Monday, December 22, 2008

Shakeout – task 5: The math


Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins and Vince (click for pictures)

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Today, I was in a rather good mood.

I was sitting on the passenger seat of the car. My cameraman Chad was driving. We were on our way to Warren’s warehouse.

Warren, the owner of, a rival website that had stolen a couple of our story ideas and continued to steal our members, had challenged us to a series of tasks. Four tasks had been completed, and the score was even. Last week, our big balled stud Zach had shown us how much cum was stored in those oversized babymakers of his. And the week before, our red haired gymnast Parker had defeated Warren’s prized Russian hunk Dima and humiliated the horsehung guy.

I was whistling happily, looking in the rear view mirror and watching the twins Michael and Will stare back at me.

Today, Warren had sent me an email asking me to bring the twins. No problem, Warren, we are on our way!

I turned my head and smiled at the two blond 22 year olds. “I’m sure you’ll win this thing!”

Michael shrugged. “I don’t know. From what Parker told me, he was in pain for a couple of days.”

“But he won”, I said cheerfully. “You should have seen that Russian. He had a huge cock that was fiery red after he pulled it out of the milking machine…”

Chad chuckled. “He looked like he was about to faint…”

Will adjusted his crotch and grinned. “Come on, Mikey, we’re gonna show that bastard what we’re capable of…”

Michael grimaced.

“And we’re here”, Chad said, stopping the car.

We walked to the warehouse and entered the first floor.

The large room was dark, cold, moist and empty except for two wooden pallets that were standing side by side. A piece of rusty metal with cables attached to it was lying on each pallet.

“Hello? Anybody here?” I shouted as we walked into the room. I looked at my watch. We were five minutes early.

Will and Michael walked towards the pallets.

Will grabbed the piece of metal and examined it. “What’s that supposed to be?”

I walked over to him and looked at the thing it was a heavy cube with a round hole in it. Around the hole were a couple of rings that seemed to be able to contract. I had a faint idea of what might be supposed to be put inside...

Judging from the expression on Michael’s face, he had the same thought. He looked at me. “Do you think we are gonna have to put our---“

The door opened and we turned around.

A group of people walked into the room.

Warren was the first one. He was a big, tall, muscular man in his early thirties, wearing a black turtleneck and blue jeans. He smirked at us. “Hello again. Those are your twins?”

I nodded.

Behind Warren was Vince, the technician. He was a nice guy, a little shy, with a twisted mind. He was 20 years old, with a slim build and very little facial hair. Nevertheless, he seemed to be convinced that his attempt at a goatee and sideburns made him look more masculine. It didn’t.

Vince smiled at us. He was wearing a white lab coat. “Hi”, he said in a low voice.

Warren’s cousin Rex crossed his arms in front of his body. It was freezing cold inside the building, but Rex was shirtless, showing off his wiry upper body and the tattoos on his shoulders. He had a menacing look in his eyes and a mean grin around his lips.

“Those are your twins?” Warren said.

“Yes”, I said. “Michael and Will.”

“Pleased to meet you”, Michael said, smiling weakly.

Warren chuckled and looked down at Michael’s crotch.

Michael shifted uncomfortably. Both twins had a large set of genitals, and the bulge in their blue jeans was pretty impressive.

Apparently, Warren was not very impressed. He turned around and pointed at two guys who stepped out of the shadow. “Meet my twins, Andrew and Brett.”

Michael’s and Will’s jaw dropped.

Andrew and Brett were roughly the same age as Michael and Will. They were muscular and handsome, with pitch black hair and brooding brown eyes. They were almost as tall as my gymnast twins.

“Hi”, one of them said. “I’m Brett.”

“Will”, Will said.

“And this”, Brett continued, “is my little brother Andy.”

“Andrew”, the other one said, shooting Brett and angry glance.

“I’m Michael”, Michael said.

Warren cleared his throat. “Great. Now that you know each other, let’s get to business.”

Vince nodded and walked over to the pallets.

Warren looked at me. He nodded at Michael and Will and said, “Make them strip.”

I hesitated.

“Now”, Warren added.

I turned to Michael and Will. “Could you---“

“It’s freezing cold here”, Michael said, shaking his head. “No way.”

Warren looked at his twins.

They started taking off their clothes.

Will looked at them as they revealed their smooth, muscular chests.

“Mikey”, he said, turning to his brother.

“Don’t call me Mikey!” Michael hissed. “I’m not gonna take my clothes off!”

Andrew and Brett had stripped down to their underwear. They were wearing tight-fitting boxer briefs that did a very good job at showing off their goods.

They smirked at Michael and Will.

