Friday, June 9, 2017

Stripping (Special Guest Star: Nick Jonas)

This is the first part of three stories featuring Special Guest Star Nick Jonas. Thanks to Jimmy, ballbusterXXL and a lot of anonymous readers for some pretty awesome suggestions. Today Nick Jonas meets Danny to brush up his acting skills for a movie role.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and Alex (click for pictures)

Nick Jonas was just as hot as I had imagined. I hadn’t paid much attention to him in the early stages of his musical endeavors with his older brothers. But since he had started a solo career he had blossomed into a hot, sexy star.

One of the pictures that showed him channeling “Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s crotch-grabbing Calvin Klein phase was the background picture of my work computer, and it helped me remember the important things in life (hot guys’ bulges) whenever some boring office work made me lose focus.

You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Nick Jonas was going to visit our studio for a series of training sessions that were supposed to help him prepare for his work as an actor.

The super-hot singer had met Danny on the set of one of his movies, the box office flop “Careful What You Wish For”. One of the critics had labeled it “a painfully stilted high school production of ‘Fatal Attraction’”. I hadn’t seen the film but it sounded very much like a film that Danny would be cast in…

Nick Jonas had played the lead role, and he and Danny had gotten to know each other even though Danny’s role had been very small and he hadn’t shared any screen time with the hunky star.

Nick had told Danny about his starring role in a cheap “Magic Mike” rip-off, and Danny had offered to help him prepare for the role.

Nick had a very impressive body, and there was no doubt that he was one of the sexiest guys of the planet, but he wanted to prepare meticulously for his role to make sure his performance wouldn’t be panned in the press.

Now Nick Jonas was standing in our studio, smiling at me and shaking my hand.

“I’m so glad you’re here”, I mumbled. I probably sounded like a fool.

“Yeah, I can see that”, Nick grinned, nodding at the very obvious erection.

I blushed, but before I could put my hands in front of my crotch, Nick brought up his foot, landing a playful kick to my nuts.

Due to the tent in my pants, his instep caught my freely swinging balls dead on, and a loud smack echoed through the room.

I let out a grunt and doubled over as the pain washed through my body, numbing my brain and blurring my vision. The little sparkling stars that I saw made Nick look like an angel that had descended from heaven to crush my testicles.

He let out a decidedly non-angelic laugh. “Ouch. Sorry. I didn’t mean to kick you that hard.”

“No problem”, I croaked as I sank to the ground, clutching my balls. “Why don’t you take over, Danny?”

When I returned from the kitchen, holding a bag of ice against my aching gonads, Nick had stripped down to a very skimpy pair of tighty whities, which instantly brought back my temporarily waned erection.

I couldn’t believe my eyes: The 21 year old redhead was fumbling with Nick Jonas’ crotch, adjusting it to make sure that his fat, meaty dick and his big, cum-filled balls looked good inside his underwear.

“You’re hung, that’s good”, Danny said with an appreciative nod. “No need for padding the pouch.”
Nick chuckled. “Careful with the goods, buddy.”

“Shut up”, Danny grinned and smacked Nick square in the crotch.

It was a playful slap but it didn’t miss its mark.

I grimaced in sympathy and held the ice pack tighter to my throbbing nuts as Nick doubled over and groaned, grabbing his crotch and grimacing in pain.

Danny burst out laughing.

“Fuck, my nuts!” Nick moaned, reaching inside his underwear and grabbing his fat lowhangers.

“Okay, lesson one: Don’t get distracted”, Danny grinned. “You’re playing a professional stripper – getting your junk grabbed and slapped is part of your job.”

Nick looked up, a weak grin on his pain-contorted face. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Danny chuckled. “Fuck yeah.”

When Nick had recovered from Danny’s playful nutshot, Danny handed him a bottle of oil. “Here, oil yourself up and let’s see what you got”, Danny grinned.

Nick chuckled and rubbed some oil on his muscular chest and his perfect eight pack abs, making his upper body shine and glisten.

“Now pour some of it into your underwear”, Danny said casually. “The ladies wanna see your meat and two veg.”

Nick raised his eyebrows. “But---“

Danny raised his hand and winked at Nick. “Do it, or I’ll  polish those jewels myself. Believe me, I won’t be gentle.”

Nick laughed. “Alright, alright.” He generously applied some oil to his junk, grimacing as he felt the liquid spread inside his underwear.

“That’s it”, Danny said. “Now we’ll just have to make sure it’s spread all over your dick and balls. It’ll make your underwear stick to your junk. Trust me, it’ll look awesome.”

With that, Danny brought his leg back and kicked Nick’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

A loud, wet splat echoed through the room as Danny’s foot made contact with Nick’s precious nuts.

Nick let out an anguished wail as his plump babymakers were flattened like pancakes.

