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Pride and pain: Spuds for studs

Remember the pride series that I started last year? I didn’t get around to writing the final part until recently. So let’s just pretend that it’s still 2016 and jump right into Logan’s spunky adventure… Happy Pride everybody!

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Twinks go nuts

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Parker (click for pictures)

 Parker cleared his throat. “Looks like we have to mop up before we can continue.” He grinned and pointed at Logan who had witnessed the events with amusement.

Now that his turn in the spotlight drew nearer, he looked far less comfortable.

“This juicy piece of straight meat is next”, Parker said, patting Logan’s shoulder.

 Logan grinned weakly. “Can’t wait.”

Parker winked at him. “Me neither…” He turned Logan around and smacked his naked butt with the palm of his hand, leaving a red handprint on Logan’s bronze skin and drawing cheers and applause from the crowd that watched the hunky blond young man with blatant hunger in their eyes.

Quite a few of the men gathered around the stage had to adjust their pants at the sight of the 18 year old high school wrestler’s naked body.

“Bend over and show us your tight little hole”, Parker grinned.

 Logan rolled his eyes and did as he was told.

 Parker grabbed Logan’s ass cheeks and spread them, exposing the little puckered hole. He couldn’t resist giving it a little lick with his tongue, drawing a soft moan from Logan and riotous cheers from the crowd.

“Tastes like chicken”, Parker mused before making Logan stand up straight and turn around again.

“Now show us the rest of your assets”, Parker grinned and ripped Logan’s loin cloth clear off his body, revealing his fat, meaty dick and the delicious pair of juicy plums that was dangling low in his sack.

 The cheers grew louder as Logan scratched his head, smiling bashfully as his dick grew harder and harder until it was pointing straight at the sky.

“You like the attention, huh?” Parker grinned, gently jerking Logan’s dick a couple of times.

“Sure”, Logan grinned, grinding his hips, effectively fucking Parker’s hand in deep, gentle thrusts.

 Parker smiled and leaned forward. “You’re a good sport”, he whispered into his ears. “Now I’m gonna find a couple of men to destroy your ass…”

Logan grimaced.

“Okay, guys”, Parker yelled, addressing the crowd. “Who wants to get their hands on this beautiful piece of ass?”

The crowd went wild, waving at Parker, trying to earn a spot on the stage and to make Logan their bitch.

“Look at that, everybody wants to get a piece of you”, Parker grinned. “You’re quite popular!”

Logan gulped. He hesitated for a brief moment before deciding to go all-in. “That’s nice to know”, he said cheerfully. “I can’t wait to get pounded.”

 “Oooooh!” Parker laughed. “Okay, let’s make it happen!”

He chose three men in their late thirties to early forties who hurried onto the stage, eager to get their hands on Logan’s body.

 Richard was a tall, big, muscular man, tanned and shirtless, his chest covered in furry black hair. Around 40 years old, he had a full head of curly black hair and a neatly trimmed beard that was starting to turn grey at the chin. His denim shorts were bulging with what looked like a huge cock. It was obvious that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his left testicle was partly visible, peaking out the leg opening of his tight shorts.

 The crowd went nuts.

 Keith was a little older than Richard, a handsome, wiry man wearing leather chaps and a jockstap that left his muscular ass uncovered. His sun-bleached blond hair was crew cut and his athletic body was tanned all over. His chest was shaven and when he freed his thick, fat dick from his jockstrap, it turned out that he seemed to have a no-hair policy that included his genitals. There was not a single hair on his nutsack or his fat, juicy cock that smacked against his stomach.

Rounding out the trio of studs was Isaiah, a buff guy in his thirties with curly black hair and ebony skin. He was a little taller than Richard, a commanding figure with muscles in all the right places. He  was wearing nothing but a pair of cargo pants. His meaty dick snaked down his thigh, making it look like he was carrying a big, fat salami in his pants.

“Nice to meet you”, Logan said, smiling sheepishly as the three guys devoured him with their eyes.

“Nice to meet you, too”, Richard grinned, reaching between Logan’s legs and giving his junk a good, hard squeeze that made Logan let out an anguished yelp. “Why don’t you bend over and let us have a look at your ass?”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause as Logan complied, chuckling as he wiggled his bubble butt.

“That’s a nice ass”, Keith commented, jerking his dick slowly.

 Richard and Isaiah took off their pants, revealing their massive erections as the crowd cheered and clapped their hands.

Richard’s dick was fat and long, a very impressive tool, hard as steel, pointing straight at Logan’s ass. His thick bush pubic hair made it look almost savage, and his ballsack was covered in black fur.

It was almost as big as Isaiah’s colossal cock that put any porn star’s equipment to shame. The handsome black man was blessed with an extraordinary piece of meat, a gigantic battering ram with a beautiful mushroom head. Below it, his fat, plump balls were hanging low in their shaven sack.

“Wow”, Keith chuckled at the sight of Richard’s and Isaiah’s enormous dicks. His own cock was by no means small – but it clearly didn’t measure up to the two oversized meat monsters that were on stage right next to him.

