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Third time’s the charm (Garry meets Logan)

Special thanks to Garry for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes cocky, overconfident studs!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

It was obvious that Garry had bitten off more than he could chew.

A few years ago, the handsome 22 year old had been muscular and athletic, with six pack abs and great fighting skills. But he had put on weight since going to uni, and it showed.

Garry was by no means overweight – but he was no match for the young, fit wrestler he had challenged to this fight.

Logan was 18 years old, a popular and very successful high school wrestler with several trophies to show for it. Blond and blue-eyed, Logan looked nothing short of stunning in his singlet that bulged with his very impressive family jewelry. He was friendly and jovial, funny and outgoing – but he didn’t shy away from using dirty tactics if they were necessary to win a fight.

Garry was a little less agile and a little less athletic than he needed to be in order to defeat Logan. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes that contrasted nicely with his orange singlet that was sitting a little too tight for comfort and made his long dick and his medium-sized balls bulge obscenely. Apparently he had put on an old singlet that he had worn in his late teens – without accounting for the fact that he had outgrown it in several places…

He had wrestled for Bartlet High before Logan had joined the team, and he had challenged Logan to a fight on a whim.

Now they were ten minutes into the fight in the Bartlet High gym – and Garry was getting his ass handed to him. Or rather, his balls.

Logan played with Garry like a lion toys with his prey. He stretched him out, only to tap him in the sack with the palm of his hand. He added a sneaky nut squeeze (or a painful knee lift or a kick to the dick) to the every hold that he put Garry in. He pinned him to the ground, only to release him after a few seconds – and kick him in the nuts while he was catching his breath.

Finally, after a very humbling wrestling lesson that included several blows to Garry’s ego and even more blows to his manhood, Logan released Garry and leaned back, smiling cheerfully as Garry was panting and moaning, clutching his sore balls.

“You need to work up fitness, man”, Logan said with a grin. “I can see that you used to be good – but it’s all gone now.”

Garry cleared his throat. He was grimacing as he rubbed his aching bulge. “I can beat you. I know I can.”

Logan laughed. “Okay, this is what you have to do.” He got up and showed Garry his workout routine.

Garry watched him in silence.

Logan looked completely at ease and entirely absorbed in his workout as he did squats and full bridges, judo push-ups and side bridges, leg raises and sitting twists.

“Three sets of twenty repetitions for each exercise”, Logan said. “I do them every day.”

Garry shrugged his shoulders. “That’s all?”

Logan looked amused. “Well, it keeps me in shape.”

Garry smiled confidently. “You know, I thought you were going to show me some hard-ass stuff – but that is pretty easy.”

“Okay, why don’t we do them together”, Logan suggested with a bemused smile.

“Okay, great”, Garry said.

“Okay, great”, Logan repeated. “Why don’t we make things interesting: For each rep that one of us misses, he gets a kick in the nuts.”

“Okay, great”, Garry said.

“You sure?” Logan grinned.

“Let’s go”, Garry said.

Not entirely surprisingly, Logan managed to do every exercise, every set and every repetition perfectly. When he was finished, he was drenched in sweat – but he hadn’t collected a single nut kick.

Garry’s score looked a little different…

He had missed thirteen squats, twenty-seven full bridges, thirty-two judo push-ups, forty-one side bridges, fifty leg raises – and he hadn’t done a single sitting twist.

“That’s two hundred and twenty-three kicks to the nuts”, Logan said with a chuckle.

“Are you sure?” Garry said weakly.

“Two hundred and twenty-three”, Logan repeated with a shrug.

“That’s gonna hurt”, Garry grimaced, adjusting his crotch.

“Fuck yeah, man”, Logan said. “Spread those legs and feel the pain.”

Logan delivered those two hundred and twenty-three kicks mercilessly, and Garry took them like a man – a screaming and howling, whimpering and groaning man whose balls were swelling rapidly.

There was a certain cruel glee in Logan’s eyes as he delivered kick after nut-crunching kick to Garry’s gonads, only stopping when Garry collapsed on the ground and curled up in a ball, clutching his balls. Surprisingly, that happened only four times, each time preceded by a particularly vicious kick to the nuts.

Logan’s foot slammed into Garry’s tender babymakers with the force and the precious of a weapon of mass sperm destruction.

The loud, dull thuds echoed through the gym, followed by Garry’s ear-piercing screams and wails.

Garry’s nuts were swelling rapidly, growing to ridiculous proportions. Ironically, with every kick, Logan enlarged his targets, making them easier to hit as the pain and the swelling grew.

About half-way through, Garry’s left nut tumbled out of his singlet. He tried stuffing it back in, but the next kick made it tumble out again, and after a few more tries, he gave up, letting his nut dangle out as Logan kicked his package.

After another fifty-or-so kicks, the second nut tumbled out as well. This time, Garry didn’t bother trying to stuff it back into his singlet. Maybe he didn’t even notice it. His face was white as a sheet and contorted in pain, and he looked like he was going to puke any second.

Mercifully, he didn’t – but it certainly wasn’t because Logan had mercy.

The 18 year old high school wrestler did his very best to scramble the contents of Garry’s sack, crushing his nuts with kick after kick after nut-crushing kick.

Finally, the last kick met Garry’s ridiculously swollen genitalia, ramming his nuts into his body with a sickening crunch.

Garry collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and howling in agony.

“That was fun”, Logan grinned. “Wanna do it again?”

The only thing that Garry was able to do, though, was limp home and put an ice pack on his nuts.

But he wasn’t done.

He worked out every single day for three weeks before challenging Logan to another fight.


“So how are things hanging?” Logan asked with a grin. “I’m talking about your nuts, of course. They were pretty red when I last saw them, right?”

Garry blushed.

