Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An ordinary day at school (1)

Featured in this story: LeoSammySimon and Tristan (click for pictures)

“It feels a bit strange”, George said, smiling sheepishly.

The 23 year old actor was standing in the middle of the classroom, wearing blue trousers, a white shirt and a blue tie. He ran his hand through his big head of blond curls and added, “A couple of years ago, I went to this school.” He looked around the room. “This is where we had our geography classes…”

I smiled. “How did you get them to let us film in here?”

George shrugged. “Well, I asked my former teacher. I told her that we were filming an independent movie. She has seen a short film that I starred in.”

“Thanks for doing that”, I smiled.

George chuckled. “I hope she never finds out what we are doing…”

Simon was standing next to him, wearing similar clothes. His dark blond hair was neatly parted and his blue eyes sparkled with excitement. He adjusted his glasses and smiled at George.

I turned around and looked at my cameraman Chad who was setting up the camera.

It was a perfect setting for our second feature in our “Role play” series. We had placed fifteen seats in the room. They were occupied by a couple of our models. The twins were sitting next to Parker and Danny. Ben, Kev and Colin were there, too, along with Zach, Cal and Brandon.

The protagonists of the first part of our story were George, Simon and the skaterboys, though.

George and Simon, dressed as typical geeks, were gonna be abused by Leo, Tristan and Sammy in a mock geography class.

Of course, we knew that all of them were too old for their roles. But for the sake of the fantasy, we decided that this didn’t matter.

“Alex?” Leo said, tipping his index finger on my shoulder.

I turned around and smiled at the cute skater. He was 19 years old, with short curly black hair, wearing sagging jeans, sneakers, an oversized black t-shirt and a baseball cap.

“Is there a particular reason why we bust their balls?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Well, they are good pupils, better than you…”

“Okay”, Leo said, grinning. “So it’s just for fun, right?”

I smiled. “Basically, yes.”

Leo chuckled and turned to his friends.

Sammy and Tristan were wearing the same kind baggy jeans and extralarge t-shirts that hung from their skinny frame.

Blond Tristan was 19 years old, just like Leo, while red haired Sammy was one year younger. All of them were tall and lanky, with skinny arms and long legs.

The room was filled with chatter and laughter.

“Okay”, I said, clapping my hands. “Let’s film a couple of scenes to set the scene first, okay?”

George and Simon sat down next to each other.

The skaters circled them, with Leo taking the seat behind them, Sammy sitting in front, and

Tristan to the right.

“We won’t show the teacher”, I said. “We’ll just need a couple of answers from George and Simon, and a couple of ractions from the rest of you…”

The guys nodded.

I grinned. This was a very attentive class.

I looked at Chad. “Close-ups?”

He nodded.

Chad stood in front of George, zooming in on his face.

“Look at the chalkboard and say something intelligent”, I grinned.

George stared at me.

“Something a geek would know about geography”, I added.

Leo laughed. “You should have told them beforehand so they could prepare for class…”

George thought for a moment. “Actually, I was pretty good in geography…”

Tristan chuckled. “Yeah, sure…”

George grinned and looked at the chalkboard. “Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. The main island is called Unguja.”


“Great”, I said. “Now Simon.”

Simon cleared his throat. “The capital of Germany is Berlin. It used to be Bonn, but after the German reunification, Berlin became the capital again.”

“Nerd”, Sammy mumbled.

George grinned. Then he turned serious again. “Tokyo is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family.”

Leo groaned.

“I would have known that”, Tristan quipped, causing the rest of the guys to laugh.

Simon shrugged. “The governor of Alaska is Sarah Palin”, he said. He inhaled and continued, “Alaska is the largest state of the United States of America by area. It is situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent, with Canada to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, with Russia further west across the Bering Strait.”

The rest of the class made annoyed noises.

“Mexico”, George said, grinning, “is the eleventh largest economy in the world as measured in gross domestic product in purchasing power parity. By 2050 the largest economies in the world will be as follows: China, United States, India, Brazil, and Mexico.”

“Oh, stop it”, Leo said. “You are boring us.”

“But”, Simon said, raising his index finger, “income inequality remains a problem, and huge gaps remain not only between rich and poor but also between the north and the south, and between urban and rural areas.”

Leo stared at him. “You are freaks…”

George looked at Simon and smiled, “Many of the positive effects in poverty reduction and the increase in purchasing power of the middle class are attributed to the macroeconomic stability pursued by the last two administrations.”