 Logan reared his head, his eyes widening as he saw the three fat dicks in all their shining glory.

“I guess he’s having second thoughts”, Parker said cheerfully, drawing laughs from the audience.

“We better make sure he’s not going anywhere”, Richard said with a mean smile, reaching between Logan’s thighs from behind and grabbing his dangling balls in a vise like grip.

 Logan let out an anguished grunt, his face contorting in pain as his nuts were crushed by Richard’s strong hands.

“Steady, boy, steady”, Richard murmured into Logan’s ear as he crushed his nuts, pressing his thumbs into the tender flesh of Logan’s testicles. “You’re gonna get fucked good and hard, just like you deserve  it.”

Logan looked a little nervous, and he turned to Parker, his eyes pleading for help.

 Parker winked at him before turning to Keith and Isaiah. “Here’s some rope if you need it”, he said, handing them a piece of rope.

 A few moments later, Logan was tied in a neat little package, bent over a chair. His legs were spread wide apart, his ass was up in the air, and his head was tied to the back rest.

 Isaiah, Richard and Keith looked at Logan, stroking their dripping dicks.

“Okay”, Logan mumbled, completely unable to move. “This is a little uncomfortable…”

Richard responded by kicking Logan’s nuts from behind. His toes connected perfectly with Logan’s dangling plums, and Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“I’m gonna shut him up”, Isaiah volunteered, walking up to the tied young man, grabbing his head and stuffing his mammoth cock into his mouth. His fat ballsack smacked against Logan’s chin as his throat was widened by Isaiah’s huge tool.

 Logan gagged and retched, his eyes wide open as Isaiah’s trimmed pubes tickled his nose.

“Now try again”, Isaiah grinned, prompting Richard to throw another hard kick at Logan’s nuts.

 This time, Logan’s reaction was a little more subdued, mainly because of the thick piece of meat that filled his mouth and muffled his screams.

 Isaiah closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure. “Fuck yeah, that’s awesome.” Grabbing Logan’s ears, he started fucking Logan’s face in long, deep strokes, eliciting gurgling moans, coughs and grunts from the poor high school wrestler.

 Richard and Keith were focusing their attention on Logan’s nuts, preparing to kick Logan’s nuts while they were jerking their cocks.

Suddenly, a bulky man in his early fifties climbed up the stairs. “Hey!” he barked, a cigar hanging from his mouth. He was wearing scrubby jeans and a t-shirt. A baseball cap was sitting on his head, hiding his greying hair. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Richard and Keith stared at him.

 Isaiah pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth.

 Logan gasped for breath, drool and spit running from his mouth. His eyes were glassy and he looked a bit disoriented. He turned his head as far as he could, trying to look at the man who had come to save him. “Coach Sobolta?!”

 “Logan”, Coach Sobolta nodded. He knew Logan from school, and he was a friend of Logan’s father’s.

“What are you doing here?” Logan croaked.

 Coach Sobolta chuckled. “I’m here for the entertainment, son.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, right?” He winked at Logan.

 Logan cleared his throat. “Thanks, Coach, I---“

Coach Sobolta raised his hand and looked at Isaiah. “Shut him up, buddy.”

Logan blinked. “Coach Sobghorwh---“

Isaiah’s dick slid down his throat as the crowd roared with laughter.

Then he turned to Richard and Keith.

“I’m gonna show you how you kick a pair of balls”, he grinned, the cigar  dancing between his lips. “You gotta make sure that you aim a little higher. And hit them with your instep, not your toes. You don’t wanna hurt yourselves, right?” He chuckled and took a step back. “Watch this.”

He sent a powerful kick between Logan’s thighs, squishing both of Logan’s balls flat against his body, almost making the chair topple over as Logan let out a anguished roar that was muffled by Isaiah’s dick.

 The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering as Richard and Keith took turns kicking Logan’s rapidly swelling nuts.

“That’s it!” Coach Sobolta barked, his hands on his hips, watching Richard and Keith wreck poor Logan’s manhood. “Yeah, just like that… Kick them like you mean it… Very good… Nope, you missed the left one, try again… And again… Yeah, now you got it!”

In the meantime, Isaiah was fucking Logan’s face with his throat choker, pounding it in and out of Logan’s mouth, making the young man gag and retch and gurgle with every thrust in between screams and wails of agony.

“Thanks for your advice, Coach”, Richard grinned as he slammed his foot into Logan’s nuts from behind before stepping to the side and letting Keith have his turn.

 Keith crushed Logan’s nuts flat with a well-placed kick that pushed Logan forward and caused him to impale himself on Isaiah’s mammoth cock. “Yeah”, Keith smiled. “Thank you!”

Coach Sobolta chuckled, puffing on his cigar. “No problem, guys. Anytime.”

Richard looked at Keith and grinned. “I think I wanna have a go at that hole now”, he said.

 Keith chuckled. “Alright, I’m gonna start practicing my punches.” He turned to Coach Sobolta. “Can you help me with those as well, Coach?”

