Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One on one: Parker vs. David

Featured in this story: David and Parker (click for pictures)

“You are not serious, right?“ David said, looking at me.

The 19 year old was wearing black trousers and a black shirt that suited him very well. He had black leather shoes that looked shiny and new. His black hair was cut short. He was a very attractive young guy, with a handsome face and a hot body. As a professional dancer, David knew how to keep his body in shape. The only thing that tarnished the beautiful picture was the expression of utter disgust on David’s smooth face.

“You can’t be serious”, David repeated, shaking his head. “How long has it been since I last came here?”

I thought for a moment.

David continued shaking his head. “Two months?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t---“

David interrupted me. “And now that I come back – an act of helpfulness, mind you – you present me with… him?” He turned his head and looked at Parker.

Parker chuckled. He was two years older than David. While David’s clothes were strictly unicolored – I was pretty sure that even underwear was black… - Parker clearly didn’t believe in confining himself to choosing just one fraction of the color palette.

He was colorful from head to toe, from his dyed screaming red hair, to his tight yellow t-shirt with blue hems and a white and blue print on the front, to his skintight green jeans that did a very good job of advertising Parker’s genitals and a less good job of keeping his ass covered up as there was a large tear right below his left ass cheek, to his sneakers which were rather dirty and rather pink. Admittedly, the shoes made my eyes hurt.

To David, who thought of himself as a master of style and class, Parker looked like a clown from a bankrupt circus. That association wasn’t that far fetched, in fact, as Parker was an aerial gymnast, earning his living by swinging on trapezes and wrapping himself into vertical ropes.

“You can’t be serious”, David repeated once again.

Parker run his hand over his chest and smiled at David. “Come on, David, you’ll have to fight against me. You don’t have to kiss me…” Grinning perkily, he added, “Unless you want to…”

“Oh, please”, David grimaced.

Parker laughed.

“Are you queer?” David asked, looking at Parkers shoes with a disgusted expression around his mouth.

Parker shrugged. “I don’t like labels, they---“

“So you are queer”, David interrupted him, smirking. “Great.” He turned to me. “Pairing me with a fag. You thought that would intimidate me?”

I opened my mouth.

“I am a ballet dancer”, David said, smirking at Parker. “I deal with fags all the time. Every night, I have to kick someone’s ass because he wants to get into my pants. I’ve busted more balls than you’ll ever suck!”

Parker chuckled.

“See those fingers?” David continued, wiggling his hand. “If you look closely, you’ll see that there are testicular remains on them.”

“So you like touching other guys’ balls?” Parker grinned.

“You---“ David shot Parker a menacing look. “I’m gonna kick your nuts so high into your throat that you’ll taste sperm in your mouth for a week!”

Parker chuckled. “Sperm in my mouth? Actually, I don’t---“

“Oh, shut up!” David said, looking disgusted. “Let’s get it over with…”

I looked at my cameraman Chad.

Chad nodded.

“Alright”, I said, smiling. “Why don’t we start with a little statement---“

“’A little statement for the camera’”, David repeated, imitating my voice and mocking my unobtrusive German accent, making me sound like a soldier from a 60’s B-movie about WWII. “’A little statement for the camera’.” David glared at me. “No statement. I’m gonna kick that punk’s ass right now.”

Parker smiled and shrugged. He took off his tight, revealing his smooth, muscular chest and his defined abs. When he started unbuttoning his fly, David said sharply, “What do you think you are doing?”

Parker looked at him, his hands holding his jeans open, a glimpse of his pubic hair visible above the purple waistband of his skimpy red briefs. “We fight in our underwear, don’t we?”

David rolled his eyes.

“Or do you feel intimidates when I undress?” Parker grinned.

David gritted his teeth. “Fuck you”, he said casually and started unbuttoning his black shirt. “But I won’t take off my trousers.”

Parker shrugged. He threw his shoes, his socks, his jeans and his t-shirt on a pile, waiting for David until he had folded his shirt and put it on the couch.

Parker smiled at David. He was wearing nothing but his skimpy pair of briefs that was bulging with his large cock and fat balls.

David turned around and smirked at him. He had a tanned, muscular chest and strong arms, just like Parker.

The two boys were facing each other.

“Nice bod”, Parker grinned. He reached out and ran his hand over David’s defined chest.

David backed away. “Stop that, punk!”

Parker smiled and put his finger into his mouth, sucking on it for a split second before reaching out again and touching David’s erect nipple.

