Friday, December 5, 2008

One year

Wow - I can't believe it. I started this blog exactly 12 months ago. I almost missed the anniversary because I was busy writing new stories.

Well, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who contributed to this site. Your comments and your input have a great impact on all of my stories. And there is a great number of stories that originated in your fantasy and the basic ideas were yours.

Auditions, Ben's wrestling match, Big balls training camp, Brother knows best, Caught in the act, High kicks, Office vendetta, the On the job series, the One on one series, Richard and Paul, the Role play series, Shakeout, Soccer balls 2, The nutcracker prince, the Top trumps series and the characters of David, Brandon, Xander and Parker - all of them were your ideas. Thank you very much!

I'm rather busy at the moment, but I try to publish a story every other day. And - while December my be a bit tricky, with the holdays coming up - I promise that I'll keep on writing.

Frankly, I thought that I'd run out of ideas pretty quickly. I never imagined that I'd do this for such a long time...

I have written another post, where we can discuss your ideas and suggestions for the future in the comments section. If you have anything that might make a good story, let me know! Oh, and the One on one wish list could use a couple of new suggestions, too... :-))

Again, thank you all! Now, I'm gonna spend the rest of the day whistling happily and being proud of myself... :-))


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. Thank you for providing us with great work for the past year!

Alex said...

Thank you, JP! And thanks for all your ideas for the "Shakeout" story!

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

Whooo, one whole year! Go Alex, go Alex, go Alex!

Muhaha, it's been a great one, huh? Still love your stories! ^^

Alex said...

Thank you guys! I always love to read your feedback!

Yeah, it has been a great year!