Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Best of the busts: May 2017

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Now let's have a look at last month's posts. If you haven't read every single one of them you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The three top rated stories of May 2017:

average rating: 4.63/5 (8 votes)

average rating: 4.48/5 (21 votes)

average rating: 4.35/5 (26 votes)

The three top rated "Video links" posts of May 2017:
Comedy gems (12): 4.83 (6 votes)
Sack taps and dick slaps (2): 4.40 (5 votes)
If you're happy and you know it clap your balls (2): 4.00/5 (8 votes)

My personal pick:
I really, really, REALLY enjoyed David Walker's epic story My life as a nutcracker that has reached its conculsion with part 12 last month. The final part earned the top spot of last month's posts (your rating: 4.63/5 (8 votes)), and I totally agree! It's a great story and I am very grateful to David for letting me publish it!
In case you missed a part here is the complete story:
Cast of characters
Part 1: I learn how to fight
Part 2: My introduction to ballbusting
Part 3: Vince? OMG!
Part 4: The games people Play
Part 5: Praciticing the moves, sort of
Part 6: Wear my work boots?
Part 7: My first time at the club
Part 8: My first time in the ring
Part 9: I improve steadily
Part 10: Balls, dicks, and CJ
Part 11: The ambush
Part 12: The main event

And what's your personal pick?
Let me know what you liked about last month's stories! What's your favorite story of May 2017? And what did you like about it?

Just leave a comment or send me an email (alex@ballbustingboys.org).

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Jimmy said...

I'm looking forward to another month of great ball busting stories Alex! Thank you so much for being you!



Alex said...

Thank you, Jimmy! You're too kind! :-))

Jimmy said...

No Alex, you are too kind to us! We are so lucky to have you!


Alex said...