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Brotherly boxing bout: Learning the ropes (written by ballboxing)

This is an awesome sequel to Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets the twins) written by our reader ballboxing! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Michael (click for pictures)

Michael was patiently waiting inside of his car. It was already dark outside and the street was deserted, so when his phone ringtone abruptly broke the silence of the empty street he coul not help but be startled.

“Stupid phone” he muttered as he reached for it. He read the name on the display, it was his twin brother Will. He did not feel like answering the call, but a slight sense of paranoia crept under his skin making him think that it could be an emergency.

“Hello” Michael answered.

“Where is our box of condoms?” Will asked in an angry voice with some muffled sounds coming from the background. It was clear that he was turning the house upside down looking for them.

“Excuse me” Michael replied in disbelief, of course this was no emergency. “Why would I know where they are?

“Cause you are not here which means you are probably out getting some with that boxer dude that wrecked Leo” Will answered with an accusing tone. “Oh never mind I found…”

Michael hung up before hearing anything else his brother had to say. “Fuck, how did he find out?” he asked himself. How the hell did his brother always find out?

It was true. He and Luis had been going out since the day they met at the ballbustingboys studio. The Mexican boxer had put on quite a show in the boxing ring and had left Michael wanting to see more of him. So far it had been mostly innocent dates. Coffee a couple of times and a movie with some light sac tapping between them, but when Luis volunteered to teach Michael the basics of boxing he decided he was going to get into those sexy Mexican boxing shorts no matter what. Besides, learning how to fight might get Will to not treat him like the little baby brother anymore or even give him the courage to put up a better fight against him.

As Michael thought it all through, a car parked in front of him and Luis came out with a big gym bag over his shoulder.

“Are you sure this will be ok?” Michael asked while opening the door of his car and getting out.

“Why wouldn’t it be? I am telling you, its gonna be amazing” Luis responded.

Both young men walked together across the dark street, Michael had straight blonde hair while Luis had a wavy mess of dark hair. Both guys had well defined bodies, but Michael’s body had been in training almost his entire life in professional gymnastics while Luis had only been boxing for a couple of years, the time difference favored Michael making him look more toned and picture perfect.

It was nearing 11:00 o clock at night and some dim street lights were the only things providing light around them as they walked. Michael was feeling nervous; they were not in one of the best parts of town, but the opportunity of seeing Luis in full boxing gear again and inside a professional ring was something he would always kick himself for having missed. He needed to see this through no matter what.

After some more minutes of walking in silence, Luis stopped in front of a big wooden sliding door that was held in place by two big chains and a sturdy looking lock.

“Hold this please” Luis said while shoving the gym bag on Michael’s chest. Michael raised his arms holding the bag in place as Luis unzipped it and started fumbling through the contents trying to find the keys that the gym owner had lent him.

“You did not forget the keys, right?” Michael asked.

“I swear to you, I put them here with the gloves when I was packing everything” Luis said in frustration as he pulled his hands out of the bag. “Maybe I’m not reaching deep enough” he said while grinning and reaching down inside the bag with his left hand.

“Well, maybe you…” Michael’s sentence was cut short. He did not notice that Luis’ right hand had not gone inside the bag, but to the prominent bulge between his legs. Luis grabbed a hold of Michael’s manhood firmly, applying just enough pressure as to make him gasp in pain.

“I am sorry, what were you gonna say Mike?” Luis asked as he kneaded the gymnast’s balls with his fingers and smiled at him.

It took Michael a second to be able to speak. “Maybe you put them somewhere else” he grunted.

“Yeah, maybe” Luis replied. “I am already looking somewhere else, but I’m not sure if they are there” as he talked he was making sure to deliver a soft squeeze in every word that made Michael wince in pain.

“I am pretty sure they are not there Luis” Michael said eager to get his balls freed.

Luis thoroughly enjoyed watching Michael’s face when being busted. It looked oddly sweet, a mixture of pain and shyness that made him want to blow a load all over him. He could feel his own hard on coming, he would love to squeeze Michael’s nuts until a big wet patch emerged in the pants he was wearing, but that would probably spoil the main event that was ahead of them.

“Yeah you are right, they are probably in my pocket” Luis said as he let go of his friends bulge and pulled out a key from his jeans. He started opening the lock and unchaining the door so that they could finally go inside and have some proper fun.

