Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Memory Lane 14

The last months have been pretty exhausting for me, so I’m gonna take a short break. I won’t be posting any new stories from the 25th to the 5th of January. Instead – like I did in September – I’ll remind you of older stories that might be worth revisiting.

If you have any feedback, any suggestions for new stories, let me know. I’ll be checking the comments and my email account regularly. Thank you for understanding!

Summer in the city 6: At the city pool with the twins

In this part of the summer series, Will and Michael meet a couple of guys at the city pool who take great delight in busting their balls. And Michael even falls in love with one of them.
When I had finished the story, I was thinking about having Bobby come back as a love interest for Michael (he gets mentioned in a couple of stories, if I remember correctly...). In the end, I wasn't sure if a relationship between Michael and Bobby would give me anything to write about so I didn't do it.
Do you have any thoughts? Would you like to read about Michael and Bobby being in love?

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