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Shakeout – task 3: The mallets

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Parker and Vince (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Meeting with the enemy
Task 1: The key
Task 2: The machine

I was sitting on the passenger seat of my cameraman Chad’s car. Outside, it was freezing cold. Snow was falling, covering the sidewalks and the house tops in white cotton candy. The noise of the town was muted by the snow, and everything looked peaceful and quiet.

I turned my head and looked at Parker. “Thanks for helping us.”

The 21 year old gymnast was wearing a camouflage anorak, a purple scarf and tight red jeans that were almost the same color as his dyed, flaming red hair.

“Sure”, he replied, smiling. “I hope I’ll do better than Ben.”

I nodded.

We were on our way to the warehouse. Warren, the owner of the website which shamelessly copied our plots and stole our members, had sent me a short email, asking us to be at the warehouse at 7 p.m. and to bring a model.

He had threatened us into competing in a series of twisted tasks. In the end, either Warren’s or my website would prevail, and continue to make videos. The loser would go offline.

Everything was on the line.

And it didn’t look very good for us.

Last week, we had failed. Ben hadn’t managed to cope with the task.

The week before that, Itsuki, one of Warren’s models, had been successful.

In other words, we were trailing Warren by two points.

I had no idea how many tasks Warren had planned, but I knew that we would have to start winning soon…

“Do you know what I’ll have to do?” Parker asked.

I shook my head.

I had told him all about our situation. Frankly, Parker hadn’t been my first choice. I had asked Zach, Kev, and the twins – but neither of them had been able to make it on such short notice.

When I had called Parker, I had been desperate.

Parker had agreed to help us, knowing all about the pain Itsuki and Ben had suffered.

“We’ll see”, Parker said, smiling reassuringly. “I’ll do my best.”

I sighed and looked out the window.

We arrived at the warehouse a couple of minutes early.

Stepping through the snow towards the warehouse, I tried not to think about what Warren had in store for us.

Technically, though, it wasn’t Warren who was in charge.

He had hired freelance technician and scientist Vince to invent the tasks. I had met Vince at a workshop at our studios a couple of months ago. He was 20 years old, not very tall, with a slim build and short brown hair. He tried to grow sideburns and a goatee, but, to put it mildly, his growth of beard was very modest, and somehow he managed to look even less mature with the facial hair… He was a nice guy, and I liked him.

When it came to the tasks, though, Vince was mean and twisted. Last week, he had invented a fucking machine that fucked Ben’s ass because he didn’t stop it by pounding the cum out of his balls. I wondered what he had though of for today…

We opened the door to first floor of the warehouse.

It was a huge area, dark and cold, with just a few light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I thought I’d seen some rats running around on the floor.

Vince was standing with his back towards us, wearing a white lab coat.

He turned around and smiled.

“Hi, Alex”, he said.

“Hi”, I smiled weakly.

Vince walked towards us. “Hi, Chad.”

Chad nodded at him.

“I’m Parker”, Parker said.

Vince smiled. “Nice to meet you.” He looked down at Parker’s crotch.

The tight red jeans left very little to the imagination. Parker’s cock was pointing to the side, and his meaty balls were separated by the crotch seam, bulging on either side of it.

“Good luck”, Vince smiled.

Parker nodded. “Thanks.”

The door opened and Warren entered the room.

He was a tall, heavy built man in his early thirties, with black hair and dark eyes. “Everything set up?” he barked.

Vince bit his lower lip. “Five minutes, Warren.”

“Then go on”, Warren said. “Why are you standing around when there’s work to do?”

Vince nodded and turned around.

Warren looked at me and smirked. “You’re on time, boy.”

I tried to smile.

Behind Warren, two guys appeared.

One of them was Rex, Warren’s cousin, assistant and cameraman. Rex was a bit younger than Warren. His head was shaven and he had a wiry, lean body. He pierced me with his eyes and I looked away quickly.

The other guy was tall and muscular, with strong arms and legs. He had short, dark blond hair, a nose that looked like it had been broken and thin lips. Despite the nose – or maybe because of it? – he looked attractive in a dangerous kind of way. His skin was pale and he was wearing black trousers and a grey turtleneck.

“Meet Dima”, Warren said, grinning. “He’s one of our toughest guys.” Warren smirked at Parker.