Simon grinned. “Ongoing economic concerns include the commercial and financial dependence on the US, low real wages, underemployment for a large segment of the population, inequitable income distribution, and few advancement opportunities for the largely Amerindian population in the impoverished southern states.”

George nodded. “The top 20% of income earners account for 55% of income and---”

“Okay, okay”, Leo interrupted him. “We know that you know a lot.”

I decided to move on. I whistled on two fingers and said, “We’re gonna add the sound of a school bell later. Class dismissed. Have fun…”

Chad and I walked away slowly, with Chad continuing to film the class.

George and Simon looked at each other.

“How do you know all that?” Simon asked, smiling.

George shrugged and grinned. “I just know it.”

Leo stood and leaned over to the two boys. “Hey, wanna know what I know?” he glared at George and Simon.

The two geeks smiled weakly.

“Something about Mexico?” Simon deadpanned.

Tristan and Sammy got up and stared at him.

“Smart boy, huh?” Leo said.

“Yeah, show him”, Kev shouted.

All the boys were watching the geeks and the skaters.

“You’re in trouble”, Leo said slowly. He was very convincing. It wasn’t clear whether he was acting or not. Maybe he really was annoyed by George’s and Simon’s performance.

George smiled at him. “Well, we got straight A’s.” He smirked at Leo. “I guess your best grade was a C, wasn’t it?” George shrugged. “Well, I guess if you spend your time smoking pot and hanging out at the skate---“

Leo growled and grabbed George’s hair.

George gasped.

Leo yanked his hand up, causing George to stand up straight, grimacing in pain.

Sammy took his cue and balled his fist.

George’s crotch was right in front of him. He was extraordinarily well equipped, with a large, fat cock and a big pair of low hanging gonads. Now, only a thin layer of fabric was between them and Sammy’s bony fist.

And Sammy decided to take advantage of that.

He slammed his fist into George’s crotch, his bony knuckles making perfect contact with the juicy orbs, smashing them into his crotch and making George shriek in pain.

Simon stared at Sammy.

The rest of the class cringed in sympathy.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Kev shouted cheerfully.

Simon blinked and looked to the side. Suddenly, he stood and ran for the exit.

Tristan tripped him up, causing Simon to stumble and fall to the ground. He grabbed Simon’s neck and brought him back to his friends.

“Here”, he said, smirking, “let’s bust their balls.”

George groaned in pain as Leo was holding on to his curly hair.

Simon paled. “No, I---“

Sammy chuckled. He reached out and grabbed Simon’s clothed crotch. He wrapped his fingers around the neat package in Simon’s groin and squeezed hard.

Simon yelped. “Please, don’t---“

Sammy grinned and twisted his hand.

Simon’s eyes bulged and he coughed.

Tristan chuckled.

Sammy grabbed George’s crotch with his other hand. “Ooh, someone’s hiding a snake in there”, he quipped, causing the rest of the class to laugh and cheer.

Simon and George grimaced in pain as Sammy kneaded their testicles in his hand, his fingers crunching their precious testicles hard, his thumb pressing into the soft mound.

“Fuck!” George screamed. “Let go!”

Leo pulled on his hair, making him scream even louder.

Sammy looked up at him and twisted his hands, making both Simon and George shriek in pain.

“Let’s see what they are hiding in there”, Tristan suggested with a devilish grin.

The crowd clapped and cheered.

“Get out the snake!” Kev shouted.

“Yeah, show us what they got!” Will chimed in.

“Alright”, Sammy said. He leaned onto the table that was between him and the two geeks. He opened Simon’s zipper and reached inside, rummaging inside Simon’s underwear until he yanked out Simon’s naked cock and his two big balls through the open fly.

“Ooooh”, Kev cooed. “What a pair of meatballs…”

The crowd laughed.

“The other pair felt even bigger”, Sammy grinned and opened George’s zipper.

George moaned as Sammy’s hand entered his fly and grabbed his goods.

“And he isn’t wearing underwear, the filthy pig”, Sammy added, smirking.

George groaned.

When Sammy, pulled out George’s naked schlong and his pair of fat danglers, Leo gasped. “Look at that cock!”

George’s extralarge dick was uncut and semi-hard. It looked huge next to Simon’s cock, although, under normal circumstances, Simon had no reason to be embarrassed...