“See?” Danny smiled, pointing at Nick’s crotch where the oil soaked underwear was clinging to his mashed manhood. His balls and his fat, meaty dick were on full display. “Perfect. Now keep your hands away from your crotch or we’ll have to do it again.”

Nick’s face was contorted in pain as he dug his fingertips into his thighs, desperately trying not to follow his instinct and cradle his throbbing nuts.

“Looks great, doesn’t it?” Danny smiled.

Nick looked down at his crotch. “Yup, perfect”, he managed to croak.

“That’s how you make the girls go wild”, Danny said with a smile. “Right, Alex?”

I swallowed hard. Danny was right, it looked fucking hot, and my dick twitched inside my pants. “Yes”, I said in a throaty voice.

Danny laughed, and even Nick let out a chuckle.

“Now show me some of those moves”, Danny said. He put a CD into the played and pressed a button.

A moment later, the thumping beat of Nick’s 2015 single “Levels” filled the studio.

In the middle of the room, Nick started grinding his hips, moving his sexy body to the music.

I sat down on my chair, mesmerized by Nick’s performance. I placed the ice pack on the desk to give my dick a bit more room to grow, and it did immediately.

When the song had ended, my dick was rock hard and there was a big wet patch of precum on the front of my pants.

“Not bad”, Danny said. “But it’ll need a little work.”

Nick shrugged his shoulders and pointed at my groin. “He likes it.”

Danny glanced at my boner and chuckled. “Yeah, he does. But you can do better.” He thought for a moment. “Alex, come over here. You are our audience.”

I raised my eyebrows. “But I---“

“Come on, you know you want it”, Nick said with a smile that was confident, seductive and a bit amused by my reaction.

I cleared my throat and placed the chair right in front of Nick.

Nick winked at me, running his hand over his muscular abs before laughing out loud.

“Hey!” Danny said sharply. “We’ll get nowhere if you don’t take this seriously!”

Nick chuckled. “Oh, come on, this is funny.”

Danny let out a sigh and stepped forward, grabbing Nick’s shoulders and ramming his knee up between his thighs, crunching the singer’s nuts hard.

Nick’s laughter turned into a dry cough and his hands wandered towards his crotch as he doubled over in pain.

“Don’t touch your junk!” Danny warned him. “You don’t want me to rearrange your stuff again, do you?”

“Nope”, Nick groaned, his eyes twitching.

“Okay”, Danny said. “Now try it again. I want you to try and make him shoot his load inside his pants. “Got it?”

“Got it”, Nick whispered.

“Good”, Danny smiled. “Here we go.”

The music started, and I watched Nick perform. It was a weird feeling. He was dancing just for me, and I felt my cock throb inside my pants as Nick tried to make me cum by showing off his body.

“Can you do the splits?” Danny yelled over the music.

“I can try”, Nick mumbled and spread his legs wider and wider apart. His crotch was only inches off the ground but he didn’t quite make it.

Thankfully, Danny stepped in to help him. He walked behind him, grabbed his shoulders and pushed down.

“Oh God!” Nick yodeled as his bulging crotch was rammed against the cold hard floor.

“See, you can do it!” Danny grinned as Nick grimaced in pain.

Instead of finishing the routine, he curled up in a ball, clasping his crotch.

Danny stopped the song.

“What’s up?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“My nuts”, Nick croaked. “You crushed my nuts.”

Danny let out a sigh as Nick slowly got up, fondling his aching balls. “Now look what you’ve done”, he said, slowly shaking his head. He pointed at Nick’s crotch. “Now we’ll have to rearrange your junk. Spread your legs.”

Nick let out a miserable groan but he did as he was told, and Danny kicked him in the crotch like a professional soccer player.

Nick let out a wheezing moan, his face a mask of pain, as the pain radiated through his body.

“There”, Danny said with a satisfied smile. “As good as new.”

He was right. Nick’s dick and balls were nicely displayed in his oil soaked tighty whities.

“They look even better when they’re red and swollen”, Danny said, squinting at Nick’s crotch.

“You think so?” Nick groaned.

“Definitely”, Danny said before turning to me. “Right, Alex?”

“Definitely”, I said hoarsely.

“Actually, let’s see if we can make them a little bit redder and a little bit more swollen”, Danny said slowly.

“What?!” Nick’s eyes opened wide.

A split-second later, Danny’s foot connected with his nuts again.

Nick’s eyes clenched shut and he let out a miserable moan, pressing his hands against his thighs to avoid touching his crotch.

“Yeah, I like that look”, Danny said with a smile, looking at Nick’s rapidly swelling balls inside his underwear. “Maybe just a little bit more.”

Danny got down on one knee and brought his fist up between Nick’s thighs. The punch landed right on target, crushing both of Nick’s nuts flat against his crotch.

Nick coughed and groaned, his fingertips digging into his thighs, his knuckles turning white.