“How long had you been planning that?” Michael asked as he hung the bag across his shoulder and reached inside his pants to massage his family jewels. His big balls were easy targets and he loved them and hated them for it.

“Don’t worry about it man, we still have plenty more of that for tonight’s training” Luis said as he opened the door and ushered Michael inside.

Michael’s cock was half hard from the earlier squeeze play, but his rod went completely stiff when he saw the boxing gym. Rows of heavy punching bags, speedbags and punching dummies were neatly arranged. On the far end of the room two big metal shelves housed dozens of boxing gloves and other protective gear used for sparring, but the real main attraction stood right in the middle of the gym. A perfect looking boxing ring, just like the one that Chad had set up at the studio some weeks ago. Michael momentarily lost himself in the white canvas, the turnbuckles and ropes that reminded him of his brief time as a referee when Leo and Luis had fought, the latter coming quite literally on top of the bout as Leo was left slumped on the canvas smeared in Luis’ studly boxer cum.

Luis noticed that Michael’s eyes were looking a little lost. “Uhmmm… Michael are you ok?” He asked.

Michael turned around and faced him with a big smile on his face and fully tented pants. “I am more than ok, let’s get started” He said and walked towards the ring.

He placed the bag on one of the corners of the ring and started getting undressed. He quickly tossed his shirt to the side, revealing his greek godly physique. Luis walked towards him fully enjoying the show. Michael’s body was intoxicating to say the least, all those years of gymnastic training had turned him into a perfectly sculpted man. It was now Luis’ turn to go from semi to rock hard as Michael dropped his pants and underwear. Luis stared at him, who would be able to not stare. Michaels fully erect cock was pointed almost all the way up and his low hanging tanuki balls were swinging. He was perfectly clean shaven, nothing to distract you from that perfect package.

Luis came close to Michael and grabbed a hold of his hard penis. “It seems like I am no longer the only one with a boxing fetish huh?” Luis whispered into his ear and started to softly stroke the shaft up and down.

“What can I say, you are a bad influence on me. I should have listened to my brother and stayed away from the boxing gloves perv” Michael answered and turned around to level the playing field. Luis was still clothed, but Michael’s skillful hands found a quick way inside his pants. Both started going for longer and faster strokes. It did not take long for Luis to start leaking some pre-cum and moaning in pleasure. He tried to remain steady, but he was well aware that in this situation Michael would always have the upper hand.

“There is no way you are going to outlast me Luis” Michael said grinning, making sure that his expert cock strokes kept pushing Luis closer and closer to the edge of a wonderful orgasm. He was right, Luis had the passion and fierceness of a boxer and could fight for longer than anyone Michael knew, but when it came to cumming Luis sure was quick to throw in the towel. Boxing training had taught him how to last in the ring, but not in the bed.

“Fuuuuck” Luis moaned as his breathing started to quicken. He stroked Michael’s cock as fast as he could, hoping that maybe he could get him closer to cumming, but there was no hope. The fast stroking made Michael’s testicles bounce around which only aroused Luis even more.

“I will stop if you do” Michael said with a soft laugh.

Luis was tempted to not stop, he wanted to cum on Michael’s hand so badly, but this was just the beginning of the night. He had promised Michael a boxing lesson and he was not going to fail as a boxing instructor before even starting. He reluctantly let go of Michaels erection and stepped away from him to prevent any further stroking.

Michael chuckled as he saw Luis take some deep breaths to try and keep his spunk inside his balls.

“Are you going to be fine man? I don’t wanna leave you blue balled before we start the training” Michael said.

“I am ok, just put some clothes on please. At this point I could bust a nut from just watching your abs” Luis answered before taking another deep breath and starting to do some sit ups.

Michael turned around and pulled a jockstrap, some boxing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt from the gym bag. He and Luis were about the same height, and since Michael did not own any boxing clothing, Luis had provided for both. He quickly got dressed and was ready to start training. Luis followed suit, they were both ready. Michael wearing black and Luis wearing red.

“So what am I going to learn first coach?” Michael asked fully getting in the spirit of things. He started to try and do some shadow boxing, but he was being really bad at it. Luis looked at the way he was moving, his guard was low, his feet were wrong and his punches were not getting any help from the rest of his body. Michael was the prime example that muscles did not equal fighting skills. It was time for some tough love.

