Friday, October 11, 2019

Underfoot (Casey meets Logan)

Special thanks to Casey for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, foot slut!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“I heard you are looking for someone to trample you”, Logan said.

The 18 year old high school wrestler ran his hand through his short blond hair. He was a handsome, athletic stud, the object of many a wet dream by the female student body (and quite a few of their male peers) at Bartlet High.

Logan looked at Casey with a wide smile on his face.

Casey blushed. “I--- What do--- I--- I don’t--- I--- What do you mean?”

They were standing in the hallway, and crowds of people were passing them.

“I heard you are looking for someone whose feet you can worship and who’ll treat you like the doormat that you are”, Logan continued matter-of-factly.

Casey gulped.

He was 18 years old like Logan, a shy young man of average size with blue eyes and sandy blond hair. He wasn’t ugly by any means – but was certainly wasn’t in Logan’s league either…

Casey’s face had turned the color of a ripe tomato.

Logan chuckled and pointed down to his feet. “What do you think about those?”

Casey looked down, his mouth watering. Then he looked up at Logan, biting his lower lip. “What do you want?” he said softly.

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t that obvious? You want someone to trample you, and I could use some money. Now, what do you think about my feet?”

Casey’s dick was hard as a rock inside his pants. “They are gorgeous”, he said breathlessly.

“Looks like we have a deal”, Logan grinned.

They talked some more, about boundaries and fantasies, about Casey’s secret desires and about Logan’s financial expectations. After they had agreed on a date and on Logan’s fee, Logan smiled at Casey.

“Now kiss my feet”, he said with a grin.

Casey blinked. “Right here?”

“Right here, right now”, Logan grinned. “Nobody will notice. And if someone does, well, fuck them.”

Casey shuddered.

“You know you want it”, Logan said. “Kiss my fucking feet. Now.”

Casey went down on his knees and kissed Logan’s sneakers.

He instantly shot a load inside his pants, moaning and panting as he looked up at Logan.

“See you on Friday”, Logan said with wink. Then he brought his foot back and delivered a kick to Casey’s crotch. His foot (the one that Casey had just kissed) connected with Casey’s busy balls, adding a very different flavor to his involuntary orgasm and making him double over in pain.

“See you on Friday”, Logan chuckled and walked away, leaving Casey behind, with a wet patch in the crotch of his pants and a pair of aching, drained testicles.

They didn’t see each other a lot in the following days, just a few times in the classroom and in the hallway, but Logan always managed to show some attention, whisper something into Casey’s ear or deliver a sneak attack on his sack. He didn’t manage to cause another spontaneous eruption but he did succeed in keeping Casey on the edge and looking forward to their Friday appointment.

When Logan arrived at Casey’s place, Casey rushed to the door, his dick rock hard and tenting his pants.

“Hey there”, Logan grinned. He had just been to the gym, and he was hot and sweaty, wearing track clothes and gym shoes. He was carrying a gym back that he tossed at Casey. “How’s it hanging?”

Logan’s eyes fell on Casey’s crotch. “Not hanging at all, I see. Standing at full attention, huh?” With that, he planted a hard kick between Casey’s thighs, hitting his dick and balls dead on.

Casey’s eyes bulged and he let out a wheezing grunt as he doubled over, clutching the gym bag as Logan let out a laugh. “Man, I’ve been looking forward to this”, he chuckled as he passed Casey and walked in.

“Yeah, me too”, Casey mumbled in a hoarse voice before closing the door and following Logan. Watching him limping into the room, in obvious pain but unwilling to let go of the gym bag, was a hilarious sight and Logan didn’t hide his amusement.

Casey placed the gym bag at the chuckling hunk’s feet.

Immediately, Logan put his foot on Casey’s neck, forcing him down.

“This is what we are going to do”, Logan said with a smile as he pressed Casey’s head to the ground. “You’re going to lie on the floor and let me trample you. We’ll have three rounds: gym shoes, socks, and dress shoes. You can put an end to a round by tapping out. But if you tap out too soon there’ll be consequences. Got it?”