“Mikey”, Will said.

Michael shook his head.

Brett and Andrew massaged the big bulges in their boxer briefs. Simultaneously, they hooked their thumbs into the waistbands, grinning at Michael and Will. Slowly, they slipped down their underwear, revealing first their trimmed pubic hair, then their semi-hard cocks inch by inch.

Finally, their large cocks swung up and the twins took off their boxer briefs, standing stark naked in front of Michael and Will.

Both of my twins looked down at Andrew’s and Brett’s crotches. Below their identical fat cocks dangled their identical pairs of big, juicy balls, hanging low in their shaven sacs.

Will gulped.

“Bet you haven’t seen something like this, huh?” Brett grinned.

Will looked at his brother.

Michael shook his head.

“We are bigger”, Will whispered. He started unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his defined abs and his muscular chest.

Michael rolled his eyes and followed Will’s example.

Within seconds, they both were stark naked.

Brett smirked. “Bigger than us? I don’t think so…”

Will chuckled. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

Both Brett and Andrew did likewise.

Michael rolled his eyes and started jerking off, too.

When all four cocks were rock hard and pointing at the ceiling, it was clear that Will had been right. Andrew and Brett had big, thick cocks, but Will’s and Michael’s were bigger.

Will grinned. “Got anything to say?”

Brett shrugged.

“Okay”, Vince said. “I need one of each pair to lie down on the pallets.”

Brett grinned and walked over to Vince, lying down on the right pallet. Vince started tying his arms and his legs to the wood with leather belts. An additional belt around his neck made sure that he wasn’t able to sit up.

Michael looked at Will, slowly shaking his head.

Will shrugged and lay down on the left pallet. He had a smile on his face as Vince fastened his body to the pallet.

Michael’s body was shivering from the cold, and his cock started softening.

The three other dicks were hard as rocks, with drops of precum glistening at their tips.

Vince held up one of the rusty metal cubes and turned to Brett and Will. “I’m gonna but your testicles into these contraptions, now.”

“Hey”, Brett protested, “what are you up to?!”

Vince ignored him, grabbing Brett’s shaven sac and putting it into the hole in the metal cube.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Brett shouted, trying to lift his head and look at his crotch, but the belt around his neck held him down. “What the fuck!?”

Will had turned his head to the side, watching Brett in silence, knowing that he would be next.

Vince tightened a screw until he felt a resistance.

Bret screamed. “Fuck!”

Vince didn’t look at him and turned to Will.

Will grimaced as Vince put his balls into the contraption, tightening the screw until Will inhaled sharply. Just like Brett, Will had a raging hardon that was lying on his abs, pointing at his face, oozing precum that created a little puddle on his tanned body.

When Vince was finished, he grabbed the remote control that was connected to both contraptions by black cables.

Michael and Andrew watched him as he stood behind Will’s and Brett’s heads so that they couldn’t see him.
Andrew’s cock was hard, pointing up, while Michael’s was in a state of semi-arousal.

Vince pulled a piece of paper from a pocket in his white lab coat. “I have nine mathematical problems.” He pointed at Michael and Andrew. “You are gonna solve them. When you have the answer first, the contraption will tighten around your opponent’s brother’s testicles, tighter and tighter with every step.” He paused. “Believe me, you don’t want to know what happens when you lose ten times…”

Will tried to look at his brother but he couldn’t lift his head. “Mikey”, he said hoarsely. “You are good at math, right?”

Michael didn’t answer.

Will groaned. “Fuck…”

Andrew grinned at Michael. “Straight A’s…”

Michael grimaced.

“In the end, the team who solves more problems gets the point”, Vince said.

“Fuck”, Will whispered. “Mikey, please!”

Michael rolled his eyes. “I’m gonna do what I can…”

Will laughed weakly. “Alright…”

“Number one”, Vince said, looking down at his paper. “Listen.”

Michael and Andrew looked at him while Will and Brett were squirming on their pallets.

Vince looked at Michael and Andrew. “34+397”

Michael closed his eyes.

Andrew’s lips started to move.

“431”, Michael said quickly.

Andrew looked at him and grimaced. “Fuck…”

“That’s right”, Vince said. “431.” He pushed a button on the remote control.

A screeching noise came from the contraption around Brett’s balls and Brett screamed from the top of his lungs. His face contorted in pain and his dick twitched.

Vince waited until Brett’s screams had turned into a miserable whimper. “Number two: 1050-167.”

Michael closed his eyes again.

This time, Andrew was quicker. “883”, he shouted. “883.”

“Right”, Vince said.

