don’t get too out of hand, remember everyone only gets one hit.” Jayden reminds the group but Adam always a hothead when it comes to Jayden, breaks away from the group.

“Mind your own business!” Adam pokes Jayden hard in the chest but Jayden clamps his fingers around the penetrating digit and twists Adam’s whole arm behind his back and whispers in his ear.

“Touch me, or try to hit Chase again and you will regret it.” Jayden shoves Adam away, and his dark eyes narrow.

Adam is rubbing his arm, but turns pointedly away from Chase’s boyfriend and moves to regain his place in the small mob.

Jayden plans on keeping a firm eye on him, and anyone else that tries to get an extra shot in.

Bill is working over Chase’s nuts, squashing and squishing his testicles with a fevered delight. Chase winces and groans, and even lets out a squeak on a particular hard squeeze. Bill’s blue eyes are fixed on his handiwork and he does not notice when Max gives his nipple a pinch.

“Hey!” Bill says, snapping out of his fevered, frenzied dream and grabs his little pec.

“You are taking too long!” Max tells him.

“Agreed,” says Leroy moving Bill over so that he can get in front. “We all know what move to play here, and it’s this one: a knee.”

Chase’s eyes go wide. “Leroy…no man…not a knee!”

Leroy smiles as he lines up for the strike, both Max and Rex taking one of Chase’s legs and spreading him wide open for business. Chase looks mutinously at the twins for a moment but he almost misses the full swing of Leroy’s thigh as it swings all the way back and up and into his bulge hitting his plums hard from below. Two soft squelches are heard as Leroy’s thigh sinks into his intended targets letting everyone know with the audible sounds that Leroy’s swing was right on the money.

Chase gasps, it’s barely been two minutes and already his balls have been annihilated between his thighs and he sways heavily but the hands around him keep him from falling as all eyes are glued on his reaction showcasing the misery that is occurring or his big balls squished up from Leroy’s thigh which has not moved from its place in between Chase’s legs..

A whimper comes from Chase and Leroy chuckles pulling back and switching places with Shane, who frowns in sympathy.

“Sorry” he tells Chase as he two grabs Chase’s shoulders and pounds another knee thrust that slams home into Chase’s swelling nuggets.

“Oh….oh no!” Chase groans, head tilting up as he bellows in sickening pain.

Neither twin take pity on him as Shane backs up and slam their fists between Chase’s legs, Max in front and Rex in back hitting Chase and turning his balls into a fist sandwich with his testicles in between. And just like that it’s almost over for Chase as the twins laugh and high-five each other.

Aldo cracks his knuckles, then his next as the Latino comes in close whispering in Chase’s ear “I saved this for last. Pick him up!”

The boys do and Chase finds himself horizontal and Aldo between his legs with his limbs spread wide open. Aldo smiles a bit cruelly before grabbing Chase by his big bloated balls and rolling the nuggets around inside their silken ballsack before turning to the group and telling them.

“Chase did indeed get bigger…after we bashed his balls!”

The gathered group laughs, before Aldo frees Chase’s nuts pulling the blue material to the side and watching as the two hairless balls tumble out. Chase’s nutsack is fiery red, and still not a hair can be found. Aldo takes the opportunity to look closely at the genitals and gasps excitedly “I found a hair!”

Everyone cranes their necks to see, and even Jayden does coming in for a closer inspection. He didn’t notice it this morning but Aldo holds up a tiny piece of blue string. “Never mind,” he chuckles. “False alarm!”

A few boys chuckle, as Aldo positions Chase’s balls in his cradled cupped hand and brings his fist back, but before he drops it he turns his fingers so that they all point straight and it’s then that Jayden recognizes what they are going to do for the finale.

“Hiiiii-yah!” Aldo says, bringing his karate chopping hand straight down and across Chase’s nuts and cock splitting the pair of balls and striking his hardened steel rod across the middle.

Chase’s eyes cross and he howls as his cock pulses, and Aldo rubs his hand up and down across his firm erection as the boys hold him still. Adam, Leroy, Aldo, and Bill all hold one hand or foot allowing the twins to come in and each one grabs a nipple and a testicle helping to keep Aldo’s slicing motion in the best position as Aldo rubs rub and down Chase’s privates cutting into his balls and applying slicked pressure across his steel rod.

A gasp comes from their captain and they all see that their plan is effective. More pre-cum jizzs out onto his belly.

“Guys…this was not…ooooh…part of the deal!” Chase tries to interject, but no one is listening as Max and Rex tweak and toy with his nipples and keep his fat nuts in place for Aldo to rub and toy with until he finally just grabs his cockhead and starts to jack him off leaving the twins to squeeze his nuts.