“I said stop it!” David grunted and delivered a powerful kick to Parker’s crotch. His black leather shoe connected with Parker’s package, smashing it into his pelvis.

Parker doubled over and coughed. He put his hands on his knees and lifted his head, grimacing in pain. “Wow, that was a good one”, he croaked. “You got both of them, spot-on.” He shook his head and grinned weakly. “Strong legs, I like that…”

David laughed. “There’s more where that came from, punk! Enjoy!” With that, he brought his leg back and sent it crashing between Parker’s thighs. The tip of his shoe hit Parker’s testicles dead-on, making him moan in pain and fall to his knees.

David stood next to him, looking down at him, smirking. The tall dancer placed his hands on his hips and grinned, “Well, I guess that’s a bit too much for you to handle, isn’t it?”

Parker was on his knees, cupping his balls, groaning in pain.

“Oh my”, David laughed, “I thought you’d at least try---“

He was interrupted by Parker’s elbow smashing into his crotch, knocking the wind out of him.

David’s eyes widened and a wheezing sound escaped his throat as he doubled over in pain and grabbed his aching gonads.

Both of them moaned in pain, rubbing their balls.

After a few seconds, Parker got up and stood behind David who was bent over, his knees pressed together, his hands cradling his manhood.

Parker got closer and closer until his package touched David’ clothed ass. He had an expression of cheerful mischief in his eyes as he pressed his loin against David’s ass and ran his index finger over his back, starting at his neck and going down until it douched the David’s trousers. “Oooh”, he cooed in a breathless, mock-erotic voice. “I love your bo---“

David let out a grunt and brought his heel up between Parker’s legs. It didn’t connect perfectly, but it was enough to make Parker stumble backwards and grab his crotch, grinning as David turned around.

“You fucking punk”, David whispered.

Parker smiled sheepishly.

David lunged at him and threw him to the floor.

Parker landed on his back, with David on top of him, sitting on his abs, straddling him.

David reached behind himself and brought his fist down hard, grinding his knuckles into the tender flesh of Parker’s nuts.

Parker screamed in pain.

“Don’t play with me, you fucking punk!” David said sharply, looking at Parker’s pain-contorted face. Behind his back, he hammered his fist into Parker’s nuts once more.

Parker wailed and struggled.

“Did I get both of them again? Tell me,” David smirked, driving another punch into Parker’s delicate balls. “Both of your pathetic marbles?”

Parker screamed, his eyes shut, his mouth wide open. He arched his back and managed to throw David off of him.

David landed on the ground, grinning as Parker writhed on the floor, nursing his agonized testicles. He chuckled and got up on his feet, dusting his trousers off while enjoying seeing Parker squirm in pain.

Parker turned his head and looked at David. “You are good”, he whispered.

David rolled his eyes. “Doesn’t work.”

Parker raised his eyebrows, rubbing his crotch and grimacing in pain. “What?”

“Sweet-talking”, David said.

Parker groaned and got up. He stood doubled over and looked at David. “I’m not trying to”, he said. “I mean it.”

“Fuck you”, David said slowly.

Parker coughed and straightened. He let go off his crotch and looked down. “Oops”, Parker grinned, blushing, as the tip of a massive erection had made its way up under his the waistband of his briefs and was looking up at him.

David looked at Parker’s crotch and shook his head slowly. “Fuck you”, he repeated, his eyes glued to the mushroom head of Parker’s boner.

Parker seized his chance. He brought his leg back and sent his bare foot crashing into David’s crotch, making the dancer scream in pain as his previous jewels were squished inside his pants.

David coughed and doubled over.

Parker grimaced in sympathy. “Oooh, I think I really nailed them. Wow.” He bent over next to David, trying to see his face. “You okay?”

“Fuck you!” David whimpered, trying to sound determined and masculine while his voice cracked, making him sound like a hurt primaballerina.

Parker chuckled. “I’d like to say I’m sorry, but I guess that’d be a lie…”

David snarled.

Parker put his hand on David’s naked back.

“Don’t touch me!” David cried and rammed his elbow into Parker’s gut.

Parker coughed and withdrew his hand.

David turned around and glared at Parker. He took a step back and delivered a powerful kick into Parker’s nuts that were held tight by his briefs.

Parker screamed as the instep of David’s leather shoe connected with his testicles.