Sammy let go of George’s equipment and George’s huge nuts slapped onto the wooden table top with a dull thud.

George winced.

Sammy grinned at Tristan who was holding Simon’s neck. “Wanna have a go?”

Tristan chuckled. “Oh, yeah!”

Sammy laughed and changed positions with Tristan.

Tristan sat down, straddling Sammy’s chair and looked at the quartet of juicy balls that was lying on the table. He balled his fists and raised them above his head.

“No, please…” Simon whispered, staring at him, his eyes wide open.

“Oh, yes!” Tristan chuckled. He let both of his fists slam down onto the table, catching the bases of Simon’s and George’s cocks and slamming them along with their bulging testicles into the wooden table.

Georg and Simon wailed in unison as their nuts were crunched by Tristan’s bony fist.

“Wait”, Sammy said. Holding Simon’s neck with his left hand, he reached around with his right and held Simon’s cock up against his belly.

Leo chuckled and did the same with George.

Now, Tristan had perfect access to both pairs of gonads that were resting on the table. He raised his fists again and slammed them down, squashing all four nuts into the wooden table top. His fists connected with the tender nuggets, flattening them like pancakes and making Simon and George scream in pain.

The rest of the class roared in approval.

Tristan chuckled and grabbed the two sacs in his hands. He fondled them, rolling the meaty orbs between his fingers. “I think they are starting to swell already”, he grinned.

George and Simon were grimacing in pain, their faces reddened considerably.

“I have an idea”, Leo grinned. He stepped on the back of his right shoe and took it off. Balancing it on his foot, he threw it at Tristan under the table, catching him square in the balls.

Tristan groaned and doubled over, letting go of the four balls and grabbing his own pair.

“Sorry”, Leo grinned and shrugged.

“Fuck”, Tristan coughed. “I thought we were busting those guys’ nuts.”

Leo smiled. “Slam them with my sneaker…”

Tristan grimaced. Then his face lit up and he chuckled. He reached for Leo’s sneaker and weighed it in his hand. He examined it and held it to his nose. Grimacing, he held it at arm’s length. “What did you do with those? Do you ever take them off?”

Leo chuckled. “Sometimes…”

Tristan grinned and held the sneaker in his hand, his fingers holding the tips of the shoe.

“Well”, he said, smiling up at Simon and George who were moaning in pain. “Let’s see if we can apply the tread of the sole to your nuts, shall we?”

George and Simon groaned.

George whimpered, “Please, don’t---“

“Left nut first”, Tristan interrupted him and slammed the heel of the sneaker into his big, juicy right ball.

“Fuck!” George squealed as his precious ball was squashed flat against the table. “Fuck!”

“And the right one”, Tristan grinned. He raised the sneaker up above his head. Pausing for a brief moment, he winked at George before bringing the shoe down hard onto his left nut.

George gagged, his eyes bulging.

Tristan turned to Simon. “Left one or right one, Simon?”

Simon groaned. “Tristan, please---“

“Left one or right one?” Tristan repeated.

Simon’s lips trembled. “Left”, he whispered.

Tristan nodded. “Alright”, he said. “First the left one…” He slammed the sneaker down onto Simon’s left testicle, making the cute geek scream from the top of his lungs. “…and then the right one”, he said cheerfully and brought down the sneaker again.

The sole of the shoe connected with Simon’s right testicle, making the blond boy let out a high-pitched shriek.

The rest of the class clapped and cheered.

“Hey”, Leo said suddenly. “It’s my turn, now.”

Tristan looked at him, a sulking look on his face.

“Come on”, Leo grinned. “I want a chance to step on them before you pop them…”

Tristan chuckled. “Okay…” He stood and walked behind George.

George tried to take a chance and struggled, trying to break free.

“Whow-whow-whow”, Leo said, grinned. He reached around and grabbed George’s nuts.

Squeezing hard, he whispered. “Don’t be stupid, alright?”

George whimpered.

Tristan grabbed a good handful of George’s hair and held his hands behind his back.

Sammy readjusted his grip on Simon, taking him into a headlock and holding Simon’s wrists between their bodies.

Leo stepped onto Sammy’s chair and looked down at George and Simon.

The two boys looked up at him, their eyes wide open.

“Leo”, Simon moaned. “Why don’t we just---“

Leo clicked his tongue and grinned. Balancing on the chair, he took of the other shoe and let it drop to the floor. He took off his socks and let them dangle in front of the two geeks’ faces.