“Come over here Michael” Luis said and motioned him over. “Now get into your fighting stance”

Michael followed instructions and raised his fists trying to look as bad ass as he could. A big part of him wanted to impress Luis now that they were getting serious.

Luis walked up to him and grabbed his fists.

“Ok so these are at about the height of your chest. That is of course wrong” he said and delivered a swift kick to Michaels unprotected man bits making sure that his foot smacked them against the pelvic bone.

“You… fucker…” Michael moaned, slightly doubling over and wanting to nurse his nuts, but Luis held him up not letting go of his fists.

“Your guard is supposed to shield your face. Your fists go just above your chin” Luis said as he pulled him up and led him into a correct fighting stance.

“That’s it, much better. Now keep still I got to see how your legs are doing” Luis said as he kneeled behind Michael. Michael’s feet were apart in line with his shoulders.  “So you do want to keep your legs open, but…” Luis did not finish his sentence. Instead, he pulled his left arm back and uppercut Michael's groin from behind. He had not enjoyed the kick that much, but this punch had definitely made some pre-cum slip out of his cock. He felt his bare knuckles connect entirely with the jockstraps tight pouch that was holding Michaels prime meatballs.

A loud smack from the punch and an “oomph” that escaped Michael’s lips echoed softly across the gym.

“You have lots to learn gymnast boy” Luis said as he stood up and pulled back Michael’s right foot getting him into a proper stance. “Your feet are supposed to be in a diagonal, makes your core a much harder target” Luis instructed.

“Ok” Michael grunted still weak from the pain. “Are we getting to the part where you teach me how to make my “huevos” a harder target?” he asked.

“Your huevos are mine Michael, there is no way you can hide those from my fists” Luis answered happily as he got into fighting stance as well. “This is what it is supposed to look like”

Michael looked at Luis closely, checking on every part of his body and how it was positioned. He made some small adjustments, getting his fists closer to the chin and making sure his feet were properly placed.

“You learn fast, at this rate maybe I won’t have to flatten your cojones that much” Luis said. “Now let’s go over to the punching bag to teach you how to throw some real punches”.

Michael got into his newly learned fighting stance in front of a black punching bag.

“This is just practice, you are not bandaged or wearing gloves so don’t break your wrists on the bag, use your legs and make sure that your punches go all the way out from your shoulders ok? Just slow and easy for now, got it?” Luis asked.

Michael went through the instructions in his head. It did not sound that complicated, but having Luis measuring his skills was still making him nervous, especially now that his balls were going to be on the line with every mistake he made. So, all he could say was “I think so”.

“Don’t worry I will be helping to make sure you get it right” Luis said as he slid between Michaels legs and grabbed his bulge.

“Fuck… is that really necessary, I mean I am just a newbie after all” Michael said in hopes of Luis easing up on him, but all he felt was Luis’ hands close around his right and left testicle.

“You can start now” Luis replied and began squeezing.

Michael grunted and started practicing what he had been taught. His fists connecting with the heavy bag as Luis exerted pressure on his right and left hanger following the rhythm of the punches.

Luis was enjoying himself. He could see how hard Michael was trying to get it right, and in all fairness, Michael’s punching started way better than his fighting stance. That shy and pleasured face appeared soon enough, and even with the jockstrap holding Michael’s manhood, in no time his huge erection was making itself known by tenting the boxing shorts.

Michael grunted and moaned with every punch as Luis kept squeezing. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead, it was a sight to behold. This perfect male specimen fighting while having his pride crushed from underneath him. Luis had to resist the urge to let go one of Michael’s nuts to start pleasuring himself.

“Fuck, you are hot” Luis said biting his lower lip.

“All for my coach” Michael replied as he kept punching the bag despite the immense pain waves that began in his trapped marbles and went all the way up to his gut. He wanted to keep going, he needed to keep going, prove himself, but he could barely remain standing. His knees were starting to buckle in and every punch made his arms feel heavier, the squeezing stronger. After a few more punches, Michael reached his breaking point and collapsed. His butt landing on top of Luis’s lower abs gasping for air and trying to ease his battered balls by massaging his testicle chords.