“You fucking punk!” David screamed, throwing another kick at Parker’s crotch. The tip of his shoe rammed Parker’s juicy testicles into his pelvis.

Parker wailed in pain and grabbed his balls, doubling over and collapsing on the ground.

David’s eyes were filled with rage. He reached down and grabbed the waistband of David’s briefs at the back. He yanking up hard, pulling and tugging until the fabric ripped apart, leaving Parker buck naked, lying on his front, screaming in pain.

David’s eyes narrowed. He stood between Parker’s legs and looked down, at Parker’s naked ass, spotting the gymnast’s precious testicles right in front of his foot.

Turning around, David smirked as he lowered his foot until his heel was touching Parker’s bare balls. Then he shifted his weight, grinding his heel into Parker’s balls and making him squeal from the top of his lungs.

With a satisfied expression on his face, David moved his foot, squashing Parker’s naked jewels with his heel, causing Parker to cry out in pain.

“How do you like that, punk?“ David smirked, stomping down on Parker’s babymakers with his heel.

Parker didn’t answer. He was too busy stretching his vocal chords to show the world that he was capable of singing the Queen of the Night’s part in “The Magic Flute”. His voice was quite impressive…

“Tell me, do you have enough?” David shouted.

Parker screamed from the top of his lungs.

David’s teeth clenched as he flattened Parker’s balls between the floor and his heel, determined to squish them for good if Parker didn’t give up.

Finally, Parker managed to yell, “Stop!”

David grinned. He twisted his heel one final time, making Parker yodel in pain. Then he stepped off of his nuts, a satisfied expression on his face, leaving Parker behind.

Parker whimpered and curled up in ball, moaning in pain, his naked body sweaty and hot.

David looked at me and smirked. “Score one for the heteros!” he grinned, putting on his shirt again.

I smiled weakly and turned to Parker who was writhing on the ground, moaning and groaning, his hands clasped around his testicles.

David chuckled. “See you, punk”, he said, looking in Parker’s direction, and walked out the door.

It took almost half an hour until Parker was able to get up.

He sat down on the couch, naked, and I gave him a pack of ice.

He looked down at his crotch. His balls were badly bruised, swollen and red. Carefully, he lowered the ice, inhaling sharply when it touched his nuts.

I smiled sympathetically.

Parker sighed. Above the bag of ice, his cock was hard as a rock.

Parker noticed my glance and smiled weakly. “He didn’t even squeeze the cum out of my nuts with his heels”, he deadpanned. “That’s the least he could have done, right?”

I chuckled.

Parker grimaced in pain. “Fuck!”

We sat on the couch in silence for a while.

Finally, Parker sighed. “That’s one hot dude…”

I looked at him, raising my eyebrows.

Parker had a dreamy expression on his face. “You’ll have to let me fight against him again!” He grimaced.
“I don't know, Parker, I don't think David will be very---” Parker wasn't listening to me.

He was running his index finger over the tip of his cock. Then he looked down at the bag of ice. “I can’t wait till I can jerk off again…”


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Anonymous said...

Really hot Alex! What color pubes does Parker have? Did you help him cum after he was rested? Way hot the way David dominated him and he fought back. Good Work!!

Anonymous said...

I hate David and stories with him -_-

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (1):
Parker's pubic hair is dark blond, just like his natural hair color. And I'm afraid I wasn't able to help him cum. He was in too much pain and left without shooting his load...

@ anonymous (2):
I'm sorry that you don't like David. He hasn't been in a story for quite some time, so I figured it'd be nice to have him back... :-))

Anonymous said...

David is awesome...welcome back (and in some style!). Cool story, Alex. A really refreshing change to the Ben / David series and I really hope there'll be a follow up and then another. Do you think David is ready to be defeated again, or should his winning streak continue? Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking David is ready to be defeated again - some knees - some nipple twisting - some squeezing - some kicks - and end with his legs spread an his opponent standing on balls till he gives - and maybe pukes. Guess I don't like David much!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I've added another match between David and Parker to the list, and I guess Parker will have the upper hand in that. I hope that'll make both of you happy... :-))

Parker will have to take on Xander first, though...

Anonymous said...

Really hot story. Im really glad you got David back for one. :) I love how even though David was a complete ass to Parker, he still had the hots for him through out the entire story. Makes for really hot stuff.

Alex said...

Thank you! Parker is starting to get a favourite character of mine... I'm glad you liked the interaction between David and him!