“Mikey!” Will shouted. Then he yelped in pain as Vince pushed a button, causing the rings inside the cube to tighten around Will’s balls.

“Sorry”, Michael mumbled.

Will moaned in pain.

“Number three”, Vince said, looking at his paper. “23*5.”

“115”, Andrew shouted, quick like a shot.

“Fuck!” Will screamed.

“115 is right”, Vince said and pushed a button again.

Will let out an agonized wail. All the muscles in his body contorted and he grimaced and whimpered as his cock twitched violently, letting out another ooze of sticky precum.

Michael watched his brother, cringing in sympathy.

Andrew chuckled.

“Great, Andy”, Brett grinned, turning his head to see Will writhe in pain.

“Number four”, Vince said. “156:13”

Michael’s lips moved. “11! 11!” he shouted.

“Yes!” Will screamed, his face contorted in pain. “Yes! Show them, Mikey!”

Brett groaned in anticipation.

“Actually”, Vince said slowly. “It’s 12.” He pushed a button, making Will shriek in a soprano voice as his nuts were crunched inside the metal cube. We couldn’t see his nuts, but judging from the look on his face, he was in constant pain now, the metal rings digging into his meaty gonads.

“Fuck”, Will whimpered, the head of his fat cock bouncing up and down on his contorting abs. His body bucked, glistening with sweat, a little puddle of precum beneath the tip of his dripping cock.

Michael bit his lower lip. “I’m sorry.”

Will’s face was red and sweaty, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open.

Brett chuckled.

“Number five”, Vince said calmy while Will was whimpering in pain. “What’s the square root of 441?”

Andrew nodded, his lips moving.

Michael had closed his eyes. He hesitated for a moment, then he said in a low voice, “21?”

Will cried out in pain. “You aren’t sure? Fuck, what are you doing, Mikey? Do you want to castrate me?”

Mikey bit his lower lip.

Vince smiled at him. “21 is right.”

Michael sighed in relief.

Vince pushed a button, making the contraption tighten around Brett’s nuts, causing the black haired boy to cry out in pain.

“Yes!” Michael whispered. “Yes!”

Will groaned. He turned his head, grimacing in pain, looking at Brett who was wailing and whimpering.

“Yes!” Will croaked, his eyes filled with tears. “Yes!”

“Number six”, Vince continued. “46-478.”

“46-478”, Michael repeated. “46-478.” His face lit up. “Negative 432.”

Andrew glared at him.

Will was sobbing in pain, his cock rock hard, twitching violently, pointing at his face.

Brett had his eyes closed, whimpering and moaning.

“That’s right”, Vince said and pushed a button.”

Brett screamed from the top of his lungs as the contraption tightened around his balls. “Fuck! Fuck! My nuts!”

Both Andrew and Michael winced in sympathy as Brett struggled against the leather belts, his body bucking, his face beet red.

Will watched him through the tears in his eyes, with a hint of satisfaction on his sweaty, contorted face.

“Number seven”, Vince said calmly. “555:7.”

“Fuck”, Michael whispered.

Will and Brett had their eyes closed. They were in great pain, all their muscles flexed and working, as they moaned and groaned and writhed on their pallets.

“Fuck, wait a moment”, Michael whispered, thinking hard. “555:7…”

“79”, Andrew said slowly, his eyes closed. “Point 29.”

Michael looked at him.

Andrew grinned.

“Right”, Vince said. “Wow, that was a really hard one…” He shot Andrew an appreciatory glance and pushed a button, causing Will’s body to jump.

Will let out a blood-curdling scream, his body bucking, his eyes clenched shut, tears running down his face, as his nuts were brutally crunched by the metal contraption. His hard dick was twitching violently.

Brett turned his head, his own face contorted with pain, and watched Will squirm and scream.

Michael bit his lower lip and grimaced in sympathy.

“Fuck!” Will screamed from the top of his lungs. “Fuck! Fuck!”

His dick was twitching uncontrollably. Suddenly, a huge blast of cum shot out from the bright red tip of his cock, catching him right in the face.

“Fuck!” Will shrieked as his boiling nuts unloaded his hot, sticky sperm.

Ropes of thick, white jizz flew through the air, covering Will’s pain-contorted face, his muscular pecs and his glistening abs until his upper body was covered in his own juice.

Will didn’t stop screaming. The contraption was squeezing his drained nuts like a vice.

“Number eight”, Vince shouted. “12003-44.”

Andrew and Michael had a hard time concentrating with Will’s screams and Brett’s groans filling the room.

“11959!” Michael shouted. “11959!”

Brett whimpered while Will’s voice cracked, turning his screams into hoarse shrieks.