“You going to stop them, from getting a second hit in?” Adam asks.

Jayden shrugs. “Not at this time.”

The guys laugh, and Chase opens his mouth to interject but Jayden comes in then covering it with his lips and kissing him as he imagines Chase tied up in the closet and the guys are the chains holding him firmly in place.

Chase moans in his mouth and Jayden cradles his head as he slips his tongue into Chase’s mouth and tastes him. Jayden can sense his unease, and building climax brewing as he is worked over by everyone.

Blinking at Jayden, Chase kisses him back as he starts to let go…getting into the groups treatment of his body. Max and Rex are still squeezing his nuts, Jayden knows this from his winces and jolts of his head which delights Jayden. He’s hard again, and straining his shorts as he makes out with Chase lost in kissing him. It’s one of Jayden’s favorite activities.

The steady thwump, twump, twump of Aldo’s fist as he jacks off Chase is music to his ears and it’s not until Chase’s heart starts beating faster that Jayden looks down at Chase’s cock and sees the eye staring right at him. A white jet hits Jayden in the face and he backs up surprised, wiping at his face.

Adam laughs and while Jayden is busy and not paying attention he kicks him right between the fork in his legs, Jayden gasps and goes down to his knees. Over the roar of his own voice Jayden hears Chase grunting as he spews the rest of his load up and out all over his stomach.

The guys carry Chase over to the showers, leaving Jayden holding his nuts and wishing that he had chosen to stand on the other side kissing Chase away from Adam. Adam hit him good, and even managed to snap kick his own cockhead which stings in between his cupped hands.

“Same bet for the end of the next swim season when we get to High School, Chase?” Max asks.

“Yup,” croaks Chase as he is laid on the floor. The boys’s cover him in soap and leave him in the shower and spot Jayden on the floor holding his privates. Everyone rubs his buzzed head on the way out, his dark hair is just starting to really grow back so he shaved all around his skull but leaving a blended look as it fades to the top.

Adam is last and he tells Jayden “Getting to bust both of you is the perfect end to my day, while I am swimming in the pool I will picture that surprised look on your face when I kicked your hard weenie and ugly ballsack. Ha!” Adam laughs as he heads down the hall following the other boys.

Jayden is still holding his balls for a while, they are sore and the throbbing has lessened but it still hurts. Eventually, after a few more minutes pass by he gets up and changes, heading to the shower stall naked his penis no longer is hard as it sways between his legs as he enters the shower room. Chase is leaning against the wall the water hitting his front. He’s also lost his speedos, they hang from a hook on the wall. Jayden forgot to bring a towel.

“Remember you promised,” Jayden says coming in and kissing Chase lightly. “I get to tie you up.”

“Jayden…I’m empty, man. I can’t do it again…not after that.”

Jayden rolls his dark eyes, stepping into the stream of water and pulling Chase more firmly against him and in between nibbling his ear, his teeth relishing on the taste of Chase’s earlobe.

“I can change that.”

Chase looks worriedly down at him, and Jayden can’t help but laugh as he hugs Chase around the middle and laying his head on Chase’s shoulder loving the way Chase’s big pec pokes him on his cheek. His lips pressed against Chase’s skin tells him “I know how to make you hard.”


Chase gulps, his heartbeat picking back-up.

“Let’s get out of here, they can train for one day without their captain.”


But he is shaking his head, he is not going to take no for an answer. “I could drag you away,” Jayden warns him one hand grabbing his big balls.” Chase winces and puts up his hands in surrender. “Or…” Jayden lets the big balls fall and grabs the cockhead instead and gives it a slight tug. “I could lead you away with this.”

Chase’s eyes fill with a desire, and Jayden knew he could get him to come back for another round.

“Good. Follow me.”

Chase laughs, and the pair walk out of the shower room, and neither boy it quite erect yet…but that’s only a matter of time.






Anonymous said...

Awesome story!
I can't believe someone rated it "poor"...maybe that was Chase giving his feedback haha!

I loved how each guy responded in character to the occasion...meanness from Bill, anger/jealousy from Adam, cheekiness from the twins and a sensible but devastating knee from Leroy. Loved it!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

Yes, Chase would rate this one a flat 0 rating if he could!

It was fun to get the swim team after Chase, and after all the stories I have written from the second and third tier characters it felt like walking in familiar shoes when Jayden and Chase were the leads again.

I knew that you would enjoy this one Reg, and Chase stars in the other one that came out recently: Caleb and Junior: Sibling Rivalry. If you are up for reading one more story. : )