Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Video links: Game show ballbusting (8)

It has been a while since we had a look at the wonderful world of game shows, trying to find those glorious, humiliating moments when guys were hit in the groin for the audience's entertainment.

Here are some more of my favorite game show nutshots.

Brazilian game show Panico na band was provocative and crude, disturbing and tasteless. It featured scantily clad, big boobed women and men with no shame. It frequently aimed below the belt, and it brought us some remarkable moments of television (back in 2014 we featured some clips from the shows, timeless classics of ballbusting entertainment). In 2016 they invented a new game that promised to bring pain to the contestants' testicles. The concept is pretty funny: Four men are on the ground with their legs spread. Four women are answering questions. If they answer wrong, someone drops a heavy object into a maze that leads to the mens' groins. One of them is going to get hit in the nuts - but nobody knows who it will be. It's a beautful concept, and they did it several times

Here are a couple of examples. (There are probably many more clips on their channel but I don't speak Portuguese so I don't know how to find them. Any help is very much appreciated!)

skip to 7:00

skip to 5:58

skip to 6:44

Bate out Rega├ža (I guess it could be translated as Punch or play or something like that) is an extreme part of Panico na band featuring younger guys and focussing almost exclusively on guys punching each other in the face and other forms of male on male violence. It's pretty brutal at times. The following clip features punishments that are hidden behind doors. This young man finds a broken egg. Guess what that means?

skip to 8:00

The next clip is from Dutch TV show Spike Room. (It seems to be a variation of Dutch classic The Pain Game that we enjoyed very much. Unfortunately it didn't seem to last more than a few episodes...) A female pro soccer player kicks a ball at a guy's groin. Instant classic.

This post wouldn't be complete without a clip featuring my favorite game show device ever: the chinko machine.

We all know that Asian ingenuity is leading in many industries. Chinko machine technology is no different. Here a fully automated chinko machine, designed to hit the ballsack perfectly time and time again. Well done!

But even in Asia not all game show nutshots are fully automated...

What are your favorite nutshots from gameshows? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (



Ben said...

Loveee the spike room one... that bulge was really bouncing lol

Alex said...

Thanks for yozr comment, Ben! I share your love for the Spike Room nutshot. It is pure perfection! :-))

Anonymous said...

Please make another game show post asap, my biggest fantasy is to have my balls destroyed in a game show

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's incredible, I would love to destry ball in a game program. You should ask for a story in wanted your balls.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I don't have enough videos for another game show post but I'm definitely keeping my eyes open. :-))