Monday, October 14, 2019

The B Factor - Selection

Now it's getting exciting!

You have suggested more than 100 guys for the celebrity edition of The B Factor - now it's time to choose the lucky dozen that will take part in our ballbusting spectacle. (You don't know what I'm talking about? Click here!)

Here are your options (sorted alphabetically by first name):

Adam Lambert (Glee)
Adam Nagaitis (The Terror)
Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike)
Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Big Little Lies)
Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Social Network, Hacksaw Ridge)
Armie Hammer (Call me by your name)
Asa Butterfield (Sex Education)
Ashton Kutcher (The Ranch)
Avan Jogia (Twisted)
Blake Jenner (Glee, Everybody Wants Some, What/if)
Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born, Hangover)
Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why)
Brandon Urie (Singer, Panic at the Disco)
Brant Daugherty (The Michaels, Another Tango)
Charles Melton (Riverdale)
Charlie Weber (How to Get Away with Murder)
Chris Evans (Captain America, The Gifted)
Christian Hogue (Model)
Christipher Mason (Model)
Cody Christian (Teen Wolf)
Cole Sprouse (The Suit Life Movie)
Cooper Barnes (Henry Danger)
Dave Franco (Neighbors, Nerve)
Dean Charles Chapman (Game of Thrones)
Dean Geyer (Glee)
Drake Bell (Drake and Josh)
Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why)
Dylan O'Brian (Mazerunner)
Dylan Sprouse (The Suit Life Movie)
Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings)
Emmanuel Sanders (NFL player)
Fabian Arnold (Model)
Finn Cole (Animal Kingdom)
George MacKay (Captain Fantastic)
Grant Gustin (Flash, Glee)
Harry Styles (Singer, One Direction)
Ian Nelson (Teen Wolf)
Ibushi Kota (Wrestler)
Jace Norman (Henry Danger)
Jack Falahee (How to Get Away with Murder)
Jack Gleeson (Game of Thrones)
Jack Griffo (The Thundermans)
Jacob Dooley (Model)
Jacob Elordi (Euphoria)
Jaden Smith (Model)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain)
Jake Paul (Youtube celebrity)
James Franco (Pineapple Express, Milk)
James Marsden (Westworld)
James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class)
Jared Leto (Suicide Squad, Urban Legend)
Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)
Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy)
John Krasinski (Jack Ryan, A Quiet Place)
Jorge del Rio (Model)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, (500) Day of Summer)
Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games)
Justin Bieber (Singer)
Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)
Keith Powers (What/If)
Kenny Omega (Wrestler)
Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones)
KJ Apa (Riverdale)
Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Sorry to Bother You)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street)
Liam Hemsworth (Empire State)
Liam Payne (Singer, One Direction)
Logan Paul (Youtube celebrity)
Louis Tomlinson (Singer, One Direction)
Lucas Hedges (Lady Bird, Boy Erased)
Lucky Blue Smith (Model)
Luis Gerardo Mendez (Murder Mystery)
Luke Evans (Murder Mystery)
Matt Bomer (American Horror Story)
Matthew Daddario (Shadowhunters)
Matthew Pollock (Model)
Matthew Rhys (The Americans, Brothers and Sisters)
Max George (Glee)
Nathan Kress (iCarly)
Niall Horan (Singer, One Direction)
Nicholas Hoult (Skins, A Single Man, Mad Max: Fury Road)
Noah Centineo (The Perfect Date)
Nolan Gould (Modern Family)
Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Hard Candy, Little Children)
Peyton Meyer (Girl Meets World)
Philippe Belanger (Model)
Pietro Boselli (Model) 
Randy Orton (Wrestler)
Ricardo Hurtado (School Of Rock)
Richard Madden (Game of Thrones)
Ricky Martin (Singer)
Robbie Amell (The Babysitter)
Robert Pattinson (Twilight)
Ryan Gosling (La La Land, The Nice Guys)
Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Scott Arthur (Borg v. McEnroe)
Sean O'Pry (Model)
Shawn Mendes (Singer)
Shia LaBeouf (Fury, Disturbia, Transformers)
Spencer Boldman (Lab Rats)
Steven Chevrin (Model)
Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai)
Taron Egerton (Kingsman)
Taylor Lautner (Twilight)
Timothee Chalamet (Call me by your name)
Tom Brady (NFL player)
Tom Holland (Spider-Man)
Ton Heukels (Model)
Troye Sivan (Singer)
Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf)
Tyler Posey (Truth or Dare)
Uriah Shelton (13 Reasons Why)
Will Ospreay (Wrestler)
Xavier Serrano (Model)
Xolo Maraduena (Cobra Kai)
Zac Efron (Neighbors, Baywatch)
Zach Cox (Model)
Zayn Malek (Singer, One Direction)

I have created a new poll, and you can vote for as many people as you like. The 12 guys with the most votes will take part in the next round.

The poll is open for a few weeks. If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page.


Jason said...

Guys, please make my dreams come through and vote for Jack Falahee from How to Get Away with Murder! It would make my week! :) Thank you! :) <3

Anonymous said...

I don't know a lot of the male characters in this list, but I suggest all of you to go watching Xavier Serrano (on Insta or on the net simply) before you vote. He is gorgeous and in 2016 won the 1st prize for modeling!

Ezekiel said...

Looks like KJ Apa is winning by a fairly wide margin! How are you going to decide who wins in the story itself? Is it gonna be another poll?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Once we have determined our Lucky Dozen we’ll have several polls, eliminating one contestant per week until we have our winner. It‘s gonna be so much fun! :-))

Ben said...

Oh no why no Chris Hemsworth? Lol he’s my dream bust. I love some of the other choices though!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ben! I hope you‘ll find another dream bust in the list. :-))

Anonymous said...

Maybe you wouldn't have to insert characters who are already protagonists in other stories with special guest!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Usually that‘s the rule but this time I decided to do it differently. This time anything is possible! If people want to see one of our previous Special Guest Stars again - why not? :-))