“Yeah, that’s the color”, Logan quipped before chuckling. “Has the swelling gone down?”

“They are fine”, Garry said quickly.

“That’s good to hear”, Logan smiled.

Again, the two young men were wearing singlets. Garry’s singlet was a better fit now – but it still sat very tight in the crotch…

“Why don’t we start with a little workout? Same deal?” Garry said, trying to be in control of the situation.

“A nut kick for every rep we miss?” Logan asked with a shrug. “Sure, no problem.”

It turned out that Garry had talked a little too big for his own good.

When all was said and done, Garry missed thirty-one repetitions. Logan missed zero.

“It’s better than two hundred and twenty-three”, Logan quipped. “But it’s still thirty-one kicks to the fucking nuts.”

Garry grimaced and spread his legs. “Stop talking and start kicking”, he mumbled.

Logan didn’t have to be told twice.

He made sure to go extra-hard on Garry, kicking his balls with the force and the precision of a world class soccer player trying to earn his place on the national team.

Again and again he crushed Garry’s nuts, making him count every kick until, finally, he brought him down with thirty-first kick to his swollen balls.

The fight that happened afterwards wasn’t as lopsided as the first one. But it was still pretty lopsided.

Garry’s sore testicles were Logan’s favorite target, but Garry managed to land a couple of nasty low blows to Logan’s crown jewels, enraging the high school stud and making him go even harder on Garry’s nuts.

Garry felt like his balls were going to an early grave as the handsome blond wrestling champion smashed them with his foot, with his knee, with his fist, his open palm – and even with his head.

Garry screamed in agony as Logan rammed is head into his crotch, flattening his nuts and ramming them into his body.

Once again, Garry went home defeated and humiliated, and with a pair of aching balls that hurt with every step he made…


A year later, Garry was back in shape, and he was dying to defeat Logan in a third and final wrestling match.

Naturally, Logan was game. In fact, he was looking forward to busting Garry’s balls once again.

His girlfriend had been away for a couple of weeks, and Logan was all too eager to channel his pent-up sexual energy into a good, hard fight. There was nothing like beating up a cocky bastard who didn’t know when to stop.

Logan was looking forward to defeating Garry and celebrating his victory with his girlfriend afterwards.

“Nice to see you again”, Logan smiled at Garry. “Wow, you look good.”

Logan was right. Garry looked awesome. He had regained his muscles, and his singlet was a perfect fit.

“Let’s get down to business”, Garry said with an icy smile.

“How about a little workout before we start”, Logan grinned. “Same deal?”

“Same deal”, Garry said.

They went through their shared workout routine. But this time, Garry didn’t show any weakness.

“Shame”, Logan grinned. “I was kinda looking forward to kicking your nuts in before the match.”

Garry chuckled. “Yeah, well, tough luck.”

The match began, and it was very even in the beginning. Garry was in no way inferior to Logan. He returned Logan’s attacks blow for blow, and he even managed to land the first low blow of the match.

His foot connected with Logan’s balls, flattening his impressive bulge and knocking the wind out of his lungs. Logan’s eyes crossed and he looked like he was about to be sick for a moment.

“Ouch”, Garry smiled. “That’s gotta hurt.”

Logan let out an angry grunt and slammed his fist into Garry’s groin, hitting his fat, plump nuggets dead-on and eliciting an anguished wail.

He followed up with a knee to Logan’s nuts that left the handsome blond gasping for breath. The pain was so overwhelming that Garry almost managed to end the fight right then and there. But Logan broke free, hitting Garry’s low-hanging fruit in the process. His fist connected with Garry’s juicy berries, making Garry scream in utter agony.

They went back and forth, neither of them holding back, mixing traditional wrestling holds and throwing techniques with nasty nut kicks and sneak attacks that were intended to make their opponent’s sperm count approximate zero.

For a while, it looked like Logan was going to win this match after all, but then Garry took the lead by viciously attacking Logan’s beanery and threatening to grind those beans to dust.

But Logan came back with a vicious nut stomp that made Garry see stars (or possibly his never-to-be-born children’s futures) and let out an animalistic grunt that sounded like a wolf losing his pupmakers.

Logan followed up with a kick to Garry’s crotch that missed his balls but hit his dick dead-on.

Garry’s eyes bulged as they crossed, and he let out a wheezing groan, his body freezing in pain.

Logan looked at him, and he knew that he had won.

The only thing he needed to do was apply a finishing hold.

But Logan couldn’t think straight. He was angry. Angry at Garry for attacking his nuts, and angry at himself for underestimating his opponent.

He was not going to let Garry off the hook that easily.

He grabbed Garry’s feet and spread them in a wide V.

Garry looked up at him, his eyes filled with pain and shock and fear.

Logan brought down his foot as hard as he could, crushing Garry’s precious balls under his sole like a bug.

Garry screamed from the top of his lungs as Logan brought his foot down again and again and again. And again.

He was completely at Logan’s mercy – and Logan didn’t show him any.

He stomped on Garry’s nuts as if he was trying to stomp out the fire in his loins, as if he wanted to make sure that Garry would never be able to have children, as if he wanted Garry to feel this pain whenever he had sex in the future.

After more than five dozen mindless, merciless stomps, Garry passed out.

After another five dozen stomps, Logan stopped.

He stepped back and looked down at the motionless man in front of him.

Garry was a mess. His singlet was torn in several places, and his nuts were hanging out, dangling listlessly, lifelessly, bruised and swollen, beet red and puffy. They looked nasty, and Garry’s virility was very much in doubt.

Logan straightened his singlet and looked at his watch. Just in time to meet Ashley. He was looking forward to a good, hard fuck.


Nud said...

This is amazing one, Alex. Getting busted by Logan is such a turn on. Part of me is envious of Garry.

Thank you for your amazing stories,

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Vili! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))