Monday, May 29, 2023

Update: This Week's Stories and Videos May 29th


Update: This Week's Stories and Videos

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Here is a rundown of this week’s stories and videos.


Due’s Paid is the conclusion to Paying His Dues. Chase faces off for punishment against his swim team from the deal that he made. There may be traces of cum.


The videos I have found on Instagram. It is a mix of oldies and new finds.


Friday’s story: Know When to Fold ‘Em is about Will Brady (Bill Brady and Sam Hell’s Dad) trying to convice Sam Hell to play poker with the men. But this time it’s the sons playing. Some familiar faces will be seen including: Marco Gomez, Bradley Kruger, and Old Man Franklin. A lot of people loved the Dad’s get together stories that I have done, and this is a love letter to those while also giving some new content and a new character!


Hope that you enjoy everyone!



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