At six foot one, Parker was tall, but Dima was taller. And while Parker had a trained body with muscles in all the right places, Dima looked like he was born in a fitness center. He had a weightlifter’s arms, and a prizefighter’s eyes.

“You know what they say about Russians, don’t you?” Warren smirked.

We stared at Dima.

Dima didn’t say a word.

“Tough body, tough nuts”, Warren grinned.

Parker chuckled.

Warren stared at him.

“That’s what they say about Russians?” Parker asked, smiling. “I never knew…”

Dima shot Parker a derogatory glance.

Parker shrugged.

“I was born in Novosibirsk”, Dima said. He had a deep voice and a thick accent. He grinned and pointed to the window. “Weather like this? It’s summer for me!”

Parker chuckled.

Dima frowned at him.

“Sorry”, Parker said, a mock-serious expression on his face. “I thought that was a joke…”

Warren turned to Dima and said, “Since we can’t begin right away, why don’t you show our friends your body?”

Dima shrugged. He took off his turtleneck, revealing his naked upper body.

I felt like I was in an anatomy class.

Every muscle on Dima’s upper body was distinct and impressive.

I glanced at Parker.

The red haired gymnast tried his best to appear unimpressed, but the way he looked at Dima told another story.

Dima flexed his biceps and grinned at Parker. “Tough body”, he said.

Parker didn’t react.

Slowly, Dima took off his shoes and his trousers. With a wide grin, he slipped down his briefs, revealing what seemed to be the center of his pride: a semi-hard, uncut cock with a bulbous head and a veiny shaft.

Parker stared at the monstrous thing.

It was long and thick, as pale as the rest of Dima’s body, with two enormous testicles, hanging very low in their shaven sac, as a bonus.

“Tough nuts.” Dima looked at Parker and grinned. With his left hand, he grabbed the base of his cock and held it up, allowing us to have a good look at his dangling eggs. “Have you ever seen any balls this big?”

Parker cleared his throat.

Dima’s right hand weighed his testicles while he stroked his cock a couple of times. “I have made many women happy. Very happy”, Dima said, looking down at his schlong. Then he turned to Parker and smirked. “They scream for mercy.” He continued stroking his cock. His foreskin revealed the red head of his dick.

“But I don’t have mercy…” Dima’s cock was fully hard now, and he let it swing up and down above his enormous gonads. “Sometimes there is blood…”

Parker cleared his throat again.

Warren smirked at him. “Why don’t you strip, too?”

Parker blinked.

“Take off your clothes!” Warren barked.

A few seconds later, Parker was as naked as Dima.

His body was tanned, and he had a nice set of genitals, a pair of big balls and a nice, large, hard cock that he needn’t be ashamed of. But in comparison to Dima’s body, Parker’s equipment looked almost small.

Behind us, Vince cleared his throat.

Warren chuckled. “Alright.” He turned to Dima, patted his shoulder and grinned, “Enjoy it!”

Dima smiled.

Vince was standing next to two wooden chairs. He motioned for Dima and Parker to sit down.

They did, and Vince tied their arms and their legs to the chairs.

Dima and Parker were facing each other, sitting a few feet apart.

Both of their cocks were rock hard, pointing to the ceiling, their balls resting between their thighs, on the wooden seat.

Dima smirked at Parker.

Parker smiled back.

Vince grabbed a belt and tied it around Parker’s chest. Attached to the belt was a long metal pipe and a small black box.

After attaching a similar device to Dima’s chest, Vince produced a rubber band and tied it around Dima’s fat ballsac. He grabbed a metal plate with a large rubber mallet and a cable that led to a switchboard on the ground between Dima and Parker. Vince placed the plate under Dima’s sac, fastening it to the chair.

Warren and I watched as Vince applied another plate-mallet-thing to Parker’s chair.

When he was finished, Vince started explaining. “It’s rather easy”, he started and pointed at the metal pipe. “This is part of a milking machine for cows. I modified it so that it doesn’t work for four tits but for one cock.” He paused. “The object of this task is to hold back orgasm. I will switch the milking machine on. As soon as one of the contestants ejaculates, his testicles will get repeatedly beaten by the rubber mallet.” He looked down shyly. “The mallets stop as soon as the second contestant ejaculates.”

