Friday, August 17, 2018

Meeting my nemesis (Mario meets Logan)

Special thanks to Mario for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to see some violence and blood!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures).  
This story is told from his point of view.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. And blood.

Okay, you want to know what happened. I understand that. I mean, I've been acting a little weird lately, a little jittery, a little erratic. I should have told you weeks ago but somehow I was too hurt by what Mario did to me.

You remember Mario, right? That guy we met at a wrestling tournament a few weeks ago? Black hair, not very tall, great body, really fit. I remember you liked that fat bulge in his singlet.

“Wow, that guy is hung!” you mumbled and I laughed and smacked you in the balls.

“But he is!” you chuckled and tried getting me back.

You failed, of course, and I doubled down and kicked you in the nuts and teased you about being hungry for dick all the time. You know, as usual, except that when my foot met your balls I noticed you had a huge boner for that guy.


That's Mario.

You thought he was hot, but I didn't like him from the start. I didn't fight him at the tournament but I watched him fight. Nasty guy. It was obvious that he had some kind of experience in martial arts. Jiu-jitsu, karate, judo, that kind of stuff.

I remember you nudging me and saying, “Fuck, look at that guy! He’s good! He’s probably into martial arts since he was a kid.”

Turns out that you were right.

But let’s start at the beginning.

I bumped into him at a party afterwards.

I mean, like, literally bumped into him. Didn’t notice him at first – not until it was too late, anyway. Anyway, so I bumped into him, and spilled my drink all over him.

Stop laughing – it wasn’t funny! Well, actually it was kinda funny. Mario was dripping wet. You would have loved it. His junk was all wet and his bulge was shifting and his pants were clinging to his body.

I bet you would have sprung a boner.

Unfortunately, Mario didn’t find it funny.

I apologized. I mean, you know me, I’m a nice guy, right? Of course I apologized.

Mario ignored me. He seemed a little mad. Well, I’d be a little mad, too, if someone spilled a drink all over me. So I thought nothing off it.

A little while later we were on the deck, and some guys started fighting.

You know me. I don’t like guys fighting at a party. I mean, it was a really wild party, and it had gotten a little out of hand. But these guys… They were pretty drunk, and very aggressive. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

So I tried to stop them. I was like, “Come on, guys, stop it!” but they didn’t listen.

That’s when I bumped into Mario again, because one of them bumped into me, and I bumped into Mario, and we fell off the deck down a couple of steps.

Now Mario was really mad.

Like, really mad.

He yelled at me. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! First you pour your drink all over me, and now you push me down the stairs! What the fuck, man?!”

I was like, “Chill, man. I’m sorry.”

But he didn’t chill. He didn’t chill at all. What’s the opposite of chilling? That’s what Mario did.

He grabbed my arm and tried to escort me off the premises.

I was like, “What?!”, and he was like, “You’re out!”, and I was like, “Back off!”

That’s when he hit me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me.

I swear, if I hadn’t kept my body tense my ribs would have been broken. He definitely knew how to strike a man.

I was panting and gasping for air and he dragged me through the crowd that was dancing and chattering and laughing. They obviously didn’t realize that that fucking idiot was harassing me.

But I fought back. I was like, “Back off, you fucking idiot!”

Then I felt his foot between my thighs. Do you know that moment when you realize that someone has hit you in the nuts but the pain hasn’t started, yet?

Everybody knows that moment.

You’re like, “Fuck, right in the nuts.”

Then you’re like, “Okay, it’s not that bad. Maybe they missed.”

And then you’re like, “Nope. Right on target.”, and you wanna puke your guts out. It’s like someone has replaced your fucking nuts with two hand grenades and pulled the triggers 3 seconds ago. You feel nothing but pain. Nothing but unbearable, mind-numbing pain.

You know that Hollywood cliché where people go cross-eyed when they’re hit in the nuts, right? It’s a stupid cliché, and I had never seen anyone go cross-eyed after being hit in the nuts.

But that night, I went cross-eyed.

Man, it hurt so fucking bad! I thought I’d never get hard again! I heard my spunk screaming as it died. My head was ringing, everything was spinning, and I just wanted to lie down and die.

Obviously, I didn’t.

Instead, I retaliated.

I figured, “When they go low, we go lower.”, and I punched him straight in the fucking dick.

That is, I wanted to punch him in the dick. That fucking bastard blocked my punch, twisted my arm and made me punch myself in the face.

I must have looked like a total idiot. Everybody around me was laughing, and Mario was making fun of me.

I didn’t understand what he was saying. My ears were ringing and my nose was hurting and my nuts were hurting and everything was hurting. But it must have been pretty funny, because everybody roared with laughter.

And then he kicked me in the nuts again.

Let me tell you: Getting kicked in the nuts once by some kind of kung fu wizard is pretty bad. Getting kicked in the nuts twice is hell.

I went down like a ton of bricks.

He walked around like a peacock, joking to the crowd and making fun of me and telling everybody that my kids were gonna come out cross-eyed and stuff like that.

Mind you, he probably had a point.

I was fucking paralyzed.