Coach Sobolta laughed. “Sure, buddy.”

Richard climbed on top of the chair, mounting Logan’s ass and pushing his fat dick into Logan’s tight hole, while Keith lay down on his back between Logan’s thighs, looking up at Logan’s manhood.

 Coach Sobolta leaned over, his hands on his knees. “That nutsack looks like a proper speedbag”, he chuckled. “Red and heavy. Now hit it as hard as you can.”

Keith didn’t have to be told twice. He started punching Logan’s swollen testicles as Coach Sobolta muttered instructions.

 Isaiah and Richard were spit-roasting Logan, pounding his mouth and his ass with their huge dicks, eliciting muffled moans and anguished screams while Keith was speedbagging Logan’s nutsack.

“What a busy boy!” Parker mused to the delight of the crowd that whooped and cheered riotously.

 The sound of Logan’s butt getting banged, his throat getting fucked, and his nuts getting cracked was drowned out by the noise of the crowd.

 Isaiah, Richard and Keith were having the time of their lives, and it was obvious that Richard and Isaiah were getting closer and closer to orgasm.

 Their pounding quickened, and they fucked Logan harder and harder at both ends, while Keith picked up the pace of his punches to Logan’s swollen, bruised ballbag.

“Good job!” Coach Sobolta chuckled, nodding slowly as he puffed on his cigar. “Just like that, punch them hard!”

Logan’s dick was rock hard and bouncing up and down with every punch.

 Suddenly, without warning, a huge jet of cum sputtered out of Logan’s dick, hitting Keith right in the face and starting a chain reaction.

“Fuck!” Keith grunted, smashing Logan’s busy nuts with a hard uppercut while getting showered in Logan’s jizz. His own cock let go of a massive spurt of spunk that shot up like a geyser, splashing against Coach Sobolta’s chin and extinguishing his cigar with a sizzling sound.

 Logan’s butt tightened around Richard’s dick, causing him to fill Logan’s guts with his hot lava while mercilessly banging his butt. “Yeah!” Richard grunted. “Fuck yeah!”

 “Oh shit”, Isaiah gasped, throwing his head back and pressing Logan’s face against his hips as he flooded Logan’s throat with a huge load of cum.

 The spectacular display of jizz fireworks lasted more than a minute and it was met with roars of laughter and riotous laughs from the audience.

 Coach Sobolta wiped his chin and chuckled, looking at his cigar with an amused expression on his face.

 One by one, the cocks stopped shooting.

“Hell, that was awesome”, Keith grinned, wiping his face that was covered in Logan’s jizz as he got up and straightened, his dick dripping with jizz.

“Oh yeah”, Richard moaned, breathing heavily. He pulled his dick out of Logan’s hole, causing a flood of sperm to ooze out and run down Logan’s thighs.

“You got a great mouth”, Isaiah smiled and smacked Logan’s cheek playfully before withdrawing his dick from his mouth, allowing Logan to catch his breath.

 Logan was a mess. His dick was dripping with cum, his body was covered in sweat, Richard’s spunk was pouring out of his gaping hole, and a mix of spit, slobber and Isaiah’s sperm was running out of his mouth. He coughed, panting, his eyes closed.

 Coach Sobolta grinned and patted Logan’s back. “Not bad, son”, he grinned. “I can’t wait to tell your dad about your little adventure…”

Logan opened his eyes and looked at Coach Sobolta who grinned back at him.

“You had to show them how to kick my balls right, huh?” Logan whispered.

 Coach Sobolta chuckled. “You know me. I love my job…”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Okay, folks, that’s it for today”, Parker said. “Put your hands together for Richard, Keith and Isaiah. They really showed that straight guy who’s boss…”

Richard, Keith and Isaiah took a bow and got off the stage as the crowd clapped and cheered.

“And a special round of applause for Coach Sobolta”, Parker said cheerfully. “How nice of you to stop by!”

Coach Sobolta raised his hands and nodded as the crowd went wild.


“That was fun”, Parker said. “I love Pride. Look at all the people, look at all the colors. Awesome, isn’t it?”

I chuckled.

 The day was coming to an end and we were on our way back to the studio, drawing cheers and wolf whistles from the people that were partying on the street.

 Ben, Logan and Zach looked awful. They were spent and exhausted. Their nuts were ridiculously swollen and all three of them were walking bow-legged, wincing with every step.

 Parker had put them on the leashes again, parading them through the street by their dicks.

 Logan and Zach had put their loin cloths back on but they barely concealed their mangled manhoods.

 Ben’s make-up was smudgy, his wig was dirty and his clothes were hanging in shreds from his body.

“How did you like your first Pride?” I asked with a grin.

 Ben, Zach and Logan didn’t answer.

“It was awesome!” Parker said cheerfully. “Let’s make this a tradition!”

 “No!” Ben, Zach and Logan yelled in unison.

 Parker stopped and gave the leashes a sharp tug, making the three studs scream in pain and double over, clutching their crotches.

 Parker looked at me and winked. “I’m sure they’ll come around…”

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