Casey mumbled something unintelligible, his voice muffled by the carpet as his face was pressed against the floor.

“What was that?” Logan asked, lifting his foot and allowing Casey to straighten.

“Yes”, Casey said, looking at Logan, his dick rock-hard, his eyes filled with crazy lust.

“Yes, sir”, Logan corrected him and kicked him in the nuts.

It was a swift, hard kick that took Casey by surprise. He let out an anguished grunt and doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“I’m waiting”, Logan said, tapping his foot.

“Yes, sir”, Casey groaned.

“Good”, Logan smiled. “Kiss my feet while I tell you what you’ll get when you last through the three rounds without tapping out.”

Casey moaned and did as he was told.

“You’ll get to jerk off under my bare feet”, Logan smiled. “I’ll sit on the couch and you’ll lie on the floor. Sounds great, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, sir”, Casey mumbled, planting sloppy kiss after sloppy kiss on Logan’s dirty gym shoes.

“But if you fail”, Logan continued. “I won’t stop trampling you and you’ll have to jerk off under my weight.”

Casey moaned.

Logan chuckled. “Ready to get trampled?”

“Yes, sir”, Casey said hoarsely. He had been looking forward to this moment for days.

“Strip naked and lie flat on your back”, Logan grinned.

Casey didn’t have to be told twice. A split-second later, he was bare naked, lying flat on the ground. His erection was pointing at the ceiling.

Logan looked down at him. “You’re pathetic.” It didn’t sound like an insult or a slur, more like a statement of fact. It was as if Logan was just saying out loud what was obvious anyway: Casey was inferior to Logan. He belonged under Logan’s feet.

Casey bit his lower lip and let out a moan that turned into a scream when Logan stepped onto his abs. It took a moment until Logan had found his balance and knew how to walk on Casey’s body, but then he pulled out all the stops. He stomped on Casey’s abs, kick the tip of his dick, stepped on his chest and crushed his nuts under his feet.

Casey was groaning and moaning as Logan trampled him like a pro, leaving foot prints all over his body.

Logan increased the intensity, getting rougher and rougher, stepping on his face, on his chest, his abs and his genitals, making sure to give some extra attention to Casey’s erection and his cum-filled balls.

Casey tried to take it in stride but soon he was moaning in pain, then his moans turned into groans, his groans turned into grunts, his grunts turned into howls, his howls into yelps, his yelps into yowls, his yowls into wails– until he was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Finally, he tapped out.

“Too soon”, Logan said with a chuckle. “Far too soon, loser.” He stepped off Casey’s body, allowing him to catch his breath.

Casey was sweating profusely, his young body glistening, pale and wan – except for all the pink foot prints that were covering his body.

Casey’s break didn’t last long.

Logan took off his gym shoes and placed one of them on Casey’s face, the inside facing Casey’s nose, making him inhale the stink of his feet as he trampled his body with his socked feet. Without the shoes, the trampling shouldn’t have been as bad as before, but Logan made up for it by adding some force. He stomped down on Casey’s abs and his chest before bringing his foot down on his hard on his nuts. Again and again, he crushed Casey’s nuts with his socked foot, eliciting high-pitched wails and muffled screams of agony from Casey who was breathing in the smell of Logan’s feet.

After what seemed like an eternity, Logan kicked away the shoe, allowing Casey to breathe some fresh air – only to step onto his face and shove his socked foot into his mouth, making him smell his dirty socks under his weight until Casey tapped out.

“Really?!” Logan laughed as he stepped down. “Man, it looks like you are wimping out on purpose just to get punished…” He cheerfully kicked Casey in the nuts, making him double over in pain.

By now, Casey’s nuts were bruised and swollen, and yet his dick was rock-hard and leaking precum.

Casey squirmed on the floor, writhing in agony, moaning and groaning as Logan put on his dress shoes.

“They’re Italian”, Logan smiled. “A gift from my grandpa for special occasions.” He chuckled. “And if this isn’t a special occasion I don’t know what it…”

Casey let out a scream as Logan brought his foot up and stomped down, flattening his nuts and his hard dick under his heel.