Vince nodded and pushed a button.

Brett wailed in pain, drowning out Will’s agonized howls, as the contraption tightened around his tortured nuts.

Both boys were screaming from the top of their lungs, struggling against their restraints, their muscular bodies bucking.

Brett’s fat cock quivered and erupted in a big, wet explosion of cum that landed everywhere, on his body, on the wooden pallet, and on the floor.

Andrew and Michael stared at their brothers, cringing in sympathy.

“Come on”, Andrew shouted. “Let’s finish this!”

Vince shrugged. “Okay, last one: 22-8.”

“14!” Andrew screamed. “14! 14!”

“Fuck!” Michael yelled. “Fuck you!”

Vince pushed a button, causing Will to open his eyes wide. He squinted and gasped for air as his drained testicles were squished and squashed inside the merciless contraption. His eyes crossed and his lips trembled as anther load of sperm shot out of his cock.

Michael grabbed his own crotch in sympathy as Will’s dick erupted with another huge load of semen that shot up into the air and rained down on Will’s body while the poor gymnast was paralyzed in pain.

Finally, Vince pushed another button and, with a whooshing sound, the contraptions loosened.

Will found his voice again and squealed in agony while Brett was groaning and whimpering.

Quickly, Vince untied the two hapless boys, allowing them to roll to the side and collapse on the floor.

Brett was rocking back and forth, his hands cupping his nuts, his eyes clenched shut, while Will curled up in a little ball, sobbing softly.

An hour later, we were sitting in the car. It had taken half an hour to dress Will, and another thirty minutes to walk the short way from the warehouse to the car.

Will was sitting on the passenger seat, his legs spread wide, we hadn’t buttoned his jeans and his big, swollen balls were hanging out his fly. They were red and bruised, and Will whimpered whenever Chad had to take a turn with the car.

“Drive carefully”, I said, sitting next to Michael in the back of the car.

Chad nodded. We were creeping through the streets, other cars passing us, honking wildly.

Will had his eyes closed, his head leaning back. He was moaning softly.

“Another point for Warren”, I said gloomily.

Michael frowned at me. “That’s all you can think of right now?”

“We’re gonna have to close our site if he wins”, I said weakly.

Michael shook his head and looked out the window.

I sighed. “I’m sorry.” I leaned forward. “You okay, Will?”

Will whimpered.

“Is he okay?!” Michael snapped. “Is he okay?! No, he is not. Of course he is not. His nuts are crushed! They look like two water balloons which are about to pop! They look like they have been cooked in hot water!”

Will moaned. “Mikey, please…”

“No”, Michael shook his head violently. “No ‘Mikey, please…’!” He turned to me, his eyes narrowed. “Ever since we know you, our balls have been busted for, like, a thousand times!”

Will sighed. “Mikey---“

“What do you think?” Michael continued, yelling. “Our reproductive organs are some kind of toy?” He looked out the window. “Stop”, he said sharply. “This is our apartment.”

Chad stopped the car, causing Will to yelp.

Michael opened the door.

“Have a nice holiday”, I said weakly.

“Yeah”, Michael smirked. “Merry fucking Christmas, Alex.”

He slammed the car door shut and stormed into the entrance of the apartment building.

I sighed.

“He doesn’t mean it”, Will said weakly.

I got out of the car and opened Will’s door.

Slowly, Will placed his legs on the sidewalk.

I helped him up.

He sighed, looking down at his red, swollen nuts that were hanging out of his fly.

He took a step forward and stumbled.

I rushed to help him, trying to grab his hips. Unfortunately, I missed them and punched his bulging balls with my hand.

Will cried out in pain.

“Fuck!” I whispered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Tears were streaming down Will’s face. “It’s okay”, he whimpered. “Thanks for helping me, Alex. I think I’ll manage without your help.”

I bit my lower lip and grimaced in sympathy as Will limped across the street.

“Fuck”, I said, getting in the car and closing the door behind me. “This didn’t go too well.”

Chad looked at me. “Warren said we have to bring five models next time. Any idea what he is up to?”

I shook my head, sighing. “We’ll see…”


Anonymous said...

This story just seemed too brutal and not really "hot". I guess that's all part of the plot and I look forward to the next challenge. 5 models...mmm can't wait !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback. I can see your point. I'll try to make the next story hotter... ;-)))

Carter said...

God that was super hot.
And emotional.
I actually like how story driven this is.
Something huge is on the.line.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your feedback!

Anonymous said...

A super hot story. Would have been even better if fully illustrated.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! You are 100% right. I would love to see illustrations to this story! :-))