Luis let go of Michael’s bulge. He was getting more than he had expected from the training and now with Michael on top of him he was ready to get some reward for his hard work. He placed his hands on Michael’s thighs slowly massaging them, trying to get him to stop feeling the pain and get him ready for the pleasure.

“That was a nice first round champ. Lets…” Luis started to say, but got cut off mid-sentence when Michael grabbed a hold of Luis’ hands and pinned them down above his head.

“This round is not up yet coach, the bell hasn’t rung yet” Michael said as he lowered himself on top of Luis and started slowly grinding on him. Luis was caught off guard, by Michael’s lustfulness. He had completely let himself go, but as Michael rocked his hips and pushed his erection and sack into his abs he readied himself to play along. He did not even try to free his hands, he wanted Michael to be in control and show him what he could do in this frenzied state.

Michael slowly stripped, making sure that he was putting on a show. First the shirt came off and Luis moaned loudly as those beautiful abs came into view once again. He wanted to touch them so bad, punch them, cum on them, but right now all he could do was watch as they flexed with Michael’s breathing. Next the boxing shorts started to make their way down Michael’s legs. Luis was a little disappointed when Michael did not try and rip them open, but considering that those were his boxing shorts he was mildly grateful too. Now, all there was left was the jockstrap, Michael’s immense erection was already partially outside of it so he did not bother to take it off, he simply moved it out of the way to completely expose his formidable genitalia.

Michael lifted Luis’ shirt up to his chest. He wanted their skins to touch each other without restraint. Nothing between them.

“Now I am ready to finish the round coach” Michael said as he pressed his groin against Luis abs and began to move his hips up and down in a thrusting motion.

“Gotta finish strong champ, anything else and I’ll make sure your balls pay for it” Luis replied and brought his knee up to punish Michael’s huevos once more. This time Michael did not grunt or complain.

 Luis was completely enticed by the scene. He could feel Michael’s huge rod and the mushroom head of its cock as it went up and down across his abdomen. They were both moaning and gasping now, their bodies getting warmer and warmer. With a thin layer of Michael’s pre-cum coating Luis’s six pack. Michael could feel himself getting close to shooting his load and quickened the pace. Luis was more than ready to have this amazing man cum all over him, he was going crazy with anticipation, he still could not understand how was it that Michael could go on for so long without cumming. He wanted it right in that very instant.

“Cum for me Michael, do it” Luis said between moans.

“Almost there coach” Michael answered. “Fuck I am so close”

For a moment Michael’s hip thrust became so passionate, almost violent to the point that Luis became afraid of being impaled by that glorious, hard, and manly piece of meat.

A loud moan that made Michael arch his back in pure ecstasy was the preamble to a veritable flood of cum that exploded from the tip of his penis. The first shot flew all the way to Luis’ chest, covering his right nipple in white creaminess. The remaining shots coated all of his abs and pooled in the crevices between muscles until the cum started sliding down the sides. Kyte could feel the warmth of Michael’s semen softly moving across his body.

Michael was still gasping in the afterglow of that tremendous orgasm trying to regain his composure when Luis saw a chance. It would probably take all his strength and a tad more to manage it, but he felt like he could pull it off. He brought himself up from the floor and heaved Michael’s limp body over his shoulder.

As he was pulled off the ground by the strong Mexican, Michael felt panic. “Oh fuck, please don’t do anything crazy to my balls right now. They are so tender” Michael pleaded as he was carried away.

Luis smiled and slapped Michael’s butt. “Not everything is about your balls man. It also should be about my balls. It’s time for round two” He said.

Luis carried Michael to the boxing ring and slid him under the ropes into the canvas before stepping in himself. Michael was still recovering; he did not move at all. He was laying on his back just looking at the ceiling wondering if this was what a knocked down boxer felt like. He was somewhat powerless, just waiting to see what Luis had in store for him.

“Ok I am ready” Luis said.

“Ready for what?” Michael answered still not getting up.

“Just look over here damn it” Luis yelled in frustration.

Michael got up and to his delight he saw that Luis had put on his boxing gloves and left everything else behind. He knew that Michael would appreciate the boxing gloves. Luis was completely naked in one of the corners of the ring, his legs and arms on the ropes making him a deliciously sexy target placed for Michael’s pleasure. Indeed, Luis was not as well-endowed as Michael, but as Michael saw Luis’ cock fully erect and pointing proudly to his abs he completely forgot all notions of “size matters” for there was nothing hotter than the exposed man in front of him at that very moment.

