Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poll results: Milosh, Nestor, Logan, Ian?

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Last month we asked you to tell us your opinion and determine a winner in the final fights of the “Auditions” stories. The four guys left were Milosh, Nestor, Logan and Ian. More than 150 people voted in the poll. Here are the results::

Milosh 7%
Nestor 12%
Logan 50%
Ian   31%

You have decided: Logan will be the new model.

That means that the final fights will be
Milosh vs. Ian (winner: Ian)
Nestor vs. Logan (winner: Logan)
Ian vs. Logan (winner: Logan)

After that, Logan will be initiated into the team in one closing chapter for the “Auditions” stories.
If you have any suggestions, any comments, any wishes for the final fights between the candidates, let me know!
Originally, I planned to write and publish the final stories for "Auditions" in December. But since I desperately need a time-out, I'm gonna publish them in January.  From December, 25th to January 5th there will be no new stories on the blog...


Anonymous said...

AWSOME! Well, im looking foward to it, enjoy your break.

Anonymous said...

I likes Milosh and Nestor :-(
In fact I voted for Nestor because he had a better chance of challenging Ian. Tactical voting didn't work this time.
Confident you can make Logan into a good character though !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I hope I'll find a way to make Ian's and Logan's wins believable... :-))

Anonymous said...

The Nestor vs Logan fight should be great. Not sure if you started yet but I have a few requests :-)
1. Nestor should be very obnoxious and arrogant at the start. His last opponents were no real contest.
2. Can we see a test of strength ? Maybe an armwrestle at the start or they could lock hands during the fight.
3. These are both tough, trained fighters. Would be great to have some powerful body shots, not just low blows.
3. I loved the verbal exchange in Nestor vs Tom, also this suggests that Nestor is concerned if his nuts are really tough enough. (Reminder : “You think my balls are not tough enough?” He shook his head. “You have no idea how many fights I have won by cracking the other guy’s nuts!”)
Hope uyou agree :-)

Alex said...

Thank you! I haven't started writing, yet, so I'll be happy to include your ideas! Thanks again!