“Hmm”, Danny said. “What do you think, Alex? One more punch?”

I cleared my throat. “I dunno”, I mumbled, cringing in sympathy, my eyes fixed on Nick’s crotch.

“One more punch”, Danny said, nodding, before delivering another hard uppercut to Nick’s throbbing nutsack.

Nick screamed from the top of his lungs.

Danny grinned and got up, patting Nick’s shoulder. “Now they look perfect. Make sure you tell the make-up artist to kick and punch you in the nuts a couple of times before filming.”

“Okay”, Nick blurted out, his voice strained and hoarse. “Okay, will do.”

“Now let’s do the routine again”, Danny said. He pointed at me. “Make him shoot his load.”

“I don’t know if I can”, Nick groaned, still doubled over. “My nuts are hurting too bad.”

Danny chuckled. “Channel your pain into your acting. Act your fucking nuts out. I’ll help you.”

He switched on the music, and “Levels” started blaring from the speakers again.

Nick started dancing, shaking his hips and making his slightly swollen – and therefore even more impressive – package bounce right in front of me.

He moved a little awkwardly, probably due to the pain in his nuts, and Danny yelled, “Get into it! Spread those legs and give him a show!”

My dick was throbbing to the beat of the music while Nick ran his hands over his muscular body, coming closer and closer to me.

“Come on!” Danny egged him on, standing behind him. “Spread those legs! Show off your goods!”

I was very happy with what I was seeing – but apparently Danny disagreed.

To spur him on, Danny delivered a hard kick to Nick’s nuts from behind that made him howl in pain and stumble forward and land on his knees, his head falling into my lap that was drenched in my precum. His forehead bumped into my hard dick and I inhaled sharply.

“That’s it!” Danny shouted, clapping his hands. “Now move on from there. Show me what you got!”

Once again, he kicked Nick’s nuts from behind, and Nick screamed into my lap.

I felt his breath on my rock hard cock and threw my head back.

“That’s it!” Danny yelled. “Pretend to give him head!”

Nick groaned and grunted while the thumping music was filling the room.

Danny followed up with another hard kick to Nick’s nads from behind, making the famous singer claw his fingers into my thighs as he buried his head in my crotch.

The next kick elicited a high-pitched scream from Nick, and I shot my load in my pants.

“Oh my fucking god!” I yelled as I felt my dick let go of a huge load of pent-up sperm.

Nick must have felt my dick pulsing on his face, because he looked up, a hint of triumph on his pain-contorted face.

“See?” Danny laughed and kicked Nick’s nuts again. “You can do it!”

Nick screamed from the top of his lungs and collapsed into my lap, screaming and moaning into my throbbing cock that was drenching my pants with cum.

I was overwhelmed by the power of the orgasm and instinctively grabbed Nick’s head, pressing him against my crotch and muffling his screams.

The music stopped and Danny burst out laughing.

He clapped his hands. “That was awesome!”

I heard a muffled grunt and let go of Nick’s head.

“Sorry”, I mumbled with a sheepish grin.

He looked up, his face damp with my cum.

Without a word, the singer grabbed his crotch and curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain.

“That was quite a load”, Danny said, eyeing the huge wet spot on the front of my pants.

“Yeah, well”, I cleared my throat. “He’s good.”

Danny looked at me expectantly.

At first I didn’t know what he wanted from me. Then it dawned on me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a couple of dollar bills.

I threw them at Nick and mumbled, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome”, came his almost inaudible response.

A couple of minutes later, we were sitting on the couch.

Nick Jonas was holding my ice pack against his crotch, trying to ease the pain in his throbbing superstar spuds.

“That wasn’t bad”, Danny said. “But I think we’ll need a couple more sessions until it’s in your system.”

Nick grimaced. “Maybe we could do it without the nutshots?”

Danny grinned. “You’re getting a little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?”


Coming soon:
- Kev, Ben and Colin help Nick Jonas prepare for a role that requires some serious hazing.
- Logan faces off against Nick Jonas in an MMA fight.


Buster said...

Amazing start to what promises to be a hot series!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed this story and I hope you'll like the next parts! :-))

Anonymous said...

Even Alex got weak in the knees, not too often we see that! ;) Must have been a fun time and can't wait to read more! Nick is so fucking sexy lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks man this was an awesome story. I love how much nutshots he got. Hopefully the next story's have at least as mush as this one. You're such an amazing writer.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! :-))

Anonymous said...

How long do we have to sit tight for the next one?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't started writing the next part but I hope I'll be able to publish it next month. :-))

Lenny Bennu said...

Awesome story Alex! Even though I Nick Jonas wasn't my personal choice... very hot story, and I'm so looking forward to the next one! Really love how Nick came off and I'm sure each part will be better than the last.

Alex said...

Thank you, Lenny! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))