Michael did not wait for any instructions from his coach this time. He walked up to Luis and kneeled before him. He kissed Luis’ smooth testicles, first the left one and then the right one. Luis shivered as those lips touched his nutsack, but was jolted down to pain when Michael started rapidly punching his nuts nonstop. Luis could feel the pain in his balls building up rapidly, every time Michaels knuckles connected with the tender flesh he could feel them swing back just to get punched once again. Michael’s fighting stance and punching technique left much to be desired, but his speedbag instincts were right on point. He was expertly speed bagging Luis’ testicles eliciting endless grunts and moans that filled the entire boxing gym.

Luis said nothing, he willed all his focus into enduring for as long as he could.

After a few more punches when Luis’ bouncing cock started to leak pre-cum again Michael understood that more than trying to endure the pain Luis was trying to remain focused on not shooting his load too fast. Michael could not stop himself from admiring him, he truly was a fighter. However, Michael was ready to take him down and did not think twice to go even lower than a punch to the balls to make Luis blow his load.

Michael came closer to Luis’ junk and without stopping his barrage of punches he shoved Luis’ cock into his mouth entirely. Using his lips and tongue expertly to touch and press every part of the boxer’s erection and send pleasure through all his body. Luis’ eyes popped open from the intense attention his erection was now receiving, he did not last three seconds. Without any warning, thick shots of creamy man juice collided with Michaels palate and throat.

“Puta… madre…” Luis managed to say after Michael had finally finished gulping down his jizz and let Luis’ softening penis out of his mouth. “That was the best round of my life”

Michael sat down and just stared at Luis still hanging by the ropes on that corner, even now in the afterglow he looked amazing, and his swollen balls were for sure noticeable.

“Seems like we are now ready for a time out coach” Michael said as he stood up and brought Luis down from the ropes. Luis could not even muster the strength to answer, he simply nodded and fell on the canvas making sure to bring Michael down with him. With a loud thud both studs were on the floor in each other’s arms.

“I think I’m really going to enjoy learning how to box under your coaching Luis” Michael said excitedly.

“Yeah well, I am sure I am going to enjoy myself too” Luis replied.


MxMachoNuts said...

Boxing and ballbusting are my favorite fetish combo. I placed myself in Luis's character while reading this story. I was especially enthralled with the kissing the nuts goodbye and the constant speed bagging of the testicles, great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thats my favorite combo as well. I am glad you enjoyed the story so much.

Anonymous said...

Well written piece, characterisation could use a little sharpening but great story and awesome ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ill try to put more attention to that on the next part.

Jules said...

Very hot story, I'd like to learn boxing that way :)
You're a young (<= 35yo) spanish / mexican / brazilian / algerian boxer in Paris, France ? Contact me on scaffies and do that to me :)

ballboxing said...

Nice to hear haha, I wouldnt mind teaching boxing lessons that way. I am in Mexico though pretty far from France T.T

Jules said...

Yes, too bad you're so far @ballboxing.

I want my balls kicked/punched hard each time my legs are too open, and a hard squeeze while I practice punching, this scenario was perfect :)

I find South American / South European / Maghrebin boys very hot and hope I'll find one for painful & playful boxing lessons in Paris :D

ballboxing said...

Hope you find one very soon and that you two are happy together hehe. Happy hunting

Anonymous said...

Given the title, I thought this was a ballbusting match between the twins... will they fight each other next?

ballboxing said...

Maybe... Wink, wink.
Please look forward to what happens next.

Nutcracker said...

What a hot fucking story. Ball boxing is the ultimate turn on for me! Nothing like getting in close and trading uppercuts and knees to the trunks till you shoot your loads! Keep up the great writing and I cannot wait to read the second chapter, but first I have to get some lube for what I am sure is going to be a great, mind blowing jacking session with my boxing glove working my cock and balls to a blasting fury!!

Ballboxing said...

Thanks for the high praise and cum on your boxing gloves. Thats the greatest honor I feel I can receive from a reader. I hope chapter2 and 3 live up to your expectations and please also check the Voltron stories since they have some boxing too :3