Warren nodded slowly. “And the first one to shoot his load loses.”

Vince nodded.

I looked at Dima and Parker.

Both of them looked uncomfortable.

Vince knelt down in front of Parker. “Excuse me”, he said softly. He looked up at him and smiled, “Don’t worry, the inside is made of rubber…”

Parker smiled weakly as Vince inserted Parker’s cock into the metal pipe, burying it to the hilt.

Vince turned to Dima and stuffed his fat, hard cock into the metal pipe, twisting the pipe and pushing down until Dima’s cock was all the way inside it.

Dima didn’t blink.

Now, Vince connected the milking machines to the switchboard.

He looked at Warren and me.

Both of us nodded.

Vince turned a switch and the machines started working with a low roar and a high-pitched beep.

The noises that Parker and Dima made were surprisingly similar.

Dima grunted. His monstrous balls tightened up, moving around in their sac, as the machine started sucking on his cock.

Parker let out a high-pitched yelp. His eyes twitched and his mouth opened as his cock was manipulated by the machine.

The metal pipes were swinging from the left to the right, dancing in the poor boys laps while stimulating their sensitive cocks.

Sweat was starting to run down both boys’ faces as they moaned and whimpered, clenching their teeth, trying not to let go of their loads.

Dima’s face contorted as he tried to hold back the sperm that was starting to boil in his huge, fat babymakers. His nuts were contracting as the machine stimulated his meaty cock. He grunted, his eyes clenched shut, his legs shivering.

The rubber mallet was in the right position to smash his nuts and flatten them.

The sound of the two milking machines filled the room with a constant noise of sucking, slurping and wheezing.

Parker whimpered, his eyes wide open, his mouth clenched shut. The metal pipe in his lap started to vibrate, making Parker gasp and moan, his face frozen in a grimace of pain and pleasure.

Dima opened his eyes and stared at Parker.

The attractive gymnast stared back at him.

The Russian opened his mouth to let out a gurgling moan. His body was covered in sweat from head to toe. His chest and his abs glistened as he writhed on the chair, his huge cock stuck in the hellish milking machine.

Parker whimpered.

Dima struggled against his bonds, trying to free himself, desperate to get the metal pipe off of his cock, desperate to save his big, meaty nuts from the danger they were in. The rubber mallet was not moving, waiting for the opportunity to crunch his nuts.

A miserable scream escaped Dima’s lips. His biceps flexed and his pecs contracted.

Parker watched him, clenching his teeth, a drop of sweat hanging from his nose.

The machines noise got louder and louder. They were screeching and slurping, working on Dima’s and Parker’s cocks.

Dima’s sack tightened. His balls bulged against the rubber band. They looked like two purple bubbles ready to burst.

Suddenly, Dima let out a wail and his eyes widened in terror.

The noise of the machine changed as it drained the spunk out of his balls.

“No!” Dima screamed from the top of his lungs.

Suddenly, a fountain of white jizz shot up from the top of his pipe, like a torpedo, flying high up into the air before coming down again and landing on Dima’s sweaty face.

Another jet of cum shot up, followed by another and another.

Parker stared at him, grinding his teeth, but with a hint of a smile, as the machine continued to suck on his cock.

Dima howled as the cum was sucked out of his shaft, almost hitting the ceiling before landing in thick drops on his body, splattering onto his muscular chest, his strong arms and his pain-contorted face.

I looked at Vince.

Vince grinned sheepishly. “I think I forgot to attach the tubes”, he said, holding up two large black rubber tubes that led into a bucket.

Dima was screaming from the top of his lungs as his balls emptied and his cum was forcibly sucked out of them.

Finally, the rain ended.

Chad, Rex, Warren, Parker and me - we all stared at the rubber mallet. It didn’t move.

Dima looked down at his crotch, his face beet red and glistening with cum and sweat, his eyes open wide.

Simultaneously, we turned to Vince.

Vince smiled. “There’s a little---“

Suddenly, Dima let out an ear-piercing scream.

The rubber mallet slammed down, flattening his emptied nuts against the hard metal plate.

We all winced in sympathy.

“---delay”, Vince said.

Once again, the rubber mallet came down, catching both of Dima’s nuts and slamming them into the metal.

