Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Video links: Rock Paper Balls (6)

It looks like the huge Rock Paper Balls fad of yesteryear is over (remember the times when several new RPB videos popped up on youtube each and every week) but that doesn't mean there are no videos to enjoy!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys playing this wonderful game of chance and  suspense.

I find the first video deeply ironic. The description says: we are blindfolded playing rock paper scissors looser gets kicked in the ball's in front of my mansion. Honestly, guys, what good is a mansion if you won't have any heirs to leave it to? Talk to your investment adviser and your fertility manager immediately!

These guys don't have any blindfolds so their girlfriends are covering their eyes. Contraception is a shared responsibility.

In the next video, a whole bunch of guys play the game. Crushed nuts for everybody!

This is a series of videos that were uploaded more than ten years ago. I wonder what the guys are doing now. Still playing Rock Paper Balls? Or whishing back the days when they were young and carefree (and fertile)?

Finally, here is another awesome video from the guys of Wholeganghere. They have created some fantastic content (check out their channel for more nutshot vids), and their latest RPB video is no exception. The hits are brutal, and they are having a lot of fun with it. Instant classic!

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