Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Video links: Towel whipped

There are a lot of ways to inflict pain on your buddies for fun but one of the most effective (if skillfully executed) is the towel snap. You take a damp towel and twist it to make it look whip-like. Then you whip the intended victim with the end of the towel. You know that you've been successful when there's a sharp snapping noise and a scream of agony.

Now the most important question: Where do you aim?

The male human body has a wide variety of wonderful targets for a nice, hard towel snap: The back, the butt, the abs - but without any doubt the most rewarding target area is the testicular region.

Here are some of my favorite towel snapping videos.

In the first video the whipper starts at the victim's chest and works his way down, leading to a wonderful nut smack. Very well done, sir!

Look at the face of the guy in the next video and tell me that he's not having fun! He's bracing himself for the impact, framing his balls with his hands to make sure his buddy doesn't miss the target area. That's what friends are for!

Make sure you turn the sound up for the next video. A perfect hit. A miserable groan. What more can you possibly want?

Is there a better way to prove that you have balls of steel than to whip out your nutsack and let your friend smack it with a wet towel? The jury is still out. And the nutsack is, too...

Here's a wonderful series of towel whips to the saco. In a very helpful move, the guys pull down their pants and expose their underwear so that you can see the targets more clearly...

Skip to 8:00

Bonus clip:

Here's a little clip from Mythbusters that explains the science behind wet zowel snaps (no nutshot).

What's your favorite wet towel snap to the gonads? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!


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