Leo’s socks, once white, were now looking far less than savory. Different shades of grey indicated that Leo didn’t bother changing them too often…

Both Simon and George grimaced as the stinky smell hit their noses.

“Ew”, Kev shouted. “Ever heard of personal hygiene?!”

The rest of the class laughed, watching Leo stuff the smelly socks into the poor geeks’ mouths.

George gagged.

Simon moaned, sweat running down his face.

Leo grinned and stepped up onto the table. He wiggled his toes and chuckled. Tentatively, he placed his bare right foot onto George’s large cock.

George gave a muffled moan.

Leo grinned and twisted his foot, grinding down on George’s meaty cock.

Sammy and Tristan looked at Leo’s foot with a mixture of disgust and fascination in their eyes.

Leo lifted his foot and nudged George’s cock, making it roll to the side.

George’s oversized testicles were resting on the wooden table.

Leo chuckled and winked at George.

George’s eyes widened as he looked down and saw Leo’s bare foot stomp down on his naked testicles. His nuts bulged between Leo’s toes, and he screamed into the smelly sock that was lodged in his mouth.

Leo laughed and turned to Simon.

Simon whimpered, closing his eyes.

The lanky skaterboy placed his bare foot on Simon’s nuts and moved it back and forth, rolling Simon’s balls under the sole of his foot and making Simon clench his eyes shut and let out a gurgling moan.

“Kinky”, Sammy said, licking his lips.

Leo shrugged and turned around on the table, arching his back and shoving his ass into Simon’s face.

Simon tried to back away, but Sammy held him tight.

Looking down, Leo stood on his toes and placed his right heel over Simon’s nuts, his left heel over George’s.

Grinning, Leo lowered his heels, squashing the four testicles under his heel.

The screams that came from George and Simon were muffled by the smelly socks.

Leo moved his feet, grinding his heels into the four nuts, shifting his weight back and forth, squishing them under the sole of his bare feet.

George and Simon were moaning and groaning, their eyes open wide.

I decided to end the spectacle. I whistled on my fingers and shouted. “Break’s over. The teacher is coming!”

Quickly, Leo stepped down from the table. He grabbed his socks and pulled them out of George’s and Simon’s mouths.

At the same time, Sammy and Tristan let go of their hands and heads.

George and Simon doubled over, grabbing their crotches and moaning in pain.

Everyone scrambled to their seats.

Leo put on his socks and his sneakers.

Slowly, George and Simon sat down, their abused genitals hanging out of their flies under the table.

They were grimacing in pain, looking tired and nauseous.

The rest of the boys acted as if nothing had happened, staring at the chalkboard.

“Cut!” I shouted. “Fantastic!”

George and Simon were groaning, doubled over, cupping their crotches.

“It was fun”, Leo grinned. He leaned over and patted Simon’s back. “Spur of the moment”, he whispered into Simon’s ear.

“Nice touch”, Simon moaned.

Leo chuckled. “Yeah, I though so, too.”

Kev cleared his throat. “Okay, so now it’s our turn.” He grinned and looked at his buddies Colin and Ben who nodded eagerly. “The three bullies at the gym. I can’t wait.”

“Yeah”, Will chimed in. The blond gymnast looked at his twin brother Michael and strawberry blond actor Danny and smiled. “And then it’s our turn…”

George and Simon stared at them, fondling their nuts.

“Well”, I said. “We have booked the gym for next week. And the week after that we’ll film the schoolyard scene.”

Kev, Ben, Colin, Danny and the twins looked disappointed while George and Simon were sighing in relief.

I smiled. “Thank you! That’s it for today.”

The boys groaned and walked out of the room, leaving George and Simon sitting on their chairs.

When Kev, Ben and Colin walked past me, I heard Kev chuckle, “I can’t wait till next week!”


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job once again Alex! Will the next scenes keep George and Simon as the primary bustees, or are you planning to change it up? Either way, great job and thanks!

Alex said...

Thank you, bbmal! I'm glad you like the story!

Yeah, George and Simon will be the primary bustees in the next two parts, too. I hope you are okay with that...

Anonymous said...

great story.. love the sock and feet part...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! The sock and feet part is a favourite of mine, too... :-))

Anonymous said...

The sock/feet part was kinda gross.

Alex said...

Well, I guess the sock/feet part isn't everybody's cup of tea... :-))

I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories, though... :-))