Dima shrieked.

It had a bizarre comedic quality to it, such a girlish scream coming from a manly man like Dima.

Parker watched him, his face contorted by pain, a tiny smile around his mouth.

The machines continued sucking on both of their cocks. And as Vince had explained, they wouldn’t stop until Parker had lost his load.

Dima wailed in pain as the next blow from the rubber mallet hit his nuts, flattening them like pancakes. His tender nuggets were shiny red, bulging in their sac.

I turned to Chad and whispered, “We won.”

Chad grinned and nodded, staring at Dima as his testicles received another painful blow.

The Russian wailed and howled in pain.

Parker watched him, his teeth clenched.

The machine was dancing in his lap, sucking on his cock. The slurping sound that it made was drowned out by the agonized wails that came from Dima’s mouth as his balls were hit again and again by the rubber mallet.

The color of his shiny eggs turned into an unhealthy shade of purple as they the mallet slammed down, hitting both of them with every blow.

Warren watched his model, a worried expression on his face as the Russian screamed and whimpered while his nuts were tortured and the vicious machine continued to stimulate his abused cock.

“Tell him to cum!” Warren shouted at me.

I shrugged.

Warren’s face was contorted by rage. “For fuck’s sake! Tell him to cum!”

I shook my head slowly. “We won”, I said calmly.

I’m not sure if Warren could hear me, with the room filled by the sound of the machines and Dima’s continuous screaming. But I guess he read my lips, because the veins on his neck started to bulge.

I chuckled and turned my attention to Parker again.

The machine was working on his cock, but somehow Parker was able to hold back his cum. His eyes were fixed on Dima’s face.

The Russian’s mouth was open wide, and he was screaming and shrieking as the mallet busted his emptied babymakers, hitting down hard, hammering into the soft flesh of Dima’s meaty balls.

Suddenly, a gurgling sound started coming from Dima’s pipe.

“No!” he screamed. “No, please---“

Another fountain of sticky, white cum erupted from the tip of the pipe.

The mallet slammed down on his nuts while he lost another load due to the merciless milking of his thick, fat cock.

His face contorted as his contracting nuts were crunched by the rubber mallet and thick gobs of spunk rained down on his naked body.

At the same moment, Parker’s facial expression changed. He opened his mouth a bit, letting his lips tremble and his eyes twitch as the muscles in his face relaxed.

“Yes”, he moaned as his body went limp and he let the machine do its work.

His cum shot up like fireworks while he watched Dima’s double-drained nuts get hammered by the rubber mallets.

Dima whimpered and screamed.

Parker smiled and moaned in pleasure at the sudden, explosive relief. His nuts let go of his pent-up load that got catapulted out of the metal pipe by the milking machine.

Jet after jet of thick, white cum flew threw the air, covering his body and coating him with a wet layer of his own sticky cum.

Finally, both machines stopped.

The mallet rammed down and slammed Dima’s balls one final time as the Russian whimpered and sobbed, his face hot and sweaty, his eyes glassy and red.

Vince walked up to Parker and freed him of his torturous invention. He untied his arms and legs and took off the milking machine.

Parker grimaced and looked down at his cock as it slipped out of the metal pipe.

“Ouch”, he whispered and tentatively touched his sore cock. It was rock hard and red, glistening with sweat and cum. He jerked it a couple of times, as if he wanted to make sure that it still worked.

Satisfied with the result, he watched as Vince freed Dima.

The big, muscular stud was sobbing quietly.

Vince pulled on the pipe.

Apparently, Dima’s fat cock was stuck in it.

“Sorry”, Vince said, grimacing in sympathy. Then he yanked the metal pipe off of Dima’s cock in one determined motion.

Dima screamed from the top of his lungs as his big, meaty cock popped out of the metal.

It looked bruised and sore, beaming red like a fire extinguisher, and matching his throbbing balls in color.

Dima looked down, his eyes wide with terror.

“I guess it’ll take a couple of days till you are able to work again”, Vince said, a compassionate smile on his face. “Maybe a couple of weeks.”

Dima stared at him, panic in his eyes.

