Monday, August 19, 2019

Blue balls busted - Your Opinion

Now that our final Original Video has been published I have received lots of feedback asking for more. You heard it here first: We are talking about doing a second season! :-))

But first things first: Let's talk about clip #10.

Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
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MP4: 739 MB
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It reached #3 on the clips4sale ballbusting charts which is absolutely fantastic, and it's #2 on our current poll of your favorite videos. This is what people said about it so far:
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More o'dat pleeze!
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What do you think? Let me know your opinon about our latest clip by leaving a comment or by sending and email ( I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much!


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Anonymous said...

I like the clips that have Toby and Fluffy as bros. The sack tapping instruction, the bet, the workout and this one. Keep it up

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you enjoy the clips! :-))