But I managed to get up and crawl behind him and bring my fist up between his legs. Punched him right in the fucking dick. That fucking asshole howled and screamed.

Man, that felt good!

The crowd was roaring and laughing.

Now it was my turn to make some jokes. I did. I came up with a pretty good line about his nuts getting turned into peanut butter. Extra smooth. It was a huge laugh.

Unfortunately, he was back on his feet in no time. And that’s when it got bad.

Really bad.

He went for a roundhouse kick. I have seen what happens when his foot meets a face. The moment I saw his right leg pulse I jumped backwards. He hit me in the chest and I fell, nearly broke my color bone. My head could have fallen off. Fucking idiot.

I stumbled backwards and slammed into a wall. He went for my face again but I ducked and his foot connected with the wall. I delivered an uppercut into his crotch. Right in the fucking dick once again.

Fucking crushed his fucking nuts once again.

He was like, “Ow, my poor nuts!”, and I was like, “Fuck you, asshole!”

I might have been a little too cocky, though, because my guard was down and he punched my nose. That’s the reason it’s still a bit crooked by the way. I swear I heard this massie crunch echo in my head. Fucking horrible! I grabbed my face, and he kneed me in the nuts. He punched me in the gut and and put me in a choke.

I swear I thought I’d asphyxiate.

He punched me in the back of my head again and again and again. I wanted to puke but couldn’t.

Then I saw the blood. I think I smelled it first. Tasted it on my tongue. You know that strange taste of your own blood, right? You know you’re bleeding, and you’re like, “Oh shit.”


Oh shit.

Blood was everywhere from my nose, my mouth, my head. I couldn't breathe...

He was laughing at me because I was crying at that point.

I don't know how but I got out by kicking and punching wildly. I mean, I kicked and punched like mad, trying to score a blow. I have no idea if I hit him in the nuts or the gut or whatever, but somehow I got out of his hold, and I was fucking mad! I was raging!

I guess he wasn’t in a great mood, either.

Blood was fucking everywhere.

We traded punches, and for a while it looked like we were even.

I mean, he might have been a prizewinning karate fighter or whatever, but I’m a prizewinning wrestler, right?

I landed a couple of pretty good blows. Some nice kicks in the dick, too. I bet he was sore for a couple of weeks. Serves him right.

I remember hearing a crunch when I kicked him in the ribs. Sounded fucking awesome!

We were like wild animals, bleeding and spitting and fighting. He went for the nuts, mainly, and he cracked them good a couple of times. I scored a couple of hits to his balls as well, but I mainly I went for his fucking face.

Well, things went downhill when he got out the brass knuckles. Fucking bastard.

You see, I had landed a couple of really good blows. A perfect double-nut-face combo. Knocked out a couple of teeth. He was bleeding and moaning and whimpering.


Have you ever seen a guy blind with rage, all bloody and sweaty and shit, put on some brass knuckles? Believe me, I almost pissed my pants when I saw it.

What to do?

I kicked him in the fucking nuts, that’s what I did. Tried stopping him with brute force.

It didn’t work.

He lunged towards me, but people finally jumped in. We grappled for a few seconds and he kicked at my crotch when we were getting pulled apart, but he missed, and so I kicked his balls. Wham. Right in the fucking babymakers. It was a perfect hit.

And then I saw a wet spot form.

You probably think he pissed his pants. That’s what I thought at first. But it looked have different. It was fucking cum!

I swear it must have turned him on to beat me so bad. I mean, he had had a raging boner throughout. And then he came in his fucking pants. Can you believe it!? That fucking asshole shot a load in his fucking pants! Fuck, I hope it was fucking painful!

Things went dark after and I woke up in the hospital.

He gave me a broken nose, a chipped tooth, black eyes, sprained arm, and a concussion. Had heavy bruises all over my body and inner thighs. And you have no idea how my nuts looked. They were fucking black and blue.

Don’t laugh! It was awful! Ashley was so fucking horny, and I couldn’t give it to her. She had to use a dildo for three full weeks!


And you can’t imagine how much it hurt to walk! My balls were swollen like eggplants. Same color, too.


You know what keeps me awake at night? I dream that I don’t get lucky and crack his ribs. I can't imagine how much worse it would have been. Or if he had used those brass knuckles.

Don’t laugh at me! I panic when I see him on the street! That’s not fucking funny!

You know what’s really funny, though: Someone told me that he said he is interested in finishing what we started.

And you know what: I’m thinking about it, seriously thinking about it. I mean, beating him would be the best form of therapy, right?

I don’t know, though.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

"Well Logan, at this point, Mario pretty much wants to castrate you, so if anything ever happens, do try and do the same to him!"

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! That‘s a very good piece of advice! :-))

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeease say there is a sequel to this!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I don‘t have any plans for a sequel right now but if you have an idea for the plot of a sequel let me know and I‘ll see what I can do. :-))

Carter said...

Man I love when Logan gets his nuts busted bad.
Any chance we'll get more stories told from the guys' points of view?
Wouldn't mind some SPH from Zach meeting a guy with a tiny todger

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I‘ll think about your idea! :-))