“The bigger the object, the longer it takes”, Vince said and reached into a pocket of his lab coat, producing a little white can. “Here, it will make things go better…”

Dima grabbed the can and opened it, his mouth hanging open, staring at his dick and his swollen nuts. Slowly, he applied the ointment to his schlong, wincing when he touched it.

I turned to Warren. “One point for us”, I said, smiling.

Warren glared at me. “We are still one point ahead”, he barked.

I shrugged. “I know. But today we won!”

Warren let out a grunt.

His cousin Rex was staring at me with hatred in his eyes.

I didn’t care. We won.

Chad and I helped Parker get dressed. He winced in pain as he tried to close the buttons of his tight-fitting jeans. “I guess I’ll leave them open”, he whispered.

Chad and I nodded.

“Bye, Vince”, I said.

Vince nodded and smiled.

“Bye, Dima”, I said.

The Russian was staring at his cock and his sac of balls, an agonized expression on his face.

We walked to the door, passing Warren and his cousin.

“See you next week”, Warren snarled. “Bring a model.”

I smiled. “Sure.”

We left the warehouse and walked to the car.

Parker limped between us, walking very carefully and grimacing with every step.

“That was amazing!” I said cheerfully. “You were great!”

Parker smiled. “Thanks.”

“How did you do that?” Chad asked.

Parker stopped and looked at us. “I don’t know”, he said. He thought for a moment. “I guess it helped that I jerked off three times this morning.”

Chad grinned and shook his head.

“Wanna know what I was watching?” Parker grinned.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Warren’s site,”, Parker chuckled. “Dima dealing out kicks to that Japanese guy. So hot.”

I stared at him. “You are a member?”

Parker shrugged.

“But they are our enemies!” I said. “You---“

Parker grinned. “I guess it was worth it, don’t you think?”


Anonymous said...

HAHA! loved the bit of irony at the end. It would be nice if one of the machines in the tasks sorta swung a hammer or mallet down on their nut, like it'd be connected to the ceiling, and slams the boys. And it would be nice if at first they were being busted fully clothed, then just boxers (which would be the majority of the busts) and finally nude.

Anonymous said...

it would be an interesting plot development if all the busting on Warrens site was staged and faked, so his models are unprepared for real busting, which is ultimately their downfall. (That, and the fact that their boss is an asshole)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll think about your ideas. I'm not sure if I can manage to include them into the stories. But I'll try... :-))

Anonymous said...

I could barely contain myself reading this chapter ;)

Alex said...

Thanks, JP, that's enough to brighten my day... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome of the best ever.
I really hope we see more of Dima. Maybe self control isn't his strong point :-) but I think he'll be a fearsome opponent in other events ! I hate to sound like a traitor but he could be my favourite of all your models!!!

Alex said...

Thank you! I'll see what I can do with Dima after the "Shakeout" is finished... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Great story from start to finish and definitely the best challenge so far. Parker / Dima make a nice contrast.
I guess Dima is not used to such humiliation! When he's back on his feet I'm sure he'll be desperate to restore his reputation. I hope we get a demonstration of how tough his nuts really are.
What do you think hurts him more...his balls or his cock :-)

Alex said...

Thanks! Do you have any specific suggestion how Dima could prove his manhood? Are you thinking about a one-on-one fight or something else?

Anonymous said...

So far, we know Dima feels pain (unlike Len) but we don't know how tough he really is : how heavy were the mallets, how hard were the hits etc?
One-on-one would be awesome, or maybe a short series where different guys try to defeat him. My proposal : He beats several of your toughest models before finally meeting his match (maybe Logan). He could start the fight by offering his opponent a free shot to the balls. When he gets kicked he stands tall and just growls at his opponent. Maybe his muscles flex involuntarily and his teeth clench as he tries to hide the pain. Then he could shake his head and mutter "pathetic"!.
When he is finally defeated it would be cool if he looked invincible after the first few attacks but then his balls get crushed by a powerful attack that breaks his spirit and leaves him screaming like a girl. He tries to fight on but ends up trying to escape the fight and begging his opponent not to destroy his manhood.
OK that's my thoughts for today, and I fully trust your judgement !!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your detailed answer! I'll keep it in the back of my head and I'm sure that I can do something with it once "Shakeout" is finished... :-))

Carter said...

That was tense I had no idea who would win
And great irony at the end