The shoes were beautifully crafted, with solid heels and leather soles, a very fine piece of Italian craftsmanship.

Logan put them to good use.

He walked all over Casey, stomping on his abs and his chest, his dick and his nuts, eliciting all kinds of funny noises. The loudest reaction came when Logan targeted Casey’s face or his nuts, so he really went to town.

Casey’s third submission came when Logan had one foot on his face and another one on Casey’s bruised and battered breeding equipment, flattening his churning balls and his boner until Casey cried out his defeat.

But the pain wasn’t over.

“Let’s get right to the punishment then”, Logan grinned without stepping off Casey’s body. “Jerk off, loser!”

He continued marching and stomping and jumping on Casey’s body as Casey was jerking off, frantically trying to release the load that had been boiling in his balls forever.

“Cum, loser!” Logan yelled as he jumped up and down, trampling Casey’s body, using both of his feet to inflict pain on him. “Cum!”

Casey’s face was a mask of pain. He was frantically jerking his dick as Logan abused his body. Finally, he was ready to cum, ready to release his pent-up load, ready to end this agonizing, amazing, painful, beautiful trampling session.

Logan grinned and shifted his weight, placing one foot on his jerking hand, stopping him from touching his dick, and the other foot on his nuts, crushing them flat.

After all the pain and suffering that Casey had gone through, this was the icing on the cake. And what a huge batch of icing it was! Casey screamed and shrieked, wailed and cried as his jizz spilled out of his dick like an overflowing candle. It was an endless orgasm, an endless flow of jizz, and Logan made sure to twist his foot and grind Casey’s nuts until every last drop of spunk had left his balls.

Finally, after Casey’s painful orgasm was over, Logan stepped off of him, allowing him to curl up in a ball, sobbing and moaning, cupping his swollen, drained balls and his deflated dick, his body covered in his own cum.

Logan looked down at his shoes. “Fuck, there’s fucking cum all over them”, he mumbled. “What am I going to tell grandpa?”

Casey looked up, his eyes glassy, his sweaty body covered in bruises. He knew exactly what to do.

“Here you go, sir”, he mumbled and started lapping up his cum, running his tongue all over Logan’s shoes until they were shiny and glistening, and the tiniest bit of cum was licked off.

“Nice”, Logan chuckled.

Casey paid him, adding a generous tip because of Logan’s exquisite performance.

“You know, a few friends of mine are looking a way to make some money on the side”, Logan said before he took off. “What do you think about a team session?”

Casey bit his lower lip. He was bare naked, his body bruised and covered in foot prints, his balls red and swollen – and his dick rock-hard.

“I see”, Logan chuckled. “Yeah, I thought so.”


Toothpick said...

Wow, so Logan does have a mean streak.
Guess I caught him on a good day?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toothpick! Yeah, Logan can be pretty mean when he wants to. :-)) said...

I would have liked it even better if Logan didn't stomped , but just stepped on Cassy, and would have really loved it if Logan trapped Cassy under a wooden floor, like at a haunted house attraction with only Cassy's hard on and balls were exposed through the floor to get stepped on , by Logan and some of Logan's friends . All of them wearing tall rubber boots. With heavy fog from the fog machines they can't see Cassy' s hard on and balls on the floor ,but Cassy can see them! Each boy that finds Cassy's boner and balls only has a few minutes to try and jack off Cassy under his boots!
the one who gently works out Cassy's cum WINS! Cassy will pick out his favorite guy , who he enjoyed the most, to be the guy who tramples him and jacks him off all the time! And whoever was the worst ,gets his balls trampled flat by whatever guys who didn't find Cassy .... So they better not stomp Cassy's balls flat! Or his will get crushed next!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, jockripler! I love your naughty mind! :-))

Nud said...

I love seeing Logan like this. Looking forward to more of him as a buster, Alex

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Alavili! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

This was AMAZING. Thank you so much Alex, for all of your stories, but especially this one.
Now I would really love to read a "team session" follow-up story with Logan and friends.
All the best.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Paolo! Your words made my day! :-))